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Top 10 Reasons Why PS3 Sucks!

rockdave35 335 10 March 17, 2009 at 09:43 AM

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Last Edited by rockdave35 March 17, 2009 at 09:46 AM
I got this off N4G. Great article and spot on!

10: Too many and confusing SKUs.

Since the PS3 was released in 2006, there have been seven official SKUs in production, with differences in everything from the amount of USB ports, to backwards compatibility, to WiFi, to flash card readers and even Super Audio CD support. With so many SKUs, it's no surprise that gamers are confused.

And those who decide to buy a PS3, spend a long time figuring out what to get, delaying their purchase, and in some cases, just give up because of the possibility of Sony releasing yet another SKU. Luckily for hopeful PS3 owners, there are currently only two SKUs in production; the 80 GB and the 160 GB versions, both with two USB ports, no backwards compatibility, WiFi and… that's it.

9: Controller SNAFU

Remember the first PS3 controller, the boomerang? Remember the Sixaxis, with bad motion controls on all six axis, and no rumble? It took Sony three tries to make up their minds on a controller; the Dualshock 3, which is now the standard controller for the console.

The problem is that it was released a year and a half after the launch of the console itself. This is not entirely a hardware issue, but a testament to the fact that Sony has a hard time making up their minds, like with the seven SKUs that have been in production.

8: Sony arrogance

The massive success of the PS2 turned Sony's confidence into sheer arrogance, when initially relying on "brand loyalty" to sell the PS3, despite being inferior, more expensive and lacking decent "killer-app" games well into the second year after it was released. Sony's Ken Kutaragi said the $600 price tag was "probably too cheap" adding that "people will, without question, purchase it". We think otherwise.

Sony's spent more time pushing the Blu-ray format, thinking that the gaming side will take care of itself simply because the console was named "PlayStation". They were thereby fighting a war on two sides — with Microsoft and with Toshiba — further driving the focus away from where it should have been: making games and supporting developers.

7: A developer's bag of hurt

There's no shortage of developer rants against the PS3, it's a very difficult system to work make games for. Valve's Gabe Newell called the PS3 a "total disaster". Midway Games' Shaun Himmerick said it was a "huge pain in the ass", and even Sony's own Kaz "Riiidge Raaacer" Hirai said it was "hard to program for".

However, this isn't new to Sony; the PS2 was likewise difficult to develop on, and instead of learning from those mistakes, Sony created an even more complicated platform for the PS3. It doesn't matter how powerful it is, if the software libraries, the compilers and tools are not sufficient, then it's useless. You can have a 1000 HP sports car, but it's no good to you if it doesn't have a set of good wheels, a decent transmission and so on.

6: (Very) Expensive manufacturing costs

The PS3's high price is a result of the complicated and high end hardware Sony uses in the PS3. At launch, they were losing hundreds of dollars for every console sold, and today, even after several updated and new, cheaper components, Sony still loses a big sum of money for every console they sell.

Some analysts have even suggested that Sony will continue to lose money on the PS3 during its entire lifetime, which is especially problematic since Sony expects the PS3 to last at least another 5 years.

5: Still no strong game library

Looking at the NPD console attach ratio (i.e. how many games per console are sold), the PS3 is severely lacking behind, having only 4.6 games sold per system, where as the Xbox 360 has 7.5 games sold per system.

This only boils down to the PS3s inferior game library; it not only has a lot less key first party titles than its competitor, but the PS3 ports of multi-platform titles are almost always inferior in one way or another, despite developers having several years to work with the PS3 now.

4: Weak ports

It's been common knowledge that when games are released on several systems, the PS3 version is usually the inferior one. Not only are they inferior, they're usually released later than the Xbox 360 counterparts. Madden 08 for instance, ran at 30 fps as opposed to 60 fps on the Xbox 360. Another example, Lost Planet, was not only released almost a year later on the PS3, but ran at a very sluggish frame rate and was missing a lot of the eye candy.

A major reason for the bad ports is simply the difficulty working with the system. Developer Valve for instance, has given up on porting games (like The Orange Box) to the PS3 because it's simply too difficult and expensive, and instead has left that to EA. EA ported The Orange Box to the PS3, where it was delayed and had to undergo several patches before it was playable at a decent level.

3: "Killer-apps": too few, too late

One of the most critically acclaimed PS3 games, Metal Gear Solid 4, was released 18 months after the launch of the PS3. Killzone 2, another critically acclaimed title, was released almost two and a half years after the PS3 launched. Same goes for Little Big Planet: 2 years.

It's far too obvious that it takes a lot more resources, time and money to make a decent PS3 game, as opposed to a decent Xbox 360 game, even for first party developers. It doesn't make it easier for Sony with the fact that Sony is losing more and more exclusives to the Xbox 360, and, in some cases, the PC as well.

2: Still the most expensive console

The PS3 started by retailing at 500 and 600 dollars, way more expensive than the competition, and was criticized by everyone except the hardest of the hardcore PlayStation fans. Currently the two SKUs cost 399 and 499, while Microsoft has a 199, 299 and 399 Xbox 360 model.

This gives the Xbox 360 — the main competitor to the PS3 — a big advantage when it comes to first time console buyers. Most of them are neither Xbox nor PlayStation fans, they're getting into the console wars this console generation. If you spend $400 on a console and buy the wrong one, it's going to hurt a lot more than if you spend 200 and buy the wrong one.

1: Loss of exclusive titles

A game console is defined by its games, or rather, the games exclusive to that console. Over the years, the PS3s bad sales and steep developing costs has cost Sony several titles that were before exclusive to the platform, titles like Grand Theft Auto 4, Assassin's Creed, Virtua Fighter 5, Devil May Cry 4 and Resident Evil 5, which will be released shortly on both the PS3 and Xbox 360. Not to mention the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII, which should hit the stores later this year.

Had Sony managed to keep only a few of these titles exclusive to the PS3, like Grand Theft Auto 4, the current console battle would have looked a lot different. Instead, Sony gambled on Blu-ray to drive the sales of the PS3, hoping to repeat what they did with the PS2 and the DVD drive. The PS2 however, had a ton of great games, many of which where exclusive to the platform.
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Wow, another flame thread. Can't wait to see how this stupidity turns out. Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)

I thumbed it down since its flamebait.
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This is soo stupid. Too many SKU'S? XBOX has the same thing...why does that make the PS3 suck?

Just because the XBOX was released earlier does not make it better. The numbers in this article are flawed.
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how about 10 pros of PS3? Anyone can post............?
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maybe a flame thread, but it was rather informative to me, I do hope for a PS3 in the future once it has flushed itself out. Sony arrogance is what drove me to a 360, but you cant doubt the Blueray quality that's for sure.
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i got this off of
pretty spot on if you ask me

10: Two many confusing SKUs

At this point in time, Sony only has two standard SKUs available via most retail channels. The 80 GB Edition and the 160GB Uncharted Edition. I have to assume the author cant count to two. Furthermore, none of the PS3 SKUs are gimped, each one comes with at least an 80GB hard drive and WiFi. Xbox 360 on the other hand has three SKUs. One of which doesnt have a hard drive, and was clearly manufactured to reach a price point and not gamers expectations. As far as the SKUs being confusing there are far more inconsistencies in the history of the Xbox 360 SKUs then there are in the history of PS3 SKUs. Does your Xbox have HDMI, how about a hard drive? My PS3 does, they all do.

9: Controller SNAFU

It is 2009, we are still hearing about the boomerang controller from E3 2005? How does a prototype controller design that never went into mass production have anything to do with the success or failure of an entire platform? When the PS3 was released it came packed with the more familiar shaped SixAxis. While this did lack the rumble features, it did add motion support. The SixAxis motion support was not as robust as a WiiMote, there are many games that use the SixAxis features lightly and they pull it off quite well. Early PS3 games (2006, early 2007) tried to rely to heavily on the technology for user input. After the Immersion lawsuit was settled in 2007, Sony released the DualShock 3.

8: Sony arrogance

Sonys arrogance pretty much ended when Ken Kutaragi left Sony in 2007. Love him or hate him, he is the father of PlayStation. The same console that brought video games out of the back of CES and helped to create E3. Arrogance alone will not cause your products to fail. Steve Jobs are great examples of this; everything you do you are locked into Apple. Although Sony has not completely opened up the PS3, the platform does have many features that provide PS3 customers with choice outside of the Sony brand. The Xbox 360, by design, requires that any significant upgrades use Microsoft parts, which are limited in options.

Blu-Ray is hands down the best visual and audio experience you can have in your home. The fact is, if you cant see the difference between Blu-Ray and a DVD, then you may need to consider getting an HDTV. Sony saw and seized the opportunity to launch a new format to satisfy both needs. True next gen gaming requires additional storage to deliver that experience. John Carmack at ID Software is on record with his concerns with the relatively tiny storage afforded on the Xbox 360.

Blu-Ray was a huge risk for Sony, but they proved they had the moxie to pull it off. What do you do with an HD-DVD attachment that goes for $40 on ebay?

7: A developers bag of hurt

Most of your developer bitch fest about the PS3 was when the hardware was still very new. The thing was a beast. Surprisingly, most of the louder (and fatter) developers out there were using the Xbox 360 as their primary development platform. Criterion, for example, started development on the PS3 then ported to 360. The result was a multiplatform game that looks great on both systems and no fanbait developer comments for us to chew on.

Valve is already eating crow; Sonys PS3 development platform has come leaps and bounds from where it was in its infancy. They have a huge amount of development talent that shares information on how to tame the beast. This information often makes its way into the development platform in some form or another.

I have to categorically reject that making a platform easy to code for is some kind of shangri-la of the ultimate gaming experience. Furthermore if its true, everyone should already own a PS3 because LittleBigPlanet requires NO programming skills and you can create games with literally no budget.

6: (Very) Expensive manufacturing costs

Coincides with

2: Still the most expensive console

Cutting-edge components carry a price tag. As a hard core gamer, I want my console of choice to include high quality cutting-edge technology. I prefer the former strategy over the use of nearly off-the-shelf components, throwing it together in a manufacturing plant that is the lowest bidder, and dealing with any hardware issues in software updates. The worst thing about the Xbox strategy is, in the end, the gamers pay with a beautiful red ring. The PS1 and PS2 have proven Sony is committed to a 10-year lifespan for each console. The PS3, like the PS2, is a console that will last beyond its generation.

Is the PS3 the most expensive console or is it the best value? It wasnt that long ago that Blu-Ray players were more expensive then PS3s. If you have a Hi Def television, Blu-Ray is the clear choice for your disc based movie viewing. While streams and upscaling are convenient features its often no match for the fidelity of Blu-Ray, and few selections offer true digital surround sound.

Anyone who purchases a PS3 can take it out of the box and log into the PlayStation Network completely unhindered by restrictions and free of charge. I can use virtually any USB device with the system which also has a flash-compatible web browser to boot.

5: Still no strong game library

Coincides with

4: Weak Ports

Coincides with

3: Killer-apps: too few, too late

Coincides with

1: Loss of exclusive titles
Over the past year and a half the PS3 game library has been on par, if not better, than the Xbox 360s. Many of the weak ports were mostly Pre-2008 and even more were pre-2007. Some have even received patches to correct the inadequacies. Whatever exclusives Sony has lost or were perceived to have lost, they have more then made up for with first party development.

In my opinion, the PS3 was a killer app out of the box. What it lacks in number of game titles it makes up for in quality. If you browse MetaCritic, you will find the average review score for PS3 games is higher than the average score for Xbox 360 or the dismally-scored Wii. That includes all the so-called weak ports. Which just goes to show how strong their first party library is.

At the end of the day, if you have a decent PC and a PS3, there is no reason why you wont be able to play 95% of the games out there in some form or another. I am getting ahead of myself there, as that is for another story.
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Quote from Chedderknight View Post :
maybe a flame thread, but it was rather informative to me, I do hope for a PS3 in the future once it has flushed itself out. Sony arrogance is what drove me to a 360, but you cant doubt the Blueray quality that's for sure.
Ok, so what is it that you're waiting for exactly? Because I don't quite understand what you mean "once it has flushed itself out."

Quote from ZacUSNYR View Post :
33% Failure Rate.


And the flaming begins. Whee
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Couple reasons XBOX 360 sucks
-You gotta pay for live
-You have to pay more to get same features of the PS3
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I could careless the comments you make about the system itself. I hav e a PS3 and my roommate has a 360, but I honestly would rather play the PS3 more often. And who can say that the game library straight up sucks for PS3?

There hasn't been a half dozen to a dozen titles released exclusively on the PS3 that have rocked everyone's socks. *sarcasm*

I like what Gears is, but I don't like the game itself. I don't like 3rd person shooters. But PS3 game library is coming to be the same if not better than what the 360 is putting out.

Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2. Three of the biggest titles from the last 6 monthish.
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Quote from iwannasave View Post :
how about 10 pros of PS3? Anyone can post............?
There are plenty. You have to be ignorant of its features or a fanboy not to recognize it.
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I dunno, I have all 3 systems and my ps3 hasnt been turned on in a while. But that could be for a few reasons
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Quote from rockdave35 View Post :
I got this off N4G. Great article and spot on!

I didn't even read the "article," but aren't you the same jagoff that started the "Gaylo Wars is a Flop" thread that got axed the same day? I have to say, in all my time on message boards I have never run across a 'Double Troll,' one that hates both consoles. Nintendo Dust Collector fan w/ an axe to grind, perhaps?
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