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Slickdeals and Operation Homefront: A charity/donation drive from July 15th – August 7th, 2011

Posted on Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 at 3:15 pm (571) comments

Operation Slickdeal Charity Contest!
We’re proud to announce that we’re teaming up with Operation Homefront for a charity drive to benefit American soldiers and their families in need. The idea is simple – use your couponing expertise to buy non-perishable food items, toiletries or household goods to donate to Operation Homefront from now until the actual drop off dates of July 15th through August 7th, 2011.

Operation Homefront will be managing the collection of donations and all you have to do is mention that you’re participating in the Slickdeals charity drive. We have some pretty amazing prizes for the people who donate the most. We are encouraging novices and experts to join in, and we will even be providing some help to the first-timers.

Register and Participate!
Just go to http://slickdeals.net/homefront/ to get registered, and we will be posting updates and more information as we get closer to the charity dates!

We want to get an accurate count of everyone taking part in this so we can better coordinate with Operation Homefront. If you would like to participate, please fill out the registration form located at http://slickdeals.net/homefront/. You will automatically get a badge declaring yourself as a participant.

If you have any questions, please ask in the Operation Slickdeals Official Discussion Thread.

The Details

The donations will take place July 15th – August 7th, 2011, but we will accept receipts from as far back as June 14th, as long as those items are donated. We will be accepting receipts for a week after the drive ends and will provide a way to upload your receipts online. Operation Homefront will be providing itemized receipts and helping with the accounting and we will also need your grocery store receipts to calculate savings – so make sure you save them!

Everyone is welcome to register, but not everyone will have an Operation Homefront chapter to donate to in their area. We are working with Operation Homefront to set up drop off points for everyone, but it may not be possible in all areas. For those people, we encourage you to donate to your local food bank (and we’d be happy to help you find one). Unfortunately, due to the nature of accounting with Operation Homefront, participants not donating to Operation Homefront will only be eligible to win t-shirts. This is one of the reasons it’s important to register as early as possible, so that we can set up all the drop off points.

Who is Operation Homefront?

Operation Homefront provides emergency financial and other assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors. A national nonprofit, Operation Homefront leads more than 4,500 volunteers across 25 chapters and has met more than 400,000 needs since 2002. A four-star rated charity by watchdog Charity Navigator, and with an A rating by the American Philanthropy Institute, 94 percent of all donations to Operation Homefront goes to its programs. For more information about Operation Homefront, please visit www.operationhomefront.net

We chose Operation Homefront because they are one of the few charities that accept food goods and grocery goods, which are exactly what couponer’s are able to save money on! They’ve got a large presence and are enthusiastic about working with Slickdealers to help give thanks and support to our soldiers and their families.

Prizes for donating?! What?!

So, let’s talk about prizes. Prizes will be fully announced over the next months or so, but here’s what we can tell you. Everyone who donates above $100 worth of goods will receive a special edition Operation: Slickdeal t-shirt. We’re making a lot so if there are extras, we will randomly select more participants until we run out. We will be offering several larger prizes in a few different categories – think along the lines of a few big screen TVs and that sort of thing along with a lot of iPods and cool runner up prizes. There will be prizes for the people who donate the highest retail value, and for the people who save the most money. We will provide more details as soon as we can. There may even be a coveted Slickdeals user badge for the winners. Updates will be made available at http://slickdeals.net/homefront/

New to couponing? That’s ok, we’ll help you out!

We want to help our soldiers, but we also want to help families here save money. So, prior to Operation: Slickdeal, we will be writing several easy to use, step-by-step guides for several popular stores that will educate users on how to shop using coupons and save money! This should allow anyone to participate in the contest and even meet the threshold for the t-shirt prize level. This is a great opportunity for newer couponers to learn while they help! We’ll be posting these guides at http://slickdeals.net/homefront/

Where Can I Donate?

The following cities have local Operation Homefront chapters:

* Phoenix, AZ
* Escondido, CA
* Rancho Cordova, CA
* San Diego, CA
* Colorado Sprints, CO
* Jacksonville, FL:
* Royal Palm Beach, FL
* Tampa, FL
* West Palm Beach, FL
* Marietta, GA
* Haleiwa, HI
* Boise, ID
* Chicago, IL
* Indianapolis, IN
* Fort Riley, KS
* Ft. Campbell, KY
* New Orleans, LA
* Windham, ME
* Grand Ledge, MI
* Fenton, MO
* Charlotte, NC
* Las Vegas, NV
* Kingston, NY
* Columbus, OH
* Lawton, OK
* Albany, OR
* Blue Bell, PA
* Columbia, SC
* Dell Rapids, SD
* San Antonio, TX
* Newport News, VA
* Sterline, VA
* Lakewood, WA
* Mountlake Terrace, WA
* Seattle WA
* Madison, WI

I’ve got some concerns and questions!

Now, I know right off the bat you guys are going to have some concerns, so let’s try to get those out of the way before we continue. If you have an additional concerns, please ask us in the Operation Slickdeals Official Discussion Thread. or email us at opsd@slickdeals.net

1. Bringing new people in is bad for couponing.

Well, this is a pretty old debate. I’ll give my take on it: For better or worse, Extreme Couponing is out there and more people than ever are interested in learning what this couponing thing is all about. I’ve seen your concerns about bad practices that features on couponing may encourage, and unwitting mistakes that new couponers make that can hurt the sales. So, let’s do something about it! We want to give you a chance to help teach new folks how to coupon ethically. We’re working on store specific beginner guides with a few people here that will allow them to participate in the contest in a way that doesn’t hurt the stores. We still need a few more people to help with the guides, so email us at opsd@slickdeals.net to help!

2. Doesn’t this contest encourage smash and grabs?

We encourage anyone who chooses to enter the charity drive to act ethically and to remember that if you do choose to clear the shelves, the deals you’re used to may be more limited in the future. For our part, we will be addressing these issues on the beginner guides and describe methods to work with the stores in a way that doesn’t hurt the deals.

3. I don’t want anyone else to know about Slickdeals!

We have 861,000 registered members, 25,000,000 posts and millions and millions of regular visitors. If Slickdeals is a secret, it’s not a very well kept one! We are a small business, focused on our community and it’s in everyone’s best interest to see the site continue to grow. It’s what allows us to hire new people to bring you even cooler features, and we like feeding our kids too!

Hopefully, we’ll have alleviated some of your concerns by now. If not, feel free to contact us directly with any feedback or questions in the Operation Slickdeals Official Discussion Thread. or email us at opsd@slickdeals.net. We realize that we can’t make everybody happy, but we’re going to do our best to work with you guys in support of a great cause. So let’s try to have a little fun in the process and help some people learn how to do things the right way.