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COMCAST 16Mbs Performance INTERNET $29.99 >> OR LESS << [EXISTING CUSTOMERS] -- New Customer= $19.99

RndM 489 January 12, 2010 at 02:34 PM in Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) (7)
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Deal Details

I called into Comcast to try & get the 12mbs or 16 Mb Internet Data for $19.99.
Since I have Comcast Double Play (Internet + Voice) they refused & insisted it was only for New Customers for 6 Months.

However the Rep told me that I was eligible for
$29.99 High Speed Internet [Performance] for 6 Months.
Then after 6 Months it would go back to my 'Double Play Performance Internet Rate' ($43)

I was also told that they have the Regular (Economy) Internet for $19.99 [For Existing Customers]

bulb ---> My Technique Big Grin
I called 1 866 565 4863
Verify your Account / Phone Number --
Then choose CANCEL/MOVE Option [#4] -- Then DISCONTINUE [#3].

Explain your interested in lowering your bill & know someone who got the promo for $__...
Tell them that it was NOT via an online Comcast affiliate & they were an Existing customer & they spoke to a Comcast Rep.

Another Possible Method Here

It's 16MBs rather than 12mbs [varies by location!?]..

$29.99 or as low as $19.99 -- YMMV depending on CSR [Length of promo may vary as well - from 6 to 12 Months] ---> VERIFIED by 100s of USERS NATIONWIDE! --but as always Ymmv


--EDIT 08/12/10 --

My Promo was supposed to end in July initially , then it was extended till August. Now Comcast just told me I'll be on the SAME Promo till NOVEMBER woot
They are Rolling Over PROMO's due to the recession & many customers will be able to Retain their original promo till "we are out of this recession" ...
just FYI for those of you who expect to have a Promo ending soon or another point to bring up if you are currently being Overcharged by Comcast.

And if you want to Inquire about your account / lower your bill --> When you call be sure to pick Cancellation / Disconnect Dept from the Automated System.


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WORKING -- Thumbs UP! Big Grin
Ambler, PA
Arlington, Virginia $29.99 for 12 months (Existing internet only customer)
Blacksburg, Virginia $32.99 for 6 months for 12mpbs (Existing internet only customer) 29.99 for 6 months for new customers.
Atlanta, GA - Got $19.99/mo as an EXISTING customer thru chat for 6 months. Repped!!!
Atlanta, GA - Got $19.99/mo for 12/2 speed for NEW customer (no TV or phone) thru chat for 6 months.
Berkeley, CA I went through the phone, about 6 months ago I got the other deal for 12mbps for $19.99 a month, first rep asked if I wanted TV added, asked how much it would add to my bill and I said no. He transfered me to another rep who seemed oddly tired but, he knew what was going on. Asked me a couple questions, if I was a student, how long I'd be staying in my apartment, and then after about 5 minutes (I could hear him typing most of this time) he came back and said he would extend my promotion 6 more months!
Berwyn IL ($19.99 for New Customer)
Bremerton, WA - 03.13.2010 - 19.99 for (12mbps) for 6 months - First time chat. Existing customer with high-speed internet and digital voice.
Breckenridge, CO - $19.99 for 6 months (new customer)
Bristow, VA $19.99 for 6 months (Existing internet only customer)
Brownsburg, IN $24.99 for 6 months (NEW customer) for Performance Internet (up to 16mbps). Modem rental is additional $5 a month.
Burien, WA $34.99 for 6 months 12mpbs (same speed) existing customer
Burlingame, CA - $24.99 for 6 months. Existing customer. CSR also offered 29.99 for 1 year. No questions asked, no hassle at all. Took less than 5 minutes! Said "my friend has this promotion for ...... and is an existing Comcast customer."
Champaign, IL $29.99 for 6 months, existing customer, double play, 16 mbs service, live chat
Champaign, IL $29.99 x 12 months for Blast! 16/2 Mbps HSI. Existing customer coming off previous $29.99 x 6 month promo. Live Chat - > Internet -> Billing. Asked to match local AT&T U-Verse promotion.
Charles Town, WV $29.99 for 6 months, existing customer, 16 mbs service, phone call w/ cust. support, 7/10 - 1/11
Chicago, IL - Mar 3, 2010 - 19.99 for 12 months, 16mbps. Existing Customer. First time chat (chose Internet -> Account and was then moved to Sales). Had to be very persistant about 12 months even though he said only 6 month promo existed in my area. See post #525 for details & script
Chicago, IL $19.99 for 6 months 16mbps performance internet (existing customer, I also have basic cable).
Chicago, IL ($24.99 for 12mbps @ 6 months, Existing Customer with Digital Cable)
Columbia, MD $19.99 for 12 mos 16 MB. Cable TV package 49.99 (extended,basic, digital, etc.) Existing customer.
Columbia, MD $25.05 for 12 months (new customer live chat) for internet only
Denver, CO $24.00 for 12 months, (existing Hi-Speed Internet only customer)
Denver, CO $26.99 for 6 months 12MB
Detroit, MI - $29.95 for 12 months 20Mbs - Shelby Township, MI
Dover, NH - $19.99/month for 6 months + $50 installation. 12mbps.
Elk Grove, CA $19.99 for 6 months and $25 installation fee. New Customers.
Emeryville, CA $59.99 for 12 months of 12mbps Internet AND Digital Starter Cable TV. (Existing customer, promotional 12mos of $49.99 for same package + free HBO just ended) [7/26/10]
Essex, VT- $19.99 12mbps 6 months. (Existing customer with phone and internet)
Eugene, OR $19.99 for 6 months via chat (Existing Internet customer, also have basic cable)
Eugene, OR $29.99 for 6 months via chat (Existing customer, just came off $19.99/month promotion last week)
Federal Way, WA - Usually $53.00/month & now $29.99/month for 6 months (existing internet customer)
Fife, WA - Called and got 12mb for $34.99 for 6 months (was an existing customer and my $24.99 promotion for 6 months just ended.)
Fishers, IN - $29.99/mo for 6 mo. Existing Performance customer.
Flint, MI - Denied twice, and I am not in a current promotion. Called to cancel both times.
Fort Lauderdale, Fl - 16 mbs/$29.99 Internet promotion in addition to the Digital Starter Package & HBO for $40 for 6 months.
Freehold, NJ - $19.99 for next next month + $22 credit for current month. Existing performance plan customer. Was paying $44.95/mo!!!
Fremont, CA-$19.99 for 6 months (previous customer, signed up with other name) Faster than 12mbps Smilie. Just canceled and signed up after disconnect through chat asked for the $19.99 deal and 12 months and how much 16 was. Guess what speed I am getting ?
Fremont, CA - $19.99 for 6 months, existing customer with limit basic cable. Got the 6-month promo thru chat only after asking why I can't get the $19.99 for 12-months promo that my friend got.
Gadsden, Al - $19.99 for 6 months (existing customer with internet only) used live chat
Harrisburg, PA - offered 16 U 2 D for 19.99 for 6mon or 29.99 for 12(took29.99 for 12 so I don't have to do this again for a while) mad repped!!
Hayward, CA - $24.99 for another 6 months. First rep told me I had to upgrade my cable; the second rep just lower it to $24.99 after I told him my promotion ended and I cannot afford the current rate. I keep the basic cable and 12mbps HSI.
Houston (sugar land), TX - . Got the 12mbps for $19.99. Only have Comcast Internet Service. I have the blast 16mbps service for $39.99 for 12 months but It's Expiring. The rep said she had no promotion for 16mbps... so i went with 12mbps
Houston, Texas [OP]
Houston, TX - Just got off the phone with a rep. Got the Blast 12mbs with basic cable for 29.99.
Houston, TX (Sugar Land), $19.99/6 months for Performance (6-12 mbps), $29.99/12 months for Blast (16 mbps) and local tv (existing internet only customer)--called number above
Houston, TX [FrozenMonkey] well I got lower speed [speedtest.net] than you
Houston, TX 77546 (Friendswood) $19.99 for 6 months (existing customer with Internet only)(Performance12 mbs)
Huntington WV $19.99 for Performance, existing customer with internet only, live chat
Jackson, MS ($35 a month for the 8 mbps)
Jacksonville, FL 29.99 for 6 months for 16 mbps. Also $39.99 per month for digital preferred package. Existing customer!
Jacksonville, FL $19.99 for 12 months for 12 mbps service through echat. Best deal I ever got!
Jacksonville, FL $29.99 for 6 months (existing customer, had basic cable and internet). Tried on the phone first and got rejected. Tried chat and am now saving $. CSR actually told me to get back on chat in 6 months and they would give me that rate again!
Joliet IL ($19.99 12mbps @ 6 months New Customer)
Kirkland, WA - 03-22-2010 - 29.99 for 6mo. Existing internet only customer (12mbps). Called, and was offered multiple deals before I said I was going to switch to DSL.
Lawrence, MA - $19.99 12MB 6 mo. Existing customer!
Lebanon, NH - $38/month for 6 months + free installation. 12Mbps internet and basic cable (via phone rep at 1-800-COMCAST, no luck with chat). She said call back in 6 months to see what promo we can renew with.
Little Rock, AR - $29.99 for 16mbps for 6 months. Was a current customer with 12mbps for $42.95/mo. Did it through chat.
Longmont, CO - $24.99 for 6 months (existing HSI only customer - the $24.99 offer includes the $12 or so charged for not having cableTV/phone)
Los Gatos, CA 29.99 for 6 months, existing customer with basic cable. They clearly said I will not get any promotions again in the future because I have consistantly been on promotions.
Lynn Haven, FL - $33 for 16mbps for 12 months
Memphis, TN $19.99 for 6 months (existing customer, had cable and internet)
Minneapolis, MN - Went to comcast.com to try and order 16mb package for 19.99 / 6 mo. Denied bcus I alrdy had service but chat rep offered discount of 24.99 / 6 mo.
Minneapolis, MN (2 times on the phone with no luck, chat confirmed the promo but sent to call the reps again and then no luck. Then used OP's method of trying to "lower the bill" and got same 12mbs that i have today at $29.99 for 6 month. What a pain!
Minneapolis, MN (Tried online chat and got denied, called today and went to retention. Took some effort but ended up getting 12mbs for 29.99 for 6 mo.
Morristown, NJ March 3,2010- 19.99 for 6 months. Existing customer. Did an online chat but was happy for the 6 months. Had no problem getting them to agree.
Nashville, TN $19.99 for 6 months (existing customer, had cable and internet) Added 8/12/2010
Olathe, KS $24.99 for 6 months for new customer
Olympia, WA - $34.99 for 6 months, existing customer, internet only
On the subject of cable providers: I found and used this link off SD in the past to get a discount from my cable provider, Charter. I know this is a Comcast thread, but is it possible that they allow different cable providers to compete in the same geographical area?
Orlando, FL $19.99 for 6 months 16mbps performance internet (Signed up 01/26/2010) using live chat - New Customer
Portland, OR - $24.99 for 12mbps for 6 months or 29.99 for 16mbps
Portland, OR $29.99 for 6 months (Exiting Customer, Internet only. Had the Blast package upgraded as a slick deal awhile back, Kept it with this lower price)
Potomac Falls, VA 20165 $39.99 for a year (existing customer Internet only)
Pottsville, PA (home of YUENGLING Beer) - Existing customer. We were able to get 12 Mbps at $19.99 for 6 months
Richmond, VA
Rockville, MD - Live Chat 4/11/2010 - Performance internet 12Mbps for $24.99 for 6 months. $29.99 one time installation fee. $5 modem rental.
Sacramento, CA 6 megs at $24.99 a month for 6 months
Salisbury, MD - $29.99 for 6 months. Existing customer. Used live chat.
San Francisco, CA - $19.99 for 6 months (new customer). 1st online chat = denied. 2nd time =worked.
San Francisco, CA - $24.99 for 6 months performance (existing customer, super basic cable and internet). Tried via Chat 1st time, said current promotion expiring and what promotions were available and rep put me on the new plan immediately.
San Francisco, CA - $29.99 for 6 months performance (previous customer and used this same offer in the past). 1st online chat = denied. 2nd time =worked. I was also offered 47.99 for Blast for 3 months.
San Francisco, CA-$24.99/month for 6 month. Existing customer. Performance package
San Jose, CA - Had to try three different reps on chat. Finally offered $39.99 for 22 mbps for 6 months (existing Internet only customer)
San Jose, CA - Mar 2, 2010, turned down the first time via chat, 2nd time worked via chat, 20mbps (i asked for 16mbps and she might have been confused) for $29.99 for 6 months.
San Jose, CA [29.99 for 16mbps @ 6 months, Existing Customer with Digital Cable]
San Jose, CA 24.99 for 6 months for 12Mbps, new internet only customer with $25 install (also was offered $33 for 12 months internet only for 12Mbps)
San Jose, CA 29.99 for 12 months, existing customer
San Jose, CA 19.99 for 6 months. 6/23/10 - (existing customer. speedtest.net shows 19.77mbps DL & 3.33mbps UL)
Seattle, WA $29.99(12MBPS) 6-Months
Seattle, WA $29.99 (20MBps) 6-Months. Phone didn't work, but successfully did it via Live Chat
Sharon MA - $19.99 existing customer for 6 month (have both TV and HSI). First thing offered was to keep existing speed for $19.99. But very easily got the discount.
South Plainfield, NJ
Southern NH $19.99 for 6 months for the internet portion (existing customer, very basic cable and internet). Tried phone first last week, no success, tried again via chat - mission accomplished!
State College, PA $19.99 for 6 months 16mbps performance (existing customer)
Stockton, NJ ($29.99 16mbps @ 6 mos, existing internet only customer. Offered $44.95/mos for 22mbps as well)
Tacoma, WA- Got the 6Mbs for 24.99 (Chat), better than what I was paying...
Tallahassee, Florida 29.95 16-20mps for 29.95 for 6 months,no problem, gave it to me right away!
Tallahassee, FL - $29.99 16/2 internet only for 6 months; current customer via online chat. Tried for Xfinity's current online offer $19.99 for 15/3 but was shot down b/c I needed to upgrade to a different plan.
tried it after 30 minutes of the call.
Tucson, AZ
Twin Cities Metro - Took three tries - first said only retention could offer deals but retention was closed. Went to chat, they said there were no deals in my area for existing. Called again next day went to retention. Got 12mbs for $29.99 for 6 months.
Twin Cities Metro Area- Online chat after trying the 19.99 deal. Was offered 12mbps performance for $24.99 for 6 mo as an existing customer (maybe because it's been awhile since I've done a deal?)
Vancouver WA - $39.99 for 12 months, Performance level, existing customer. I cancelled my cable TV at the time and they gave me this for my existing Internet).
Washington , DC - $29.99 for 6 months (existing customer with Internet only)
Wheaton, MD - $24.99 for 12 months. 12mbps. 3/13/10. Existing internet-only customer. Did this via chat. Took 2 1/2 hours. No luck calling.
Wilmington, DE - $30/month, 12 months, existing customer, 16Mb service
Woodbridge, NJ
Woodbridge, VA (Northern Virginia - NOVA) - Could offer $29.99 for 6MBPS (High Speed) or $24.99 for 1MBPS
Woods Cross, UT - $19.99 existing customer (the rep said the $19.99 promo is available for customer who have either cable or phone service as well)
Woodstock, GA $22.95 for 6 months (existing customer basic internet - not sure if that is the 6MBSP, but I did not get performance upgrade, nor need. Already have cable)
WPB, FL 16MBPS for $29.99 for 4 months. Better than nothing and repped.
York, PA - $24.99 for 6 months (6 mbps) or $29.99 for 12 months (8 mbps). Existing customer with $33 internet promo that expired that day and limited basic cable. Also got limited basic cable lowered from $19.99 to $9.99 for 12 months.
York, PA - $24.99 for 6 months or $29.99 for 12 months. Existing customer with $33 internet promo that expired today and limited basic cable.

Westland, MI (They had 16MBPS for $39.99 for 6 months)
Boulder, CO denied because I am already under a $19.99 promotion for 6 months. they said I would have to wait for it to expire and then probably wait another 6 months to apply a new promo
Charleston, SC Live Chat said $19.99 promo is only for new customers. Told me to call 800#.
Jacksonville, FL said the promotion expire 1/4/10 even though I did get the confirmation number from an authorized dealer, they said to me that If I want promotions I can just go through them directly.
Houston, Tx they gave me a deal for 25.49 for 12 months. 12mbps
Gaithersburg, MD denied on 3/13/10 with the excuse that they no longer offer promotions to internet only customers, tried phone twice and chat once.
Houston, TX tried for the 19.99 for 12mbps, csr said that was for new customers only. instead got the 29.99 for 12 months. it'll be 42.95 thereafter.. did this via chat
Malden, MA tried for 19.99 12mbps, no go--was exiting a $29.99 16mbps deal; third rep was adamant on being able to pull up a $10 promo on existing accounts, which would bring the service to $32.95, and threw in another $10 credit for the hassle
Seattle, WA - Currently $39.99 for 12Mbps, denied promotion because of existing Starz/HBO discounts (free). Called to cancel twice, both operators insistent that there were no promotions or discounts available to me.
Sandy, UT - I'm not under any promotion, and they denied me outright. Said I was an existing customer and the 19.99 and 29.99 internet promotions are only for customers that don't currently have internet.
Kendall, FL - No go, $34.99 for 16 Mbps.
Chattanooga TN - existing customer on digital starter TV promo price w/12mbs Internet @ regular price. No go after two months of trying. Reps only offered 1mbs service. Even when cancelling TV which took me off of promo pricing was only offered 12mbs at what I am paying now ($43) despite local TV ads and banner ads on their site promoting $29.99 Goodbye Comcast, Hello EPB fiber optic $57 for symmetrical 15 meg.

btjimmy408 - I can get this for the Bay Area with free installation. New customers. PM me.


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Thanks for posting, but this has been discussed in the following thread:


Also, it's actually better to use Comcast chat in order to get the discount, as people have been denied by the phone. Chat takes less than five minutes.
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Original Poster
I talked to local Comcast Office , Online Chat & Tried regular a CSR Rep. [1800-Comcast]
All DENIED ME the Offer & told me I was NOT ELIGIBLE for ANY discounts.

One even told me I would get the same answer from every other Rep I talk to. [ that I would be ineligible for discounts]

The method stated above was the only one that worked. & believe it or not It was going to be my last attempt. Big Grin
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Quote from g3tz2thapap3r View Post :
I talked to local Comcast Office , Online Chat & Tried regular CSR Rep.
All DENIED ME the Offer & told me I was NOT ELIGIBLE for ANY discounts.

The method stated above was the only one that worked.
I was in the same boat for the past two weeks. It's crazy how hard it can be to get a promotion, yet some people seem to get it no problem, every time. I tried your method last week and got all the way to the actual cancellation because they wouldn't budge. I ended up just hanging up at the last minute and tried chat today and it worked.
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I'm assuming these offers are for those that have some service by Comcast already. Any offers for non customers?
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Quote from catnap1972 View Post :
I'm assuming these offers are for those that have some service by Comcast already. Any offers for non customers?
The $19.99 per month is for non-customers.
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Quote from catnap1972 View Post :
I'm assuming these offers are for those that have some service by Comcast already. Any offers for non customers?
If you don't have Comcast @ all, they have a variety of Promos.

$19.99 for Performance /or/ Regular Internet speeds -- NEW Customers

You can also sign up via Various affiliates & get cashback etc. [but you may face slight difficulties, depending on the affiliate] -- check online reviews of Affiliate before you choose this option.

I believe its 16MBS+ w/ 'POWER BOOST' -- rather than 12Mbs.
but The plan is known as Performance Internet to Comcast
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Markets with...
Competition = DEAL
NO Competition = NO Deal
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i would be a new customer so does the $19.99 last forever?
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172 Reputation
How long does the $19.99 price last for new customers signing up? Is it just a 12months thing?
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Quote from ctbear View Post :
How long does the $19.99 price last for new customers signing up? Is it just a 12months thing?
my question exactly.
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Does anybody know if other services are required for new customers for this internet rate? Also, what are the up-front costs. I can find these out by attempting to sign up, but I wanted to ask in case somebody already knows the answer.
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Quote from lotsalotsadeals View Post :
Markets with...
Competition = DEAL
NO Competition = NO Deal

Yep. I've been making the same argument about there being not enough competition in the broadband market for many years. Until just recently, I used to have people disagreeing with me and saying that low population is the reason prices are so high and speeds so low. Now there's a general consensus that there are informal agreements between the likes of Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast not to compete too much in each other's territories and to keep prices high outside of the usual 6-month promotions.
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I have tried doing the same thing and got denied also. Talked to a rep ans he said no discounts are available to me.
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