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Victoria's Secret Coupons ONLY thread - Absolutely No Off Topic and No Trading In Here

serra 11,523 November 30, 2009 at 08:55 PM
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Last Edited by kel_be January 24, 2014 at 05:15 PM
VS FAQs.....please see wiki for codes

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NEW! Victoria's Secret Coupon Thread
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
This section can and should be edited by users.

I have a code not already listed here, what do I do?
First, please bring it to our attention in conversation. Second, it would be helpful to us if you would add the code, any offer details, and offer links available to this very wikipost, in the section above marked "Codes to be added to the first post."

Does VS charge for return shipping?
Yes. If you use the UPS label that VS provides with your order, you will be charged $5.99. This label comes with its own tracking number. Occasionally you can get free return shipping labels with your orders when particular offer codes are available. Also, if something is wrong with the item you received or the order is wrong, you can call Customer Service (CS) and ask them to waive the return shipping fee.

Can I put returns from different orders in a single return shipment?
Yes. You may want to bind all items from one order together with their return form and bind any other return items with their respective return forms using rubberbands or something similar. However, it is not a requirement to bind them.

I want to return something, does it matter that I threw away that plastic bag with the barcode on it?
It will help VS process your return if the item is in the original bag; however, it is not a requirement.

I want to return something, but I lost my order invoice / return form, what do I do?
Your order information should still be available under "Your Account" --> "Order Status." You can print out a return/exchange form here: and then fill it out with the information from your Order Status. Form is also attached at the bottom of the wiki.

What happened to the monthly Birthday Codes?
It seems that to cut down on coupon abuse Victoria's Secret is now emailing VIctoria's Secret Angels their Birthday Reward with individual certificate numbers.

Does VS do price adjustments?
Yes. For online orders, price adjustments must be done within 3 weeks of the shipment date. You can, however, call CS and depending on the rep you get, they might adjust the price if it's within a reasonable time (a couple days) from the 3 week mark. For in-store purchases, a one-time price adjustment may be made within 2 weeks of the original purchase (must have original receipt).

Does VS accept in-store returns for online purchases?
No. Some items they offer online are available in the store, but item numbers may differ. They do not accept your order invoice as a receipt. You can try to do an "I got this as a gift" exchange without a receipt, but they might not carry the item. If they do carry it, the store will give you store credit for the lowest price the item has ever been. VS does not accept in-store clothing returns on Moda International or any other brand the website carries.

Do I have to return my GWPs when I return the corresponding item purchased?
According to the offer details, VS reserves the right to charge you for the GWPs if you return the corresponding item. However, it depends on what the GWP is and the customer service rep you talk to. In general, if the GWP is an item that they sell, such as lip glosses, ultimate tanks, or flip flops, you will have to give it back in the return. If the GWP is something they don't sell, like totes, weekender bags, and PINK dogs, you normally won't have to return it.

Victoria's Secret Credit Card Online Management: Register today and receive 25 bonus points.

Never post a Certificate Number unless you plan to give it away, since they signify one-time use only.

Victoria's Secret Credit Cardholder Benefits

Passbook of Savings - New Angels will receive our exclusive Passbook of Saving with their new Angel Card. The Passbook includes six months of savings worth over $100.
Endless Rewards - The first 250 points you accumulate using your Angel Card will qualify you for the Angel V.I.P Card and a $10 Angel Reward. Each subsequent 250 points accumulated will earn you a $10 Angel Reward.
Online Account Management - Angels get access. Anytime. Anywhere. Checking your statement, paying your bill or updating your account is as easy as logging in. Register today and receive 25 bonus points.
Birthday Gifts - We'll treat you to a surprise birthday gift each year that your Angel Card is active.
Exclusive merchandise - Angel only mailings and discounts on fabulous Victoria's Secret merchandise.
More Double Points - Double points on every bra purchase. * Only for Angels VIP status.
Beauty Events - We' provide you with free beauty samples and makeovers, and shower you with special little gifts twice a year.

How do I request a new PBOS (PassBook of Savings)?
Log in to the VS CC site noted above, hit "Contact Us" at the top bar, scroll to the bottom clink on the link "Submit a question", select "Other" as the subject, and ask them to send you a new passbook. Please note that you are only guaranteed a PBOS when you first open your VS CC Account and you may be denied an additional passbook.

New Question--->I checked my card, and I did not get Anniversary Triple Points in the month of (insert month). What happened?
Victoria's Secret is now granting Angels triple points for all purchases made during their entire anniversary month. You will receive notification via email (possibly with your billing statement). It is not yet clear how VS determines your anniversary month.

What is the automated backorder cancellation number?
1-800-888-8200 or 1-800-411-5116. Follow the prompts.

What is the address I need to mail my Merchandise Certificates to?
Victoria's Secret Direct GC, LLC
PO Box 182100
Columbus, OH 43218-2100

I called VSD and was told the address is no longer the above, but rather:
VSD PO Box 16589
you might want to call in and verify. hth.

What is VS's address for returns?
VSD Attn: Returns Processing
8695 East Broad Street
Reynoldsburg, OH 43069-0001

What is VS's address for general inquiries?
Victoria's Secret
North American Office
P.O. Box 16589
Columbus, Ohio 43216-6589

How do I get offers mailed to me?
When visiting VS stores, the cashiers normally ask for your phone number and email. Giving them this information allows them to send coupons and mailers to the address corresponding to your phone number. You can also request catalogs through their website and sign up for emails there as well.

When is the Semi-Annual Sale (SAS)?
There are 2 Semi-Annual Sales yearly. Generally, they will start in May (online) and June (in-store) or December/early January (online) and January (in-store).

What does it mean to be flagged and how do I avoid it?
VS flags customers who they feel have abused the coupon codes and/or placed orders that they believe to be illegitimate. There are levels of being flagged, from not being allowed any GWPs or to use coupon codes to outright not allowing you to order from VS anymore. If you get flagged, all of your linked accounts will be flagged too. To avoid being flagged, you shouldn't engage in excessive coupon abuse, or place several orders with the same codes in one day. If you do get flagged, the only way around it is to set up a different account with all new personal information (address, credit card, phone number, and email).

How do I check the balance of my gift card, Secret Santa Card, or Secret Rewards Card?
You may check any promotional gift card or gift card balance in-store. You may also call 1-800-888-8200 and speak to a customer representative who will check any gift cards and promotional cards.

I cannot check my order status. Help!
Type your Client Number and Order Number directly onto the website instead of using the email link. If you do use the email link, ensure that the Order Number does not show up as a line of asterisks (*******). If it does, you must type in the Order Number to gain access to your order status. If neither of these work, clear out your cookies/cache and try again.

What is considered coupon abuse?

Some examples of abuse are:
▪ using the Birthday Code when it is not your birth month
▪ using the Birthday Code in your birth month more than once
▪ using more than one code applied to a single item in order to receive multiple GWPs
▪ placing multiple orders in a small timeframe of the same items to receive several of the same discounts/GWPs
▪ getting the same GWP more than once using different codes
▪ stacking the Tier Code and the Free Shipping Code in one order
▪ using too many $10 off codes (Bra Codes and Birthday Codes)
▪ using discount/GWP codes and checking out without the necessary items in your order by getting them to "stick"

Buying & Selling is not allowed on SlickDeals at all, regardless of the amounts
Trading anything with a retail value of $5 or less is OK
Do not talk people into making others' names appear in "Bold" or telling people who to rep. You may lose your rep points and/or abilities.

new info provided by SheenaMarie412:

What is a Secret Reward Card (SRC)?

This card is given out by VS for purchases made during a specific time frame. Most recently, it was given out in November, with any in-store purchase of $10 or more, or with any purchase online. The cards can be redeemed from December 1 – 24, 2009. The cards have a value of at least $10, but can also be $50, $100, or $500.

Cards cannot be used for gift card purchases. If you do use it for such a purchase online, you do so at your own risk. In the past, when VS has caught similar situations, they have chosen to not refund the order because it is a violation of terms.

To redeem your card:
  1. Use it in stores. According to the terms, you can use one SRC per transaction. If there is any remaining value after your purchase, it will remain on your card until the card expires on December 24.
  2. Use it on phone orders. Just call in, and give the SRC number and PIN when placing your order.
  3. Use it online. When you get to the checkout screen, enter the SRC number and PIN in the gift card slot.

Note: For phone and online orders, you can use up to 3 codes and only 1 SRC per order.

Are the $10 off any PINK purchase printable coupons on eBay valid?

NO. These are fraudulent coupons. There are a lot of sellers listing these on eBay, and despite numerous reports, these listings are not taken down. Even though the sellers have positive feedback, these are not legitimate coupons. They have been going around for a while now. If your coupon looks like this [], but with some alterations, it is FAKE. Some sellers change the expiration date, some remove it entirely…does not matter, the coupon is fraudulent![/QUOTE]

Quote from smilinghelen View Post :



VS CC sent out a thing that looks like spam, privacy policy kind of thing, READ THE FINE PRINT... THEY WILL START CHARGING US $1.00 FOR EACH MONTHLY BILLING STATEMENT WE RECEIVE, unless we opt for the electronic statement method!!!


WHAT AN F IN THE A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you get the letter, it really does look like junk mail, open it up completely, and look on the absolute bottom left of the letter where it says a "Processing Fee: You will be charged $1.00 for each paper monthly billing statement mailed to you. You will not be charged this fee if you have registered for online access to your account and have agreed to receive your monthly billing statement solely electronically via e-statements" O AND ALSO, they are changing something regarding arbitration, and the only option they give you is to write to them if you don't accept the conditions and cancel your card Ranting
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Quote from Schneewittchen View Post :
Add qualifying regular-price bra(s) to your shopping bag. Enter offer code SHIPBRAS12 at checkout. Shipping & handling charges will automatically be deducted for eligible orders after offer code is applied. Valid through 11:59pm EST on April 8, 2012. Valid for free standard shipping & handling anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States; Alaska, Hawaii and the U.S. Territories only $4.99. Gift cards, gift wrap and kits, shipping & handling and taxes do not qualify toward offer eligibility. Offer subject to adjustment due to returns, cancellations and exchanges. Not valid on clearance bras, previous purchases or store purchases. Not valid with any other bra and/or shipping offers or offers that provide discounts on your entire order. Offer can be combined with $15 off $100, $30 off $150, and $75 off $250 offers. For orders outside the U.S., taxes and duties may apply. Offer may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice.
Does not combine with 10Save. :/
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Is 10SAVE the fb code?
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Quote from shoplady2006 View Post :
Is 10SAVE the fb code?
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Quote from ohmichea View Post :
If you have any fs w $50 left I would LOVE one please and thank you!
Quote from jissammy View Post :
I just realized I can't receive PMs. Could you please email me a 50SHIP code/pin to my email? jissammy at wave

thanks so much!! worship
Quote from Wixman View Post :
If you have any left, I'd really appreciate one PM'd as well. Thanks!
Quote from anitasweeta View Post :
I could you use a FS on $50 if you still any available. TIA
Quote from cedricquey View Post :
can i have 1 pls!
Quote from giantsindahouse View Post :
I would appreciate a fs with $50 code if you have any left. Thanks!
Quote from LoveTwoDeal View Post :
Would love a FS with $50 if you had a spare one.... Thanks !

PS. I asked Flyingsheep for one also. So if I end up with two I will give one away... Not trying to be greedy, just appreactive if someone had an extra one...Thanks!
I am so sorry, I had few unused that you could have used. I went off to some shopping last night and forgot to check SD after I got back. I was almost certain that no one else needed the code when I left. I hope you were able to get it from other generous people on this thread.
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Does the 10save code require a pin? I placed an order for over $50 last night & wonder if I could have used it?
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Quote from elysian View Post :
Does the 10save code require a pin? I placed an order for over $50 last night & wonder if I could have used it?
Yes it does, I just tried it Frown
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Would anyone want to trade a 10save code for a $10 src? Actually, I should ask first if anyone knows if I could call & add it to the order I placed yesterday. I used the $10 off bra & free panty code, free shipping on $50, & an SRC.
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is there a trading thread for VS rewards?
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Have $10 off $50 code from the VS FB promo. Interested to trade for SRC, huggies/coke/pampers/stonyfield codes or PM me with offer.
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I hope this has not already been asked (probably has lol) but can you use more than one SRC at a time? I just wondered why I've seen so many people trading them for the 10 off code...I have one more SRC in the mail on its way to me (HOPING it won't be another $10 one) and I just wanted to know if I could use them all together. TIA
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Quote from alysaryn2 View Post :
I hope this has not already been asked (probably has lol) but can you use more than one SRC at a time? I just wondered why I've seen so many people trading them for the 10 off code...I have one more SRC in the mail on its way to me (HOPING it won't be another $10 one) and I just wanted to know if I could use them all together. TIA
Online, no. Instore, no unless you get lucky. It states that it cannot be combined but some stores have allowed it, but very few.
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Wave If anyone is interested in SRC I have 4 SRCs up for trade.PM me.
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I have a $10 online only April bday code I'm looking to trade for a $10 SRC (so I can use in-store)

EDIT--Gone, but thanks for the interest Smilie
Last edited by lillamua April 9, 2012 at 07:30 PM
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These are cute. Has anybody seen these in stores?
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Quote from lillamua View Post :
I have a $10 online only April bday code I'm looking to trade for a $10 SRC (so I can use in-store)
for the bday code can it combine online with the secret reward card? or any other offer code?
thankz please let me know i have some src.
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