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RETIRED: Printable Manufacturer's Coupon Compilation

thatgirldawn 16,098 June 3, 2008 at 12:16 PM

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February 16, 2009, 3:10 am: System Notice: This thread content has been automatically archived from another thread which reached post limit, and will be preserved for reference and archival purposes. The discussion should continue in the original thread

Hi SDers!!

I thought it would be helpful to have a general list of printable coupons available. This will be always be a work in progress as it is a vast list to compile and maintain.


Please Post any information or changes that need to be made to the Wiki. It will be neater if only one person is working in the WIKI.

This thread is for manufacturer's printable coupons only, please do not add store specific coupon links or general printable coupon sites.

Dawny Disclaimer: It would be impossible to print and test every coupon, there will be errors at times. PM if there are any issues and I will gladly look into them.

Thanks SO MUCH for everybody's contributions, suggestions and coupon links. You are all AWESOME!!


List of Printable Coupon Sites HERE - Thanks MFH!

List of Unexpired Newspaper Coupons HERE - Thanks Thxslic!

Troubleshooting for Bricks Coupon Printing HERE - Thanks AlanisRox69

Format: Company Name, Product Name, Savings Amount, Other Info,"Printable" Link:

Color Coding

Newly Added Coupons - Bold Purple - I will change back to black after about 1 week.
Print Limit Reached or Issues Reported - Bold Teal
Reset & Working Links - Black


A+D Ointment, $1 off, Printable
Advil, $1 off various, Printable, or $2 off Advil Cold & Sinus or Advil Allergy Sinus, Printable, or Various $ off various, Printable [wyethallbrands.com]
Advil PM, $2 off, Printable [wyethallbrands.com]
Afrin, Nasal Spray, $1 off, Printable
Air Wick, Misc., Printable
Alavert, $2 off, Printable, or $2 off, Printable [wyethallbrands.com]
Aleve, 20ct or more, $1 off, Printable
Alka-Seltzer, $1 off, Printable
Alli, Weight Loss, $10 off, Register, Create diet program, Select "have not purchased yet'", Printable [myalli.com]
All You, Health & Fitness Issue, .50 off, Printable [allyou.com] pdf exp 1/30/09
ALPO, Can, BOGO, Printable
Ambi, Skin Care, $3 off, Printable
American Greetings, Cards, B1G1F up to $3.99, Printable exp. 2-21-09
Anbesol, $1 off, Printable
Aquafresh, Cleaning Polish, $1 off, Printable
Aquafresh, Whitening, $1 off, Printable
Aquafresh, Toothbrush wyb Extreme Clean, Printable
Aquafresh, Advanced, $1 off, Printable
Aquafresh, White Trays, $5 off, Printable
Aquapod Water, $1 off 2 8-packs, Printable [aquapodmoms.com]
Arm & Hammer Essentials, Cleaning Products, $1 off, Printable [armandhammeressentials.com]
Arm & Hammer Age Defying Toothpaste - $1, printable
Arm & Hammer, Various, Printable
Arm & Hammer, Age Defying Toothpaste, $1 off, Printable [myoralcare.com]
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda or Fridge Fresh, $1 off 2,Printable
[coupons.com]Atkins, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Aveeno, Baby, $1 off, Printable
Aveeno, $2 off Any, Printable [aveeno.com]
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Community Wiki

A - Located in OP

Baby Basics, Diapers, $2 off Any, Click on Great Savings, Printable
Bagel Bites, Any, $1 off 2, Printable [bagelbites.com]
Baked Lays, $1 off, Printable [smartsource.com]
Bam, unknown amount, Printable
Bar S Products, Hot Dogs, Bacon + Lunch Meat,Printable [bar-s.com]
Barleans Omega Swirl, 16 oz., $2 off any, Printable [mambosprouts.com]
Bayer, Heart Advantage, $2 off, Printable [coupons.com]
BD Ultra-Fine 30g or 33g lancets, $1.50 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Benedryl Allergy Product, $1 off, Printable [benadryl.com]
Bertolli Oven Bakes, $2 off, Printable
Best Foods, Mayo, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com] bricks
Betty Crocker, Misc., Printable & Printable & Printable
Bic, Multi-Purpose Lighter, $1 off, Printable [grillwithbic.com]
Biokleen product, $1 off any, Printable [mambosprouts.com]
Birds Eye Voila, $1 off, printable, or printable, bricks
Birds Eye Fresh Like Veggies, $1 off 2, Bissell Machine Carpet Cleaning Formula, $3 off, Printable Bricks exp. 3-16-09[/COLOR]
Bistro Naturals, BOGO,Printable [bistronaturals.com]
Blue Bunny, Novelty Ice Cream, $1 off, Printable
Blue Bell, Ice Cream, 1/2 Gallon, $1 off, Printable [bluebell.com]
Blue Diamond, .50 off Any, Printable [bluediamond.com]
Blue Diamond, Nut-Thins, 4.5 oz. box, $1 off any, Printable [mambosprouts.com]
Blue Horizon Organic frozen Skillet Meal, Breaded Shrimp or Spring Roll product, B1G1F, Printable [bluehorizonorganic.com] exp. 1/30/09 pdf!
Bob Evans, .35 off Any & $1 off Any Entree, Printable [bobevansfoods.com]
Boiron, Oscillo, $1.50 off, Printable [earthlightnaturalfoods.com]
Boston Market, Frozen Entrees, $1 off 3, Printable [bostonmarketfrozen.com]
Bounce, Lint Roller, $1 off, Printable
Breath Right, Kids, $2 off, Printable
Bridgeford, Frozen Rolls, Bread Dough or Monkey Dough, .55 off, Printable [bridgford.com]
Brita System, $5 off, Printable [filterforgood.com] -Sign Up
Brita Filter, $1 off, Printable [filterforgood.com] -Sign Up
Brown Cow Yogurt, $1 off 4 cups, Printable [earthlightnaturalfoods.com]
Buitoni, Products, $1 off, Printable [buitoni.com]

Cabot Cheese, .30 off, Printable [pathmark.com] pdf
Caltrate, $1 off, Printable [ovm1.net]
Campbell's Soup at Hand Microwavable Cups, $1 off any 2, Printable [smartsource.com] (prints as soon as you click it)
Carlson, Lemon Flavor Cod Oil, $5 off, Printable [earthlightnaturalfoods.com]
Carnation, Instant Breakfast, $2 off, Printable or $4 off 3, Printable [carnationinstantbreakfast.com]
Cascadian Farms, $1 off Any, Printable [coupons.com] bricks
Cats Pride, Cat Litter, $1 off, Printable
Cattlemen's BBQ Sauce, .75 off, Printable [e-centives.com]
Centrum, New Formula, $1 off, Printable, or $1 off various, Printable [wyeth.com], or Various $ off various, Printable [wyethallbrands.com]
Centrum, Kids, $1 off, Printable [centrum.com]
Centrum, Silver, $2 off, Printable [centrum.com]
Centrum Cardio or Performance, $3 off, Printable [centrum.com]
Centrum, Centrum Any & Centrum Kids (wyb both), $3 off, Printable [centrum.com]
Cheerios, Banana Nut., .75 off, Printable [family-cents.com], or .55 off, Printable [cheerios.com]
Cheerios, Multi Grain, .75 off, Printable [bettycrocker.com]& Printable [family-cents.com] & Printable [smartsource.com]
Cheerios, $1 off, Printable [cheerios.com] -EMAIL
Chex Mix, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Chinet, Classic White Plates, $1 off, Printable [mychinet.com]
Chiquita Bites, Free Single up to $1 and .75c/1 Multi or Family Pack, Printable [wufoo.com]
Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cereal, $1 off Printable [growupstrong.com], .55 off Printable
Citracal, $2 off, Printable [citracal.com]
Claritin, Childrens, $2 off, Printable
Claritin-D or Claritin, $3 off, Printable
Clean & Clear, $3 & $2 off, Printable
Clean & Clear, Acne, $5 off, Printable
Clean & Clear, Blackhead Eraser, $5 off, Printable
Clorox Wand Toilet Cleaning Kit, $5 off, Printable [clorox.com] or Printable [coupons.com]
Coffee Mate, $1 one or $1.50/2, Register, Printable bricks
Coffee Mate, 15 oz or larger, $1.50 off 1, Printable [coffee-mate.com]
Coffee Mate, Sugar Free, .55 off, Printable [everydayeating.com]
Colgate, $1 off 2, Printable [pathmark.com]
Colgate, $1.50,Printable [filedropper.com] pdf!!
Colgate, Sensitive, $1 off, Printable [e-centives.com]
Coke, $2 off WYB 3 Twelve packs Printable
Commit Lozenges, $5 off, Printable [commitlozenge.com]
Command, Picture Hanging Strips, $1 off, Printable
Command Picture Hanger, $1 off, Printable pdf exp 12-31-09
Command, Any, $1 off, Printable [3m.com] pdf exp 12/31/09
Cooks, Ham, $1 off, Printable
Contessa, $1 off 2 Frozen Meals or Frozen Seafood, Printable [contessa.com]
Contessa, Green Cuisine, $2 off, Printable
Cool Whip, $1 off 2, Printable
Cool Whip, Sugar Free & Sugar Free Jello, $1 off wyb both, Printable [coupons.com]
Cottonelle, $1 off Toilet Paper 4 ct. or larger, $1 off any 2 fresh flushable moist wipe tubs OR 42 ct. refill OR 1 84 ct. refill, Printable
Cottonelle, .50 off, Printable or .50 off 2, Printable [coupons.com]
Country Choice, Organic Products, $1 off, Printable [mambosprouts.com]
Country Crock Omega Plus or Plus Light, .55/1, Printable bricks exp. 4/3/09
Crystal Light, $1 off 2, Printable [coupons.com]

Daisy Cottage Cheese .60 off, Printable [daisybrand.com] exp 1.31.09
Dannon, Light & Fit Yogurt, $1 off 10 cups, Printable [coupons.com]
Dannon, Danimals Crush Yogurt, 4-pk, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Daregal, Fresh Frozen Herbs, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Deer Park Water, $1 off, Printable [aquapodmoms.com]
Degree, Ultraclear, .75, Printable [degreewomen.com] bricks
Degree Women's Clinical Strength Deodorant, $2 off, Printable [degreewomen.com]
Del Monte, 50% less Salt Canned Vegs, .75 off 1, Printable [delmonte.com]
Del Monte Products, 1 DelMonte® Citrus Bowl, Orchard Select®, or SunFresh® Refrigerated Glass Jar, or any 2 (two) Del Monte® Fruit Naturals® products, Printable
Del Monte Red Grapefruit Bowl, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Detour, Protein Bar, BOGO, Printable
Desitin, $1 off, Printable [desitin.com]
Desitin or Johnson Baby, $2 off 2,Printable bricks
Dexitrim, Max or Max2/O, $3 off, Printable
Diabeti-Derm, $2 off, Printable
Diabetic-Tussin, $2 off, Printable
Digestive Advantage, Various, Printable
Dimetapp, $2 off, Printable
Dove Vitalizer $3.50 off, Go to offers > Coupons, Printable
Dove, Cream Oil Body Wash, $1.50, Printable [dove.us] go to offers
Dove, Clinical Deoderant, $2 off, Printable [dove.us]
Dr. Katz Various Oral Care Products - $1 to $2, Printable
Dr. Scholls, Massaging Gel Inserts, $2 off, Printable
Dr. Scholls, Memory Fit Inserts, $2 off, Printable
Dr. Scholls, Freeze A Way, $3 off, Printable
Dryel, $3 off, Printable [dryelemail.com]
Downy, Wrinkle Release, $1 off, Printable

Earthrise, $3 off Any, Printable [deliciouslivingmag.com] pdf
Eat Smart, Vegetables, .50 off, Register, Printable [apioinc.com] bricks
Ecotrin, 100 count, .75 off, Printable [ecotrin.com]
Egg Beaters, $1 off 1, Printable [startmakingchoices.com]
Electrasol, $1 off 2, Printable [finishdishwashing.com]
Embodi, $1 off 2, Printable [deliciouslivingmag.com] pdf, no expiration
Enjoy Life Boom Choco Boom Bar, .75 off, Printable [coupons.com] bricks
Ensure, Buy 3, Get 1 Free 6pk, Printable [ensure.com]
Ensure, Multipack, $3 off, Printable [healthcentral.com] bricks
Equal Exchange Organic Fair Trade Coffee, packaged and bulk 1 lb. minimum, $1 off, Printable [mambosprouts.com]
Ester-C, $1 off, Printable [greathealthmag.com]
Estroven, $3 off, Printable
Eucerin, Aquaphor, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Excedrin Migraine 24 ct+ $2 Printable [coupons.com]

Farmrich Products, Various, Printable [coupons.com]
Fast Fixins, $1 off 1, can print 5, must register, printable
Febreze Odor Eliminator, $2 off, Printable [newfebreze.com]
Fiber Choice, $3 off, Printable
FiberCon, $1 off, Printable
Fiber 1 Cereal, $0.75 off, Printable [eatbetteramerica.com]
FIJI Water Multi-Pack, 6 pack or larger, $1 off, Printable [mambosprouts.com]
Filippo Berio Olive Oil, 17oz or larger, $1 off 1, Printable [filippoberio.com] (30 day rolling)
First Juice, 8oz or 32oz bottles, $1 off 2, Printable [firstjuice.com]First Response, Pregnancy Test, $2 off, Printable
Fit Smart Fiver Bar, Free, must register, printable [fiber35diet.com]
Finlandia Cheese, 6 oz or larger, $1 off, Printable bricks
Florida Sugar Crystals, .35 off, Printable [deliciouslivingmag.com] pdf exp 3/21/09
Folgers, $1 off, Printable [folgers.com]
Foster Farms, Various, Register, Printable [ipost.com]
French's Mustard, .50 off & Various French's Products, Printable [frenchs.com]
FruitSimple, Fruit Smoothie, .55 off, Printable [coupons.com]

Galaxy Veggie Products, $1 off, Printable [galaxyfoods.com]
Garden of Life, Supplement, $5 off, Printable [deliciouslivingmag.com]
Garnier Nutritioniste, $1 off, Printable exp. 3-16-09
Gas-X, $1.50 off Any, Printable [gasx.com]
GE $1/1 Energy Smart CFL light bulbs (fill out pledge form, might need IE) Printable
GE $1/1 Reveal or Edison Halogen light bulb and $.50/1 any GE 3 way light bulbs Printable
General Mills, Yoplait, Green Giant, Cascadian Farms, ETC, Various, Sign Up $ Printable
General Mills, Cereal, $1 off 2, Printable [growupstrong.com] or Printable [coupons.com]
Gerber, Various $, Printable
Glade, Buy 1 Warmer, Get Lasting Impressions FREE, Printable [glade.com] bricks
Glade, Lasting Impressions, $3 off, Printable [glade.com]
Glade, Sense And Spray, BOGO, Printable [glade.com]bricks
Glade, Sense And Spray, $4 off, Printable [glade.com]
Glade Warmer, BOGO, or .55 off Refill Printable [glade.com]
Glade Gel Warmer, BOGO, Printable [glade.com]
Glade Scented Oil Warmer, $2 off, Printable [smi-thematics.com]
Glade Plug Ins Refills, $1 off 2, $1 off 1 Refill Twin, Printable [smi-thematics.com]
Glucerna, $1.25 off, Printable [glucerna.com]
Glucerna, Cereal, $5 off, Printable [glucerna.com]
Gold Kist, .55 off, enter e-mail, Printable
GoodNites, $1 off, Printable
Gortons, Shrimp Item, $1 off, Printable [onesupertaste.com] exp 1 month
Green Giant Veggies, Boxed, .65 off 3, Printable [coupons.com]
Guerrero, Tortillas, $1 off, Printable [tortillasguerrero.com]

Hanes, Sports Bra, $1 off 1, Printable pdf
Healthy Choice, Asian, $1 off 2, Register, Printable [healthychoice.com]
Healthy Choice, Frozen Meal $1 off 1, Printable [startmakingchoices.com]
Healthy Choice, Mixers, $1 off 1, Printable [startmakingchoices.com]
Healthy Ones Lunch Meat, .55 off Any, Printable [healthy-ones.com] pdf exp 4/30/09
Health Valley Organic, $1 off 2, Printable [deliciouslivingmag.com], pdf exp 12-31-09
Heinz, Cocktail Sauce, .35 off, Printable [onesupertaste.com] 1 mo. exp. date
Heinz Gravy, 12oz, $1 off 3, Printable [heinzgravy.com]
Heinz Ketchup & Ore-Ida Fries, 60oz Ketchup & Fries > $1 off both, Printable
Hellmans, Light Mayo, $1 off 1, Printable [coupons.com]
Hill & Valley, Premium Bakery Product with net wt. 7oz or more, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Hillshire Farms, pkgs 8oz or larger, $0.55 on 2, Printable [coupons.com]
Honeysuckle Turkey, $2 off 2, Printable [honeysucklewhite.com]
Horizon Organics, Unknown, Register, Printable [horizonorganic.com]
Hostess, 100 Cal Packs, .50 off, Printable [tastedebate08.com]
Huggies, Pull Ups, $2 off, Printable
Hunts, Canned Tomato Products, $1 off 3, Printable [startmakingchoices.com]

Ian’s Chicken Nugget, Patties, Stix, or Tenders, $2 off 2, Printable [mambosprouts.com]
ICaps product, any size, $2 off Printable [coupons.com]
Idahoan Potatoes (can print to PDF), Unknown, Printable [idahoan.com]
Immodium, Children's, $1 off, Printable [imodium.com] bricks
International Delight Creamer, Quart, .75 off, Printable [smartsource.com] (prints as soon as you click it), or $1 off Any, Printable [internationaldelight.com]
Ivory Snow, Detergent, $2 off, Printable

Jello Pudding or Gelatin Refrigerated snack, .60 off 1, Printable [kraftfoods.com] bricks exp 1 mo. rolling (upper right hand corner--will print as soon as you click on it)
Johnson's Baby Oil, $1 off, Printable
Johnson's Baby or Desitin, $2 off 2, Printable bricks
Johnson's Baby Powder, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com] bricks
Johnson's Product (Any, excludes 4oz), $3 off 3, Printable [coupons.com] bricks
Johnson's Soothing Vapor, $1 off Any, Printable [coupons.com] bricks exp 1/31/09
Johnsonville Sausage $5 off 3, Select Grocery Stores Only (see post for details), Printable pdf! exp 2/28/09
Joint Juice, $1 off Any, Printable
Jolly Time Pop Corn, Various, Printable
Jose Ole, 12 oz or larger, $1 off, Printable [pathmark.com] or Printable (can print more than 2)
Juanita's Soup, $1 off, Printable [juanitasfoods.com]
Juicy Juice $1 off 2, Printable [juicyjuice.com]
Just For Men, $2 off, Printable - sign up to print
Just For Men, $1 off, Printable [justformenselect.com]

Kashi, TLC Bars, $2 off, Printable [kashi.com]
Kashi, Vive Cereal, $1 off 1, Printable [deliciouslivingmag.com] pdf exp 2/28/09
Kashi, Granola, $1 off 1, Printable [deliciouslivingmag.com]exp 3-31-09
Kaytee Animal Products, Treats, Food, Bedding, Various, Printable [redplum.com]
Keebler, Keeblers 9.5 oz or larger cookie $1 off AND Sandies cookies 9.5 oz or larger, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Kelloggs, Frosted Flakes, $1 off 2, Printable
Kelloggs, $3 off 3, Printable [coupons.com]
Kellogg's Special K Crackers, (4.62 oz or larger, any flavor), Printable Exp. 03/08/09
Kelloggs, FiberPlus Antioxidant Bars, 0.75 off any 5ct. or larger, Printable bricks (prints more than 2)
Kibbles & Bits, Wholesome Medley, $2 off, Printable [kibblesnbits.com]
King Hawaiian, Bread, .65 off, Printable or Printable
Kingsford Charcoal, wyb Pork, etc, $6 off, Printable
Kozy Shack No Sugar Added, .25 off, Printable [smi-thematics.com]
Kraft Bagelfuls, $1 off 1, Printable
KY, Any, $2 off, Printable [ky.com]
KY, Liquibeads, $2 off, Printable [ky.com]
K-Y, Yours & Mine, $5 off, Printable [ky.com]

LaBrea, Bakery Product, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Lactaid, Fast Act Dietary Supplements, $1 off, Printable
L.A. Looks, Hair Products 7.5 oz or larger, $1 off, Printable
Land O' Lakes, Butter w/ Canola Oil, .55 off, Printable [smartsource.com]
Laura's Lean Ground Beef, $1 off, Printable [laurasleanbeef.com]
Lean Cuisine, $1 off 2, Printable [everydayeating.com]Must Register First
Leapfrog, $4 off Tag Library Book, $10 off Tag System, Printable pdfs exp 4/30/09
Liberte yogurts, 6 oz, $1 off any 3, Printable [mambosprouts.com]
Lifeway Product, $1 off 1, Printable [mambosprouts.com]
Lip Smackers, $1 off 2, Printable
Lindt Chocolate, Bags, $1 off 2, Printable
Listerine, Total Care, $2 off, Printable [coupons.com] bricks
Listerine, Agent Cool Blue Mouthwash, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Listerine Whitening Pen, $3 off, Printable [coupons.com]bricks
Little Debbie 100 calorie family pack snack cake, .55 off, Printable [coupons.com]bricks EX. 03-01-09
Loreal, $1 off Any, Printable [coupons.com]
Loreal Paris, $1 off Any, Printable [coupons.com]
Loreal, Feria Hair Color, $2 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Loreal, Natural Match Hair Color, $2 off, Printable
Lubriderm, 16 oz, $1 off, Printable & Printable or Printable [coupons.com]
Lucky Leaf, Pie Filling, $1 off 2, Printable
Lundberg Gourmet Rice Blend 1lb bag, .55 off, Printable [deliciouslivingmag.com] pdf
Lundberg, Gourmet Rice Chips, .75 off, Printable [deliciouslivingmag.com] pdf
Lysol, Various, Printable
Lysol, Neutra Air, $1 off, Printable

Malt-O-Meal, Blueberry Muffin Tops, .75 off 2, Printable [malt-o-meal.com]
MaraNatha Nut Butter, $1 off, Printable [mambosprouts.com]
Marzetti, Dressing, Dip, Hummus or Crouton, .50 off any, Printable [coupons.com]
Mederma, $3 off No longer available, Printable
Method Products, .50 off 1, Printable [mambosprouts.com]
Meyenberg, $1 off Any, Printable [deliciouslivingmag.com] pdf
Michelinas, $1 off 5 Entrees - Signature or Lean, Printable [michelinas.com]
Miralax, $1 off, Printable [miralax.com]
Mission Plus, Tortilla Products, $1 off, Printable [missionmenus.com]
Mom's Best Cereal, .55 off, Printable [liveright-digital.com] or $1 off, Printable [momsbestnaturals.com]
Monistat, Combo Pack, $2 off, Printable
Motrin, $1 off (excludes trial size) Printable
Move Free, $5 off, Printable [coupons.com], bricks
Mrs. Dash, Marinade, .50 off,Printable
Muir Glen Tomatoes, $1 off, Printable [muirglen.com] [coupons.com] or Printable [eatbetteramerica.com]
Multi-Betic Vitamins, $2 off, Printable
Mylanta, Ultimate Strength, $2 off, Printable
Mystic Mini Pizza, .75, Printable

Nabisco Crackers, $1 of 2, Printable [nabiscoworld.com] click on mailbox or seasonal savings
Nabisco, 100 Calorie Packs, $1 off 2, Printable exp 4/09
Nair products $3 off 2Printable
Nailene, $1 off, Printable [nailene.com]
Nasal Comfort, $3 off, Printable
NasaMist, $2 off, Printable [neilmed.com] & MIR
Natural Dentist, $2 off, Printable [thenaturaldentist.com] pdf
Nature Made, Vitamin E, $2 off, Printable
Nature Made, Various, Printable
Nescafe Taster's Choice 4 oz. or larger, $1.50 Printable [tasterschoice.com]
Neosporin, $1 off Antibiotic Ointment & $2 off Scar Solution, Printable [neosporin.com]
Nescafe, Stick Pack Free wyb Stick Pack or 5.2oz Jar, $1.25 off, Printable [everydayeating.com]
Nestle, Carnation Evaporated Milk, $1 off 2, Printable [coupons.com]
Nestle Chocolate Chips, .50 off 2, Printable [verybestbaking.com]
Nestle Hot Cocoa, Sugar Free or Fat Free, .75 off, Printable [everydayeating.com] register
Nestle, Pure Life Water, $1.50 off 2, Printable
Nestle, Tasters Choice Stick Pack, BOGO, Printable
Neutrogena, Complete Acne Therapy System, $5 off, Printable
Neutrogena, Healthy Skin Rejuvenator, $5 off, Printable
Neutrogena, T-Gel, $2 off, Printable pdf
Nexcare, Various, Printable pdf exp 12-31-09
No Nonsense, Perfect Tones, $1 off, Printable
Nursery Water, $1 on (4) one-gallon bottles, or (2) 2.5 gallon bottles or (2) Multi-packs Printable
Nylabone, $2 off Printable [nylabone.com] pdf

O.B. Tampons, $1.50 off, register, Printable
Ocean Spray, Diet/Light, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com] bricks
O'Charleys at Home, Salad Dressing, BOGO, Printable [ocharleysathome.com]
Odwalla, 450 ml flavors, $1 off any 2, Printable [mambosprouts.com]
Olay, Regenerist, $5 off any, register, Printable [archway.com]
Old Orchard, Frozen, 12 oz, $1 off 4, Printable [coupons.com] bricks
Old Orchard, Juice, 64 oz, $1 off 2, Printable [coupons.com]
One A Day, Vitamins, $1 off, Printable or Printable [coupons.com]
Optive Eye Drops, $3 off, Printable [mytearsmyrewards.com] pdf
Ore-Ida Steam n' Mash, $1 off, Register, Printable [steamnmash.com]
Ore-Ida Fries & Heinz Ketchup, 60oz Ketchup & Fries > $1 off both, Printable
Organic Valley, $2 off Any 2 Products, Printable [earthlightnaturalfoods.com]
Organic Valley, Various Coupons, Printable & Printable [liveright-digital.com]
Organic Valley String Cheese, 6oz, $1 off, Printable [liveright-digital.com] pdf page 6
Orville Redenbacher, Ready to Eat Smart Cakes, $1 off, Printable [freesampling.net]
Orville Redenbacher, Popcorn, $1 off 1, Printable [startmakingchoices.com] bricks
Oscal, $1 off, Printable [oscal.com]
Over the Moon Milk, 1/2 Gallon, $1 off, Printable
Oxy Products, $1.50 off, Printable [oxymom.com] pdf

Palermo's, Rustica Pizza, $2 off, Printable [palermospizza.com] pdf exp 3/31/09
Palermo's Pizza, $1 off 2, Printable pdf exp 12/31/09
Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula, $1 off, Printable [smi-thematics.com]
Palmolive, Pure+Clear liquid dish soap, .75 off, printable [e-centives.com]
Pam, Non Stick Spray, $1 off 1, Printable [startmakingchoices.com]bricks
Pediacare, Various, Printable
Pedia-Lax, $1 off, Printable [pedia-lax.com]
Pedigree, Dog Food, Various, Printable
Pepcid, $3 off, Register- Emailed, Printable [pepcidroadtothegold.com] or $1 off, Printable
Pepperidge Farms, Garlic Bread, $1 off 1, Printable bricks
Pepperidge Farms, Swirl Bread, .40 off, Printable [familytime.com]
Perdue, Perfect Portions, $2 off, Printable [perdue.com] bricks exp 3.06.09
Perdue, Shortcuts, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Pert Plus, $1 off, Printable [pertplus.com] or $1 off, Printable [coupons.com] bricks or Printable [coupons.com] bricks
Phillips Colon Care, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Pilgrim's Pride, .55 off, enter e-mail, Printable
Pillsbury, Refrigerated Cookie Dough, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com] exp 2.28.09
Pillsbury, Frozen or Refrigerated Products, $1 off 2, Printable
Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Misc., Printable & Printable
Pillsbury, Toaster Strudel, $1 off, Printable
Pine Mountain Fire Logs, $3 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Playtex, Personal Cleansing Wipes, $1 off, Printable
Playtex, Sport, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com] bricks
Pledge, Any 2, $3, Printable [pledge.com]Pledge, Multi-Surface Cleaner, $2 off, Printable [pledge.com]
Pledge, Fabric Sweeper for Pets, $2 off, Printable [pledge.com]
Pledge Furniture Care, $1 off, Printable [smi-thematics.com]
Popcorn, Indiana, .50 off, Printable [deliciouslivingmag.com] pdf
Poptarts, 8ct or larger, .55 off, Printable [poptarts.com]
Post-its, Pop Up Dispenser, $2 off, Printable
Post Trail Mix Crunch Cereal, $2 off, Printable [postcereals.com] exp 1/29/09
Preparation H, $1 off, Printable or $2 off, Printable
Progresso Broth, $1.25 off, Printable [coupons.com] or try this link, Printable [coupons.com]
Progresso Soup, $1 off 2, $2 off 4, Printable [progressotastechallenge.com] bricks
Progresso Soup, $1.10 off 1, Printable EX 3-31-09, bricks
Prunelax Natural Senna Laxative Tablets, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Pupperoni, Dog Snacks, $2 off, Printable [pupperoni.com]
Purell, Hand Sanitizing Product, $2 off 2, Printable
Purex, Natural Elements, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Purina, Cat or Dog Chow, $4 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Purina Pro Plan, Shredded Blend Dog Food, $3 off, Printable [proplan.com] bricks
Purina Pet Food or Treat, $3 off, Printable
Purina, Beggin Dog Snacks,$2 off, Printable [coupons.com] Ex. 10-29-08
Purina, Puppy Chow, $2 off, Printable [puppychow.com]

Quaker, Select Products, $3 off 5, Printable [bi-lo.com] exp 2/28/09 (Bi-lo site)
Quaker, Fiber & Omega Bars, $1 off, Printable [quakeroats.com]
Quaker, Instant Oatmeal, $1 off 1, Printable [quakeroats.com] or $1 off 2, Printable [coupons.com]
Quaker, Life Cereal, $1 off 1, Printable [quakeroats.com]
Quaker, Simply Harvest, $1 off, Printable [quakersimpleharvest.com]
Quaker True Delight Bars, $1 off 1, Printable [quakeroats.com]

Real California Cheese/Cottage Cheese, .30 off $1.25+ Purchase, Printable [realcaliforniamilk.com] pdf
Real California Milk, $.50 off, Printable [realcaliforniamilk.com] pdf. exp 1/31/10
Red Gold Tomatoes, Cans, $1 off 3, Printable [redgold.com]
Refresh Eye Care, Various, Printable [mytearsmyrewards.com] pdf!
Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit, $5 Printable [rembrandtwhitening.com] or MAILED [coupons.com]
Reynolds Wrap, $1 off, excludes 20 or 25 feet, Printable [coupons.com] or Printable [couponbug.com]
Rice Dream or Soy Dream, .75 off 1, Printable [coupons.com]
Riceworks Snacks, FREE Bag, Printable [riceworkssnacks.com]
RID, $2 off any, Printable [coupons.com]
Robitussen, $1 off, Printable
Robitussen, $1 off, Printable [ovm1.net] or $2 off,Printable or $2 off Printable [origindata.com]
ROC Products, $2 off, Register, Sent by E-mail, Printable [rocchallenge.com]
ROC Anti Aging Product, $3 off, Printable
ROC Products, Any, $3 off, Printable [rocskincare.com]
Rogaine, Foam, $15 off 3, Printable [getmyrogaine.com]
Romano's Macaroni Grill Restaurant Favorites, $1 off, Printable [restaurantfavoritesathome.com]
Rosetto, Frozen Pasta, $1 off, Printable
R.W. Hudson, .75 off Any, Printable [deliciouslivingmag.com] pdf

Sabra's Mediterranean Garden Variety salsa and vegetable dips, $2 off any 14 oz., printable, bricks
Sabra Hummus,10 or 17 oz, $1.50 off, Printable [coupons.com] bricks
Sambucal, $4 off any, Printable [sambucolusa.com] pdfSanta Cruz, Organics, .75 off Any, Printable [deliciouslivingmag.com] pdf
S.C. Johnson Wax, Various, Printable bricks [rightathome.com]
Scar Zone, $1 off, Printable
S.C. Johnson & Son Products (Windex, Pledge, Shout, Fantastic, Scrubbing Bubbles, Drano etc), Printable
Scotch Brite, Lint Roller or Sheets, $1 off, Printable pdf exp 3/31/09
Scotch Brite, Nail Saver Sponge, $1 off 3, Printable [3m.com]pdf
Scotch Guard, $1 off any, Printable [3m.com]
Scott TP or Tissue, unknown $, Printable
Scrubbing Bubbles, Any, $3 off 2, Printable [rightathome.com]
Scrubbing Bubbles, Auto Shower Cleaner, $6 off, Printable [rightathome.com]
Scrubbing Bubbles, Auto Shower Refills, $2 off 2, Printable [rightathome.com]
Scrubbing Bubbles® Mega Shower Foamer, $1 off, Printable [scrubbingbubbles.com]
Scrubbing Bubbles, Action Scrubber, $2.75, Printable
Scrubbing Bubbles, Refills Automatic Shower Cleaner, BOGO, Printable [automaticshowercleaner.com]
Sea Pak, $1 off Any, or $1 off Any Naturals, Printable [coupons.com]
Seasonique, Birth Control, $50 off 1st Script, $25 off 1st Refill, Printable
Second Nature, Dog Litter, $5 off, Printable
Sensodyne, $1 off Pronamel & .55 off Sensodyne, Printable [sensodyne.com]
Seventh Generation, Various, Printable [seventhgeneration.com]
Science Diet, Nature's Best Dog, $3 off, Printable [hillspet.com]
Scott, Bath Tissue & Paper Towel, 4 pk +, $1 off, Printable [smartsource.com]
Shady Brook Farms, Italian Style Meatballs Frozen or Fresh, $1 off, Printable [shadybrookfarms.com] must register
Shamrock Farms, varies, printable
Shedds Spread, Country Crock, Omega Spread, .55 off, Printable
Shout, Advanced, .75 off, Printable [cleanhomejournal.com]
Similasan, Healthy Relief, $1 off Any, register, Printable [similasanusa.com]
Simply Orange, Orange Juice, $1 off, Printable (smartsource & coupons.com)
Sistane Eye Drops, $1 off, Printable [systane.com]
Skim Plus Milk, $1 off, Printable [pathmark.com] pdf
Slice of Life, Vitamins, $2 off, Printable [deliciouslivingmag.com] pdf exp 1.31.09
Slim Fast Bars, $2 Printable [slim-fast.com]
Slim Fast Multi Pack, $3/2 Multi Packs Printable [slim-fast.com]
Smartwater, $1 off a 6-pack or 5 (five) 1-liters, Printable pdf!
Soft Scrub, .50 off, Printable
Soft Soap, Spa Radiant, $1 off, Printable [e-centives.com]
Soft Soap, Hand Soap Refill, Savings ?, Printable [colgate.com]
Sony, DVDs or Blu-Ray, Variety of $ off Qs, Printable [sonypictures.com] pdf exp 1/31/09 (They do beep, TY KMA)
South Beach, Living Bars & More, $2 off, Printable
Soy Dream or Rice Dream, .75 off 1, Printable [coupons.com]
Soy Joy Bars, $1 off 5, Printable [soyjoy.com]
Speed Stick, 24/7, $1 off, Printable
Spice Island Spices, $1.50 off, Printable [spiceislands.com]
Steaz, 4 Bottles or $1 off 4 pk, Printable [deliciouslivingmag.com] pdf
St. Ives, $2 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Stonyfield Farms Products, Various, Printable [stonyfield.com]
SudaFed, PE, $1 off Various, $2 off Nasal Spray Printable [sudafed.com]
Summers Eve, $1 off, Printable [summerseve.com]
Sunkist, Almond Accents, $1 off, Printable
Sunny D, .55 off, Printable [sunnyd.com] refresh to get .55 off
Sunspire Baking Chips, $1 off any, Printable [mambosprouts.com]
Super Pet, Critter Trail for Small Pets, $5 off, Printable [redplum.com]
Sure, Deodorant, $1 off, Printable
Sure, Max, $1 off, Printable [coupons.com] bricks

Tabasco Sauce, .50 off, Printable
Tasters Choice, BOGO Single Packs or .75 off 4oz or more, Printable [tasterschoice.com]
Tasters Choice, $1.50 off, Printable
TheraFlu, $1 off Any, Printable or $1 off Printable or $2 off, Printable [coupons.com]
Throat Cooler, Any, BOGO, Printable [throatcooler.com]
Tofurkey, .55 off, Printable [earthlightnaturalfoods.com]
Totino's Pizza Rolls, .55 off, Printable [family-cents.com] bricks
Triamenic, $1.50 off, Printable [novartisotc.com]
Tropical Source, Baking Chips, $1 off, Printable [mambosprouts.com]
Tums, Quik Pak, $2.25 off, Printable [tums.com]
Tums, $1 off, Printable [tums.com]
Tylenol, $1 off Any Children's Tylenol (Excludes Trial)Printable
Tylenol, $1 off Any, Printable
Tysons Heat n Eat, $1 off, Printable [embracedinner.com]pdf exp 2/09

Ultra Xcid, $1 off, Printable [myxcid.com]
Uncle Ben's, Rice, $1 off 2, Amount Changes Monthly, Printable
UTI Home Screening Kit, $2 off, Printable [utihometest.com]

Vaseline Clinical Therapy, $1 off, Printable [prescribethenation.com]
Veet, Hair Removal, $2 off, Printable
Visine, .5oz or larger, $2 off Printable [coupons.com]
Viva Papertowel, $1 off 4 or (2) 2-pks, Printable [vivatowels.com]
Vivarin, $1 off, Printable
V8 Fusion, $1 off, Printable

Wanchai Ferry Dinner, $1 off, Printable bricks
WD-40 Smart Straw®, $1.50 off any, Printable [coupons.com] bricks
Weight Watchers, $1 off 5, Printable [eatyourbest.com]
Welch's Aquajuice, 52oz, B1G1 Free up to $4, Printable exp. 03-03-09
Wellness Cat or Dog Food, $5 off, Printable [wellnesspetfood.com] bricks
Wholly Guacamole, $1 off, Printable [whollyguac.com]
Wild Harvest Salad, Buy 2, Get WH Bread Free, Printable
Wild Harvest, $1 off any, Printable [wildharvestorganic.com]
Wise Chips, .50 off, Printable or Printable [coupons.com], 4/30/09- Select States Only
Wish-bone, Wish-bone Dressings(16 oz or larger), Salad Spritzers(7oz),or Bountifuls(9.5oz), .75 off,Printable exp 2-22-09
Wisk, Detergent, .75 off, Printable
Wonka Candy Cards, $1 off 2, Printable [verybestkids.com]
Woolite, Detergent, $1 off, Printable
World's Best Cat Litter, $2 off, Printable [worldsbestcatlitter.com]

Yesterday's News, Cat Litter, $1.50 off, Printable
Yes to Carrots, $2 off, Printable
Yoplait, Kids, $1.50 off, Printable
Yoplait, $1 off 8, Register Printable [eatbetteramerica.com]
YoPlus, $1 off, Printable [yo-plus.com] or $1.50 off, Printable

Zenergize, All Natural Products, $1 off, Printable [deliciouslivingmag.com] pdf
Ziploc, any bag or container, .75 off & $1.50 / 2, Printable [ziploc.com], exp. 03-11-09
Zostrix, $5 off, Printable
Zyrtec, $2 off, Printable bricks

3M Command Product - $1, printable
409 Natural Stone Cleaner, $1 off Printable [formula409.com] Go to Offers & Promotions, exp 12/31 - Maybe Print after new year
7-UP, Cherry, 12 pack, $1 off, Printable [7up.com]

Crest Whitening Strips, $5 off, MAILED [safeprocessing.com]
Crest Whitening Toothpaste, $1 off, MAILED [safeprocessing.com]
Better Than Ears, Dog Treat, $1 off, MAILED [betterthanears.com]
Downy, $1 off, MAILED [archway.com]
Downy, Totalcare, $1 off, MAILED [archway.com]
Febreeze, New Febreeze, $2 off, MAILED [newfebreze.com]
Gain, Various, $2.50 Value, MAILED [expotv.com]
Luvs - $1 off, MAILED [luvs.com]
Mighty Dog, 1 FREE can up to $0.99, register, MAILED [mightydog.com]
No Nonsense, $1.50 off, MAILED [nononsense.com]
Oral-B, Pulsonic Rechargeable Toothbrush, Rebate Form, MAILED < button link [oralb.com]
Pampers, $1.50 off, Mailed [startsampling.com]
P&G Products - Coupon Book, MAILED [startsampling.com]
PUR, Flavor Options, $5 off 1, PUR Faucet Mount or Pitcher & $2 off 1 Cartridge 2-pk, MAILED [purwater.com]
Special Clothes Care, Febreeze, Dreft, Dryel, etc, MAILED [specialclothescare.com]
Tide To Go, $1 off, MAILED [archway.com]
Tide Total Care, $1 off, MAILED [safeprocessing.com]



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Thanks Dawn. Great Idea. You rock.
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Great Idea!
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laugh out loud I had this "hidden" -- and you two still found it. Smilie

Glad you like the new thread -- oh well, now to try to "hide" it again until the OP is finished and ready to make this official. Smilie
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Super Cool!!
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Great collection!!!!!
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Thanks Dawn for your hard work and great idea in doing this. We appreciate it. ;-)

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Awesome idea!!
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these guys seem to do this already for you, though it may take a few extra clicks to get to the coupons...


and you don't have to worry about keeping the wiki up to date.
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Thanks Dawn! I thought this had already been attempted, and then the link posted above was posted there and it was decided that was a good enough list? I could be wrong. I do think it's a good idea, though, just wondering!
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Quote from mikeblikesdeals View Post :
these guys seem to do this already for you, though it may take a few extra clicks to get to the coupons...


and you don't have to worry about keeping the wiki up to date.
Well sometime it's necessary to know latest updates about printable coupons here at SD.

Chex mix coupon is a example. Last month limit reached, They reset limit start of the month, limit reached again and today they reset limit again. and to my surprise, collection at that site doesn't even mention $1 off chex mix coupons.

The one which is posted there is Chex 100 Calorie Snack Mix 4.5 oz or larger (P)- Save .60/2.
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thanks and see u in the 1000 rep club soon
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Quote from chllnast View Post :
thanks and see u in the 1000 rep club soon
she is already in 1k club.
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Original Poster
Quote from mikeblikesdeals View Post :
these guys seem to do this already for you, though it may take a few extra clicks to get to the coupons...


and you don't have to worry about keeping the wiki up to date.
I think that site is great, don't get me wrong.. but the goal is to have mostly coupons that are relevant to the Drugstore Deals and in one place, so that people can cut and paste them in to the deal threads when relevant.
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