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MSI A5000-025US 15.6" Laptop: Intel Celeron T3000 1.8GHz, 3GB DDR2, 250GB HDD, Nvidia 8200M-G, HDMI, Windows 7 Home Premium $320 @ Officedepot B&M

LifeStyl3r 1,210 6,992 November 13, 2009 at 10:06 PM in Computers (5) More Office Depot and OfficeMax Deals
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Officedepot [] has the MSI A5000-025US 15.6" Laptop for $320 In-Store Only.

This Ebay page [] has the best information I can find.[/B]

# Intel® Celeron T3000 processor 1.8GHz
# 15.6" WXGA widescreen LCD (1366 x 768 resolution)
# 3 GB DDR2 memory (2 Dimm)
# 250GB hard drive capacity
# Supermulti DVD-RW optical drive
# 802.11b/g/n WLAN
# 1.3 megapixel webcam
# Nvidia GeForce 8200M-G video graphics
# HD audio with 2 speakers
# HDMI port
# 3 USB 2.0 ports
# 4-in-1 card reader
# PCI Express slot
# VGA port
# 103-key keyboard
# 65-watt AC adapter
# 6 cell battery
# Windows 7 Home Premium

* Dimensions: 13.66" x 9.68" x 1.4"
* Unit Weight: 5.24 lbs.

Product Warranty:

* 3 year limited warranty.
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BIOS with overclock options/ ctrl-fn swap updated to latest version (X.0T) released 2010-07-26:

MSI A5000, and A6000 are based upon the MSI 1683 "Whitebook".

A5000 , A6000 series uses the same motherboard as the 1683 "Whitebook".
A5000 =11-2009 (2010) model=Win7, aka CR500 = Vista 2009 model?

Information supplied by Warner from MSI USA:

Vista = Win7
U210 = L2100 (1241)
CR600 = A6000 (1683)
CR500 = A5000 (1683)
CR400 = A4000 (1451)
CX600 = A6005 (1682)

Link to A5000-025US product page on = as of 2011-06 I can't find it,Mad typing A5000, A5000-025US does not bring up any hits for me... EEK! (This is not a good sign...I hate companies that once product is superseded you get "Nothing found" when you type in a model number. Typing in A5000-025US should bring up product page- Link to latest bios, drivers. (Tip search for CR500)

EDIT: Found the product page by GOOGLING some more, Google rolled me over to my own posts on Slickdeals in which I had posted links to the product pages for the unit! MSI really needs to update their search engine so it searches all divisions when a model number is typed in. IIRC there are several divisions of MSI and they don't link /forward info between them.

15" ~ 16" (Discontinued) > A5000-025US
Product Number: 9S7-168344-025

Drivers, Bios, manuals: Link on above page rolls over to CR500...

Assemble, disassemble VIDEOS, and PDF's of CR600: (sister unit to A5000)

Windows 7 x64 =

MSI does not "do "x64, all systems, even ones with 4GB are shipped with 32-bit OS.

Search for posts by Hurt777 - he has a walk thru on installing Win7 x64

EDIT: It appears that x64 drivers are listed now:

TIP: MSI sources parts from several vendors: Run a app like Belarc Advisor to find out what is in your unit.

Support: Long term impressions

Long term impressions of the unit is good- abit right now I have a problem in which the unit will not come out of sleep mode via any attached USB device due to BIOS is hard-coded to stop monitoring USB ports in Sleep mode.

Post 1199
Can't wake from S3 sleep mode from USB Mouse, keyboard, ehome Infrared Receiver (USBCIR)

Anyone has any info, feel free to post...

MSI sites are tricky to navigate, links go dead:
As I mentioned above about a year and 1/2 after purchase I can't find support pages. Links previously post here are getting 404 errors.

MSI has a forum board .
MSI really needs to do some spring cleaning so to speak- Get some of their tech's posting over there.
- I'd rate it about a 3 out of 10.

What to expect when posting on the MSI forum board:

1: There are more mods than users.
2: If you post anything about x64, BAS (mod) is sure to post his boiler plate response there is no need to run x64, 32 is faster.
3: Mods to post "We don't work for MSI" if you ask a hard question.... if you get a response at all.
4: Most threads lead to a dead end, with the boiler plate "contact MSI support for hard issues".


RECOVERY DISCS- WARNING, MSI ships product without testing what they sell.

Update the SATA DRIVERS ASAP before you burn the recovery discs ! (Disc burn will fail, or discs will burn but won't work
(Crap-ola - 404 error.... What the FAQ, link to the files needed to update the SATA drivers for the burner said there was there was a LARGE number of units affected over several product lines- in which end users would burn the recovery discs only to find out "later" the discs were no good.

Potential of T3000 CPU

The A5000 is powered by a Intel 1.8 GHz Dual Core Celeron processor. This processor (ranked #98, according to benchmarks [], beats the M500 AMD II Processor (rank #99).
You can check out to look at how it compares with others.

T3000 vs Pentium Dual Core T4200. Both are 45 nm "penryn" Core 2 Duo derivatives, with 1MB cache vs. 2MB in the C2D T6500.


A5000/A6000's based upon the MSI-1683 are GOOD OVERCLOCKERS with SVET's modded bios.
Search for posts by SVET (On MSI forum) , Hurtz777 for a detailed step by step overclocking guide.)

Sister units
As stated previously the 1683 motherboard is used on the 5000, and 6000 series. Same motherboard is used on various models.
This laptop is essentially the same as the MSI A5000-026US Notebook that was sold thru Circuit City.

This deal compared to the popular Acer Extensa 5230 a few days ago (2009-11?).

MSI has a Intel Celeron T3000 1.8GHz Processor (rank #98 on benchmarks []) vs the Celeron 900 2.2GHz ranked #181 on the same benchmark test. +1 MSI.
Screen resolution is different because one is 15.6" while the other is 15.4".
3GB DDR2 vs 2GB DDR2 memory. +1 MSI.
250GB HDD vs 160GB HDD. +1 MSI.
MSI has a 4-in1 card reader. +1 MSI.
Acer has 64-bit Win 7. +1 Acer.


77 78 79 80 81

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I have experience with two of these A5000 units and both of them have the high pitch squealing sound that actually comes from the mini pcie wireless card. You will notice it will get louder as you increase wireless throughput such as coping a large file across network. The stock 150mbps Atheros card squeals as well as my new 300mbps Gigabyte Ralink card.

Quote from Neevak View Post :
is it just me and my laptop? i hear a low high pitch sound coming out the back
possibly the P8400 i replaced the celeron with?
(not overclocking anything, just have video shared memory at 512)

on another note
according to the videos the bluetooth module is supposed to be installed on the front side (under the keyboard), and i was playing around with the wires from the back lid since people kept saying that the cable was least this machine has free instructions on how to disassemble/reassemble, but still quite a hassle since its not right behind the back lid
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After you have done the fresh install by following my guide way back in this thread including update Nvidia 15.51 chipset drivers and video drivers you can use the Vista7 Slic Loader 2.4.8 utility posted at the link below to properly and legally activate your Windows 7 Home Premium without ever entering a license key. Just choose not to enter a key during the first parts of the fresh install. By the way this royalty key activation can also be used on all other versions of Windows 7 including Pro and Ultimate. winwink shake head After downloading and unzipping the loader below run the exe. It should auto select the "Certificate selected" section as "MSI" and "Activation Mode" section as "OEM (Cert & Key). If it hasn't done this then you will have to manually select those entries. Next click "Install' button at the lower left of window and after the OEM certificate and Royalty key are both installed you should see status go from red "Not Activated" to a green "Activated"! At this point you will be genuine and activated for life just like the notebook came from factory. After this is done you can click exit and enjoy your notebook. Now it is time to overclock this beast to it's MAX! This loader app will work on all manufactures of notebooks with all versions of Win7. You can even click the "More" button and get your own OEM logo to show up on My Computer properties.This has been my favorite notebook of all time and even OCed to 2.7Ghz on original Celeron T3000 CPU it has been rock solid with no glitches or added heat or noise. Props to MSI, Svet, and Omdhar(Bad ass loader app)!

Vista7 Slic Ldr Download Link:

Quote from yazyazoo View Post :
I have been having issues with my laptop. I OC'd it and my usb external hard drive isn't recognized by any usb ports. I tried the drive on other laptops and desktops and it works fine.

I want to do a fresh clean install of Win7 32bit. I downloaded a fresh ISO from Microsoft. Can I just use the key under the laptop? Does MSI have their own royalty key?

What is the best way to do this. I could restore with MSI restore but I don't want all the crap on it.

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Quote from p0opstlnksal0t View Post :
sounds like you need to go into your disk management and rename the letter of the usb drive as its conflicting with another assigned letter... happens every once in a while.
Oh this solved my problem. Thanks for the tip. This has never happened to me before. Weird!
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Anyone know where I can buy a relatively cheap battery for this?
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ebay will be cheapest
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Quote from corporationx View Post :
Anyone know where I can buy a relatively cheap battery for this?
RE: MSI A5000-025US (Office Depot USA version) battery.

Q: What is the part number of the battery you are looking for?

PS: Post the voltage/rating info off the battery label, should be near the part number.


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has anyones bios bugged out? im not able to manually overclock for the last 4-5 months now
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Quote from p0opstlnksal0t View Post :
has anyones bios bugged out? im not able to manually overclock for the last 4-5 months now
No mines been rock solid. I swapped out the T3000 for a $120 T9300 OEM on Ebay and it runs mid 30's C OCed to 3.0ghz/3.24Ghz IDA mode. I also added an Intel SSD and it scores 7.8 on this not too shabby Nvidia AHCI SATA controller. I absolutely love this notebook. Maybe Svet could mod the newest bios for us.
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It's been awhile since I posted on this thread. I agree with hurtz777. I've owned a bunch of laptops and this has to be my favorite of all time. I absolutely have no problems or complaints with this laptop. Very fast (still on the OC'd T3000) and quiet. Have to thank everyone on this thread as well with all the informative descriptions on how to overclock this machine and how to update the software.

Just curious, I'm thinking about buying another MSI laptop and I was wondering how easy it is to overclock it. I'm assuming one would have to ask someone at MSI to create an updated version of the bios to be flashed. Will they do it, or was the A5000 just one of those "rare" laptops they allowed since it was a Celeron?

BTW, it's almost been 1.5 years since this deal occurred and I still haven't really seen new laptops with this type of feature/performance at around this price point. Either its one of those single core models like the 900/925, or they have less ram / no hdmi / no webcam combination, or cost more for something like a P6100. I would think by now I can get at least a P6100, with the same features, at the $320 range, but this is not the case.

Again, thanks to everyone on this thread. Not only did I learn a lot (coming from a non-techie background), but I had a lot of fun with the tinkering and, best of all, using an excellent laptop at a ridiculously low price.

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has anyone experienced issues with the laptop shutting off? I just noticed an issue yesterday and something appears to be loose internally. If I press on the front of the laptop next to the touchpad, it shuts the power down completely. I can restart it, but if it gets moved around it shuts off again.

Also, has anyone sent one back for warranty repair yet?
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Quote from is_250 View Post :
has anyone experienced issues with the laptop shutting off? I just noticed an issue yesterday and something appears to be loose internally. If I press on the front of the laptop next to the touchpad, it shuts the power down completely. I can restart it, but if it gets moved around it shuts off again.
If your issue didn't sound like a physical defect I'd otherwise be tempted to blame any overheating/shutdown issues on the NVIDIA chipset. With shutdowns on systems with this graphics chipset I strongly recommend a call to the manufacturer to determine if a known warranty issue already exists there.

Good luck!

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Quote from is_250 View Post :
has anyone experienced issues with the laptop shutting off? I just noticed an issue yesterday and something appears to be loose internally. If I press on the front of the laptop next to the touchpad, it shuts the power down completely. I can restart it, but if it gets moved around it shuts off again.

Also, has anyone sent one back for warranty repair yet?
I just sent mine in to repair the left screen hinge. It was coming loose and was very annoying. They only took about 3 days to replace the hinge and my notebook seems brand new now. I didn't have to reinstall windows but decided to take the time to do it anyways. They did install a new mainboard or flashed the bios to an oem version so I had to reflash the overclocking bios which is why I'm reading this thread again.
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What ever happened to Hurtz777 overclocking guide for this laptop?
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MSI A5000 , AKA, CR500, MSI-1683 series

Anyone here running WIn7 Windows Media Center (WMC), MediaPortal, Myth, or other dvr app using their A5000 as a HTPC hooked up to LCD/Plasma panel, or projector? As you know controlling the unit via a remote is a major factor when is comes to ease of use.

A5000 will NOT wake from S3 sleep mode via USB Mouse, keyboard, ehome Infrared Receiver (USBCIR).
(I've played with power settings, etc without success leading me to the conclusion the BIOS and or the Embedded Controller (EC) aren't listing to the USB PORTS while in sleep mode.)

Putting A5000-025US to sleep via WMC remote (Or via clicking sleep on shutdown menu tab) Puts computer to sleep FINE.
(Blue led on Power button, and blue status led on front of unit flashing.)

Problem is once in sleep mode the ONLY way to "wake" the unit is to physically press the POWER button.

(This is a issue if you don't have ready access to physically press the POWER button.)

I'd really appreciate if my fellow A5000 /A6000 owners could see if their units can be wakened from S3 SLEEP mode from a USB device.

Wife is NOT happy that the WindowsMediaCenter remote will not "wake up" the A5000 as it should.Mad

(Stock) as shipped with BIOS has NO options for ACPI S3 Sleep mode.
I'm hoping that a later bios, or SVET's Modded bios has a proper ACPI section.

As shipped it appears the bios is configured so it is NOT "listening" to the USB ports while in sleep mode.
(A common issue with laptops from my research to reduce battery drain while on battery power - Note to bios programmers- Lots of people these days are using laptops in the desktop, DVR role on A/C POWER)


Windows 7 OS reports A5000 CAN do S3 Hybrid sleep
(Run "powercfg -a" from a cmd line as admin)

Running "powercfg devicequery Wake_armed" shows something weird though... it shows the ehome infrared receiver being listed as the ONLY device on the USB bus being able to wake unit from sleep, but it does NOT show mouse, keyboard.... as is the case on a (older Dell and HP) desktop machines that DO wake from S3 sleep.

In device manager- ehome does show "Allow this device to wake the computer" is ticked off (enabled)

For those that have read down this far- I hope you can give me some good news.

PS: To the owners and the mods here on Slickdeals- A deal is not a deal if the item will not function for reason the item was purchased for.- Either be it for resale, or for use in it's intended role. A "deal" is not a deal if the item is problematic, issues don't get fixed- item dies, you can't get info about the item etc.

Thank you for keeping this thread open.... There is more info in this one thread than all the rest of the net combined!

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I will check mine later tonite when I get back from work. I have thought about using this laptop as a HTPC. And wake from sleep is needed for sure!
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