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Advertising / Sponsorship Opportunities
Tap into the social network of millions of active shoppers.

  • Connect with millions of active shoppers on Slickdeals.net
  • Reach a targeted audience that shops both online and in-store.
  • Leverage free consulting to customize and tailor your campaign for success.

  • Advertise with slickdeals.net to capture over 85 billion dollars of disposable income

    Demographically, Slickdeals.net’s audience consists of mostly affluent, well educated Americans who are looking to purchase or research goods. To capture a part of these revenue opportunities, Slickdeals offers advertising and promotion opportunities and contributes to over 500 affiliated merchants.

    People come to slickdeals.net to shop. Founded in 1999, Slickdeals.net is a free, user-driven deal sharing site with the mission to provide consumers with an avenue to collaborate and share information in order to make the best shopping decisions.

    Slickdeals.net maintains around 6.5 to 10 million absolute unique visitors a month. This highly targeted audience consists of well educated, affluent shoppers that are looking to purchase goods at a discount.

    This makes Slickdeals.net the #1 shopping social network and community-driven deal sharing site. Based on traffic alone, slickdeals.net consistently ranks among the top 300 websites in the United States.


    Slickdeals.net’s popularity has exploded over the past few years and continues to grow at an aggressive rate, with over 200 million page views and a reach of over  10 million unique visits in November 2011.

    The forum alone contains over 28 million posts and often has an average of over 30,000 active users present at any given moment.

    Posts that appear on our frontpage tend to drive hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales within a very short time frame. Naturally, this is contingent on the quality or “hotness” of a deal.

    Audience Demographics
    - 63% Are Male Consumers
    - 83% Are Aged 18 – 49
    - 58% With an Income of 60k or Higher
    - 68% With a College Degree or Higher

    Traffic Statistics (November 2011)
    - 200M Pageviews per Month
    -10M Unique Visits per Month

    Available Opportunities
    - Traditional Banner Advertising
    - Giveaways, Contests, and Sweepstakes
    - Customized Promotions
    - Product Reviews (Free*)

    Banner Types
    - 468 x 60 Traditional Banner
    - 300 x 250 Rectangle
    - 125 x 125 Square
    - 250 Width Custom Height
    - Text Links
    - Leaderboard
    - Custom Sizes Available
    Please note, as a matter of policy, we do not sell listings on our frontpage deals list. But, if you want to let us know about a super-awesome deal or promotion, you can send an email to tips@slickdeals.net. There is no way to get to the frontpage list other than having a really good deal or promotion!

    Why do we want advertisers?
    Ideally, we are looking to partner with companies that are looking to promote good sales and
    discounts. We provide free consulting as to what types of campaigns would be popular and
    successful on slickdeals. This way, we can ensure that both the merchant and our visitors can
    get the best bang for their buck.

    Still interested and want more information?
    Inquire about additional details, and opportunities by emailing us at advertising@slickdeals.net

    Please be sure to include:
    - Name
    - Company
    - Contact (Email or Phone)
    - Industry / Product Information
    - Website Address

    *Product Reviews are available for free, based on the availability of staff to review the product. **Figures calculated from 2008 U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, Real Disposable Personal IncomePer Capita – Average of $28,600, Demographic data provided by Quantcast. Site statistics provided
    from deal site analytics.