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Deal Editor Spotlight: Get to know Brisar

oFlamingo 3,911 August 31, 2012 at 03:49 PM
You’ve seen their names on front page deals and they are on everyone’s recommended users to follow list - Brisar, DJ3xclusive, Daisybeetle, Discombobulated, Iconian and Yuugotserved. For most of us, deal hunting is just a practical necessity or a simply a fun hobby, but for these six special members of our community, deal hunting is their job. At any given moment, Slickdeals deal editors are scouring the Internet finding the best deals and bringing them to an audience with the most discriminating deal taste.

Slickdeals Senior Deal Editor and Global Moderator Brisar was kind enough to share her story on what got her started on Slickdeals and her life as a deal editor. ‘Brisar’ is a username she created as a combination of her kids’ names, Brian & Sarah.

How did you find out about Slickdeals?

Brisar: In the Fall of 2005, a co-worker of mine showed me the Slickdeals site. I was immediately interested because I have always tried to find the best deals possible, even before the advent of online shopping. I used to check the weekly ads in the newspaper, clipped coupons here and there, etc. I did a lot of comparison shopping, which back then involved either calling around and/or going from store to store to compare prices. I eventually started online shopping once we got our first computer, so when my co-worker showed me Slickdeals, it was like a "homecoming”. Slickdeals was the perfect fit for a deal-hunter who enjoyed online shopping and I knew immediately that Slickdeals is a site that I wanted to check regularly...and I did.

How did you get started interacting with the Slickdeals community?

Brisar: For the first several months on Slickdeals I was mostly reading and taking part in deals in the Hot Deals forum. Most of my posting was in The Lounge Forum. Around Spring of 2006, I posted my first deal thread in the Hot Deals forum. There wasn't much response or interest in that first deal nor was there in the next. But at some point, I posted a deal that brought a huge amount of excitement to the SD community. It was a Hanns-G Monitor. I can't remember much about the size or specs of the monitor now or how much it cost, but I do vividly remember the excitement I felt seeing so many people viewing my thread, responding to it and giving it thumbs ups. It was a rush! I had found a great deal, shared it and people were buying it and therefore saving money! I was so excited! I began to post more and more deals and it quickly became a hobby and a passion. I found myself spending more and more time primarily in the Hot Deals forum, while keeping a close eye on the Lounge as well.

How did you become a deal editor?

Brisar: It was really a very simple process - Mr. Slickdeals noticed that I was very active in the community and sent me a PM asking if I wanted to help moderate the forums. By March 2007, I joined the Moderator Team on a part time basis. I slowly increased my hours as I found myself wanting to spend more and more time on the site.

In the Fall of 2007, Mr. Slickdeals asked me if I would like to help out with "Front-Paging" Deals, which is the process of hand-picking deals that would benefit the community the most and featuring them on the front page. At the time, Mr Slickdeals and Redsolar were doing all of the front-paging themselves, but the site was growing and getting busier, so there was a real need for help with the Front Page. The job would include: Finding the top deals in the forums, checking community response to the deal, checking price history of the item on SD as well as price comparison to other stores, making sure everything works with the deal (coupon codes, etc.), and then writing the deal post in an easy-to-understand manner to put on the Front Page of the site.

I was excited and a little nervous about the new responsibility, but with a lot of guidance from my very patient teacher Redsolar, I learned the job and became more and more confident with it. I continue to love my job today. The site has grown tremendously and we have added several Deal Editors since. I have had the pleasure of being involved with teaching the new Deal Editors when they start. It is very rewarding for me to be able to share what I have learned with them and it has been fun to watch them learn and grow. We have a really great Team here, all with a passion for deals.

What’s it like working for Slickdeals?

Brisar: Working for Slickdeals is something that is very different than any other job I have ever done. I have been a Registered Nurse for many years, so taking care of people is what I have spent most of my life doing. For the first 3 years as an SD employee, I juggled my Nursing and Slickdeals jobs and had very little time for anything else. I have slowly worked my way primarily into my Deal Editor job because I have such a passion for it. I now only work every other weekend at my Nursing job...and I continue to enjoy doing that too.

What is your favorite part about working for Slickdeals?

Brisar: One of my favorite parts of being a Deal Editor is being able to see the excitement that a member experiences when they share a great deal with others. Posting a deal and seeing it move to the Front Page is exhilarating for anyone including myself! I often see a post or receive a PM from members whose deals I have FP'd that says something like "Woohoo! My first FP Deal! Thank you!". It is a great feeling to read that since I too have felt that excitement in the past. It is rewarding to know that I played a small part in it by FP'ing their deal.

What are some of the very best deals you’ve seen in your years with with Slickdeals?

Brisar: I have gotten in on so many great deals here on SD, but one of my favorite deals was a 42" Sony 3D HDTV + 3D Transmitter + 3D Glasses all for $180 shipped (the deal lasted all of 8 minutes, but the merchant honored the purchase!). My favorite time of year here at SD is around Black Friday when the stores offer their hottest deals. Black Friday Week, which has lately become Black Friday Month (and beyond), is like a marathon for us here on SD. We put in tons of hours to keep up with the deals and we all love it because it is the height of the year for us. We get very little sleep, but it is all worth it.

What do you do when you’re not on Slickdeals?

Brisar: When I’m not on Slickdeals, I like to spend time with family. In the past few years, we have discovered Cruise Vacationing. Cruises are great because you visit a number of places and usually have a wide variety of choices of activities. Some of my favorite cruise excursions have been parasailing, cave-tubing, zip-lining, and interacting with dolphins as well as stingrays. Besides cruises, we are co-owners of a cabin in Northern Michigan, our home state, and enjoy going up there on some weekends. Michigan is a beautiful state with plenty to do during every season of the year, so we are very fortunate.

If you have an interesting story to share with our Slickdeals community, please send a PM to oFlamingo with the subject line, “User Spotlight”. Oh, and Brisar’s message for the community? “Thank you for taking the time to read my story and Happy Deal-Hunting my fellow Slickdealers!”


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What a nice little spotlight. I never knew you were a nurse. Smilie Great read.
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Great story! I enjoyed reading it. Keep up the great work.

However, I'd like to correct something. Slickdeals does not save makes people buy stuff they don't need! Wink Something I experienced hands on and I'm sure others have as well.
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Quote from brisar View Post :
Yes, you sure did Thumbup
I just stopped by to say " <sigh> "


Quote from hawaiiandawn View Post :
What a nice little spotlight. I never knew you were a nurse. Smilie Great read.
Gives new meaning to "Hello Nurse!" Wink
Hello HD! hug
Last edited by DC October 6, 2012 at 09:13 AM
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Always great to find out more about any of the great people that make SD such a wonderful place! Thanks Brisar for sharing your story!
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Cool story. Although I am not sure I would classify a 42" HDTV 3D set for $180 as a "deal". More like a price mistake and you (and others) got lucky the merchant honored it. I have had quite a number of price mistakes honored via SD over the years, including free stuff too that was an obvious mistake. But I guess for some reason I don't consider those "deals". Just crazy luck. I consider a deal something like free items from Staples after using coupons, creative rebate uses, etc. Deals in which the merchant knows they are selling it at the correct price (clearance or not). When we all luck into an obvious price mistake that is being honored it is more like a "steal" than a "deal". Which is one reason I don't think price mistakes should make the Front Page. But that's just me I guess. I'm sure many will disagree.

Keep up the good work.
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You had me when you said you are a nurse! Nurses make doctors look good and keep them from making major mistakes.
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Hmm, didn't know they did this. I guess I should check out the lounge a little more often than never.

EDIT: I'm not in the lounge, ahh..mind asplode!

Double duece edit: Is there a new one coming?
Last edited by RonDo October 10, 2012 at 02:46 PM
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who is red solar??
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did you guys realized that it would be funny if you really click "I bought this" for article?
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Quote from mason1ng View Post :
who is red solar??
redsolar is one of the admins here at Slickdeals
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It has been so fun watching slickdeals grow and for our friends to become an integral part of the site. Loved learning more about Brisar! Smilie
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is there an article about selma? since she/he is the original slickdeals legend.
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Awesome, story!
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Thumbs up for the Northern Michigan cabin, our family has one also!.......get it..thumbs up....Michigan?? Oh my god I'm funny.
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I somehow just stumbled across this thread and really enjoyed reading it. Are there Spotlights on other SD employees and representatives? I'd really like to read them!

I've been a member of SD since I was a teenager. For some time before registering in 2003, I was either a lurker or had another account that I can no longer remember. In the last decade, I've seen SD grow tremendously, and I am positive that the SD representatives are one of the main reasons for how wonderful this forum has become.

Tofu Vic
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