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RETIRED: Safeway B&M Deals Thread

schnauzermomma 8,518 14,510 April 30, 2008 at 07:47 AM

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April 2, 2009, 3:10 am: System Notice: This thread content has been automatically archived from another thread which reached post limit, and will be preserved for reference and archival purposes. The discussion should continue in the original thread

Welcome to the official SAFEWAY deals thread. This thread will be updated and maintained regularly by multiple users, including, hopefully, you!

Please no ethical discussions and try to stay on topic as much as possible.


If you see something that is needed, please feel free to post the update and add it in.

Click here to stick this thread to the top.

You can also Subscribe to this thread, then see the updates as they are added in your User CP screen.

Questions and Answers on Basic SAFEWAY info

What is Safeway?

What stores make up the SAFEWAY group of companies?

Tom Thumb

Find a SAFEWAY near you: Store Locator

Where can I find coupons to help make my deals even sweeter???

Printable coupon sites:

Nestle coupon sites:

Safeway coupon sites (please rep supmeko here for this info).

When you find a Safeway coupon you like on their website, even though these come up as a link, you can check the websites of their other stores and in many cases print additional coupons from the other store's links as well.

Safeway printables []
Tom Thumb printables []
Vons printables []
Randalls printables []
Dominick's printables []
Genuardi's printables []
Carr's printables []

It might help your browser to add in a correct zip code for each of these websites. Here are confirmed accurate zips for the stores:

Safeway - 80205
Vons - 90210
Tom Thumb - 76107
Randalls - 78728
Dominicks - 60607
Genuardis - 19007
Carrs - 99901

Bricks coupon master list:

A coupon database is available at once you've registered there. Good resource for checking availability & location of coupons for specific items you're interested in. (Thx to errickson for the info!)

This thread has good info on what coupons are available, what insert they were in and the date.

Also keep in mind the Entertainment Book typically has money saving coupons for Safeway listed quarterly. And, if your store doesn't object, these coupons do not beep based on dates (i.e. the 11/07-06/08 is still valid).

Coupon use at Safeway
Safeway usually issues store specific coupons via various formats...newspaper ads, mailers & emails. You can sign up for emails on their website.

Their coupons tend to scan fine at any store within their brand, even if the stores are not in the same area. For example, Tom Thumb coupons work at Randall's, and vice versa.

Their coupons also tend to scan fine at any store within their brand, even if the coupon says it's good only at a certain store. The best example of these are the ones issued when a store is remodeling or for a grand opening.

Usually, their coupons scan fine when you are using two different types of their coupons on one product. For example, $1 off Tide from a newspaper ad and $2 off Tide from some other source. This only works when the two coupons are obviously different (check the codes). I am not sure if it would work if you were only buying one item and trying to use two store coupons. I've never had a reason to test that.

Their coupons can be used in conjunction with manufacturers coupons, even if that causes an overage, although they won't pay you to take products out of the store! laugh out loud

Some stores don't accept internet printable coupons, there is a corporate policy on what coupons they take, and some stores follow this policy to the nth degree. If you get to one of these stores, try the store down the street, it is probably much more coupon friendly.

Manufacturer coupons for free or bogo items tend to attempt to give you credit for the price of the item without the card discount, but they usually beep for the cashier to approve the coupon.

Self Checkout lanes (SCOs) are a great way to get out of the store quickly. You can use your coupons except all BOGO, FREE and coupons over $3.00 (may be $2) require cashier intervention. This can be a hassle if you have very many of these type of coupons.

Stores in different areas have different promotional deals regarding the doubling and/or tripling of coupons. If you see someone commenting on it here, you need to check what your local store does.

And while coupons may scan fine, the cashier you're dealing with can make any of the above YMMV. Smilie

Official IP Q Policy First posted here.

In order to insure that we accept only legitimate printable internet coupons, Safeway has adopted the following store policies and guidelines:

• Do not accept coupons that do not have a manufacturer’s bar code or manufacturer’s redemption instructions.
• Accept printable coupons only if they scan properly at checkout.
• Do not accept more than one “copy” of the same coupon per customer.
• Do not accept coupons for Free Product (other than a Buy One Get One Free Offer that requires a purchase of the like item).
• Do not accept coupons for more than a $5 value or for more than 50% of a product’s retail price, whichever is lower.
• Do not accept printable internet coupons that do not have an easy to read expiration date or that extend more than twelve weeks. Most printable internet coupons may expire 30-45 days after you print them.
• Do not accept coupons that appear out of proportion or blurry, or are obvious duplicates.

Coupons may be rejected if they appear to have been altered in any way. Printable internet coupons are nearly always printed using the same technology and therefore have a standard format, with very specific security features, including a unique serial code.

To verify if an Internet Coupon is valid, see your Front End Manager. Printable internet coupons can be checked for validity at

Power Pump Rewards details here.

And here's a post with a scan of the whole brochure!

Here’s the thread for the Hershey’s movie deal

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Community Wiki


If you face any problem while using or getting Catalina coupons (CATs), you can call or contact them.

Link :

Phone: Catalina Marketing 1-888-322-3814 or call 1-888-8COUPONS (1-888-826-8766) (in case Cats don't print) open from 7AM - 8PM EST M-F

10% INFO:

Question :How Do I get the 10% Discount added to my card?
Answer : Call Safeway at 1-877-723-3929 or 1-800-SAFEWAY and ask. If denied call back as many times as necessary to get the discount applied to your card.
Alternate means of contact would be an email. Same thing--email as many times as you need to in order to get the discount.

**KEY** There is no secret to getting this discount. The people who have it either have a store that has been remodeled or a grand opening. Others have called, called, and called again until they have received it.

Question :When does the 10% come off when there is an instant discount for buying certain number of qualifying products eg: Buy 5 cereal get $5 off
Answer: The 10% discount ALWAYS comes off BEFORE any promos. So if cereal was $2.50 each, when you buy 5 total will be $12.50. With $5 instant discount the total will be $7.50. However, the 10% comes off of $12.50 and not off $7.50. So you will get an extra $1.25 off your total.

Question: When Safeway $x/$yy coupons are used, when does 10% come off?
Answer: If you had a $50 purchase and you used a 10/50 coupon, 10% will be off of $40 only.

Question: When Safeway Super coupons are used, when does 10% come off?
Answer: If the Safeway coupons automatically scan, 10% comes off BEFORE super coupon. So, if you had a $5 item and after super coupon the item is $2, you still get 50 cents off if the coupon automatically scanned. But if a cashier input it manually there's a chance that you will only get 20 cents off.

If you don't have 10% off added to your club card, you are invited to use the following phone #s that have 10% off added. Please do not call these #s or STEAL gas rewards from these generous SD members.

(530)949-7779 10% off good through 5/6/09. # will be pulled and changed if gas rewards are stolen! 10% has worked in Nor Cal, SoCal, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona so far!


I asked for their scan accuracy policy and this is what they replied with:
Also, please find below our scanning accuracy policy at your local Safeway stores:

We guarantee the accuracy of our electronic checkout system. Safeway will give you the item free, if the price on your detailed receipt is different (higher or lower) than indicated in advertisements or shown on the shelf price tag. You will only receive one of the items for free with the remaining items at the correct price.

If the item is on sale and register rings up the regular price, the store will only pay the difference on the item. If a customer is overcharged on a Buy One Get One special, not only will they receive the free item, they will receive the overcharged item free as well. It is subjected to a limit of one.

This does not apply to liquor, tobacco, or fluid milk items. In these cases, you will get the item at the sale price instead of free.

Forum Related
SW - Safeway!!
1/2, 2/3, X/Y - X dollars of the purchase off Y (Y can be #items, amount spend, ect)
B1G1, B2G2, ect - Buy One Get One, Buy Two...
B1G$1, B2G$2, ect - Buy One Get 1 Dollar Buy Two...
CAT - Catalina [they have machines at the registers that print out store and/or manufacturer's coupons called CAT's--sometimes random CAT's print from the machines (like when you buy a competitor's product), other times a $ off ONYO will print when you do a certain deal like the ones at the bottom part of the wiki. Some CAT's are Safeway Q's, while others are MQ's.]
CSR - Customer Service Representative (cashier)
DH - Dear Husband
HH - Happy Hunting
HTH - Hope This Helps
IP - Internet Printable (coupon)
MM - Money Maker
MQ - Manufacturer's Coupon
ONYO - On Your Next Order (in reference to a $ amount CAT coupon that prints to use on your next purchase)
OOP - Out Of Pocket
OP - Original Poster
PM - Private Message
Q(s) - Coupon(s)
RAOK - Random Act of Kindness
RC - Rain Check
SD - Slick Deal(s)
SQ - Safeway Coupon
SCO - Self Check Out
TIA - Thanks In Advance
WYB - When You Buy

Current Food Deal Related
BE - Birds Eye
ER - Eating Right
HH - Heart Healthy
MA - Michael Angelo's
COAH - Chill Out at Home (Buy $25 worth of participating items, get at $10 frozen foods ONYO)
M/M or M&M - Mix and Match (Buy 10 participating items, get $5 off instantly)
WFB - Water Front Bistro

Roll - usually refers to using a CAT on the next transaction and having a CAT still print for that transaction that you can use on the next one again

Problems printing Bricks coupons? First posted here: This may fix your problem! Just follow the instructions in this thread to alter the url to suit your browser. If you want to rep alanisrox69 (Derek), he posts often in the CVS threads.

Problems scanning Q's at SCO? First posted here: Ok credit for this goes to Skibum but since he hasnt posted it yet I'm going to go ahead and take the credit - On the SCO at Safeway if your coupon doesnt scan you can manually input the numbers using the enter PLU function. Basically its the option where you would enter produce. This is a super handy feature and I had no idea that it worked for coupon entering.


P&G eSAVER eCoupons Click hereto load eCoupons onto your Safeway card which can be used with MQ's to get additional savings.

Upromise eCoupons Safeway also offer a program for Upromise eCoupons. For those of you not familiar, Upromise saves towards college education. You can save for your kids, yourself (I think), even grandkids, nephews, whomever, I think. Click here [] for more info.

Click here [] to view CURRENT Upromise eCoupons.


Interested in being a blinkie lady? Info is here.

Special thanks to Blinkielady for the following lists of store blinkie:

See this post for CURRENT Albertson blinkies posted 3/18/09.

See this post for CURRENT Tom Thumb blinkies posted 3/18/09.

See this post for last month's Albertson blinkies posted 2/18/09.

See this post for last month's Tom Thumb blinkies posted 2/18/09.


Alternative to power rewards for fuel program, first posted here: So does everyone else know about redeeming gas points at Arco? I've paid little attention to gas deal b/c it's so far to nearest station. Then went to closest gas last night (which we're blessed is cheapest gas around here). There was a TV screen above pump, playing an ad about SW points. And said below "redeem here"!! Searched "arco" on this thread- no results. I've been using all my cards to do HTH several times and don't have a lot on any one - $300+ is the highest. Time to buy GCs! And go back to figure out all the details on this promo. Just found this.


Please, please, please REP SuperBob for all his posts with the Safeway ad previews. Please keep in mind that these ad scans are for the NW, so your area's ad might differ in prices, featured items, etc. Also, you can go to and click on "Weekly Specials" in the top right corner to see your own local ad.

Ad 3/25/09 - 3/31/09

Ad 4/1/09 - 4/7/09 (Thanks to krisb for the scans and SLickCate for the super advanced preview!)

For those who get coupons in their Food Sections, see this post with a link to view super Q's valid 4/1/09 - 4/7/09 (also a $10/$50).

Ad 4/5/09 - 4/12/09


Chill Out at Home (COAH) First posted here: (I will clean up the wiki and take out all the deals expiring 3/31 EXCEPT the M/M and COAH deals (for those on the Friday thru Thursday ad schedules) which I will remove this Thursday 4/1 midnight.)

Between Feb. 25 - March 31

Spend $25 on participating frozen food items in a single transcation and get a $10 reward coupon at checkout good on your next frozen food purchase. Look for special Chill Out at Home tags throughout the freezer section. The $10 ONYO says good towards your next frozen foods purchase and is rollable~you can use it on the next COAH transaction and it will still print out another $10 ONYO! Here's SOME of the participating products:

Freschetta, Marie Callendars, Birdseye Streamfresh, Ben & Jerry, Dreyers, Smartones, Breyers, Bertolli, DiGiorno, Edys, Eggo, Healthy Choice, Birdseye C&W, Sara Lee, Stouffers, Hot Pockets, Jimmy Dean, Red Baron, Green Giant and Weight Watchers Frozen Novelties

Click HERE for a link to CouponingCraze's post with a pdf picture list of participating products!!!

Click HERE for a link to SuperBob's post with a full excel and pdf list of participating products!!!

Michael Angelo (MA) BOGO Q's (Please note that the Family Size MA meals do NOT count towards the COAH deal. Only the Single Size MA's count.)

Wanchai Ferry MIR. Offer expires 4.30.09 up to a max value of $4.79.

LINK to a rebate for: Purchase five (5) participating frozen products (Hungry-Man®, Mrs. Paul’s®, Van de Kamp’s®, Duncan Hines® Oven Ready, Aunt Jemima® or Lender’s® Bagels) between 3/1/09 and 3/31/09, get five (5) $1 savings COUPONS back.

Michael Angelo vs. Stouffer's Taste Test First posted here:

LINK Offer good till 4/15/09.

Try Michael Angelo's and decide which lasagna you like best with my no-risk offer:

Purchase one 12 oz Michael Angelo's meat lasagna and one 10.5 Stouffer's Meat Lasagna. Perform your own taste test comparison. Which did you prefer?

If MA, receive 3 coupons for 3 free single serve entrees
If Stouffer's, receive your money back on one MA entree

Mix and Match Deal (M/M or M&M) Buy 10, Get $5 First posted here: (I will clean up the wiki and take out all the deals expiring 3/31 EXCEPT the M/M and COAH deals (for those on the Friday thru Thursday ad schedules) which I will remove this Thursday 4/1 midnight.)

Click HERE for a link to Pearl2000's post with a partial pdf list of participating products for week of 3/18 - 3/24 (may be the same items 3/25-3/31)!!!

Click HERE for a link to McScheatzle's post with a FULL 61 page list of participating products for week of 3/18 - 3/24 (may be the same items 3/25-3/31)!!!

Click HERE for a link to SuperBob's post with a FULL pdf and excel list of participating products for week of 3/18 - 3/24 (may be the same items 3/25-3/31)!!!

Highlights from quick look at ad starting March 18:

Buy 10 items, get $5 off instantly (says look for tags to save on 1,000 items throughout store and is good 3/18/09 - 3/31/09):

First page/side ads:
Fresh Express salads (1.25 before discount)
$.75 off any Fresh Express salad (tearpad)
Pepsi 2 liters (1.25 before discount)
Cheerios, Chips Ahoy or selected 100 calorie packs ($2 before discount)
Kleenex or Gatorade (1.25 before discount)
Kleenex facial tissue or one bundle pack $0.50/3 or $0.50/1 (2/8 SS) (exp 3/31/09)
Capri Sun or Kraft dressing ($2 before)
Kraft Dressing $1 (exp 4/15/09) (Sunset Mag. Feb.)
Kraft Dressing $1 (exp 5/15/09) (Sunset Mag. Mar.)

Hellman's mayo or Hormel natural choice deli meats($3 before discount)
Hormel Deli Meats $1/2 (2/8 RP)
Hormel Deli Meats $0.35-$0.55 (amount varies depending on location) (2/8 SS)

Inside pages have more -----
Following are 1.25 before discount (75 cents after):
Hall's naturals cough drops
BOGO MQ's up to $2.29 value (exp 4/30/09) (Walmart/Safeway)
Halls $0.50 (2/8 SS)
Halls $0.75 IP []

Del Monte Fruit Naturals Cups
Del Monte Fruit Naturals Cups $1 (3/1 RP)
Del Monte Fruit Naturals Cups $2/4 (3/1 RP)

Sobe Lifewater, Fuze
Fuze $0.52 (1/4 SS)
Arizona Tea
Rosarita Refried Beans
Hunts 14.5 oz, select variety tomatoes
Duncan Hines Cakes Mixes
Chicken of the Sea, chunk white tuna in water
Pasta Roni or Rice a Roni
Rice-A-Roni or Pasta Roni, any $1/4 (3/8 RP) (exp 5/31/09)
Del Monte, selected can veggies
Sweet Baby Ray bbq sauce
Chef Boyardee, select can varieties
Select artisan breads
Skinner pastas
Hunts spaghetti sauce

Following are $2 pre-discount, 1.50 after:
Full Throttle
Ajax dish soap
Mott's 64 oz juice
Fabuloso cleaner
Hefty plates
Dial hand soap
Dial Liquid Hand Soap $0.35 (3/6 SS)
Hormel Pepperoni
Athenos Pita chips 6 oz
Better Crocker cookie mix
Cookie Mix $0.50 IP []
Bertolli Premium frozen dinners 13.5 oz selected varieties
Crystal Light tubs or on the go sticks
Knorr sides plus veggies

Following are $2.50 prediscount, $2 after:
Nestle lifewater 6pk flavors
Joy dish soap
Jimmy Dean Bacon or Sausage, select varieties
Ocean Spray Juice select varieties
Daisy 16 oz sour cream
Bertolli pasta sauce
Hormel Compleats
Hormel Compleats Microwave Meal $0.75 (2/8 SS) (exp 4/4/09)
Planter Big Nut bar multipack
Planters Bar Box $0.75 (2/22 SS)
Planters Bar Box $1 tearpad (Safeway)

Motts 6pack applesauce
Lysol Disinfecting Wipes
Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, any $1/2 (2/1 SS) (exp 3/30/09)
Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, any $1/2 (3/15 SS) (exp 5/11/09)

Some kind of trash bag i can't see very well!
Eating Right Baby Carrots 2 lb bag
Eating Right product, any $2 tearpad/handouts
Ball Park Franks
Hefty Storage Bags
Lysol 40 oz cleaning liquid
Lysol All Purpose Cleaner, pourable any $0.50 (3/15 SS) (exp 5/11/09)
Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Trigger or Lysol Plus Bleach $1 (1/25 SS) (exp 3/23/09)
Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Trigger, Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner or Lysol Plus Bleach, any $0.50 (3/15 SS) (exp 5/11/09)
Lysol All Purpose Pourable, cleaner $1 (1/25 SS) (exp 3/23/09)

Nature's Own Bread, selected varieties

Following are $3 prediscount, 2.50 after:
Planters 16 oz select nuts
Yuban and Maxwell House coffee 11 to 13 oz
O Organics 3lb bag apples
Sunsilk 5.1 to 12 ouz
Spray and Wash 4.3 to 30 oz
Spray n Wash product any $0.50 (3/8 SS) (exp 4/19/09)
Ocean Spray 100% juice
Suave 18 oz lotion
Suave body wash and/or lotion, 18 oz. or larger $1/2 (3/1 RP) (exp 3/29/09)
Suave body wash and/or lotion, 18 oz. or larger $2/3 (3/1 RP) (exp 3/29/09)
Suave body wash and/or lotion, 18 oz. or larger $0.50 (3/1 RP) (exp 3/29/09)
Suave Body Lotion, 18oz or larger $1 IP []

Ball Park beef franks
Glad 40 to 50 value pack bags
Oscar Mayer bologna
Johnsonville Better Cheddar sausages
Coke 6pk bottles
Crisco 48 oz oil
Keebler Crackers or cookies, select varietiesw
Aquafina 6 pack 24 oz water
Duracell assorted sizea
Honey Bunches of Oats 19 oz
Chinet assorted sizes
Yoplait kids yogurts 6pk
PromiseActiv Supershots
Promise Supershots for Cholesterol / Blood Pressure $1 MQ (2/8 RP) (exp 5/3/09)
Promise Supershots $1.50 MQ (3/15 RP) (exp 6/7/09)

Klondike Bars
M&Ms 9.9 to 12.7 oz
Gorton's fish select varieties
Fiber One bars
Fiber One Chewy Bars $0.60 IP []
Langers 26 oz juice selected kinds
Hormel Chili Master 20 oz
Hormel Chili Master $1 (2/08 SS)
Hormel Chili Master $1 (3/15 SS)
Hormel Chili Products $1/2 (3/15 SS)

Selected bakery items
Hostess donettes

Easter Card/Beanie Babies Deal First posted here:

Dates 3/15/09 to 4/12/09. Free Beanie Baby (value of 4.99) wyb 3 cards. Even though the deal hasn't started yet, my store had a display with these Easter themed Beanies Babies. There were a few different ones... bunny, chick & lamb - pastel colors.

New coupon found to go with this deal: Expressions From Hallmark - Free Card when you buy Any Card (Cards starting at 99cents). Expires 7/1/09 - good at all participating Safeway Company Stores. Maximum value: $9.99. I found these coupons at the customer service desk. It is a sticky pad of coupons about the size of the large post it notes, if that helps. First posted here

Buy 2 Greeting Cards, Get Gift Card Holder Free Deal First posted here:

When buying a gift card today saw this advertised...

Buy any 2 greeting cards and receive a FREE gift card holder (value of 4.99) between the dates of 3/25/09 to 5/10/09. They had a lot of really cute gift card holders to choose from!

Will go nicely with the other card promos - B1G1 free card coupon & the free Easter Beanie wyb 3 cards.

New Naked juice promo B3G1FREE - 3/23/09 - 6/14/09 First posted here

Promotion date range is from 3/23/09 to 6/14/09

"Grab 3 bottles or 1 here & there" (buy3, get 1 free). It says they don't have to be purchased in 1 transaction as it will be tracked by card.

But, if you do not have the 50 cent tearpad q to buy it one at a time, then you can do the following as per previous Naked juice deal using IPQ:
buy 4 for $10
- $1 (10%)
- $2.50 (free juice)
- $4 (2 of the $2/2 Q's found here)
= $10 - $7.50 = $2.50 for 4 (pretty good considering its the sale price of one)

A1 Steak Sauce CAT First posted here:

Purchase dates: Between 3/20 and 4/12

Buy 2 & Get $1 OYNO
Buy 3 & Get $2 OYNO
Buy 4 or more and Get $3 OYNO

All items must be purchased in one shopping order. Limited to product in stock. No cash back. Offer expires 4/12/09.

POST Cereals (10 oz or larger) CAT First posted here

Purchase dates: 3/27 through 4/19

Buy any POST cereals 10oz or larger and save up to $5.00 OYNO
Buy 3 get $2.00 OYNO
Buy 4 get $3.00 OYNO
Buy 5 get $5.00 OYNO

All items must be purchased in the same transaction

Windex, Pledge, Scrubbling Bubbles CAT

Buy any Windex, Pledge or Scrubbling Bubbles between 3/27 and 4/19

Buy 2 & Get $1.50 OYNO
Buy 3 & Get $3 OYNO
Buy 4 or more and Get $5 OYNO

All items must be purchased in one shopping order. Limited to product in stock. No cash back. Offer expires 4/19/09.

Please rep CouponingCraze here for his OP about the overlapping CAT deals on the Pledge Multi Surface sprays!!!!

A Pledge run would look like this (first posted here:)

4 Pledge Multi Surface spray 3.99 x 4 = 15.96
-$4(2x$2/1 printable [] or printable)
-$2.50 (2x $1.25/1 2/22 SS)
-$1.60 (10%)
Paid: 8.10 OOP and you get back

ONE $5 cat off OYNO (thank you from SC Johnson & Son)--this is after cash-out
FOUR $1 cats off OYNO (thank you from Pledge!)--these are after item scan
=$9 in CAT’s
Or a $0.90 MoneyMaker NET

A Windex run might look like this (first posted here):
Windex 2x$4.29 = $8.58
Windex 2x0 BOGO = $0
- .85 (10%) = $7.73
- .75x4 = $4.73 << .75c MQ in 3/29/09 SS
- .75x4 (doubles) = $1.73
Got $5 OYNO

Taco Bell Home Originals Dinner Kits or Shells CAT First posted here:

Buy Taco Bell Home Originals Dinner Kits or Shells during (purchase dates 3/27 - 4/19) and save up to $3 oyno

Buy 2 & get $1 or
Buy 3 & get $2 or
Buy 4 or more & get $3 oyno

Bertolli Sauce Pouches CAT First posted here: and here:

3/23/09 through 4/22/09~When you buy 2 of the pouches, you'll get a CAT for $2 OYNO making them 0.50 each! I successfully bought 4 pouches and got 2 CATs in the same transaction. I called Catalina and this CAT started today and will print through 4/22. Even better if you have the $1/1 blinkies!

These ARE part of the Mix/Match promo deal! So, it would look like this until 3/31:

10 Bertolli Sauce Pouches x $2 = $20
Less 10% or $2 = $18
Less $5 M/M promo discount = $13
Less $1/1 blinkies = $3

This will net you 5 $2 ONYO CAT's, or a $7 MM, then keep rolling your CAT's.

Deerpark Water CAT First posted here:

Deerpark water - 6pack (on sale $1.97 reg $2.99 or $3.49??) - buy 2 get back $2 OYNO - through 04/19/09

Nestle Waters: Pure Life/Arrowhead/Calistoga/Deer Park/Ice Mountain/Ozarka/Perrier/Poland Spring/S. Pellegrino/Zephyrhills First posted here: and here: (left this in since it relates to the above new Nestle Water deal and the deal has been extended in some regions until 4/22, but not others, so YMMV)

Promotion ends March 24th. Ozarka aquapod water is currently 2 for $4. You get $1.00/2 and $2.00 OYNP coupon if you buy two. End cost is $0.60 for two with the 10%. You will get MULTIPLE $2 ONYO's for every 2 your buy no matter how many you buy per transaction. BUT you will only get 1 $1.00/2 aquapod MQ per transaction.

There's also an insert MQ for $0.75/2 Aquapods (2/8 RP). Also, The aquapods are also participating in the buy 10 items get $5 instant for the week of 3/18 - 3/24 and 3/25 - 3/31.

Kokkoman Sauces CAT First posted here:

Kikkoman sauces - Buy3 get $2 cat OYNO, through 04/19/09 (cheapest sauce was $2.57 - on sale)

Kokkoman Sauces CAT First posted here:

BUY (1) & GET $0.50...OR
BUY (2) & GET $1.50...

Candy B$6G$2 First posted here:

New deal, came out of the Catalina machine today. Offer valid through 5/15/09.

"Save $2 instantly when you use your club card and purchase $6 in a single transaction of participating candy products.*

*Individual sizes not eligible. Limit one offer per transaction per day."

Pictured on the CAT are Starburst, Whoppers, Reese's, M&M's and Dove.

Candy B$10G$4 First posted here:

I got a similer one in the DFW area today, however, it was save $4 instantly when you use your club card and purchase $10 in a single transaction of participating candy products.* Offer valid through 5/15/09.

Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil CAT First posted here:

$1 OYNO when you buy 1 J&J baby oil product. They had $1 peelies on them too. Not a great deal right now - about $1.49 or so after Cat and peelie but maybe it will be? Good until 4/22/09.

Pup-Peroni Dog Treats CAT First posted here:

Through April 22nd, Buy 2 Pup-Peroni dog treats, get $1.50 OYNO.

The tag was under just the 8.4 oz size, which is not currently on sale (at my SW anyway). There is a $1/1 IP HERE [] for 4.8 oz & larger.

There is also a $1.50/1 IP HERE [] for 4.8 oz. & larger. EDIT: I had so many Pup-peroni windows open, I clicked to see if I could print any more and it printed a $2/1 Q!!!! I'm not sure if that was from my $1.50/1 link. So, I printed 2 $1, 2 $1.50, and 2 $2. I'm trying to figure out my links and get them straight, but I can't print anymore since I reached my limit. Can someone try printing these and let me know which links are for which amounts. Not sure where my 3rd link was from??? Here's my OP.

Prego Sauce CAT First posted here:

Prego Pasta Sauce 67 oz. (regular value pack &/or mushroom value pack)
Buy 3, get a $1 ONYO thru Wed. April 22nd

Uncle Ben's CAT First posted here:

Uncle Ben's Ready Rice &/or Long Grain & Wild Rice
Buy 4, get a $2 ONYO thru Wed. April 22nd

Dole Mandarin Orange Segments Low Sugar CAT First posted here:

Dole Mandarin Orange Segments Low Sugar
Buy 3, get a $0.75 ONYO thru Wed. 4/22/09

iTunes CAT First posted here:

Buy iTunes gift cards and earn $5
Buy $30+ in itunes gift cards and receive a $5 coupon for your next grocery order!
Offer valid in one Transaction 4/1-4/14/09

OTHER CAT DEALS THRU 4/21/09 or 4/22/09 (some may be repeats from the wiki, but I just copied the whole list from Essxjay's post) First posted here:

Best guess based on tag placement. These are the kind that usually print immediately after scanning, usually print multiples, and may be good at other stores. All expire 4/21/09 or 4/22/09?

$1.50 OYNO wyb 1 Starbucks bag coffee
$1 OYNO wyb 3 Prego
$1 OYNO wyb 4 Uncle Ben's Ready Rice pouches
$1 OYNO wyb 3 Uncle Ben's Long Grain & Wild rice boxes
60c OYNO wyb 3 Raisinettes 3.5oz Theatre box (First posted here.)
$1 OYNO wyb 2 Nestle fun size bags
$2 OYNO wyb 3 Promise Activ margarine
$2 OYNO wyb 20 Yoplait Thick & Creamy (tag was on the 8pks ???)
$1 OYNO wyb 1 J & J Baby oil (3 sizes tagged)
$3 OYNO wyb 3 Good Start Baby formula 12oz
$1.50 OYNO wyb 2 Pedialyte
$1 OYNO wyb 1 Excedrin Migraine 50 ct
75c wyb 4 Dole 8oz pineapple cans
75c OYNO wyb 3 Dole mandarins
$1 OYNO wyb 1 Optive
$1 OYNO wyb 2 GF Intl Coffees & Chai tea
$1 OYNO wyb 2 French's Mustard There is a printable coupon from "Thatgirldawn"'s thread. It links you to French's website. (First posted here.)
$2 OYNO wyb 3 Kikkoman Teriyaki (there's also the other kind of Cat starting 3/27 at some stores, I don't know if they will both work concurrently)
$1.50 wyb 2 Pupperoni
Not tagged but working:
$2 OYNO wyb 2 Aquapods multipacks
$2 OYNO wyb 2 Bertolli pouches
Tagged at Albertsons:
75c OYNO wyb 2 Ghiradelli Intense Dark bars or bags

Living Well, Feeling Great Promo First posted here:

Runs from April 15, 2009 to May 5, 2009. I just finished looking at my Sunset Magazine (April edition). There's a pull out Safeway brochure ad for a NEW PROMO!!! It reads:

"Purchase these products to get a $10 reward coupon!
Look in-store for "Living Well, Feeling Great" tags on thousands of participating products. Offer available through May 5th, 2009. Must spend $30 in a single transaction."

The products listed and pictured in the brochure are:
Back to Nature Granola Cereal
South Beach Living Cereal Bars & Snack Bars
IP link
Knudsen or Breakstone's Cottage Cheese
JELL-O Sugar Free Pudding Snacks
Triscuit Crackers
Planters Trail Mix
Crystal Light Drink Mix
Nabisco Fig Newtons
Oreo Mini Cakesters
Kraft Dressing
Wheat Thins
California Pizza Kitchen Pizzas
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Kraft Singles
Kraft Deli Fresh Cheese Slices
Kraft String Cheese
Kraft Cracker Barrel Cheese

And on the back of the pull-out brochure are coupons for:
$1 off any 1 Crystal Light Drink Mix (any variety)
$1 off any 2 JELL-O Ready-to-Eat Gelatin or Pudding Snacks (6 pack)
$1 off any 1 KRAFT Natural Cheese (Chunk, Slices, or Cheese Sticks)
$1 off any 2 Knudsen Cottage Cheese (16 oz.)
$1 off any 2 Planters Trail Mixes
$1 off any 1 California Pizza Kitchen Frozen Pizza or Flatbread Melt

Sounds similar to the COAH deal where you spend X amount of dollars and get a $10 ONYO CAT. I can't wait to get more details on this promo and a detailed list of participating products! Will update this post when there is more info on the deal!

Thanks, ytv54, for a preliminary list of possible participating products. First posted here: This was the list from last year or a few years ago [] ( I forget). But since this year's promo includes "thousands" of products in the store and it includes all the items thecouponlotter posted, this is probably the list of participating products.

Other CAT deals without any date info:

(1) It was posted at RMC that someone bought 6 YoPlus and got $1 OYNO (First posted here.)

(2) Someone else posted that they bought 2 Challenge butter and got $1 OYNO (First posted here.)

Please rep the appropriate ops where these deals were first posted! Smilie

This post can be edited by most users to provide up-to-date information about developments of this thread based on user responses, and user findings. Feel free to add, change or remove information shown here as it becomes available. This includes new coupons, rebates, ideas, thread summary, and similar items.

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Just an FYI for those with Entertainment books, the $5 off coupons have worked for me regardless of the quarter they are listed for.

I didn't get my book until March, but the first quarter one worked fine (YMMV, of course)

I have never had any cashier look at the dates on my Entertainment Book coupons. They are soooo tiny.
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Bringing over the deals noted in the Living Well thread...

#1 Receive a 5$ Starbucks Card with our compliments
Discover the taste that inspires you....
A 5.00 Starbucks card is our way of saying thanks when you buy any bag of Starbucks coffee from 4/21 to 5/18.

UPDATE: Sign in store says limit one per household, so you may only be able to get one per card.

Reported here:

#2 Buy any Jello-Pudding or Gelatin Snacks during purchase dates and save up to $4.00 with coupon off your next order." Buy 3, get $2, buy 4, get $3, buy 5 or more, get $4.00 off your next order. Purchase dates between 4/25 and 5/18.”

Reported here:

#3 Buy any Package of Emerald Snack Nuts 5 oz. or larger and save up to $5 with coupon off your next shopping orderPurchase dates: 4/25 - 5/18

buy 2 & get $2
buy 3 & get $4
buy 4 or more & get $5 coupon off your next order

#4 buy Kool-Aid, Crystal light, Country time or Tang during purchase dates (4/25 - 5/18) and save up to $4 with coupons off your next order

buy 4 & get $2
buy 5 & get $3
buy 6 or more & get $4 coupon off your next order

choose from the following select Kraft Powdered Drinks:
~Kool-Aid (8 QT or Larger Canisters and 16 ct boxes)
~Crystal light (6 QT or larger canisters and 10 ct or larger boxes)
~Country time (6 QT or larger canisters and 10 ct boxes)
~Tang (6 QT or larger canisters)

Both reported here:

#5 "Buy Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Bars and save up to $3 off a gallon of milk (any brand, any flavor) on your next purchase with coupon" Buy 2 and get $1 off a gallon of milk.. Buy 3+ and get $3 off a gallon of off your next order. Between 4/25 and 5/18

Reported here:

#7 P&G gift card deal is back! Buy $20 of products, get $5 reward voucher towards gift card of your choice. Excludes sf cards Dates are 4/27 - 5/10

Products are tide, bounce, downey, febreze, dawn, swiffer, duracell, folgers and pringles.

Reported here:

Please rep the appropriate op's...
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Free is good Smilie Pay me? Even better! Smilie
Quote from reporter20 View Post :
Just an FYI for those with Entertainment books, the $5 off coupons have worked for me regardless of the quarter they are listed for.

I didn't get my book until March, but the first quarter one worked fine (YMMV, of course)

I have never had any cashier look at the dates on my Entertainment Book coupons. They are soooo tiny.
LOL, I was just adding that to the wiki. I used the first three from the book during the LW promo (along with lots of free item coupons).
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Quote from ideagirl View Post :
I'm in norcal, so far (knock on wood) I haven't had sw reject multiple IPs. I do look for certain cashiers, though, who are more coupon friendly.
Thanks. Hey, I'm in N. CA too. Smilie Central Valley actually.
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Not a great coupon but why not?! $1/2 100 Calorie Oreo MiniCaksters..... On the right upper hand side.
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i tried over and over but couldnt get that darn cakester Q to print. its not bricks, its like its own printer
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Best Deals?
FREE iPod Classics x 2 :: FREE iPhones x 6 :: ~$2,000 free Fandango :: Enough razors, shampoo, detergent, toilet paper, etc for FREE to keep me stocked for about 5-10 years!
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Quote from ytv54 View Post :
HORRIBLE RUN! I got about 30 items for the mix/match deal and a set of items for the COAH. The cashier checks me out and I hand her my coupons. THEN she says we have a new coupon policy today. “Only one like coupon per transaction”!!!! So of course I only get to use 10 out of my 40 coupons and the whole transaction just went downhill from there. At home I figured that I would get about $15 overage but I brought a $20 gc just in case. The total was $29. I was short $9 and I ask the cashier to put back some things but the register won’t let her. So the lady behind me in line hands the cashier $10 and that’s when I wanted to cry. I felt so horrible but she insisted I take the money (and I was offering the lady my entire cart but she just refused!). Thanks for letting me rant, made me feel a little better.

Does anyone in the NOVA area have a store that has a very laidback coupon policy (I live in Fairfax)? Please let me know because I do not want to go back to that store. TIA!

BTW: This was the Fairfax Towne Center Store on West Ox Road
EEK! Wow I was at that one today...I used multiples of many coupons. I was there this afternoon! I got a really jolly and fast guy named Carlos. He's bald. He and the lady behind me were all cheering me on basically as my total kept dropping first with club card then with coupons. They were fascinated at how much I saved and kept asking how I did it. I actually never go to that one unless I'm already in the area. I'm usually at the twinbrook one on braddock or the old keene mill rd safeway near shoppers. For me, the daytime cashiers are better at twinbrook (avoid the ethiopian lady though) and the night cashiers are young hs and college kids at the old keene safeway. they're actually friendly OMG !

Man, I was afraid that little blurb in the ad was going to affect us. I guess the only thing we can do is protest it, while we can. We're lucky in that we have a lot of grocery competition in this area, what with giant,ht, bloom and shopper's doing regular doubles and triples, safeway needs to improve not decrease their appeal. Ok, it's pretty appealing with that 10% but without coupons things are not THAT great.

I was going to post my run but I'm so tired. Basically, do not buy the glass sobe waters. They were in an endcap display at the towne center as part of the promo, but they rung up 0.79 which forced me to go to cs to get my $5 which took forever because i hadn't realized what went wrong & the lady was doing everything by the book. she couldn't find any of the stuff i bought in the promo. only much later did i understand that it was the glass sobe lifewaters. oh well.
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Trades: Have several inserts, plenty of tear pad Qs and a few other coupons.

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Did a quick run this evening. Worked out pretty good. Have Qs to do this one more time, then will have to come up with something different.

4- Rice-a-Roni
3- Snapple
1- Rosarita Refried Bean
1- Chinet plates
1- Chinet cups

Used: $1/4 Rice-a-Roni
3x.55 Snapple
$1 Chinet plate
Get free cups wyb plates

Final oop: .75
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Yes, I said "butter". Wanna make somethinďż˝ of it?

ISO: ANY Simply Orange Qs or FUZE Qs
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I read this tip about a week ago in this thread, and I have since noticed how true it is: a cashier who scans items quickly is much less likely to give you problems about your coupons; they'll just scan away. I think this tip bears repeating since people are reporting problems with cashiers.
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I saw sb posted that Juicy Juice is $2.59 but I checked two SW here today, both have them at $3.49. So I did not buy any.
made 3 transactions at two SW and oop was minus
3 BE Meal42
3 BE veggies
4 Kashi pizzas
1 Ore-Ida potatoes
1 Texas Toast
8 naked juice
2 Aquapot
4 Bertolli pasta sauces
3 Fresh salads
1 Crystal light
2 Cat foods
1 WTF cocktail sauce
A big thank to all of you who sent me the Qs and who posted the deals in this thread, so I can learn from your trips.

Also found some tear pad 55 cents Odwalla Qs exp 3/31. If anyone need them, pls PM me, so I can put them in the mail for you tomorrow.
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Quote from nikolasmor View Post :
Wow, what a long day. Left for work at 4am and got home at 9pm after doing 4 safeway runs and 2 locations.

Paid about $3 OOP for my 3 orders. Got 8 Sobe's, 4 Honest Teas, Bread, 72 Chinet Plates, 18 Chinet Cups, some Amp can's a few other things and about 50 Aquapods.

Here's a pic of some of my stash. I was too tired to grab it all our the car
I had to look long and hard at that picture, at first I thought those aquapods were sitting on a toilet!

Quote from sd59 View Post :
i tried over and over but couldnt get that darn cakester Q to print. its not bricks, its like its own printer
It's Smartsource, which can definitely be worse. You have to literally sit and watch your computer think about printing the coupon. I did get two, after breathing deep and putting ALL my patience into the moment! Wink
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Quote from lovetodeal View Post :
1 WTF cocktail sauce

Just the kind of sauce I need!
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Talking about cashiers...all of you would have understood but everyone else would have thought I was crazy. I ended up switching lanes 3 times last night because the cashiers kept changing and I knew which one I wanted so I had to keep switching to follow him bounce !

On another note, I used a BOGO Glade candle holder q today and I played dumb (of course) when she asked how much they were. But the manager was standing right there so she did a price check, grrrrrrr. Then when she scanned the q and it took off $7.99 her jaw dropped and she asked the manager who told her to take off $5.49!?! He mumbled something about that being the price of them. You should have seen the look on her face then but she didn't question him further and just did it. So I didn't get as much overage as I had hoped but at least I didn't have to pay or them Especially considering the fact that I have a cabinet full of Glade stuff from Wags!
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