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Virgin Mobile -- Unlimited Text / Data / Email / Web-- 300 Minutes = $25/month!

DeathCab 2,818 1,708 May 5, 2010 at 01:41 AM in Phones (2)
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Last Edited by DeathCab August 22, 2010 at 08:41 PM
Virgin Mobile unveiled some new plans that are VERY attractive. Virgin Mobile is owned by Sprint and has very similar coverage to Boost CDMA.

All plans include UNLIMITED data, text, web, and email. The following prices indicate how many anytime minutes you get on TOP of the unlimited features mentioned:

-$25 = 300 anytime minutes
-$40 = 1200 anytime minutes
-$60 = Unlimited anytime minutes

You can add BIS/BES Blackberry service to ANY of these plans for an additional $10/month (making them $35, $50, and $70, respectively)

Though people may appreciate the heads up in case they are interested and getting out of contract soon / thinking about upgrading / renewing contracts soon.

Here is their coverage map:

**Plans are now LIVE**


For other cell phone deals / carriers, please see:
Quote from DeathCab :
This deal uses the Sprint Network... for other coverage see:

Verizon Coverage w/ Optional Roaming + Bring Your Own Device Support
$29.95 - 1200 minutes / 1200 Texts or Pix / 50MB data
$39.95 - Unlimited minutes / Unlimited Texts or Pix / 20MB data
(Rates INCLUDE Taxes / Fees)

Verizon Coverage w/ Unlimited Data + NO BYOD Support or Roaming
$30 - 1000 minutes / 1000 Texts or Pix / 30MB Data
$45 - Unlimited minutes / Unlimited Texts / Unlimited Data
(Rates DO NOT Include Taxes / Fees)

T-Mobile Coverage w/ BYOD Support
$40 - unlimited nationwide text & talk
$50 - unlimited nationwide text & talk + 100 MB data
$60 - unlimited nationwide text & talk + UNLIMITED data

AT&T Coverage with Unlimited Talk / Text -- No Data or MMS Option *iPhone Ready*
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Quote from conquistadorst View Post :
So I guess I'm not the only one... I also noticed that sometimes rebooting the phone fixes it though it might be just coincidence since it's never consistent. It's a bit annoying because I have it wired up to all of my email accounts so I think I'm still getting notified of all of my emails but I'm not. Instead it just disconnects quietly and I get a lot of frustrated people asking why I'm not responding to emails. I wish there was some kind of notification when you're disconnected. Then again maybe there is, I am still an android noobie lol.

But yeah, other than that this thing is a dream come true compared to the ancient phone I had before this.
This was a known issue:

Howard Forums seems to be the go to place for Virgin Mobile.

Quote from grdng View Post :
I agree. Has anyone successfully configured Google Voice for sip?
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Last edited by mikefxu November 15, 2010 at 01:40 PM
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Quote from mikefxu View Post :
This was a known issue:

Howard Forums seems to be the go to place for Virgin Mobile.
HF is the place to go to for any cellular service provider info/discussion.
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I bought the Intercept from Target on launch week. So far it has been a pretty solid phone - a bit slow to respond sometimes and Angry Birds pretty much brings it to its knees but overall pretty good.

From what VM has said on both their Facebook and Twitter accounts there will be additional Android devices available in the next few months. They implied Christmas, but stated next few months.
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Quote :
=imjustagirl;34302003$249 a bit high for a droid phone right now.
Tmobile: 79.99 per month 500 Min unl web and text
ATT: 450 Min $39.99 DataPro 2 GB for Smartphone $25 Messaging Unlimited $20 $85 a month and limited to 2 gig
Verizon 450 Min for 39.99 $20/month for 5000 messages (not unlimited) $29.99/mo. for 5GB (not unlimited) $90 per month for 450 min and limited message and web
Sprint: 450 min $69.99 incl data and message (unl)
Virgin $25 + local taxes 300 Min and unlimited msg and web

Worst case scenario: I pay for the phone in 6 months (Sprint (least expensive option) $70 - Virgin $25 = $45 a month difference X 6 Months =$270) and I don't have a contract for the remaining 18 months.

So, please tell me how spending $45 a month more for 18 months constitutes this being too expensive????? So, you would rather pay over $1000 for a phone because you don't pay for it up front? No wonder this country is in the spot it is in.....
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Quote from sd251 View Post :
If you wait until Black Friday, you might be able to get the Samsung Intercept for free:

UPDATE: Please ignore. The "free" Intercept is ONLY available with Sprint and w/contract.
all phones should be free on contract lol
1. is it really unlimited(soft/hard cap)?
2.can I tether? with which phone(I would like a really cheap phone to just work as a modem)?
3.How can I use my own phone on VM? other than changing ESN? I think I need some keys to get 3G to work but VM won't give me that if I dont use their phone? right?
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Quote from chong67 View Post :
Has anyone successfully tether to it?
I rooted and use wifi barnacle legacy to tether. Works perfectly.
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Quote from exiled1 View Post :
cuz they can...

any way, I have an older Samsung BlackJack II its with att for now but I am out of contract and getting out of a family plan. Does anyone know if I can use this phone on any of these cheaper deals that keep popping up? I really don't need a newer phone right now if I can help it...

I'll put this in the wiki.

You can ONLY use Virgin Mobile branded phones on Virgin Mobile. They will not activate any other phone, even if it is from Sprint.

Not to mention that your BlackJack is GSM, and VM is CDMA. Different technology, so not even physically compatible.

And to everyone complaining about the price of the phones, that's the difference between prepaid and postpaid. With ATT/Sprint/Verizon, they give you discounted/free phones, but you sign a 2-year contract at much higher monthly rates. With prepaid, you buy the phone on your own, but pay lower rates and don't have a contract.

The beauty of this deal is really in getting the Samsung Intercept. This is the absolute cheapest way to have an Android phone with full market/web access. The next cheapest option is around $50 a month.
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Quote from draftversion View Post :
Tethering in Manhattan w/ BB is really slow.
BTW -- for those who are considering the BlackBerry Curve, it costs extra $10 / month. It's not optional.
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Does this really need yet *another* thread?

This 100+ rating thread has been around since May with many others in between.
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Quote from rmjlolover View Post :
intercept is 199.99 at Virgin Mobile as of Sunday.
Today's is Monday and VM shows $250. Even if we trust you, where were you yesterday?
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I got the Kyocera Jax phone and it worked on the Beyond Plan ($25). I am a former Straight Talk user, for now.
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Last edited by GTA November 18, 2010 at 01:47 PM
Can someone sum this up in a nut shell for me. I'm looking to get my teenage son a cell phone for Christmas but need it to have unlimited text, and a decent amount of anytime minutes 300-500 per month. I'm also only looking to spend 25 - 30 dollars per month. Is Virgin mobile the plan for me? I have no problem getting a phone on my own. I appreciate any help given
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Quote from cdrptrks View Post :
This is definitely a slick deal if you like the phones VM offers.

I have been thinking about switching from Boost Mobile to VM but I don't want to pay $150 for the LG Rumor Touch, which seems like about their cheapest "modern" phone available. Does anyone know if it is going to be on sale for Black Friday / Cyber Monday through VM or through a retail store / website? Also, any thoughts on the LG Rumor Touch from people who own it?
Best Buy will have it for 69.99 on Black Friday.

Click image for larger version

Name:	Best Buy - LG Rumor Touch - 69.99.jpg
Views:	89
Size:	25.4 KB
ID:	443305
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Quote from MMitchell29 View Post :
Can someone sum this up in a nut shell for me. I'm looking to get my teenage son a cell phone for Christmas but need it to have unlimited text, and a decent amount of anytime minutes 300-500 per month. I'm also only looking to spend 25 - 30 dollars per month. Is Virgin mobile the plan for me? I have no problem getting a phone on my own. I appreciate any help given
This is plan is just what your looking for. It's $25 per month, 300 min, unlimited text and unlimited data. You do have to buy a phone. I would suggest either the LG Rumor touch for $150 for the Samsung Intercept for $250. Whatever phone you get just keep in mind that it has to a be Virgin Mobile phone.
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I'd just like to say this before some of you all make the jump to Virgin. I bought a rumor 2 for my husband at Walmart. He was on PagePlus previous to signing up for Virgin. For many, many reasons, Virgin was unable to port his number or activate his phone. We tried for 5 days and still have not received a refund for the $25 we signed up with which means another phone call to Virgin again today. We tried everything, gave up, and went back to PagePlus who was able to recover my husband's number and get him straight in less than a half hour.

Go about reading on Howard forums and elsewhere - it's a good deal but they really do have the most incompetent customer service in the industry. So it seems like a good deal and I guess it is if you can ever get your phone activated. If you have any problems, you are squarely on your own or looking forward to hours on the phone with customer service over simple things other carriers solve right away.
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