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oFlamingo 3,855 April 30, 2012 at 11:01 AM
Here at Slickdeals, we’re always creating new features for our community, but sometimes, we don’t have enough people to test them out before they go live. If you want to see Slickdeals features before everyone else does, and constantly find yourself randomly wandering around websites clicking anything that’s clickable, you might be able to help us out. Slickdeals is in need of some beta testers who can volunteer some spare time (an hour or two) poking around features that have yet to be launched.

Beta testers need to be detail-oriented, naturally curious and pleasantly vocal. We’ll send you a link to a Slickdeals test site, and you will need to play around it and tell us which links work or don’t work. Think of this as a “Choose Your Own Adventure”, only you need to identify which adventures don’t actually lead to an ending.

And much as reliving your toddler years when curiosity was celebrated may sound like an awesome way to get good karma, we’ll also need you to find your inner middle schooler and nitpick on every single thing that bothers you about the features. We appreciate constructive criticism, but you need to make sure that we do hear back from you. If we don’t, not only will we never ask for your help again, we’ll also make sure that the deals on your front page never have free shipping! EEK!

Here’s the beta tester requirement recap:

1. Likes clicking buttons, writing gibberish on text fields, selecting radio buttons, checking and unchecking boxes and doing all these repeatedly
2. Dislikes links that don’t work, unintuitive design and useless features
3. Is vocal about things that will be liked or disliked by the rest of the community
4. Enjoys free shipping on front page deals

If you're interested, please visit, hit the register button and we'll send you a PM.

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Joined May 2007
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Joined Feb 2012
L1: Learner
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Lol I like ultimatum you give. WE WILL NEVER GIVE YOU FREE SHIPPING EVAR!
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Joined May 2012
L1: Learner
10 Reputation
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Joined Nov 2010
L6: Expert
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Signed up, but I really don't see a shallow pool of beta testers with all the members here.
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I really want to beta test that Wish-Granting Genie when it comes around Big Grin
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Joined Jul 2011
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Cooleo! Come on Android app!
Last edited by CalBer7 May 9, 2012 at 05:35 PM
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Joined Apr 2006
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Free QA - hehehe... yeah, that's a SLICK DEAL! Big Grin
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Joined Mar 2007
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This seems like it will be an interesting process. I'd love to be apart of it, and help out the community. Can't wait for the android app Smilie
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Joined Mar 2012
L4: Apprentice
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Sounds like an open invite to break things... There's an Android app?? Wink.

Count me in, especially for the Android app.
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Joined Aug 2006
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Ha, this is actually what I do for a living. I'm registered and in the pool Smilie
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sure, I'll help the cause!
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Joined Sep 2010
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Like what you guys did with the front page. The adage of Slickdeals news and articles are a great accompaniment to the normal forums. Good job people.
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Joined Dec 2007
L3: Novice
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Crowdsourced QA....nice idea.
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Joined Mar 2007
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I was an Ambassador, if that helps my application float towards the top of the pile. Hope to help!
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