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Welcome to the official SAFEWAY deals thread. This thread will be updated and maintained regularly by multiple users, including, hopefully, you!

Please no ethical discussions and try to stay on topic as much as possible.

THE WIKI IS A WORK IN PROGRESS... If you see something that is needed, please feel free to post the update and add it in.

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Questions and Answers on Basic SAFEWAY info

What is Safeway?

What stores make up the SAFEWAY group of companies?

Tom Thumb

Find a SAFEWAY near you: Store Locator

Where can I find coupons to help make my deals even sweeter???

Printable coupon sites:

Nestle coupon sites:

Safeway coupon sites (please rep supmeko here for this info).

When you find a Safeway coupon you like on their website, even though these come up as a link, you can check the websites of their other stores and in many cases print additional coupons from the other store's links as well.

Safeway printables []
Tom Thumb printables []
Vons printables []
Randalls printables []
Dominick's printables []
Genuardi's printables []
Carr's printables []

It might help your browser to add in a correct zip code for each of these websites. Here are confirmed accurate zips for the stores:

Safeway - 80205
Vons - 90210
Tom Thumb - 76107
Randalls - 78728
Dominicks - 60607
Genuardis - 19007
Carrs - 99901


P&G eSAVER eCoupons Click hereto load eCoupons onto your Safeway card which can be used with MQ's to get additional savings.

Upromise eCoupons Safeway also offer a program for Upromise eCoupons. For
those of you not familiar, Upromise saves towards college education. You can save for your kids, yourself (I think), even grandkids, nephews, whomever, I think. Click here [] for more info.

Click here [] to view CURRENT Upromise eCoupons.

Bricks coupon master list:

Problems printing Bricks coupons? First posted here: This may fix your problem! Just follow the instructions in this thread to alter the url to suit your browser. If you want to rep alanisrox69 (Derek), he posts often in the CVS threads.

Problems scanning Q's at SCO? First posted here:

Credit for this goes to Skibum but since he hasnt posted it yet I'm going to go ahead and take the credit - On the SCO at Safeway if your coupon doesnt scan you can manually input the numbers using the enter PLU function. Basically its the option where you would enter produce. This is a super handy feature and I had no idea that it worked for coupon entering.

A coupon database is available at once you've registered there. Good resource for checking availability & location of coupons for specific items you're interested in. (Thx to errickson for the info!)

This thread has good info on what coupons are available, what insert they were in and the date.

Also keep in mind the Entertainment Book typically has money saving coupons for Safeway listed quarterly. And, if your store doesn't object, these coupons sometimes do not beep based on dates.

Coupon use at Safeway
Safeway usually issues store specific coupons via various formats...newspaper ads, mailers & emails. You can sign up for emails on their website.

Their coupons tend to scan fine at any store within their brand, even if the stores are not in the same area. For example, Tom Thumb coupons work at Randall's, and vice versa.

Their coupons also tend to scan fine at any store within their brand, even if the coupon says it's good only at a certain store. The best example of these are the ones issued when a store is remodeling or for a grand opening.

Usually, their coupons scan fine when you are using two different types of their coupons on one product. For example, $1 off Tide from a newspaper ad and $2 off Tide from some other source. This only works when the two coupons are obviously different (check the codes). I am not sure if it would work if you were only buying one item and trying to use two store coupons. I've never had a reason to test that.

Their coupons can be used in conjunction with manufacturers coupons, even if that causes an overage, although they won't pay you to take products out of the store! laugh out loud

Some stores don't accept internet printable coupons, there is a corporate policy on what coupons they take, and some stores follow this policy to the nth degree. If you get to one of these stores, try the store down the street, it is probably much more coupon friendly.

Manufacturer coupons for free or bogo items tend to attempt to give you credit for the price of the item without the card discount, but they usually beep for the cashier to approve the coupon.

Self Checkout lanes (SCOs) are a great way to get out of the store quickly. You can use your coupons except all BOGO, FREE and coupons over $3.00 (may be $2) require cashier intervention. This can be a hassle if you have very many of these type of coupons.

Stores in different areas have different promotional deals regarding the doubling and/or tripling of coupons. If you see someone commenting on it here, you need to check what your local store does.

And while coupons may scan fine, the cashier you're dealing with can make any of the above YMMV. Smilie

Official IP Q Policy First posted here.

In order to insure that we accept only legitimate printable internet coupons, Safeway has adopted the following store policies and guidelines:

• Do not accept coupons that do not have a manufacturer’s bar code or manufacturer’s redemption instructions.
• Accept printable coupons only if they scan properly at checkout.
• Do not accept more than one “copy” of the same coupon per customer.
• Do not accept coupons for Free Product (other than a Buy One Get One Free Offer that requires a purchase of the like item).
• Do not accept coupons for more than a $5 value or for more than 50% of a product’s retail price, whichever is lower.
• Do not accept printable internet coupons that do not have an easy to read expiration date or that extend more than twelve weeks. Most printable internet coupons may expire 30-45 days after you print them.
• Do not accept coupons that appear out of proportion or blurry, or are obvious duplicates.

Coupons may be rejected if they appear to have been altered in any way. Printable internet coupons are nearly always printed using the same technology and therefore have a standard format, with very specific security features, including a unique serial code.

To verify if an Internet Coupon is valid, see your Front End Manager. Printable internet coupons can be checked for validity at


I asked for their scan accuracy policy and this is what they replied with:
Also, please find below our scanning accuracy policy at your local Safeway stores:

We guarantee the accuracy of our electronic checkout system. Safeway will give you the item free, if the price on your detailed receipt is different (higher or lower) than indicated in advertisements or shown on the shelf price tag. You will only receive one of the items for free with the remaining items at the correct price.

If the item is on sale and register rings up the regular price, the store will only pay the difference on the item. If a customer is overcharged on a Buy One Get One special, not only will they receive the free item, they will receive the overcharged item free as well. It is subjected to a limit of one.

This does not apply to liquor, tobacco, or fluid milk items. In these cases, you will get the item at the sale price instead of free.
Power Pump Rewards details here.

And here's a post with a scan of the whole brochure!

Alternative to power rewards for fuel program, first posted here: So does everyone else know about redeeming gas points at Arco? I've paid little attention to gas deal b/c it's so far to nearest station. Then went to closest gas last night (which we're blessed is cheapest gas around here). There was a TV screen above pump, playing an ad about SW points. And said below "redeem here"!! Searched "arco" on this thread- no results. I've been using all my cards to do HTH several times and don't have a lot on any one - $300+ is the highest. Time to buy GCs! And go back to figure out all the details on this promo. Just found this.


If you face any problem while using or getting Catalina coupons (CATs), you can call or contact them.

Link :

Phone: Catalina Marketing 1-888-322-3814 or call 1-888-8COUPONS (1-888-826-8766) (in case Cats don't print) open from 7AM - 8PM EST M-F


Forum Related
SW - Safeway!!
1/2, 2/3, X/Y - X dollars of the purchase off Y (Y can be #items, amount spend, ect)
B1G1, B2G2, ect - Buy One Get One, Buy Two...
B1G$1, B2G$2, ect - Buy One Get 1 Dollar Buy Two...
CAT - Catalina [they have machines at the registers that print out store and/or manufacturer's coupons called CAT's--sometimes random CAT's print from the machines (like when you buy a competitor's product), other times a $ off ONYO will print when you do a certain deal like the ones at the bottom part of the wiki. Some CAT's are Safeway Q's, while others are MQ's.]
CSR - Customer Service Representative (cashier)
DH - Dear Husband
HH - Happy Hunting
HTH - Hope This Helps
IP - Internet Printable (coupon)
MM - Money Maker
MQ - Manufacturer's Coupon
ONYO - On Your Next Order (in reference to a $ amount CAT coupon that prints to use on your next purchase)
OOP - Out Of Pocket
OP - Original Poster
PM - Private Message
Q(s) - Coupon(s)
RAOK - Random Act of Kindness
RC - Rain Check
SD - Slick Deal(s)
SQ - Safeway Coupon
SCO - Self Check Out
TIA - Thanks In Advance
WYB - When You Buy

Current Food Deal Related
BE - Birds Eye
ER - Eating Right
HH - Heart Healthy
MA - Michael Angelo's
COAH - Chill Out at Home (Buy $25 worth of participating items, get at $10 frozen foods ONYO)
M/M or M&M - Mix and Match (Buy 10 participating items, get $5 off instantly)
WFB - Water Front Bistro (aka WTF laugh out loud )
LW: Living Well, Eating Right promo (Buy $30 worth of participating items, get a $10 ONYO)

Roll - usually refers to using a CAT on the next transaction and having a CAT still print for that transaction that you can use on the next one again

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Reminder! This is a thread where the first post includes lots of info that often would be found in the wiki of other threads. Please read both the first post and the wiki for up to date info. Most 'long term' info is in the first post, with info that changes periodically listed here in the wiki.

Another thread has been created for all the OT chat that goes into the Safeway Deals thread. I love OT chat, but agree that sometimes we just want to read about the deals. So hopefully this thread will help decrease the OT in the deals thread and we all have a place to chat! Click here to visit the Safeway Chat Thread (and don't forget to thumbs up it, subscribe to it, and rep Ariel for it).

PLEASE REP couponlotter for her tireless work on this WIKI

10% INFO:

Question :How Do I get the 10% Discount added to my card?
Answer : Call Safeway at 1-877-723-3929 or 1-800-SAFEWAY and ask. If denied call back as many times as necessary to get the discount applied to your card.
Alternate means of contact would be an email. Same thing--email as many times as you need to in order to get the discount.

**KEY** There is no secret to getting this discount. The people who have it either have a store that has been remodeled or a grand opening. Others have called, called, and called again until they have received it.

Question :When does the 10% come off when there is an instant discount for buying certain number of qualifying products eg: Buy 5 cereal get $5 off
Answer: The 10% discount ALWAYS comes off BEFORE any promos. So if cereal was $2.50 each, when you buy 5 total will be $12.50. With $5 instant discount the total will be $7.50. However, the 10% comes off of $12.50 and not off $7.50. So you will get an extra $1.25 off your total.

Question: When Safeway $x/$yy coupons are used, when does 10% come off?
Answer: If you had a $50 purchase and you used a 10/50 coupon, 10% will be off of $40 only.

Question: When Safeway Super coupons are used, when does 10% come off?
Answer: If the Safeway coupons automatically scan, 10% comes off BEFORE super coupon. So, if you had a $5 item and after super coupon the item is $2, you still get 50 cents off if the coupon automatically scanned. But if a cashier input it manually there's a chance that you will only get 20 cents off.

PM Trini for a # with 10% added.


Interested in being a blinkie lady? Info is here.

Special thanks to Blinkielady for the following lists of store blinkie:

See this post for CURRENT Kroger blinkies posted 4/18/09.

See this post for CURRENT Albertson blinkies posted 4/18/09.

See this post for CURRENT Safeway blinkies posted 4/18/09.

See this post for last month's Albertson blinkies posted 3/18/09.

See this post for last month's Tom Thumb blinkies posted 3/18/09.

See this post for Albertson blinkies posted 2/18/09.

See this post for Tom Thumb blinkies posted 2/18/09.

There are several places to find just about any Q out there!
1. once you've registered there
3. xpired
If your inserts don't have the Qs listed here the were regional.
4.hotcouponworld dot com again you need to register to have "full" access. You won't be sorry! >> More details


Oregon and SW Washington -- "Double up to four coupons (Maximum 50c each). Present this coupon with up to four manufacturers' "Cents-Off" coupons and save up to 50c additional per coupon at Safeway. Offer does not apply to retailer, 'FREE,' alcohol, tobacco, electronic 'checkout' coupons that state savings of Double Coupons. 'Cents-Off' coupon may not exceed today's price for the item redeemed. No cash refund. Must be redeemed in a single transaction. 1 double coupon per manufacturer's coupon. 4 double coupons per family per shopping trip. MISREDEMPTION CONSTITUTES FRAUD. Valid in Oregon Safeway stores (except Milton-Freewater) and S.W. Washington stores serving Clark, Wahkiakum, Cowlitz, Skamania and Klickitat Counties []. CANNOT BE USED FOR ONLINE PURCHASE.


Please, please, please REP the OP for all his/her posts with the Safeway ad previews. Please keep in mind that these ad scans are for the NW, so your area's ad might differ in prices, featured items, etc. Also, you can go to and click on "Weekly Specials" in the top right corner to see your own local ad.

Ad 4/22/09 - 4/28/09

Ad 4/29/09 - 5/5/09


Buy 2 Greeting Cards, Get Gift Card Holder Free Deal 3/25/09 to 5/10/09 First posted here:

Buy any 2 greeting cards and receive a FREE gift card holder (value of 4.99) between the dates of 3/25/09 to 5/10/09. They had a lot of really cute gift card holders to choose from!

Buy 3 Greeting Cards, Get Journal Free Deal Dates??? First posted here:

New card deal: Buy 3 cards, get a free journal. I tried this today with the .99 cards. The journal has a $4.49 value. It's kind of pretty, imo. 5x7, 96 sheets, black/white, with a black elastic band and silver charm with a butterfly on it). Used a BOGO Q on the cards and the journal price came off at the end, no problemo!!

New Naked juice promo B3G1FREE 3/23/09 - 6/14/09 First posted here

Promotion date range is from 3/23/09 to 6/14/09

"Grab 3 bottles or 1 here & there" (buy3, get 1 free). It says they don't have to be purchased in 1 transaction as it will be tracked by card.

But, if you do not have the 50 cent tearpad q to buy it one at a time, then you can do the following as per previous Naked juice deal using IPQ:
buy 4 for $10
- $1 (10%)
- $2.50 (free juice)
- $4 (2 of the $2/2 Q's found here)
= $10 - $7.50 = $2.50 for 4 (pretty good considering its the sale price of one)

Nestle Waters: Pure Life/Arrowhead/Calistoga/Deer Park/Ice Mountain/Ozarka/Perrier/Poland Spring/S. Pellegrino/Zephyrhills through 5/17/09 or 5/19/09 (depending on region) First posted here: and here:

Buy TWO of the 700ml, 6-pack sports top bottles at $1.99 (these are part of the LW promo) and you get a $2.00 OYNP coupon for every two you buy. You get $1.00/2 and $2.00 OYNP coupon if you buy two. You will get MULTIPLE $2 ONYO's for every 2 your buy no matter how many you buy per transaction. BUT you will only get 1 $1.00/2 MQ per transaction.

First posted here: A NEW PROMO STARTS TODAY AND RUNS THRU 5/17 or 5/19 (depending on region) and IT IS THE SAME PROMO as the past Nestle Water one (probably just coded differently) you get a $2 Cat when you buy 2 and yes according to the CSR the Sports Top are included (I read him the UPC from one to confirm)
He did check for my local store which is Vons so you might want to check if you are in another part of the country.

First posted here: Hey NoVA'ers!! Aquapod/Deer Park/Sport-top Water Bottles are producing $2 CATs for every 2 that you buy! My Safeway even had a new tag under it that said that it will be doing it until May 17th! Just wanted to put a patch of comfort under your belts when doing your future runs

Kikkoman Sauces CAT 3/27/09 - 5/17/09 First posted here:

BUY (1) & GET $0.50...OR
BUY (2) & GET $1.50...

Candy B$6G$2 through 5/15/09 First posted here:

New deal, came out of the Catalina machine today: Save $2 instantly when you use your club card and purchase $6 in a single transaction of participating candy products.* Offer valid through 5/15/09.

*Individual sizes not eligible. Limit one offer per transaction per day.
Pictured on the CAT are Starburst, Whoppers, Reese's, M&M's and Dove.

Candy B$10G$4 through 5/15/09 First posted here:

I got a similer one in the DFW area today, however, it was save $4 instantly when you use your club card and purchase $10 in a single transaction of participating candy products.* Offer valid through 5/15/09.

McCormick Grill Mates & any fresh Fish/Beef/Chicken CAT 4/8/09 - 5/12/09 First posted here:

Save $1 on your next shopping trip when you purchase and McCormick Grill Mates and any Fresh Fish, Beef or Chicken item. Offer valid 4/8/09 - 5/12/09.

McCORMICK & FISH/BEEF/CHICKEN~First posted here.
As mentioned here by blinkielady, you get a $1 oyno cat for buying a McCormick Grill Mate and any fresh fish, beef, or chicken item.
- the Grill Mate packets are $1.50 in my area
- use any of the following mq's to bring the packet price down to $0.00-$1.25, depending on how your area doubles:
McCormick Seasoning Blend, Spice, Herb, etc. $1.00/1 (5/31/2009) RP 3/15/09 (may be a regional q)
McCormick Spice or Herb $0.75/1 (6/30/2009) RP 4/5/09 (may be a regional q)
-buy any small package of beef/chicken/fish-- I got a $2-$3 RR beef package using a $2 grand re-opening store q, bringing the beef down to under a dollar.
-get a $1 oyno cat, which prints at the point-of-both-items-scanned and NOT after payment.
-note: only one set of seasoning+beef/chicken/fish per transaction gets you the oyno cat
-bigger note: pork does NOT work!
My oop on the above after my 10%, grand re-opening q, & $0.75 mq doubled to $1, was less than $1, and I got back the $1 oyno. Not much of a deal, but I'm constantly looking for fillers to reach $50, so every bit counts.

Band-Aid on Sale through 5/9/09 and 6/24/09 First posted here:

J&J Large Adhesive Pad BandAids 10 ct (2 7/8 x 4) $2.69, price good through 5/9
J&J Susan G Komen BandAids 20 ct $1.64, price good through 5/9
J&J Butterfly BandAids 99c, price good through 6/24
You can use the $1 BandAid coupon to get the Butterfly package free (mm w/10%) or buy that package and the Large Adhesive Pad BandAids to get some nice bandaids for scraped knees for cheap, using the $3/2 J&J first aid coupon that was available as a peelie at some stores awhile back.

Kool-Aid, Crystal Light, Country Time, & Tang CAT 4/25/09 - 5/18/09 First posted here:

Buy Kool-Aid, Crystal light, Country time or Tang during purchase dates (4/25 - 5/18) and save up to $4 with coupons off your next order:
Buy 4 & get $2
Buy 5 & get $3
Buy 6 or more & get $4 coupon off your next order

Choose from the following select Kraft Powdered Drinks:
~Kool-Aid (8 QT or Larger Canisters and 16 ct boxes)
~Crystal light (6 QT or larger canisters and 10 ct or larger boxes)
~Country time (6 QT or larger canisters and 10 ct boxes)
~Tang (6 QT or larger canisters)

Pillsbury Grands CAT 4/20/09 - 5/17/09 First posted here:

Buy any Pillsbury Grands 8ct biscuits 4/20 - 5/17
Buy 2 and get $1 ONYO
Buy 3 and get $2 ONYO
Buy 4+ and get $3 ONYO

More info here: I also have to amend my Pillsbury CAT deal from the other day... Do NOT buy the Grands. No CAT will come out at all... Buy the 4 pack of Crescent rolls (1.29) and/or 5 pack of Cinammon rolls. Buy 3 total and you will get a 3.00 CAT. I've used the .75 blinkie (.75 off when you buy ANY 3 Pillsbury Refrigerated Baked Goods Products (excludes cookies) exp 5/17/09) a few times and also used .35 Crescent (old printable) and .25 Crescent and .30 Cinammon qs. Awesome deal! Does not count for LW but free is free!!

Scenario here:
There is a new Catalina deal up for Pillsbury refrigerated bread products buy 3 get a $3 ONYO - the larger versions are signed at my store BUT it worked for the 4 pack of Pillsbury crescent rolls $1.39 each
$1.29 x 3 = $3.87 = (3) .50 cents off from 4/5 Smart Source = $2.37 get back $3 and I'm sure it will roll.

Velveeta Shells & Cheese or Kraft Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese CAT 4/3/09 - 4/26/09 First posted here:

Buy Velveeta Shells & Cheese or Kraft Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese Between 4/3 and 4/26

Buy 3 & get $2 OYNO
Buy 4 & get $3 OYNO
Buy 5 & get $4 OYNO


Free Pencil Case WYB Ritz, Oreos, Wheat Thins, and Capri Sun CAT 4/5/09 - 5/11/09 First posted here:

Free Pencil Case WYB 2 participating products b/t 4/5 - 5/11
*** Products include Ritz Toasted chips 8.1 oz, Oreo 18 oz,Wheat Thins Toasted chips 8.1 oz and Capri Sun 10 PK

POST Rasin Bran CAT 4/24/09 - 5/17/09 First posted here:

Another POST Raisin Bran Cat - Runs 4/24/09 to 5/17/09

POST Honey Bunches of Oats CAT 4/24/09 - 5/17/09 First posted here:

Post Honey Bunches of Oats 4/24/09 - 05/17/09
Buy (3) get $2.00
Buy (4) get $3.00
Buy (5) or More and get $5.00 .......
Coupon Off Your Next Order...

Scenario here: Confirmed $5.00 CAT printed for Honey Bunches of Oats. Not part of LW but $12.50/5 - $5CAT = $7.50 or ~$1.50 each (not sure if there are Qs for it to sweeten the deal, but pretty cheap for Strawberry and Peaches. IMO)

POST Shredded Wheat Cereal CAT 4/24/09 - 5/17/09 First posted here:

POST Shredded Wheat Cereal (the picture has types (indiscernible)). Starts 4/24/09 ends 5/17/09.

B3G2.50 OYNO

JELL-O Pudding or Gelatin CAT 4/10/09 - 5/3/09 First posted here:

Between 4/10 & 5/3, buy JELL-O pudding or gelatin
Buy 3 & Get $2
Buy 4 & Get $3
Buy 5 or more & Get $4 Coupon for your next order.

Old El Paso CAT 4/24/09 - 5/17/09 First posted here:

Purchase any Old El Paso Taco shells, dinner kits, seasoning, beans or heat and serve side dishes 4/24 thru 5/17 and get:
B3 Get $1 OYNO of Chicken or Beef
B6 Get $3 OYNO " " " "
New .75/2 Qs are in SS 4/19

Aquafresh on sale $1 each when you buy 10 4/22/09 - 4/28/09 First posted here:
Next week aquafresh toothpaste is $1 each when you buy 10. There are IPs here [] for $0.75/1. With DBL and 10%, should be $6 MM.

Hellmann's Light CAT 4/20/09 - 5/17/09 First posted here:
Buy any 2 Hellmann's Light Mayonnaise 30oz. or greater between 4/20 - 5/17 and get $2.00 OYNO.

Coca-Cola 2 Liter CAT 4/17/09 - 5/10/09 First posted here:

Recieve up to a $4 coupon of your next shopping trip at this store when you buy 6 or more Coca-Cola brand 2 liters during purchase dates 4/17/2009-5/10/2009
Buy 4 get $2
Buy 5 get $3
Buy 6 get $4

Orville and Coke Save $2 Instantly 4/15/09 - 4/30/09 First mentioned here and here and finally, first posted here.

$2 Instant off wyb Diet Coke and Orville Smart Pop 100cal 4/15-4/30/09
Saw this printed on a display of Orville Redenbacher popcorn:
Save $2 instantly wyb 1 Diet Coke 8 pk 12oz bottles (currently 3/$11) and a bag of Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop 100cal 4pk mini bags (currently bogo @ $3.49), 1 per transaction.
Both are promo items.

Buy 2 Wishbones, Get $3 off on Meat First posted here:

OK, this is NOT a LW promo, however, thought it would be worth mentioning:
For those who could find the wishbone save $3 on meat wyb any 2 wishbone, combine with the hillshire farms sausage q for .55/1 this week, and get...
2 wishbone @ .99 ea = 1.98
1 hf sausage @ 2.50 = 2.50
total = 4.48
-10% = 4.03
-3.00 q = 1.03
-.55q (d) = -.07
So, a good filler to get to $50, remember this is just this weekend for the wishbone prices!

Cottonelle Toilet Paper CAT 4/20/09 - 5/17/09 First posted here:

Buy TWO (2) or more 12-packs of Cottonelle Toilet Paper between 4/20/09 and 5/17/09 and receive $1.00 off your next order with coupon

Drano CAT 4/20/09 - 5/19/09 First posted here:

DRANO deal ... on sale for $3 (32 fl oz) ... used a $1 Q .... got back $1 CAT (I didn't note the exact ending date but it was sometime in May). I have a few more $1 coupons and can't wait to get more. This was something I needed today and I was so pleased to find an unexpected deal. I don't recall seeing this posted yet.

Soy Dream on sale First posted here:

I don't know if it was reported yet but the Soy Dream / Rice Dream is on sale @ 1.29.
.75 IP/Q doubled =.21 MM
Soy Dream or Rice Dream, .75 off 1, in the Printable Thread.

Ziploc Freezer Bag CAT Deal 4/20/09 - 5/17/09 First posted here:

Buy 2 or more Ziploc brand freezer bags and receive a checkout coupon for $1.25 off your next shopping order. Good on your next visit.
Looks like it is on Freezer bags only
It's also part of LW too.

Scenario here: i suppose this might turn out to be a good deal. the last time the ziploc printed out alot of CAT's...i wonder what the deal is?
without the bonus cat
12x$2.50 =$30
-$10 LW
-2 double
-2 10(10%)
-$6 6x $1/2 3/15SS
=$10 OOP for 12 of depending on how many CAT's printed out, this could be great(if it was $1.25 for every 2, thats another $7.50 back=$2.50 OOP)

More info here: first off, this store had 4 kinds of freezer bags, the 2 larger boxes($4.49), and 2 normal. one quart and gallon sizes for $2.50
these smaller boxes are not on the master list, and did trigger the LW CAT. so yay.
UPC Quart 25700 15606
UPC Gallon 25700 15625
did just as the posted scenario above. i bought 6 freezer quart size and freezer 6 gallon.
got $2.50 NET. these 6x$1.25 CAT's print AFTER cash out.
i just bought these 12 and some apples and oranges, and the LW worked for me with the 10% and the i dont know(referring to above post)

Other CAT deals First posted here:

Please regard ending dates as tentative; check with your stores or call Catalina for more details.
Best guess based on tag placement. These are the kind that sometimes print immediately after scanning, usually print multiples, and may be good at other stores. All expire 5/19/09 here (W WA) but there are regional variations on the begin and end dates and these could expire 5/17 - 5/20 in other areas.
This is probably not a complete list, feel free to add to this, or correct any errors.
$2 OYNO wyb 3 Promise Activ
$2 OYNO wyb 3 Kikkoman Teriyaki
$1 OYNO wyb 3 Dole Pineapple Juice 46oz can
75c OYNO wyb 4 Dole 8oz Pineapple cans
75c OYNO wyb 2 Ghiradelli Intense Dark bars
$1 OYNO wyb 2 Friskies Dry Indoor Delights (3.15lb)
$1 OYNO wyb 1 Drano
75c OYNO wyb 8 Gerber 2nd foods 2 packs
$5 OYNO wyb 2 Nestle Good Start Formula 24-25.7oz cans
$2 OYNO wyb 2 Arrowhead multipacks water
$2 OYNO wyb 20 Yoplait
$3 OYNO wyb 3 Pillsbury refrigerated stuff (only dinner breads were tagged (8oz, 11oz & 13.8oz) but I read it worked on the $1.29

Stay in for Dinner and Save Promo 4/15/09 - 4/28/09 First posted here:

I have new signs to install in Safeway this week. I'm pretty sure it will be double dipping with the LW promo.

Stay in for Dinner and Save
Get $5 off instantly when you buy 5 participating items with your Club Card.
Items must be purchased in a single transaction. Offer valid 4/15/2009 - 04/28/2009.
Participating items include: Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers and complete selections and Marie Callender's Pasta Al Dente, Pot Pies 16.5 oz and Dinners.

LINK to CouponingCraze's post with a link to the qualifying Buy 5, Save $5 Stay in for Dinner and Save items.

Possible SIFD deal scenario with Healthy Choice Steamers, first posted here:
So with the HC steamers being a double dip deal with the $5 off of 5 and LW promo, you CAN do 2 of these at a time in one transaction (SuperBob confirmed that the $5 will come off for each 5 you buy even in multiple 5's per transaction):
10 HC Steamers $29.90
1 Dial Soap $1.00
-3.09 10%
-5.00 ($1/2 HC qs)
-$10 (2 $5 off of 5)
-.70 (dial $0.35 Q doubled)
- $10 LW cat
- $2 Bertolli cat
total oop: .11 get $10 cat
That means its only .02 for each steamer?!? Plus you get your $10 cat back!!!

Possible SIFD deal scenario with Healthy Choice All Natural Entree's, first posted here:
I found IP's [] for:
$1/1 HC All Natural Entree
$1/1 MC Pasta Al Dente Meal
Both qualify for the buy 5 save $5 and the Healthy Choice is part of Living Well, but NOT the Marie Callender's Pasta Al Dente!
So with the HC All Natural Entree's being a double dip deal with the $5 off of 5 and LW promo, you CAN do 2 of these at a time in one transaction (SuperBob confirmed that the $5 will come off for each 5 you buy even in multiple 5's per transaction):
10 HC All Natural - $29.90
1 Sobe - $1 (or another cheap filler item)
- 3.09 (10%)
- $10 (Two B5G$5)
- $10 (10 $1/1 IPs)
- $0.80 (Sobe $0.40/1 DBL)
- $10 LW
TOTAL: -$2.99 MM and get $10 ONYO CAT

Living Well, Feeling Great Promo 4/13/09 - 5/5/09 First posted here:

Runs from April 15, 2009 to May 5, 2009. Purchase $30 in participating products to get a $10 reward coupon! Look in-store for "Living Well, Feeling Great" tags on thousands of participating products. Offer available through May 5th, 2009. Must spend $30 in a single transaction. ***Please note that the promo has been reported to have started 4/13/09 in some areas. Some have gotten CAT printouts saying the promo begins 4/13.

LINK to a FULL LIST OF PARTICIPATING ITEMS, courtesy SupermanB!!! Please give him madddd reps!!! And here's a link to a more print-friendly list.

LINK to CouponingCraze's post with a link to the Living Well Promo participating items online (with pics and prices).

LINK to a list of matching Q's (to the list), courtesy WBBell!

LINK to a list of matching Q's (to the list) from the 4/26 SS & RP, courtesy WBBell!

LINK to DriWashNGuard's Nor Cal list from the Safeway website. It's mostly the same as Bob's list. There are 1,392 items!

Click here for some tips from Pearl2000 on how to search the SW website to see if an item is included or not in the LW promo.

First posted here. Here's a great double dip on the last 2 days of Living Well!!! (May 3 - June 9) Buy $25 worth of various Conagra and get $34 coupon book. Click here for the participating brands.

Here's some awesome LW scenarios:

ALL SMALL & MIGHTY~First posted here.
with slickcate's preview...i see all detergent @ $4.49! revised deal if small & mighty is included...
7x $4.49 = $31.43 - $3.14 (10%) - $14 ($2/1 IP x7)= $14.29 - $10 oyno cat....$4.29 for 7 units!

BEN & JERRY'S~First posted [url=]here.[/ur]
deal works if you have a cashier that allows 9 of the LW ad swq's. ben&jerrys 9 pints= 31.50- 10%=29.35-nine 1.00 LW ad swq's=19.35 - $10 LW + get back a $10 LW CAT = 10.35 for 9 pints of ben &jerrys.i know thiers getting the smaller ones free as well useing the 1.00 LW ad swq.

BERTOLLI PREMIUM PASTA SAUCES (in the pouches)~First posted here.
So what I would do is buy 16 of the Bertolli pouches:
6x $2= $32 - $3.20 (10%)= 28.80 - $16 ($1 MQ's 4/5/09 Unilever or $1 blinkies)= $12.80 OOP and get 10.00 LW

BREYERS ICE CREAM~First posted here.
There are some Breyers on this deal (check list to see which flavors qualify). Currently on sale $2/6
A whole Breyers deal would be
10 x $3
-10 x $.75/1 breyers (4/4 Unilever ad)
-10 LW
$12.50 for 10 1.5 qt. ice creams ($1.25 each)

BRIGHT GREEN~First posted here and here.
Bright Green products are listed on LW list.
The cheapest one is Bright Green Chlorine Free Bleach - 64 Fl. Oz. @$1.49 (untill 4/14).
Bright Green Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 24 Fl. Oz. is $2.50 (untill 5/5),
Bright Green 1 Ply Napkins - 200 Count is also $1.99 (untill 5/5).
Bright Green facial tissue is $1.49 throughout the LW promo
There are booklets at SW called "Join us and help make a difference" wich have $1 coupon off any Bright Green purchase (exp. 12/31/09). It's a store coupon and does say 'limit 1 coupon per customer'. Still makes it a good filler and some free bleach or cheap bowl cleaner or napkins! There are also $1 IP's on the Safeway website. And there may be another $1/1 in a special LW flyer (haven't seen this barcode yet, so possible duplicate with one of the other two).

BRITA PITCHER~First posted here.
Something we got today with the sale, I had actually planned to get this at Walmart, and low and behold it was at SW,
Brita Pitcher $17.99
10 No Yolks $12.50 (you can use something else as a filler item)
Total $30.49
-$2.49 10% (don't ask me how it's figuring it with the $10 cat)
-$4 Brita q
-$10 No yolks qs doubled to $1
-$10 LW
-2 $2 bertolli cats
came to 0 oop and got a $10 LW back!!! Much cheaper than Wallyworld

CAPRI SUN SUNRISE~First posted here.
Capri Sun Sunrise $1/1 coming out in this Sunday's 4/19 SS. Definitely going to add this to my runs.
16 Capri Sun Sunrise $1.99 ea = $31.84
- 10% = $28.66
- 16 $1/1 = $12.66
- $10 LW cat = $2.66 for 16 boxes (plus freaking tax + CRV)
PLUS use the 50 cents off store Q in the LW flyer. Apparently multiples will scan beepless!
And don't forget the free pencil case wyb 2 Capri Suns (see deal in wiki above for more details)!

CHINET~First posted here.
I am not sure if this needs to be said or not, but those of you with Chinet BOGOs should use those since they are included in the LW promo and they are on sale 2/$6. Meaning with the $1 printable and the BOGO you are paying only $1.80 (after 10%) per duo but getting $6 toward the LW promo (after CC). Even better if you can withhold entering your CC until after they are scanned since their non-CC price is even higher. HTH!

Scenario posted here:
Any of the BOGO Q should work the same because all the cheap Chinet are the same price at $3 each. So you buy 2 with 10% will be $5.4 minus the BOGO and $1 IP Q the price for two drops to $1.40 but you have $6 count toward the LW.
If you have enough BOGO Qs, it should be like this:
10x $3 each = $30- $15 (5 BOGO Qs) - $5 (5x $1IP) - $3 (10%) = $7 get back $10 LW cat. $3 MM.
I used my last buy plate get free cup Qs yesterday and it combined well with $1 off Casual plate (IPQ). I got the Casual plate 32 cts.

First posted here: For those of you who have both the Chinet buy plates get cups coupon and the Chinet buy plates get plates coupon, I found that you can get both the cups and the plates just by buying 2 pkgs of plates and 1 pkg of cups. Did not beep for me last night.

[url=]Link to a scenario without BOGO Q's!
Not sure if anyone else has tried this yet, but I arrived to Safeway today and gathered up five (5) Chinet Products that are on sale for $3.00 each and also picked up five (5) 72 pack Chinet Classic White Lunch Plates (UPC #0 37700 32310 8). I took them to the customer service desk and pulled out a copy of the Chinet Promotion from where it says if you buy any Chinet Product you get a FREE Classic White or Casual White Lunch Plates. Since the 72 pack Chinet White Lunch Plates are NOT on sale and are ringing up at $4.49 and more than the others, the customer service rep told me to go pay for all of them and she would reimburse me with 1/2 of the total for all 10 Chinet Products. Total Order $37.45......minus 1/2 $18.73 cash back, minus $10.00 CAT, minus 3 $1.00 IP (they only allowed me 3)....Total OOP $5.72 plus tax. Not a bad deal since each pack of lunch plates have a lot more plates than any of the other packages that are on sale. I'm glad this all worked because I didn't have any BOGO Free Qs.

CLASSICO PASTA SAUCE~First posted here.
The Classico is on the Living Well list, and is on sale through Tuesday 3/14 for 3/$5.
Flavors on the LWFG list:
classico creations basiupesto
classico pasta sauce alfredo
classico pasta sauce garlic alfredo
classico pasta sauce mushroom alfredo
classico psta sce bruschetta bsl/tomato
classico psta sce sundrd tomato alfredo
If the LWFG promo starts Monday 4/13, scenario would be:
18 x $1.67 = $30
less 10% - $3 = $27
less 9 x $1/2 = $18
less $10 LWFG = $8 / 18 jars = or $.44 per jar.

CLOROX BLEACH~First posted here.
18 Clorox@ 1.79 each = 32.22 - 10.00 CAT -9 $1.00/2 = 13.22 - 2.22(10%)= 11.00 or $.61 each

Another scenario first posted here:
Even better if you use the "free wipes when you buy 2 clorox" ipq -
8 Clorox@ 1.79 each = $14.32
4 Clorox Wipes @ 3.99 each = $15.96
Total = $30.28
- $2.02 (10% taking into account $10 LW)
- $2 (4x $0.50/2 4/5SS)
- $13.96 (4x$3.49 (free wipes ipq says MAx Value $3.49”)
- $2 doubles
- $10 LW Cat
= $0.30 ( plus get a $10 cat for next time)
You could also do mcscheatzle's deal and get 9 free wipes (if you can print that many) that are $3.49, but those wipes are not included in the LW promo.

CLOROX BLEACH~First posted here.
hope this isnt a repost, but today at randalls the 46 oz cranergy is $2.99 a bottle & attached to the caps were $2 coupons. this is also part of the lw promo.
so 2.99 x11 =$32.89
minus 10% = $2.28 if u use 10lw cat
minus $22 in manu q's
= -1.39
get back 10lw

CRYSTAL LIGHT~First posted here.
They only work for the big tubs that cost $4.37 (the ones on sale for 2/$4 are NOT part of the LW deal). There is a buy 2 get 1 free Q for the Crystal Light. The Crystal Light CAT deal does NOT START UNTIL 4/25 though.
6 Crystal Light $26.22
plus filler items worth at least $3.78
-$3 (10%)
-$6.58 (2 x $3.29 B2G1 max value on crystal light)
-$10 LW CAT
=$10.42 OOP + $10 LW + $4 Crystal Light ONYO (for buying 6~see above CAT deal in wiki above)

Not that anyone needs more water but here is a triple dip for ya (please note that the name of the water varies by region--see Nestle CAT deal above in the wiki for all the different names)
Water - 6Pk. 23.67 Oz on Sale for 1.99
Buy 16 (31.83) - 8 $1.00/2 peelie = $23.84 - 10%($2.18) = $21.66 - $10.00 LW CAT = $11.66 OOP
Get Back a $10 LW ONYO CAT plus 8 $2.00 CATS from Deer Park--so a $4 Money maker!

At the store today, I saw Del Monte Super Fruit cups on sale for $1.50 and part of LW. I think it's only the ones marked "Super Fruit." The regular ones didn't have the tag. There is a $1/1 from 3/1 RP (exp 4.26). Here is the math:
20 Del Monte Super Fruit cups - 20x1.5= $30
- $3 (10%, it's only $2 if rolling LW cat)
- $20 ($1/1 Q)
= $7 and you get a $10 LW cat

DELI CREATIONS~First posted here.
SS has a .75 IP [] on Deli Creations. (Better than the $1/2 blinkie.)
$2.50x12 =$30
-$2 (10%)
-$9 (12 x $0.75 IP)
-$9 (double)
-$10 LW
= $0.00 + LW $10 CAT
Many of the sandwiches have an expiration a month out and coupon doesnt expire until 5/10.

DIAL SOAP~First posted here.
Dial hand soap is on the list. I'm looking at the pomegranate and tangerine scent. Online it shows that they are 1.00 through the 23rd of April. There is a .35c coupon out there for dial hand soap. If your stores double it would look like this.
30 dials $30-$3 (10% off) -$21 (30 mfc) -$10 (LWP coupon)= -1 or $1 MM + another 10 cat

DOVE~First posted here. [url=http]
Also, Dove is on the list and there are some great Q's out there!
Dove antipersporant or deodorant 1.50/2 2009-06-07 2009-03-15 SS .
Dove body wash 10 oz or larger 1/1 2009-07-28 2009-04-05 Unilever .
Dove body wash 10 oz or larger or beauty bar 6 pack or larger 1.25/1 2009-06-07 2009-03-15 SS .
Dove Conditioner any excluding trial size 1.50/1 2009-06-07 2009-03-15 SS
Dove Cream Oil Body Lotion or hand Cream excl. Energy Glow & trial sizes 1.25/1 2009-06-07 2009-03-15 SS
Dove Cream Oil Body Wash 10 oz or larger 1.50/1 2009-06-07 2009-03-15 SS .
Dove deodorants or body mists 1.50/2 2009-04-12 2009-01-18 RP .
Dove Go Fresh antiperspirant, deodorant or body mist any 1.25/1 2009-06-07 2009-03-15 SS .
Dove Go Fresh body wash 10 oz or larger, or beauty bar 6-bar pack or larger 1.50/1 2009-06-07 2009-03-15 SS.
Dove hair care product any excluding trial size 1/1 2009-06-07 2009-03-15 SS

DOVE~First posted here.
8 Dove Conditioners @ $3.99 = $31.92
- 10% $2.19
- $12.00 8 $1.50 Q's
- $2 Pac NW Safeway Doubler
- $10 LW
Total = $5.73 ($.71 ea) + $10 CAT

EGG BEATERS~First posted here.
Sale Price 2/$6
Buy 10 = $30.00
- $3.00 (10%)
-$10.00 (10 x $1/1 q)
-$10 LW Cat
Total OOP = $7.00 + receive another $10 LW cat

Heads up, smartsource of 4/19 will have a 2.50 coupon on the Electrosal.
Here is the math then:
8 * 3.99 = 31.92 - 3.19(10%) - 20 ( 8 * 2.5) = 8.73 and get back 10.00 ($1.27 MM).

ENSURE SHAKES~First posted here.
Also, not sure if this has been posted, but the Ensure 6pk shakes are part of LW & there is a $3 IP coupon ( AND a MIR to get it FREE!

More info here:Just checked online and it looks like only the Ensure Liquid Nutrition Vanilla Health Beverage In Bottles - 6-8 Fl. Oz. is marked for the promo. Not sure what the master list says. In SoCal they are $6.99 while the "High Protein" ones are $8.99 if that helps. The $8.99 were definitely not marked online.

More info here: hmm.. mine shows the chocolate, strawberry, and coffee latte 6pk's also included. so just those 4 "regular" packs, no other ensures included.

More info here: Here's the Ensure MIR:
Good through 12/31/09!

Please note that the toaster pastry coupons come out on 4/19.
Fiber one Toaster pastries- $2 each
Buy 15= $30
Less 10% (-$2) = $28
15 $0.50/1 coupons (-$7.50) = $20.50
Double coupons (-$7.50) = $13
Pay with LW cat (-$10) = $3 OOP for 15 boxes of toaster pastries.
You do can the exact same deal with the Jolly Time Popcorn boxes that are also $2. (Be careful b/c not all varieties are included in the LW promo.) I am planning to mix and match some toaster pastries and popcorn into my other deals so I don't have to deal with any cashier saying they won't double 15 like coupons in the same transaction.

FRENCH'S MUSTARD~First posted here.
French's Honey Dijon Mustard is 2.68 here. It is part of the LW deal and also has it's own CAT which prints for $1 OYNO when you buy 2. Plus this coupon "Frenchs Honey Dijon or Horseradish Mustard $1 (7/19/09) SS 3/29/09". I only bought 2 as part of the LW deal. Here's the way I figure it:
$5.36 (2 x $2.68)
- .57 (10% - Thanks Trini)
- 1.77 LW promo (must incl enough other items to equal $30)
- 2.00 (2 x $1 Q)
=$1.02 OOP, get $1 OYNO CAT back, so basically 1 cent per bottle.
Does that look right? I used 33% off to calculate the LW promo. For people with doubles up to $1 I guess this would be a MM.

GOODLIFE CAT FOOD~First posted here.
Good Life dry cat food bags are $5.49 (3 lb bags). Use the $3/1 coupons found in one of the inserts some time ago (sorry can't help you with the date and some of mine were $1/1, so they were regional) and for 6 bags=$32.94 - 10%=29.65 - (6) $3/1= $11.65 - $2 doubles= $9.65 and get the $10 living well cat at the end.

Grean Giant boxed Veggies are 2.00 thru June and there is a mfc that matches (.50/2) so here's the deal (edited scenario with this post.)
15 Veggies = $30.00
- $3 (10%)
- 7 (0.50 MQ) = -$3.50
- 7 (MQ dbld) = -$3.50
- 10 Previous CAT
Total = $10.00 (plus probably add $1 since now we know the 10% is subtracted after the $10cat is used.

GATORDE~First posted here.
I found 2.00 peelies on the 6-pack, 20oz Gatoraide bottles today. They are part of the LW deal and are 4.99 each. So if you can find them....
4.99 x 6 = 29.94 add a small filler
- 10 LW = 19.94
- 10% = 17.95
- 12mfg = 5.95

GREENWORKS CLEANERS~First posted here.
Greenworks Cleaners $3 each
10 for $30
Use 10 $1 off coupons (4/5 SS)
$20 less $10 LW CAT
$10 OOP
=$1 each
Not bad for an all-natural cleaner.
Albies has hangtags on Greenworks Cleaners for B2G1 free!!!
I wouldn’t really buy 10, but I will put one or two in each order.

HANSEN'S SODA~First posted here.
I remember this was mentioned around this time last year but Hansen's is giving out Hansen Team Booklets again. LINK []
It includes one free MQ and a bunch of BOGO MQs for Hansen's natural soda. This goes great with the LW promotion!

Scenario first posted here:
If you have the Hansen's Soda BOGO coupons that came from the Team Hansen's booklet, combining the qs with the LW promo will be a great deal if the price stays the same.
12 Hansen's Soda 6 packs $30.00
- $3 (10%)
-$15 BOGO Qs
- $10 LW Cat
= $2 plus any redemption charges

HEALTHY ONES LUNCH MEAT~First posted here.
its not in the wiki, and i know its already been posted(im pretty sure)
regarding the healthy ones lunch meat. the food section in SacTown had it last week, portland has it this week....for all the other food sections out there, check them this week.
the lunch meat is $2 each.(5oz)
x15 =$30
-$2 (10%)
-$11.25 (15x$0.75 coupons from paper)
-$10 LW
-$2 doubles
=$4.75 for 15 pks($0.32 ea) of these.....not a once in a lifetime price, but a very decent one.

Only til 4/21: Hebrew National Beef Franks $3 ea [Regular 12oz, Reduced Fat 12oz - Jumbo maybe (tagged as LW in store but not online) definitely NOT 98% fat free - much higher priced]
buy 10 = $30
- $1/1 printable ($10) = $20
- $10 LW cat = $10
- 10% ($2) = $8
80 cents each for my hub's fav hot dog! woohoo!

HERSHEYS BARS~First posted here.
6 bars at $1.69 ea = $10.14
-instant $4 promo= $5.14
-6 x $1 q's = + .87
PLUS it counts towards the LW promo if you buy the 4.25oz Special Dark bar

HERSHEYS DARK~First posted here.
Just in case anyone missed it, the $1 q off Hersheys dark works great with the LW deal.
20 hersey dark 8 pk or sugar free dark chocolate bag
-2 10%
-20 hershey qs
-10 LW cat
comes to - 2.00 so money maker
Great for working into deals like kraft mac and cheese to make your total 0 and get back your extra 4..

HORIZON MILK~First posted here.
Horizon milk is on the LW list and I've been printing unlimited $0.55 Q's from their website [] this morning. Just hit the back button. Able to print 20. Q is for half gallon size milk.

HUGGIES DIAPERS~First posted here.
Here's a diaper deal for you:
$29.99 Huggies Box (regular size 5-112 ct)
$1 O Organics Yogurt (filler)
-$10 LW cat
-$2 mfc coupon (signed up for Enjoy the Ride [] and used this code TKHNF-RLPLS-TRPGB (Thanks Money Saving Mom [] for the code!) to get a PDF $2 coupon - it says it's for "Little Snugglers" and "Little Movers" but I tried it on the regular diapers and it worked)
-$1 Frenches CAT
-$.50 double (Portland area double coupon)
-$2.10 10% off
$15.38 After coupons + received another $10 LW Cat
$14.38 for 112 diapers (I'm not including the yogurt in that total) That's 12.8 cents a diaper for size 5. AWESOME deal!

HUGGIES WIPES~First posted here.
Combine with the $.75 Wipes Q coming out in SS 4-17
5 Huggies Wipes @ $5.99 = $29.95
- 2.99(10%)
- $2.50 ( 5 * .50)
- $2 Safeway Doubler
- $10 LW CAT
Total = $12.46 + $10 CAT

JELL-O REFRIGERATED 6-PACK~First posted here.
The refrigerated 6pack jello is part of LW. There are $0.60/1 IPs here [] (can be doubled). So should work out like this:
10 Jello - $30
-$12 (10 $0.60/1 IP DBL)
- $2 (10%)
-$10 LW
=$6 + get LW cat + $4 cats (buy 5 OR more and get $4, if so get 5 jello and $15 filler it would be a better deal)

JOLLY TIME~First posted here.
Jolly Time Popcorn Boxes- $2 each
Buy 15= $30
Less 10% (-$2) = $28
15 $0.50/1 coupons (-$7.50) = $20.50
Double coupons (-$7.50) = $13
Pay with LW cat (-$10) = $3 OOP for 15 boxes
First posted here: There are $1/1 IPs here. [] There are also $1.50/1 IPs on the Healthy Butter version but I haven't been able to find them in my store.
First posted here: The Jolly Time Popcorn "Get $5" Offer states the following:
Mail in this form and 1 UPC/Proof of Purchase from any box of Blast O Butter Microwave Pop Corn and receive 4 coupons for $1.00 off the purchase of any box of Jolly Time Microwave Pop Corn and 1 for $1 off the purchase of 2 boxes of Jolly Time Microwave Pop Corn. You will receive your coupons in 4 - 6 weeks. Limit 2 offers per household. There aren't any state restrictions and the offer expires 12/31/09.

KASHI CEREAL BARS~First posted here.
Kashi Cereal Bars are included in the LW Promo. I see them priced at $3.79 online.
So, here it goes
(8) Kashi Soft-Baked Cereal Bars = $30.32
- 10%
- (8) $2 off One Kashi Entree or Bake Product
Total $11.32 OOP and get a $10 LW Cat
They are available in the following varieties
Baked Apple Spice
Blackberry Graham
Ripe Strawberry

KASHI PIZZA~First posted here.
Kashi pizza if it remains at $4.99 for the thin crust.
Buy 6 pizzas and add in something of a filler like the dial soap:
6x $4.99 + $1.00 (Dial) = $30.94 - $3.09 (10%) = 27.85 - $18 (6 - $3 Tearpad MQ's) - $1.05 (.35 MQ for Dial tripled at my store) = $8.80 OOP and get 10.00 LW. If your store doubles only, then it would be $9.15 OOP.

KRAFT DRESSING~First posted here.
12 Kraft Salad Dressing @ $2.59 = $31.08
- $3.10 10%
- $18, 12 x $1.50 Q's
- $2 Safeway Doubler Pac NW
- $10 LW CAT
Total = $-2.02 + $10 CA

LIPTON TEA BAGS~First posted here.
Lipton 100 ct tea bags $3.99 ea (I think that was my store price, going from memory here)....
Buy 8 = $31.92
-10% $3.19=28.73
-.60/1 (x8) mc $4.80=23.93
-$2 doubles=21.93 and $10.00 LWFG cat
$11.93 for 800 bags of my favorite tea
If I remember correctly these went on sale B1G1 free during this time last year which would make this even better!!!

Has anyone been doing the Lipton Green Tea 12pks or the 24 pk Pepsi products. They are 6.49 each, but when you buy 2 they drop down to 4.99 each. I put my club card in after they were all scanned so I couldn't tell how they were ringing up. Does the 6.49 or the 4.99 count towards the LW?? I'm hoping it is like the HC and the 6.49 will count because it takes 1.50 off at the end for each one scanned. Since regular price here is 7.99 it scanned 7.99 then i put my club card in then it took of 1.50 for each for the sale price and then 1.50 on each again for the multi price. I didn't want to chance not getting the cat so I just bought the 5 at 4.99 price and added 2 of the 1.99 waters and a dial soap to make sure I got the cat.
Thanks for any info!!
Also, if you are in socal with the Staters Bros Ads the coupon for buy 2 lipton teas 12 pks get a Sparkling green tea for free works great. And she took off the 6.49 ..

More info here: Check your Stater Bros Ad! There is a manufacturer's coupon for Lipton tea that matches the Living Well Promotion: Get one FREE 16.9 oz 12-pack of Lipton Sparkling Green Tea (any flavor) when you buy Two 12 packs of Lipton Iced Tea. Up to $5.99 exp 4/28/09

More info here: It is true, it is true! the lipton works like the frozen meals. . . . on sale for 6.49, but rings up as 4.99 wyb 2 or more. the sale price of 6.49 counts for LW!

LISTERINE SMART RINSE~First posted here.
As a SDer, I don't have to pay for adult mouthwash , but still have to pay for the kids mouthwash, since they can't use the adult's one (too spicy for them). So I think this is great deal:
6 Smart Rinse x $4.99
1 filler (macnCheese) 59 cents
Total: $30.53 - $3.05 (10%) - 6x$1 - $2 doubler- $10 LW= $9.48 for 6 bottles ($1.58/bottle)
$1off Q can be found in SS 3/15 or printable here:

LYSOL~First posted here.
Lysol rebate to go w/ LW promo
Qs to go with this
Link to post with Lysol $3 rebate.

MANN'S ON THE GO VEGGIES~First posted here.
Mann's On the Go veggies (the ones that were BOGO a few months ago and still have the $1 Qs in a box next to them) are part of the LW promo -
15 x $2 (sale price) = $30
- $3 10%
- $15 (15 x $1 Qs)
= $12 plus $10 CAT. Not bad. I like these for snacks

Maruchan Yakisoba Chicken $1.00
Safeway Club Price: 5 for $5.00 SAVE up to: $2.45 on 5(offer valid for deliveries on or before - 04-14-2009)
Maruchan Yakisoba flavor on any .35 /1 3/8 SS
$1.00 - .35 MQ tripled = FREE!

MET RX~First posted here.
Met Rx is part of LW promo. So.... buy
24, not 23, Met RX @ 1.33 each = 31.92
10% = -2.19 LW $10 will add $1.00 back on
use 8 $2.00 coupon in today's RP
previous LW $10
3.73 for 30 bars

MISSION TORTILLA~First posted here.
AD for 4/29-5/5 (thx Slickcate!) shows Mission Tortillas 4/$5
Only this one is part of the LW promo. Not sure if it's included in the sale. Hope so.
If the Soft Tacos are not part of the LW, still a really good deal.
Buy 4 = $5
Use 4 $1 IP Q = -$4
- 10% = -$0.50
= $0.50 for 4 packs of tortillas

MUIR GLEN~First posted here.
Several different Muir Glen tomato products are listed $1 IP no price listed for these on for me.[/QUOTE]

NAKED JUICE~First posted here.
Without tearpad Q's:
16 Naked Juice $48.00
- $12 (4 free juices)
- $3.60 (10%)
-$10 LW OYNO
$22.40 OOP and another $10 LW Cat
With tearpad Q's:
16 Naked Juice $48.00
- $12 (4 free juices)
- $3.60 (10%)
- $8.00 (16 50¢ mfq)
-$10 LW OYNO Cat
= $14.40 OOP and you get another LW $10 Cat

NEWMANS OWN PIZZA~First posted here.
Newmans own pizzas ARE included in the living well promo and are very veryy yummy if you havent tried them! i think they are still $4.99 and there is a $1 printable here. []
4 pizzas $4.99 x4
4 bertolli $2 x4
1 kashi entree $4.49
= 30.45
-3.04 10%
-4 $1 Q for pizza
-4 $1 bertolli
-$4.09 kashi (free entree Q)
= $15.32, get $10 LW and $4 bertolli! so a total cost of about $1.32 for everything!

NO YOLK~First posted here.
No Yolk Dumpling or Extra Broad Noodles $1.25
.75/1 IP [] and/or 03-15-09 SS .50/1, $1/2 or .75/1
$30 - $18 (24 x $.75 Qs) - $3 10% - $10 previous LW CAT = - $1 woohoo!!!

ODWALLA~First posted here.
so the Odwalla 15oz dropped to $2.50 each:
12 x $2.50 =$30
- 12 $1/1 tearpad Qs
=$15, get $10 LW cat --- total cost =$5

Found $1/1 handtags on the Orchard Select & Sun Fresh Delmonte fruit jars today. We love these - they have many varieties - peaches, grapefruit, citrus salad etc. They are in the refigerated section near the small fruit cups. They are on sale 2/$5 and are part of the LW promo.
So this is the deal I did:
12 jars x $2.50 = $30.00
- $10 LW CAT
-$2 (10%)
-$12 (12 x $1 hangtag)
= $6 OOP and get another $10 CAT back. Not bad because the regular price is $5.xx each! Its like buy 1 get 11 for free!

O ORGANICS BABY FOOD~First posted here.
I noticed the "O" organics on the LW list. If anyone still has the $1 Q's, the baby food jars might be a good option. I think they are still on sale for 10 / $6.00 and 10 / $7.00. So buy 2 @ a time for .20 or .40 for 2 after Q. I have been throwing these in on most of my orders but I think I will wait now as I am running out of Q's.

OROWEAT BREAD~First posted here.
73130 - 00051 96050543 1 24 OZ OROWEAT BREAD WHOLE GRAIN AND FLAX
these are $2.50. x12=$30-$3(10%)-$12(12x$1/1)-$2 doubles-$10 CAT=$3 for 12 loaves of bread.
First posted here: Not sure if it's been mentioned, but watch for specially marked packages of Oroweat for a reusable bag promotion. Collect 3 codes (printed inside the package), enter them into the website and you get a free reusable shopping bag. I'm not sure on the quality of the bag, but hopefully it's a nice one.

PEPSI 24 PACKS~First posted here.
Pepsi 24pks are $4.99 each (wyb 2 or more) starting tomorrow 4/22, they qualify for LW
$29.94 - 6 x Pepsi 24pk @ $4.99
$0.70 - Yoplait Yogurt
-$10.00 - LW
-$2.06 - 10%
-$6.00 - 6 x $1 MQ (not sure where these came from)
$12.58 oop and get back $10 LW
Without the 6 Qs it works out to be ~$3.09 per 24pk, pretty good price.

PLANTERS BIG NUT BAR~First posted here.
USING $0.75/1 MQ from upcoming 4/19 SS
For areas that DBL $0.75:
Buy 1 at $2.79/1: $30.69
-10%: -$3.07
-11 $.75/1 DBL: -$16.5
Total : $11.12 + $10 LW cat (if you already have $10 LW cat, OOP should be $1.12)

PLANTERS NUTS~First posted here.
I see a nice deal on Planters Nuts for LW if you still have some of those $2/2 tearpad coupons that expire 4/30.
12 Planters - $30.00
SW 10% Discount - $3.00
MFG Planters Tearpad - $2.00/2 x 6 ($12.00)
Total: $15.00 ($5 if you roll the LW Catalina) + $10 LW Catalina

PRECIOUS CHEESE~First posted here.
8 12oz. Precious Cheese @ $3.99 = $31.92 (sale price through 4/28)
- 10% $3.19
- $16 - 8 $2 Q's (Peelies found on the big string cheese packs 3 weeks ago)
Total = $12.73 OOP and you get $10 ONYO or $2.73 after you roll the CAT ($.34 each) (+ another $10 CAT to roll)

Pure & Natural liquid soap and bar soap are part of LW.
The liquid soap is now $4.49 BOGO.
There is a $1/1 q in SS 4/19 insert and a printable $1/1 here. []
Nice deal for this soap.
I think the bar soap is also B1G1 but couldnt find it online.

QUAKER RICE SNACKS~First posted here.
Buy 12 - 3.52 oz Quakes (Chocolate, Caramel, or Apple Cinnamon)
12 x $2.49 = 29.88
Buy 1 - Mac & Cheese .59
$30.47 total
-2.05 10%
-12.00 coupons - Quaker Rice Snack Product, Any - 03-29-09 RP $1.00ea
-10.00LW Coupon
total $6.42 - get back another $10.00LW

QUAKER RICE SNACKS~First posted here.
Quaker Rice snacks are $1 each in next week's ad 4/29 - 5/5
Lol...anyone up for free Quaker rice snacks?
Buy 30 rice snacks. Use 30 $1.00 off coupon for any Quaker rice snacks in 3/29/09 RP.
10%: 28.00
30 $1.00 coupons
total: -$2.00

RAGU/PASTA~First posted here.
Also, while I was at Albies I saw another Monopoly booklet with a coupon for a free pasta (up to 1.50) with the purchase of two Ragu's. The Ragu's are 2.00 just through the 14th. So if the deal DOES start early you have one day to do this deal.
12 Ragus 24.00
6 No Yolks 7.50
31.50 -3.1(10%)-7.50(free no Yolks)-7.2 (12 Ragu mfc doubled)-10(previous cat)=$3.7
There are a few "ifs" with this one. If the deal starts early and the coupon is a manufacture (starts with a 5) but it has Albertsons written pretty big on it.

Reynolds Wrap Recycled Aluminum Foil - 50 Sq. Ft.
$1 any one reynolds wrap Q from reynolds brochure exp. 12/09 excludes 25ft
$2.29 X 13 = $29.77
- 10% $3
-dblr $2
-LW $10
-Q's $13
+ .59 mac n cheese filler to reach $30
$30.36 - $28 = $2.36

RITZ CRACKERS~First posted here.
Ritz chips are part of the LWFG at $2.59 each. I had some $2/3 coupons from some sort of beer display (expire 4/30), so the math is:
$2.59x12=31.08-10%=27.98-(4) $2/3 coupons=19.98-previous $10 cat=9.98 for 12. Not super, but if you like them that is pretty cheap and it would be a good filler. Also you get the free pencil pouch for buying them and I am not sure if that is limit one per person, but of not that could be 6 free pouches too? The coupons I have are DND.

SMART BALANCE~First posted here.
Ok...I see a potential deal for LW promo by buying Smart Balance products.
There's a coupon in 3/1 RP for free Smart Balance butter blend stick any variety with the purchase of Smart Balance buttery spread
There are two other Smart Balance coupons in 4/5 RP. One is save $1.00 on any one Smart Balance 50/50 butter blend . The other is save $1.00/2 Smart Balance buttery spread.
So depending on how much the smart Balance cost on LW promo day, we are looking at a potential deal. The buttery spread cost $3.29 without the sale price now.

Scenario first posted here:
The Smart Balance Butter is 2 for $5.00 so this is what it would look like.
6 Smart Balance Buttery Spread - $15.00 (6x$2.50)
6 Smart Balance Butter Sticks - 15.00 (6x$2.50)
Total = $30.00
- $6.00 (6 x $1/1) IP's, Peelies on Spread, 4/5 RP
- $15.00 (6 x $2.50) Free Sticks wyb Spread 4/5 RP
- $3.00 (10%)
Total to subtract - $24.00
OOP: $6.00 and receive $10 LW Cat
$4 mm if you roll the LW Cat

SMART BALANCE OIL~First posted here.
-10 LW cat
-2 (10%)
-10x $1/1 (2/1RP, 4/5 RP, IP)
-2 OR/SW WA doubles
= $6.00 for 10x 24oz bottles of oil

Snuggle Exhilarations White Lavender And Sandlewood Liquid Fabric Softener - 32 Fl. Oz. 3.99
3.99 x 8 = 31.92 - 10.00 LW cat = 21.92 - 2.19(10%) = 19.73 - 8 (1.00/1) found = 11.73 plus get your 10LW cat back
Would be even better if this Q applies 19.73 - 8(2.00/1 16.00) = 3.73 plus get your 10LW cat back
Not sure though...
11111 - 24284 31200090 9 32 FZ SNUGGLE FBRC SFTNR PEACH BLSSM 32LD

SOBE LIFEWATER~First posted here.
30 Sobe Lifewater = $30
-$12 ( .40 * 30 q)
-$2 (10%)
-$10 (LW)
= Only $6

STARBUCKS COFFEE~First posted here.
I am running out the door, but just read this post about a $2 starbucks coffee coupon. Starbucks is 8.99 in Southern California. SO 8.99-2.00 coupon=6.99 each
-1.50 cat-3.00(33%) LW promo=2.50 each. Hmmm...not sure if my math is all correct, but this may be a great addition to my shopping list!!!!
I think the cat ends April 21-but not sure.

SUNCHIPS~First posted here.
$1/2 Q for Sunchips, part of LW and in next week's ad:
Posted here: I didn't see this posted yet but in the Living Well paper at Dominicks there is a coupon on the back making the sun chips $1.99 (limit one). With the coupon it would be 2/$4.99 - 10%- $1 printed Q = 2/$3.50. Hope I did that right!

TROPICANA~First posted here and details here.
tropicana is $2.50...can use the $1/1 IP ( to get trop50 down to $1.50 (or $1.25 w/ 10%) it's part of LW promo
2.50 X 12 = 30.00
10%: -3.00
after 10%: 27.00
coupons: 12 $1.00 off from 3/15 RP
total: 15.00 for 12 cartons of OJ plus a $10 Cat

YO-PLUS YOGURT~First posted here.
Yo-plus yogurt is $2.50 and part of living well. There are $1.50 printables here []
Buy 12 = $30 - 10%($3) - 12x$1.50 (18) = $9 and get a $10 cat. $1 money maker.
If you can't print 12 coupons mix and match with something else to get to the $30.

ZONE BARS~First posted here.
Zone Bars are on sale for $1.25 each
Buy 24 = $30
Use 6 of the B1G3 coupon (if you have from here)
Coupon Autodeducts (although you have point out it is B1G3: 1.69*3 = 5.07
So $30 - 30.42 + (0.42)
And get your LW $10 coupon

ZYRTEC~First posted here.
Zyrtec - several assorted adult and children's - not a bad deal if you live in the windy desert like I do and it's a necessity.
30 ct = 18.99 $4 IP and 3-15-09 RP for 24 ct+
14 ct = 13.99 $2.50 3-15-09 RP
$2 Childrens IP price unknown
Mailable links for each added on that thread by yours truly for each - should get in time for the promo if you can't use IPs bounce
The childrens, 5 ct and 14 ct have a satisfaction guarantee

Free ham or turkey (up to $20) wyb $40 of Unilever products 4/1/09 - 4/30/09 First posted here:
  • Purchase any ham or turkey and $40 worth of Unilever products between 4/1/09 and 4/30/09 (can be purchased via multiple shopping trips)
  • Circle the ham or turkey and the Unilever products purchased with their corresponding prices on your original store-identified cash register receipt(s) dated between 4/1/09 and 4/30/09 (no duplicates allowed)
  • Fill out the rebate form
  • Mail the original rebate form (no copies allowed), all original dated sales receipts with item descriptions and product purchase prices circled in a stamped envelope to: FREE Holiday Dinner Offer, PO Box 420509, El Paso, TX 88542-0509. All requests must be postmarked by 5/7/09
  • Receive a check for the purchase price of your ham or turkey (up to $20).
  • Participating Unilever brands include: Axe, Ben & Jerry’s, Bertolli, Breyers, Caress, Country Crock, Degree, Dove, Good Humor, Hellmann’s/Best Foods, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!, Klondike, Knorr, Lever 2000, Lipton Recipe Secrets, Lipton Tea, Pond’s, Popsicle, Promise, Q-tips, Ragú, Skippy, Slim·Fast, Suave, Sunsilk,Vaseline, Wish-Bone.
First posted here: In case there are any Newbies (like me) or late-comers to the Unilever free ham or turkey deal, I compiled a list of items, for which we have coupons, that are eligible for both the Unilever ham and Living Well promos. I will be earning my ham next week using this list (having $30.02 to go, this should work well with LW). I hope it can help others, as well. (Click on post link to see the list.)

Please rep the appropriate ops where these deals were first posted! Smilie

This post can be edited by most users to provide up-to-date information about developments of this thread based on user responses, and user findings. Feel free to add, change or remove information shown here as it becomes available. This includes new coupons, rebates, ideas, thread summary, and similar items.

Once a Thread Wiki is added to a thread, "Create Wiki" button will disappear. If you would like to learn more about Thread Wiki feature, click here.


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Original Poster
Deleted, for now, since this post was SO old, don't want to confuse anyone!
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Free is good Smilie Pay me? Even better! Smilie
Quote from IsaveUsave View Post :
I need to read the last 3 pages, but I need to go to work, but I think we should add a section in the WIKI if it isn't already there for items that may be tagged, but are not on the list and do not work for the LW promo. Some items, I have found not on the list are
SKU 38250097 ICBINB cooking baking sticks (the new ones with the $1/1 coupon) Frown
SKU 38250044 ICBINB 2 tub pack of the light flavor

All the Huggies Boxes of Diapers in the stores I went to have tags, but the UPC and SKU numbers do not match the list or the counts. Has anyone successfully done these? I am afraid to try with that much OOP. The wipes all match up though..

I've seen talk of others not on the list, but they were for items I wasn't buying so maybe someone else could get us the UPC's of the ones not working but are tagged so we can all avoid those products..

I know I have called catalina before when this happened in other promos and they just say they input the list that Safeway gives them, and the store will have to handle it, which they always do, but does anyone know, maybe Niko, if items can be added mid promo to work correctly. Thanks...Bobbie

I have bought the Huggies successfully - size 4 82 ct and 88ct; size 3 96 ct
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Quote from FrugalFamilyDC View Post :
Rolled that right into
4 French's $3.39 = $13.56
5 Yo Plus $2.50 = $12.50
Breyers Ice Cream = $3.00
Tropicana = $2.50
LW Total = $31.56
For $50 total to get bag
4 Pledge Multi Surface = $15.96
2 Gallons of Milk = $5.99
3 Halls - $3.00
Total= $56.61
-$4.00 French's
-$5.00 Yo Plus
-$8 Pledge
-$3 Halls
-$10 LW Cat
TOTAL OOP for Run #2
Got $10 LW Cat, $5 Pledge Cat, $1 Pledge cat (shouldn't I have gotten 4 total?) and 2 x $1 Cat from French's

So both trips spent $40.11 OOP and got $18 in cats now and possible get $3 more.
Great job on ur run!!
I think you should have gotten 2 $1 cats from the Frenchs as well.

oops ur right u do have it listed maybe thats a sign I should go to bed!
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Last edited by nikki17s April 16, 2009 at 07:59 PM
Yes, you should have gotten 4x $1 pledge cats (along with that $5 one you did receive)...hmm..may want to call for the missing 3..

1888 8COUPON (Catalina)
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ISO Popcorn Haagen Dazs $1.00/1 Any Carton Celery Lift Right Guard FREE IP hug
Quote from nikki17s View Post :
Great job on ur run!!
I think you should have gotten 2 $1 cats from the Frenchs as well.
I list 2 x$1 for the French's, I forgot I was getting those so I was happy.

How do I contact Catalina about getting the $1 x 3 for the pledge.

Also on my way out I saw some cat prints laying in a cart in the parking lot and found a free lifewater coupon and free yocrunch coupon!!

It was icing. Also after reviewing my reciept it looks like 1 - $1 coupon was missed actually. No big deal though.

Quote from SoakerDude00 View Post :
Yes, you should have gotten 4x $1 pledge cats (along with that $5 one you did receive)...hmm..may want to call for the missing 3..

1888 8COUPON (Catalina)
Thanks!! Hopefully this will work out!

Also, all my cats were printed on a cat machine that was running out of ink. When I rolled the previous one it didn't scan and he needed an override. Do you think I should ask CS to put it on one card or something?
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Last edited by FrugalFamilyDC April 16, 2009 at 07:47 PM
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Where can i get this safeway coupon booklet that says $37 in home cleaners.. saw this on ebay.. some really good cpns.. glade bogo, pledge and other cpns..
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Quote from Lisa123 View Post :
Regarding stores that enforce rigid coupon policies and stores that don't... I have consistently found the Safeways in richer areas of town are much more lenient about coupons. I live in a mediocre neighborhood and all of the Safeway stores near me are very picky and suspicious about coupons. Instead of going to them, now I go to the Safeways that are out near where I work in the wealthy suburbs. I have yet to have anyone question or refuse any of my coupons at these stores. It's definitely classism at work, but it saves me a lot of angst. Just a thought/recommendation for those of you having a hard time with coupons at particular stores.

Out here in LA it's the middle of the road stores that give all the issues. The wealthy areas and the ghetto ones don't give a darn what you do. Then again, here the middle class has illusions of grandeur due to it's proximity to actual wealth. Wink
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pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.

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Quote from geetavee View Post :
Where can i get this safeway coupon booklet that says $37 in home cleaners.. saw this on ebay.. some really good cpns.. glade bogo, pledge and other cpns..
Try SW a booklet there...
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Just a quick OT FYI

Since Niko's gas rewards were stolen today, his number is erased and is in the process of being changed.
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Quote from Superbob0000 View Post :
yay, found a friendly store that let me roll $40 of CAT;s to a GC.....i could have gotten more on there, but the LW CAT beeps at two. then they read the CAT....and then a no go....
so i didnt think that has been mentioned it......1 per transaction(unless overridden)...

also wanted to say those on the Oregon coast, lincoln city and a grand opening, and a new store with 10% cards sent for those in that area, heres a good chance to get added based on that.

Ohh that is two hrs north of me... maybe Ill get some luck? Smilie
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Life is a gift. Use it to get things free! Stick Out Tongue
Quote from geetavee View Post :
Where can i get this safeway coupon booklet that says $37 in home cleaners.. saw this on ebay.. some really good cpns.. glade bogo, pledge and other cpns..

I found the booklets on the counter at the customer service desk at my Nor Cal SW. I also found the Safeway LW booklet with Qs nearby.
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Quote from shuriken View Post :
they're 2.89 each. $1/1 peelies (or $1/1 IPs) w/bogo and 10/20/30% safeway card. Big Grin
Where are the peelie's located? There weren't any on the packages at my safeway...
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Quote from Lisa123 View Post :
Regarding stores that enforce rigid coupon policies and stores that don't... I have consistently found the Safeways in richer areas of town are much more lenient about coupons. I live in a mediocre neighborhood and all of the Safeway stores near me are very picky and suspicious about coupons. Instead of going to them, now I go to the Safeways that are out near where I work in the wealthy suburbs. I have yet to have anyone question or refuse any of my coupons at these stores. It's definitely classism at work, but it saves me a lot of angst. Just a thought/recommendation for those of you having a hard time with coupons at particular stores.
I don't know about SFW but that is definitely NOT true at WAGS. I live a few miles away from one of the areas in WA that has the highest per capita income; the Walgreens there is the absolute WORST store ever to coupon in. I avoid it totally unless I'm desperate...
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Meow. Wink

I am not a cat lover. My sister is deathly allergic to cats. When we were growing up we wore each other's clothes and if I ever even touched a cat, she would be ill for days. I learned to stay away from them and, just from habit, mostly still do.

As I said, I am not really a cat lover. (Now CATS are another thing altogether!)
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