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Bay's Toast To Trivia Weekly Contest - CONTINUALLY ONGOING

FreebiesRGreat 58,150 56,135 January 2, 2009 at 05:40 PM in Weekly (2)

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18+, US, one entry per person/email address per week. Correctly answer trivia question to be entered. Continually Ongoing

Prize: (1 winner per week) One case of Bays English Muffins (12 six-count packages). (ARV $25.08)

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06/27/14 - Which state produces the largest tomato crop? - CALIFORNIA

Entry Form:

Each Weekly Entry Period begins on Friday at 12:00:01 a.m. CT and ends on the following Thursday at 11:59:59 p.m. CT

7/18/14 -Who was the subject of the Gerber baby sketch?
Answer-Ann Turner Cook
(thanks to laclay)

8/8/14 - What national restaurant chain did Frank Carney start with $600 that he borrowed from his mother?
Answer: Pizza Hut

10/24/14 - Out of every 100 pounds of unrefined salt, how many pounds of refined salt make it to the table?
Answer: 65

10/31/14 - How many years after the can was the can-opener invented?
Answer: 48

11/07/14 - Astronaut John Glenn ate the first meal in space in 1962; was it —?
Answer: applesauce

11/14/14 - Where is cheddar cheese from?
Answer: England

11/21/14 - Which is not a real cocktail?
Answer: barking cat

11/28/14 - Which variety of apple is the most widely grown worldwide?
Answer: Red Delicious

12/05/14 - What flavor is most closely associated with roasted aardvark?
Answer: Pork

12/12/14 - How many U.S. households have herb gardens?
Answer: 14 million

12/19/14 - What seasoning could be the measure of a man's wealth during the Middle Ages?
Answer: pepper

12/26/14 - What did the first American colonists boil in milk to make a gray paint?
Answer: Blueberries

1/2/15 - What used to be illegal to serve on cherry pie in Kansas?
Answer: Ice cream

1/9/15 - What part of a steer does a chuck roast come from?
Answer: The front-end

1/16/15 - In what year was the oldest winery in Sonoma County, California established?
Answer: 1857

1/23/15 - What ingredient is celebrated each year at a festival held in Dothan, Alabama?
Answer: Peanuts

1/30/15 - What is added to confectionary sugar to prevent it from caking?
Answer: Corn starch

2/6/15 - What is the ideal moisture content to achieve the utmost in "popability?" when making popcorn?
Answer: 13.5%

2/13/15 - What was the first brewing company to begin using dating on its bottles to indicate shelf life?
Answer: Boston Beer

2/20/15 - Who was the "Margherita" pizza named for?
Answer: a queen

2/27/15 - What is Trockenbeerenauslese (trawk-uhn-bay-ruhn-ows-lay-zuh)?
Answer: a German wine classification

3/6/15 - What international food festival takes place in Galway, Ireland each year?
Answer: Oyster

3/13/15 - What would 2000 carrot seeds fill?
Answer: a teaspoon

3/20/15 - Who said: "There is no sincerer love than the love of food."?
Answer: George Bernard Shaw

3/27/15 - What is English "White Pudding?"
Answer: sausage

4/3/15 - Which state boasts "the longest continuous fishing tournament on the Great Lakes?"
Answer: Michigan

4/10/15 - How many onions does the average U.S. consumer eat each year?
Answer: 19 pounds

4/17/15 - What flavor is the liquor, Tuaca?
Answer: orange-vanilla

4/24/15 - What or who is the "sifu" in a Chinese kitchen?
Answer: a chef

5/1/15 - Which university does not offer a degree in Food Science?
Answer: University of Pennsylvania

5/8/15 - How much popcorn does the average American eat each year?
Answer: 68 quarts

5/15/15 - What prized Asian fruit's aroma is said to resemble rotting flesh?
Answer: Durian

5/22/15 - What candy bar introduced in 1932 was originally packaged with three separate bars in one wrapper?
Answer: 3 Musketeers

5/29/15 - What country did the Delmonico family, founders of the famous New York restaurant, emigrate from?
Answer: Switzerland

6/5/15 - What are the most common eating tools worldwide?
Answer: the hands

6/12/15 - What was Dwight D. Eisenhower's favorite soup?
Answer: Vegetable

6/19/15 - What is the main ingredient in Chinese duck sauce?
Answer: plums

6/26/15 - How many square miles does legend tell us that Johnny Appleseed covered on his quest?
Answer: 100K

7/3/15 - What company manufactures Wyler's drink mix?
Answer: Jel Sert

7/10/15 - What can be added to boiling water to intensify the color & flavor of green vegetables?
Answer: baking soda

7/17/15 - What famous entree salad was served at the Brown Derby restaurant in 1936?
Answer: Cobb Salad

7/24/15 - What is vitamin J?
Answer: not a real vitamin

7/31/15 - What is the English translation of the Italian word "farfalle", used to describe the shape of pasta?
Answer: bowties

8/7/15 - If you were eating pot au feu you would be eating
Answer: a French stew

8/14/15 - What U.S. city is home to the Pike Place Market?
Answer: Seattle

8/21/15 - What does the most popular type of grill in the U.S. run on?
Answer: propane gas

8/28/15 - Which of the following is not a type of sushi?
Answer: sashummi

9/4/15 - What profession of food purveyor is chicken cacciatore named in honor of?
Answer: hunters

9/11/15 - Which on the following movie stars did not open the first Planet Hollywood?
Answer: Angelina Jolie

9/18/15 - What is never used in the Mexican dish Huevos Rancheros?
Answer: Ranch dressing

10/02/15 - Where did Longhorn cheddar originate?
Answer: Texas

10/09/15 - What is a "baba"?
Answer: a sweetened bread or cake

10/16/15 - Which ingredient is used to make the Middle Eastern dish, falafel?
Answer: chickpeas

10/23/15 - What U.S. city made the beignet famous?
Answer: New Orleans

10/30/15 - What is risotto typically made with?
Answer: arborio rice

11/06/15 - Which pepper scores lowest on the Scoville Heat Chart?
Answer: the New Mexico

11/13/15 - What are Mexican caritas or "little pieces of meat"?
Answer: shredded pork

11/20/15 - How many pounds of potatoes does it take to produce one pound of potato chips?
Answer: 4

11/27/15 - What fruit is traditionally served during the Wimbledon tennis tournament?
Answer: strawberries

12/04/15 - Which best describes the term macerate?
Answer: to soak

12/11/15 - What type of fat is rendered and clarified to make lard?
Answer: pork

12/18/15 - In what year did the Great Potato Famine begin?
Answer: 1845

01/01/16 - What could the 1940 invention, The Mixmaster Mixer NOT do?
Answer: Dice vegetables

01/08/16 - What television character loved to use the expression: "Kiss my grits"?
Answer: Flo on "Alice"

01/15/16 - What is NOT an American regional name for a soft drink?
Answer: fizz

01/22/16 - On February 7, 2001, what was declared the official state cookie of Pennsylvania?
Answer: Chocolate Chip

01/29/16 - How many new flavors of ice cream were introduced by Ben & Jerry's in 2005?
Answer: less than 5

02/05/16 - What is alginic acid, derived from seaweed, used as?
Answer: a stabilizer

02/12/16 - In what New York restaurant were Eggs Benedict and Lobster Newburg created?
Answer: Delmonico's

02/19/16 - The European spread Nutella is made with…
Answer: Hazelnuts

02/26/16 - In what year was the first McDonald's opened?
Answer: 1955

03/04/16 - What is ampelography the study of?
Answer: grapes

03/11/16 - What is NOT a variety of pineapple?
Answer: Fuji

03/18/16 - Which of the following is another name for "young Beer?"
Answer: wort

03/25/16 - Who introduced the first packaged cake mix?
Answer: Betty Crocker

04/01/16 - What was the first non-pizza menu item rolled out by Domino's Pizza in 1992?
Answer: bread sticks

04/08/16 - What did Little Tommy Tucker eat for his supper?
Answer: white bread and butter

04/15/16 - Who does the title of "the father of modern brewing" go to?
Answer: Louis Pasteur

04/22/16 - What was the name of the first major diet soda?
Answer: Tab

04/29/16 - What country traditionally produces Havarti cheese?
Answer: Denmark

05/06/15 - What do you call the layer of solid ingredients that form on the top of a consommé as it heats and clarifies?
Answer: a raft

05/13/16 - Who built Napa Valley's first new winery after the repeal of prohibition?
Answer: Robert Mondavi

05/20/16 - What poisonous plant is included in the carrot family?
Answer: hemlock

05/27/16 - In English, what does "minestrone" translate as?
Answer: big soup

06/03/16 - The Morel mushroom is the official state mushroom for?
Answer: Minnesota

06/10/16 - What condiment did Richard Nixon enjoy on his cottage cheese?
Answer: Ketchup

06/17/16 - What is name of a spicy condiment from India that is often made with fruit and is always vegetarian?
Answer: chutney

06/24/16 - Where is "Bra" cheese made?
Answer: Italy

07/01/16 - What is the name of a braided Jewish sabbath bread glazed with egg?
Answer: Challah

07/08/15 - What annual festival is hosted in Holtville, California?
Answer: carrot

07/15/16 - What is mycophobia — the fear of…
Answer: mushrooms

07/22/16 - How do the British prefer their coffee?
Answer: instant

07/29/16 - How many loaves of bread can be made from 490 million bushels of raw wheat?
Answer: 35 billion

08/05/16 - Which state's official bird is the Blue Hen chicken?
Answer: Delaware

08/12/16 - What is a Yellow Newton?
Answer: a variety of apple

08/19/16 - From where did the Blue Point Oyster get its name?
Answer: Long Island

08/26/16 - Typically, what variety of cucumber is branded to make dill pickles?
Answer: Kirby

09/02/16 - What is Bardolino?
Answer: An Alpine Italian wine

09/09/16 - Who is credited with making the peanut butter and banana sandwich famous?
Answer: Elvis Presley

09/16/16 - How many drops are there in a 2-puce bottle of Tabasco brand hot sauce? (I think they meant 2 ounce)
Answer: at least 720

09/23/16 - How many different animals are depicted in a box of animal crackers?
Answer: 18

09/30/16 - Generally, what flavor characteristics does bright green olive oil have?
Answer: fruitiness

10/07/16 - What did Peter Dowdeswell of London, England drink in 2.1 seconds for the world's record?
Answer: a pint of Guinness Stout

10/14/16 - What does a "turophile" love?
Answer: cheese

10/21/16 - The other man who founded the Campbell's Soup Company was
Answer: Abraham Anderson


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Which apple is the tartest?

Yellow Delicious
Red Delicious
Granny Smith
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Which apple is the tartest?

Granny Smith
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Which president served hot dogs to the King and Queen of England?

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Herbert Hoover
Harry S. Truman
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Which ingredient is not part of a Denver Omlete?

chopped ham
green peppers
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