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New Features: Facebook & Follow

oFlamingo 3,799 August 22, 2012 at 02:21 PM
If you're anywhere but Washington DC where the Slickdealer : Regular Spender ratio is 1:11, it must be very frustrating to convince your family and friends that Slickdeals is a legitimate source for deals, coupons and financial advice. A lot of the front page deals are too good to be true that the uninitiated always look for the catch. To help legitimize your Slickdeals tales to your friends, we are adding a couple of new features that will make your Slickdeals activities official statements of fact. In fact, we're going to make them Facebook official.

Starting today, relationship statuses, new schools and new jobs will be joined with Slickdeals activities as terms to be described as "Facebook official". You will be able share your thumbs ups, thumbs downs, thread replies, and purchases with your Facebook friends with a quick integration of your Facebook account with your Slickdeals one. How strongly do you feel about a thread? Not strong enough unless it's Facebook official! And sure, you can "like" deals to share them with your Facebook friends, but what if you'd like to share your experiences about a product and recommend it not only to your Slickdeals community, but also to your Facebook friends? Facebook integration is our solution.

Linking your Slickdeals and Facebook will be a seamless process. There's a tutorial available here, but if you navigate around Slickdeals normally, you will eventually do an action that would trigger the Facebook integration. From there, you will be alerted of actions that you can share with your Facebook friends.

To find more deals more effectively, Slickdeals is also introducing a new "Follow" button within the community. Checking out the front page every 15 minutes seems to work, but you probably already know which Slickdealers post the best deals that are relevant to you specifically and not for the community at large. The "Follow" button lets you subscribe to your favorite users' activities. In addition to rep points, a follower count will now appear next to user names. Tutorials for the "Follow" feature are available here.

Lastly, in case any of these new features and the exciting giveaway prizes are not enough of a push to join our community, we've made registration much simpler through either Google or Facebook. You can now use your existing Google or Facebook accounts to register for Slickdeals and join the conversation, vote for your favorite deals and enter giveaways.

If you don't adapt well to change and need a more definitive heads-up before we launch new features, please join our beta testing group by going to slickdeals.net/beta. By joining or by exploring beta.slickdeals.net, you can preview, test and voice your opinion on Slickdeals features before they go live.

If you have any feedback, questions, bugs or issues, please report them in the feedback thread here: http://slickdeals.net/f/5086048-Facebook-Following-features-Feedback


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agreed that you should have to opt in instead of opt out, but at least we have the option. opting out on all
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Slickdeals Admin
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Quote from MintJulep View Post :
Mr. Slick Dealio Man, I should have to opt in to share not opt out if I don't want to share. And the "follow" reminds me of a group of Junior High girls. There is enough of that in the Lounge. Big Grin Don't export it to the other forums.
We arent automatically posting anything - thats why you're being prompted.. Thus its not opt-in or opt-out, its prompt and choose first. You are explicitly being asked if you want to share on facebook.
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epic fail
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I beat the Kobayashi Maru
2,027 Reputation
FAIL. SD really dropped the ball on this one.
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L6: Expert
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Original Poster
Pro Staff
Quote from Maleficent View Post :
laugh out loud

True story - yes, they're the same people who had to be convinced that there are smartphone features that are applicable to their lives, but there are still a ton of people out there who think that if you're getting a good deal, there must be a catch.
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fail SD is fail.
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My # is bigger than yours
6,149 Reputation
who would possibly want this? besides facebook maybe
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How do I get rid of this atrocious social media shit plastered everywhere?
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Slickdeals Admin
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Quote from Invisiblemoose View Post :
How do I get rid of this atrocious social media shit plastered everywhere?
Using the link at the bottom left of the box that says "Do Not Ask Me Again" ....
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Can't even be an "official" person unless you are hooked up with Facebook. Yeh right. vomit
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Only through GIF images can one express the emotions felt when they first saw the pop-up last night.
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This new shit sucks ass... disabled.
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I don't get this new Facebook thing? Am I already OPT-ed-IN?! Fudge dude. Sometimes I kind of use SD as my private ranting and raving place--in addition to looking for deals. I really really don't want what I write here associated to my Facebook account in any sort of way. Gosh darn it.
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deal seeking cheapskate
7,533 Reputation
Quote from fillygirl View Post :
Don't want anymore 'people' in my business, I am not on Facebook nor do I use Google because, I am not here to be 'followed', 'recorded' and 'counted' especially for somebody else to 'sell' my likes or dislikes. No Thanks!
I so agree....this is not needed. Get rid of it.
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