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New Features: Deal Alerts and Thread Ignore

Posted on Friday, July 4th, 2008 at 1:17 am (102) comments

We would like to announce an addition of 2 new features to SlickDeals.net:

Both features can be found in your User Control Panel in addition to using links from this annoucement

Deal Alerts *
In short, Deal Alerts is a feature which sends you a notification, using E-Mail or Private Messaging about a keyword you are interested knowing about, in a certain forum and with a certain rating level instantly or via a daily digest. Or just a thread with a certain rating.

Make sure to at least read through the Deal Alerts Primer for all the basic features. Advanced users are encouraged to read the complete Deal Alerts FAQ to learn about all the tricks you can do with Deal Alerts, since not everything is discussed in detail in the primer .

Thread Ignore
Thread Ignore is a feature, where you mark a thread by clicking the button next to the thread title while viewing the forum listing or by using Thread Tools/ Ignore thread option; and the thread disappears. Well, at least until you unignore it.

Useful for threads you don’t want to see popping up on your screen. For example deals you are not interested in, discussions you want nothing to do with, and the likes

Forum Software Update
We also updated the forum software to the latest version. It includes a few new features.

  • Multiquote – Quote multiple posts within the same thread by clicking on the button and then clicking on the reply button.
  • You can now mod alert your own posts so you can have it moved/deleted by a moderator.
  • The drop down search box allows you to search in thread title only and also to show results as posts or threads.
  • The private message “to” field now works the same way as a CC (carbon copy) field. There is also a BCC (blind carbon copy) field.
  • If you have email notification for new private messages enabled, the private message will be included in the email.
  • The reputation box is now ajaxified (doesn’t open up a new window).

*Thanks to all 262 courageous users who helped us test Deal Alerts during the short but very active closed beta test and feature solicitation (in alphabetical order):

.JPG, 2006, 3595lover, 90K5, afusinatto, afx, Air.Head, akapur92, and, angryPapaBear, antibus, arjunsr, Armstrong, Asuna, atari, auctionhugh, be244, bean, bellasin, Bewenched, bfurbush, BigBuford, BikerEric, bluedevils, bobbyfk, BoxsterGal, brbubba, brisar, brooklinda, brunovega, BSGjunkie, bsl918, callpocket, catluver, caveat depascor, Chachito, Chip, chirpy14, Chunky, cipperob, cirano, cloudyskies41, cogentman, coolhand, CousinVINNY, crazycatjade19, CrazyHorse, c_l, DaddyRPM, daubernurse, daveddd, dbpaddler, dealstaler, deal_cruncher, defbrizzo, Devistater, dinsomnia, dmyh, DNC, dqkevin72, Dr.Murdoc, Drio, DuckFan34, eibgrad, emelvee, etulsky, feeeed, flea, Flybynight, Flyinace2000, fraggie, FTM, g.g., gasman, gleed, Goatroper, godnah, Gordo, greatvyper, Gregfx, grow, hacklovemaster, haji14, Harleygurl, hoseman666, hwiryant, iairj84, iamiam, Iceboie, iconian, Imerson, insanevirtue, Interest401, italiiano, itsneoone, i_am_amused, j0shua, James Bond 007, janeey, jemaxwell, Jewell, Jhaan, JLater, JMM, joeyjhg2, JoonBug, JTMeyers, kcchiefs, keithe, kimplovely, KosherPig, Kramer210, Kristin, lawnjockey, leadbyxampl, lightning, lilbear, lilpele22, Loan_Crusader, lolu13, luxuryoils, mach vii, mangoman, mannyaguilar, markr1515, marry73, marshcat, Mavtech, mehul73, meleah, Melissa2, mental_flaw, mickey4paws, MMSherrill, morte, mozee, MrSandman, MrsMcDreamy, MSUSteve280, my2sons, ncentity, new-bee, nikolasmor, nocruelty, nokidding, Norgechica, NSX4evr2006, nutter218, nvdfw, nyct, obekaho, OOpsy, oshiri, P1t0, Pagan, painkillah, pao, PassionateGray, Peliman, pgens, phirephoto, Piccaboo, Pig, Pinetree09, Poseidon, punkie, r1yan, rach, RAIDERS, rajee, Ram|bunc|tious, RandomGirl, ravenf, Ravula, redfuzzycow, redsolar, reyna24, riptide_slick, Robert, robr, RogieRog, RonDo, RulingCzar, rybal, Sand813, sandman420, schbusdrvr, Schly, SD1, serra, sevenmarch, shaneb35, shelma, ShlockDoc, shoitz, shotcaller88, SiloSizedBullet, sirrob1000, skibumintahoe, Skiff, skipadedodah, sledhed, slick99338, SlickChik, slickdealfreek, slickdeals, Slobaburt, SoakerDude00, someone28624, Son of Dad, Soofdawg, sparxe, sphingo, steaksauce, sullen-girl, superior, Superocean, Superorb, SweetestDeals, tazst5, tdmosk, TeeDub, Tek34, terceslil, Tex Saver, The Kev Master, The Raddish, TheBookMan, thechamp22, TheUrge, tia, tianlian, tlynn1974, TMPOOLE, ToddziLLa, tonymtdew, TrickySlicky, tsupersonic, tvitems, txab, Urzas_Rage, w00tabulous, wadeshaqwalker, Wammer, wbstein, wellebh, widgit, wildtama, wireddeals, WoodyWoodPecker, woof07, Xnarg, Xtreme-D, xupz, yangsta, Yos77, ZLeathal1, Zoe Moon, _TMK_, ~G~, ~Kimber~, ~Precious~