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This thread is dedicated to them and their tools. Please update the WIKI.

January 18, 2011, 3:13 am: System Notice: This thread has been automatically renewed after reaching a post limit. Most of its content has been moved to this thread for reference purposes.

Coupon BARCODE issue:
In the address bar

Most of the coupons are at the bottom of the WIKI (next post). However, you may not be able to see them on your mobile device without using the full slickdeals website.

Community Wiki

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Slickdeals Coupon Usage Rules and Guidelines

Slickdeals New User Guide
(helpful for even some of us older users)

Coupons are in the attachments at the bottom of this wiki. Search for 'Attached Thumbnails' (use CTRL-F). Press search again if you just found this line...

Watch the DATES, we often find and post future coupons.

HF standard policy is (however, YMMV)

One coupon per item, no double dipping on coupons. Fixed sale price (ex. $4.99 screwdriver set) or 25% off any one item - not both.
One percentage off per purchase, per day (generally are 25% off)
You can generally use a 25% coupon on an item on sale. However, some have reported that they have been turned down. If that happens to you, try a different cashier.
Fixed price item coupons will list a max quantity allowed.
One "freebie item" per day (currently are with "any purchase", occasionally a minimum purchase).
Fine print for percentage off coupons exclude some name brands (C-H),air compressors, tool chests, generators, floor jacks, parking lot and other special sales.
Occasionally, HF will offer a percentage off total purchase. Generally, to get a 20% discount the coupon is worded as requiring a specific dollar amount purchase ($99).

(You can generally use a 25% coupon on a sale priced item (fine print exclusions {like parking lot sales still apply) or an online price match. However, some have reported that they have been turned down. If that happens to you, try a different cashier {or store).

If you need to get a hold of customer service:
Call 1-800-444-3353, Monday thru Friday, 6:00 am to 4:30 pm PST time
Email: <----- This seems to be the most effective form for complaints

Copies of coupons MAY NOT be accepted at all locations

PRINTED ADS & Newspaper/magazine links
Progressive Farmer [] This is a direct link to the September 2016 issue. To view other months, click the archives button at the top left then use the "Thumbs" view to find the page with the coupons.
Clipper Clipper NorthWest [] Sweet site, locate the "harbor freight" line items in the list. They usually have the "good" lower priced coupons... like the $139 solar panels and the $9.99 caliper coupons ;-)
Boats US Magazine [] Feb/Mar 2016 issue, pg 66. Search back issues for other ads.
Common Cents Magazine [] December 2014, scroll to pg. 9, coupons expire 4/11/15.


How to use Coupons ONLINE []



Monthly Flyer for October []


LATEST EMAILED STORE DEALS (Post the latest on top)

NOTE The barcodes haven't been showing up lately and the coupons aren't any good without them. Until HF fixes it, to get the coupon with the barcode click the Print button. You'll get an error screen. In your location bar, replace


4216 Retail B [] 10/21 - 10/23 - 72 Hour Sale
4216 Retail A [] Thru 10/30 - HUGE Generator Sale

4116 Retail C [] Thru 10/23 - WOW stuff. 225 pc Toolkit, Cement Mixer, Engine Stand, ...

3916 Retail B [] Thru 10/31 - October Coupon Catalog


Text the word TOOLS to 222377 for coupons and sale alerts. Up to 4 messages per month.
Message and data rates may apply.
Text the word TEXTSTOP to cancel.

NOTE: The digital savings, digital savings from Facebook and digital savings from Twitter are sometimes the same.
Extra Savings []
Digital Savings [] expires 10/31/2016
Digital Savings from Facebook [] expires 10/31/2016
Digital Savings from Twitter [] expires 10/31/2016
Current online publications []
Deal of the Week [] Replaces Deal of the Day

MISCELLANEOUS ONLINE DEALS (print out, take to local store for price match)
Clearance []

Sign up for email coupons and special deals (you still might not receive them):
Harbor Freight Emailed Discounts/Coupons/Specials []
(if you still don't receive emails, try changing all settings to 'no', save, exit, go back in and setting everything to 'yes')

INSIDE TRACK CLUB - ITC Membership required by company direction, BUT some cashiers don't care enough to check for your card. YMMV.
Pay close attention to what you're buying. I went through maybe 20 items before I found one that wasn't less simply using the 25% coupon. Several items not on sale were better with the ITC coupon but the trailer for example was $20 less using the 25% coupon over the ITC coupon. One item was not on sale and the ITC coupon was the non-sale price!!

MONTHLY (numbering is +10) (post latest on top)
7511 Monthly ITC for July []
7501 Monthly ITC for June []
7491 Monthly ITC for May []

An ITC membership card is required to use the above discounts

Retail ITC - Is a paid membership program that provides members with the following benefits:
  • Exclusive Monthly Savings Book with Super Coupons
  • Weekly Emails with Member Only Offers
  • Early Access to Harbor Freight's Famous Parking Lot Sales, One Hour Before the General Public
  • Private Website with Member Only Savings Offers (currently, 153 coupons updated monthly)
Currently the membership is $29.99 for a 1 year membership.

Retail ITC Member Information []
Retail ITC Terms & Conditions []
ITC Member Login []
ITC Monthly Coupon Login []

Magazine Coupons - Extra coupons can be found in the back "marketplace" area of many major magazines. Many are similar, but none are usually the same. All include a 20% off coupon usually valid for several months.

Printed Ads Spotted:
4 Wheel & Off Road, American Rifleman, Boating, Car & Driver, Cycle World, Diesel Power, Dirt Rider, Discover, ESPN, Field & Stream, Flying, Four Wheeler, Grass Roots Motorsports, (The Family) Handyman, Home Theater, Hot Bike, Hot Rod, Import Tuner, Jp Magazine, Kiplinger's (Personal Finance), Maxim, Men's Journal, Men's Fitness, Men's Health, Mini Truckin', Money, Mopar Muscle, Motor Boating, Motor Cyclist, Motor Trend, Off-Road, Outdoor Life, Playboy, Popular Mechanics, Popular Photography, Reader's Digest, Rolling Stone, Popular Science, Science Illustrated, Shotgun News, Shutterbug, Smithsonian, Successful Farming, Transworld Motocross, Truck Trend, Via(for AAA members), Wood, Woodworker's Journal, Westways(for AAA members).

Harbor FreightFacebook page []

Harbor Freight on Twitter []

Buck or Less Deals
*Please list with expiration date if price is from a sale and known.*
B&MO = Brick & Mortar (In Store) Only

Retail stores should price match the on-line website. Bring printouts to get online price matches in-store.
20% and 25% coupons should work on top of the price match as well.

Home Depot and Lowes have taken printed HF coupons but Your Mileage May Vary.
Taking in full page magazine ad with 20% off coupon and removing at register is best option as coupons don't have obvious Harbor Freight logo or identification on them.

HF Coupon Finder

You can read the manual for many items by taking the part number and inserting it into this kind of url:
ie. part # 41653 so this is in the range is 41000-41999 use the format:
http:// []

Price adjustments
Coupons that have expired and are no longer valid may still be honored or partially honored online. Examples being magazine coupons which are not yet updated. Call customer service with item and coupon numbers and they may be willing to process the order for less on the phone or adjust your online order after it has been placed.
Confirmed by Tastyratz when ordering blue flame welding helmet. $54 @ site 39.99 on coupon, Price adjustment to $43.99 offered on phone.

Current "free item" and "25% off" coupon images are attached below. Some are screen shots of digital coupons from HF or digital magazines and should be honored by all stores. Some are scans of printed coupons; those may be less widely honored.

This post can be edited by most users to provide up-to-date information about developments of this thread based on user responses, and user findings. Feel free to add, change or remove information shown here as it becomes available. This includes new coupons, rebates, ideas, thread summary, and similar items.

Once a Thread Wiki is added to a thread, "Create Wiki" button will disappear. If you would like to learn more about Thread Wiki feature, click here.


325 326 327 328 329

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Anybody have the coupon PDF for a 2-ton engine hoist? I thought I saw it a week ago for $162.99 or so.

Thanks in advance!
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Quote from exibar View Post :
This the one? Tell ya what, print out this coupon and get even a few more of your dollars back ;-) This one expires 4/21/13....

(if you come across the $2.99 coupon for the 9-piece magnetic nut setter set, lemme know ;-) )

Mike B

Argh! Lol I just bit the bullet earlier this evening. The difference is only 1.35 (that's after taxes are addded even) doesn't seem like much to squabble over, so I think I'll be holding out for that big price drop back to 79.99 I'm hoping for. Hopefully someone else can get some use out of that coupon! Thanks for posting it even if I didn't get to use it Smilie
I even got a comment from the guy behind me in line about what a beast this impact is, can't wait to use it! Going back for a compressor tomorrow...
I have a 3.99 coupon for that set.... but I'll bet everyone does right now... I'll keep my eyes peeled
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looking for this q:

its for the 12 ton shop presses coupon for 89.99

best price i've ever saw for it
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Quote from ddsohn View Post :
Anybody have the coupon PDF for a 2-ton engine hoist? I thought I saw it a week ago for $162.99 or so.

Thanks in advance!
I can't recall the last time I saw the 2 ton coupon. And I watch for those.

Quote from FXT View Post :
looking for this q:

its for the 12 ton shop presses coupon for 89.99

best price i've ever saw for it
I think that's fairly common, though I'm usually watching the 20 ton. Never saw a point to the large 12.
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I was getting my tires aligned at Sears this morning and they had Automobile Magazine, so I helped myself to the coupons. Scanned them when I got home to share with you guys. Here they are.

This set expires 3/2/13
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Alphabetical List of Unexpired Newspaper Coupons

This set expires 3/27/13
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This set expires 4/25/13
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This set expires 5/29/13
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This set expires 6/26/13
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Sweet thanks jimmy, those coupons just saved me 10 bucks on that compressor. Just have to make the trip back out to HF to swap out prices...
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here's a possibly odd sounding question....

I see some HF tools packaged in a cardboard backed blister pack, and the same product packaged in an all plastic sealed package. Anyone know which is the "newer" packaging?

I would think the all plastic package is the new stuff, but I'm not sure..... there are a few items I purchase from HF that are considered to me to be "consumable" and I wind up purchasing them often... BUT, I only like to use the all plastic packaged product as it is a better fit for me than the cardboard bcked product.... they are nearly identical, but they are different and the slight difference makes a big difference to me...

can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Mike B
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Found this 25% coupon in this thread. Might want to post it in the wiki - I don't know how.

Expires 4/21/13
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Watch the PDF's above for the free items I posted. All require a $9.99 purchase. I hope this is just for this magazine coupons and not something that HF is going to do with all the "Free" coupons!
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Quote from jimmywalt View Post :
Found this 25% coupon in this thread. Might want to post it in the wiki - I don't know how.

Expires 4/21/13
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Quote from Dumpsterdiver View Post :
He wants to add the 25% off to the first post in the Wiki... not to his message ;-)
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