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TrapCall - Unmask Blocked Calls! - FREE (AS ALWAYS)

m0da 51 February 17, 2009 at 02:04 AM in Phones (5)
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Last Edited by m0da February 17, 2009 at 02:46 AM
Possibly only for T-Mobile and AT&T!

Ever wanted to unmask an unknown number calling your cell phone?
Well, go ahead and sign up for TrapCall (FREE)!

I just signed up. What they do is change your call forwarding option from your voice mailbox to their phone number (I am guessing voice mailbox will still work of course). Once you decline an anonymous call, it'll go to their #, then your phone will ring again with the REAL number this time! How cool is thatttttt!!?!?!?!?
One thing that you do need is call forwarding from your provider...

tl;dr- unmask private callers to your cell by signing up for free here:

Signup Link:

Main Website:

how they make money?: there are different plans besides the free one. some you can get the name of the anonymous number, and some you can even get billing name&address. they also have dif calling goodies like spoofcard and liarcard...

Will definitely have fun when my friends "prank ME" next time Wink

I'm hoping this is a HOT Deal btw, even though it's always free...
Also, a search brought up almost no results!

Good luck and, most importantly, have fun and peace of mind fellow SDers!

*EDIT: here's a link to an article about it:
seems they've been around for a while.
I got this from a fellow off of another forum (

***EDIT: so, someone here called me, and this is what happened (tl;dr it failed... but person X used a special secret phone hehe):
I declined. a few seconds later, i got a text as follows:
"Name unavailabl - (999) 999-9999 (02/17/09 3:35 am)" yes SDers, there was no "e" after "Unavailabl"
**** he called me with a special phone. details of his phone are unavailable, so i guess this isn't a normal case lol. will update other results later guys

I'll test this out with some other people and see if we have any successes. pm me if you know how to block your number
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Last Edited by RndM February 17, 2009 at 08:41 PM
Watch out- OP just signed up.

From mmmthats3m:
"ok,i have tmobile & blocked all msg'ing service and still able to get id unmasked.

here is how.
if you have T-mobile dial
*004*18669676590*11# thats don't have to register with

when someone calls you just hit ignore and after 6secs you will get original caller id.

i don't have any sms plan so i wan't get any sms on missed call.i have to have ignore b4 missed it.

and if you want to change setting afterward here is original vm number for t-mobile 18056377249."

OP says they've been around a while, they have not. whois []
Correct, TrapCall is new, but their other companies [ SpoofCard [] (2005) and LiarCard [] (2006) ] are not.

To disable this feature just log in and go to Control Panel/My Account/Phone Settings/Unprogram Phone.

To unprogram on Cingular its ##004# then hit send or call.

Basic unmasking (get the private number) service is free.
Other services (get billing name & address, others) only have a free 15-day trial...
How does the 15-day free trial work?
If you cancel a paying plan within 15 days of signing up you won’t be charged a thing. If you do choose to cancel your account in the future you will never be charged again, but you are responsible for charges already incurred up until your cancellation. Refunds can not be issued after your initial 15 day trial and we don’t prorate for partial months.

Trapcall is provided as-is with no guarantees. Though Trapcall is able to unmask the Caller ID, some cannot be unmasked, thus, keeping the Caller ID blocked. Trapcall will not sell, or distribute information about you, or the callers that may have called you. If you receive threatening phone calls with a blocked Caller ID that Trapcall could not unmask, please consult the local authorites.

(if you use T-mobile method above [only method i tried]) YOU WILL DISABLE VOICEMAIL Feature..
The caller (regardless of being Blocked or Unblocked) will hear a Busy tone after you set amount of rings (if you don't Pick up) --> they won't be able to leave you a message.

I added the number *004*18669676590*11# as A CONTACT Entry [unblock #]
also if you want to reset voice mail *004*18056377249*11# --> save as contact
& dial appropriate Contact to restore the Unblock OR Voicemail feature
(worked on my BB 8900)
~~> [ g3tz2thapap3r]

SpoofCard Newsletter #3

We know you've been anxiously awaiting another collectible SpoofCard newsletter for the past couple months and we never disappoint. We've even got something special that we wanted to tell you about this time. Something "stimulating", but in no way related to the Stimulus Plan. - The Worlds First Caller ID Unblocker
Do you hate getting calls with blocked Caller ID? We do. So we created a brand new service that unmasks blocked calls so you'll always know who's calling! It's called TrapCall and it's the worlds first cell phone service to unmask blocked calls. We've officially launched to the public today and wanted to let you be the first to know about it.

TrapCall is incredibly simple to use and setup. No messy software downloads or installs required, and it works on all cell phones with most providers. You just key a few numbers into your cell phone and TrapCall's ready. So, if you've got fingers your good to go! (For those of you without fingers, just ask a buddy to help out!)

Along with Caller ID unmasking, TrapCall also has advanced premium features, like incoming call recording (another first!), voicemail transcriptions, selective number blocking (we play them a disconnected number notice!), Caller ID Name, and more!

Did we mention that TrapCall is FREE?

To get started using TrapCall, just visit: broke the news about the TrapCall launch tonight! You can read the article at:

Major SpoofCard Announcement In The Works
Along with the development of TrapCall over the past couple months, we've also been working on something BIG for SpoofCard that we know our users are going to love. When we say big, we mean HUGE. It's still a couple weeks away but we're really excited about it. We don't want to let the cat out of the bag before it's completely finished and polished up nicely, but when it is, we'll drop you a line.

SpoofApp For Android
If you have the T-Mobile G1 Android cell phone you're in luck! Spoofing, call recording, and voice changing have never been easier than with SpoofApp right on your G1 handset. This latest release of SpoofApp for Google's Android platform is available in the Entertainment category of the Android Marketplace or by going to from your G1.

Apple still has refused to approve or deny SpoofApp from the iPhone App Store after 109 days in review. In protest, SpoofApp has started an online petition and we're asking for your support. Please take the time to visit the link below and sign the petition letting Apple know that you want SpoofApp on your iPhone!

New Feature: SpoofCard Auto Credit Card Billing
SpoofCard now offers an automated credit card billing service, which will bill your card whenever your balance reaches your pre-defined level. Automated billing reduces the need to manually manage your account, requiring less time and effort, to keep your SpoofCard PIN active with talk time.

To activate automated billing, log in to your account and click the "Set up automated billing now" link at the top of the page.

Make Money With SpoofCard
Got a website or a blog? Want to share in SpoofCard's profits? If so, join SpoofCard's affiliate program today and earn money every time someone purchases a SpoofCard through your site. Purchases by friends, family and web site visitors all earn you a cool 30% of the sale price. We have affiliates who are making thousands of dollars a month by advertising SpoofCard. There's no recession for them!

You can sign up today at:

That's All Folks
We're pretty excited about the release of TrapCall, so it's time for us to wrap up this exciting newsletter, so we can finally celebrate, and get the champagne flowing. But don't worry, it's not expensive champagne and we didn't buy it after getting a government bailout. Thanks for reading and more importantly, thanks for being a loyal SpoofCard customer and hopefully a future TrapCall customer!

Until next time,

The SpoofCard & TrapCall Teams

offical email from spoofcard


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if it really works, i can see the use in this
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Joined Jul 2006
CDI gave me free netflix!
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OMG...if this actually works..I'm going to have to rep you for the next year..time to kill all those telemarketers that call as "anonymous"...I can block any call I want but when they call in as anonymous it pisses me off as I can't block those Mad
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Joined Jan 2009
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Original Poster
someone who knows how to block their number, go ahead and give me a pm so you can call me and see if it works LOL
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Why does this sound like a scam?
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ok i'm hoping it'll give me a free voicemail number that i can give out directly to "billing companies" Smilie
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thanks OP repped

hi dzap Whee
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Thank you for starting the registration process! However we are currently not ready to handle your cellphone carrier! However we will contact you as soon as our service become available to you!

got that for sprint and verizon... even tho i wasn't going to give them my real #!
I gave them a number.. so what carriers do they work with?
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Joined Jan 2009
L2: Beginner
51 Reputation
Original Poster
I signed up with t-mobile...
judging by the article, it's AT&T and T-Mobile... will edit first post.

Still waiting for a call!!!!!! :o
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gave them my t-mobile number! hope it works!
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i dont trust this site. and what's call forwarding? i have tmobile family plan but iono if i get that
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Just tried it out and it works great.

What is does is when someone calls with a blocked number you send them to voice mail which actually first forwards the number to be unblocked then forwards it back to you with the number exposed. Then you can still send them to voice mail if you don't want to answer it.

My only problems with the program is that:

#1 It sends you a text every time after you get a call reguardless if its blocked or not (which can be a pain for someone like me who only has 200 text a month).

#2 I uses your call forward system which I believe is free until you actually answer the forward call then it goes by whatever the rate is for your carrier. (which means it will only use the forwarding feature when you reveal a blocked call and actually answer it).

So if you have unlimited texting this shouldn't be an issue for you. If you really need to use it for bill collectors and such. Just reveal the number then blacklist and you won't get as many calls.

Btw it was very easy to disable the feature as well, it varies per carrier. Just look on your trapcall account on how to disable it if you don't want to use it.

Hope this helps.
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I disabled text-messages on my line... too bad 'cause this seems awesome!
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I'm on a G1 and I'm using PFusion, which already redirects calls to a different voicemail server so that you can use their visual voicemail features (that's free, BTW, if there are any G1ers out there that haven't tried it, it's pretty cool).

I'd like to hear how SD finds voicemail working after this; I'd consider giving it a shot if people come back and report that regular VM works fine.
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