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RETIRED: The Drug Store / Grocery Store COUPON ONLY TRADING Thread

BosleyT.Bass 53 July 25, 2009 at 01:09 PM

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July 12, 2010, 3:19 pm: System Notice: This thread content has been automatically archived from another thread which reached post limit, and will be preserved for reference and archival purposes. The discussion should continue in the original thread

This thread is for TRADING COUPONS ONLY as they pertain to Drugstore (DS) or Grocery Store shopping.

In other words, no Hertz Rental Car q's because you can't rent a car at the DS or Grocery store. No gift card trading nor stamp trading nor code trading etc... This thread is meant for coupons only. All trades of DS or Grocery Store coupons will go here now.*

*Please see the official rules -- trades of ANY coupon will still be allowed in the Official Trading Thread in Freebies. Any attempts to complain about why people are trading coupons in the Official Trading Thread will result in this thread being locked for good.

If you want to give your q's away without a trade, please see this thread....

A very special thank you to Slayers and Kel_Be for co-ordinating things and letting us have this thread in the DS/G Forum. Clap

Let the DS/Grocery trades begin!!





Please note that if we receive complaints about why people are still trading drugstore/grocery store coupons in the
Official Trading Thread, you will cause this thread to be locked for good.

Also you will politely remind those that want to trade gift cards and/or other things (below $5.00) to use the
Official Trading Thread. Failure to be polite will also result in this thread being locked for good.

Users have the right to trade coupons in either subforum without hassle.


The trading of all other coupons (i.e. xx% off Hertz Rent-a-Car) and gift cards shall be continued to be done at the Official Trading Thread in the Freebies Subforum.

** The Official List of Rules **

1. If there is a problem with your trade, or the person you are trading with you need to work it out on your own and in PRIVATE. Moderators will no longer be getting involved.

Any PM send to any mod involving a bad trade or even asking about a bad trade will result in a 3 point trolling violation and being banned from posting on this thread.

2. You must list the amounts on the coupon and description of the coupon you are trading.

3. Coupons carry a value of only 1/20 of 1 cent. Therefore, they are OK if the Offer amount exceeds $5. (This means if you trade 20 coupons it is counted as $0.01)


5. Keep the chit chat to a very low minimum, so it does not clutter the board!

PLEASE edit your original post when what you were offering for trade is gone (just GONE is fine!)

7. Do NOT offer money of any kind! It's a self promotion for personal gain (monetary gain), and it's not allowed! Money cannot exchange hands between SD member. This is includes PMs, posts, or any other forms of communication on SD! Self Promotion carries a very high value point warning.

8. You cannot ask for money/Pay Pal in "exchange". That is selling, and is not allowed here. Same for referrals! You cannot have people take part in referrals as part of your “trade”. Referrals also carries a very high value point warning.

9. There will be no discussing about bad traders or even the hint of discussing about bad traders. This does nothing more than to cause the threads here to go off topic and cause a lot of drama. Trolling violations will be handled out if I find any type of hinting or discussing of bad traders. Too many of these will also result in the thread being locked for good.

You cannot negatively bash a “bad trader” in your signature, or anywhere else on Slickdeals.net. Having bad trader info in your signature as a result from a bad trade in this thread will cause this thread to be locked. I will also issue Harassment warnings to those that put bad trader info (or even hint at it) in their signature.

Mods will not tolerate having to put up with signatures containing bad trader information.

11. You can only “bump” your trade list once in a 24hr period.

12. Trading stamps is not allowed!

If you do not follow these rules, this thread will be closed by a mod and ruin it for all the Slick Dealers who enjoy it. YOU WILL FOREVER BE IN THE SLICK DEALS DOG POUND IF YOU IGNORE RULES! Please, do not ruin it for those who love this thread!

Special thanks to kel_be for helping me out with the rules here and for providing a template for the rules.

July 30, 2009, 3:00 am: System Notice: This thread has been automatically renewed after reaching a post limit. Most of its content has been moved to this thread for reference purposes.
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Looking for as many $3.00 Purina One coupons as I can get.

I usually get 20-40 inserts every week, so let me know what you're looking for.
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15 copies of inserts this week
20 $2/2 Morningstar coupons
12 $1/4 32 oz powerade, exp 4/30
8 copies of 2/7 insert including P&G
20 1/2 coke 20oz exp 4/30
15 $2/2 seventh generation cleaners
10 free pretzels wyb 2 rold gold exp 6/30
10 save $1 wyb frito lay dip and chips exp 4/30
10 free salsa wyb 2 bags tostitos exp 6/20
20 bogo halls exp 4/30
14 $5 airwick freshmatic starter kit exp 3/21
14 $4 airwick scented oil imotion starter kit exp 3/21
9 $1 bounty, one 6 roll towels or 2 towel or napkins any size
$1 stonyfield yogurt

$3 listerine (expires 6/30 or later)
$10 swiffer (this weeks P&G insert)
$3 crest (this weeks inserts)
$3 Tide (this weeks inserts)
$1/1 bandaid
$10 hasbro printables that expire in april (playsaver.com)
b2g1 renuzit (exp 4/30)
b3g1 vitamin water (hangtag)
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Wiki updated. Smilie
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HBO blinkies

IHA: tons of inserts, just ask, i still have many of the popular ones left, i never use them all Smilie
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Free Tuna Snacks up to $1.88 exp 4/30/10

2x $4 off Glade Sense and Spray Starter Kit exp 3/31/10 (gone)

$10 off Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal exp 9/1/10

$7 off Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal exp 12/31/10

$5 off Physician's Formula Bronzer exp 3/31

Free up to $7 Cat's Pride Litter Product exp 12/31/11

Free product q's
Petsmart Grooming Q's
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Quote from doublesided View Post :
15 reynolds booklets
10 $3/1 schick
15 copies of inserts for 3/21
15 target tide coupons
15 copies of inserts for 3/7
8 copies of 2/7 insert including P&G
10 free pretzels wyb 2 rold gold exp 6/30
10 save $1 wyb frito lay dip and chips exp 4/30
10 free salsa wyb 2 bags tostitos exp 6/20
$2/2 keebler
1/2 kelloggs
20 bogo halls exp 4/30
can print from 3 computers

$3 listerine (expires 6/30 or later)
$10 hasbro coupon 3/21 hasbro insert in paper
1.25/1 nesquick IPC (it's gone from the site, you would have had to print it already)
.75/1 goldfish IPC (ditto)
target coupons for C9 clothing
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ISO, asap.

8- Glade Sense and Spray $4.00 coupon


5- Save .50c wyb 1 Diet Coke 20 oz or 24oz (04/30/10)
I Have P&G coupons.
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Quote from mbella77 View Post :
$1/15 FRISKIES cans RP 2/7 !!!<---really need these.
Beech-Nut Let's Grow! Product, Any - 01-03-10 SS
Snapple Q's (glass bttls not plastic)
Chock full of Nuts [chockfullonuts.com]IP
Beechnut baby food Q's, particularly stage 3 IP from email.

I can print from 3 computers
7-B1G1F Halls
3- 1/24
5- 1/31
9- 2/7
1- 2/14
2- 2/21
3- 3/7

3- 1/24
4- 1/31
5- 2/7
2- 2/21
4- 2/28
1- 3/7
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I have 12 coupons for "FREE SMALL CURLY FRIES" at Arby's (No purchase necessary) that expire at the end of the month. They are clipped from the newspaper. Looking for 2 Starbuck's free drink coupons.
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$25 CVS GC with any NEW or Transferred prescription from home-mailer.
exp 3/14/2010

Please PM me if you are interested and we can work something out.
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NOTE: ALL TRADING WILL BE SUSPENDED UNTIL Saturday March 20th! Sorry about any inconvenience!

$1 Off ANY Fisher product (2/08 SS, 2/28 SS, or IP [smartsource.com])
$1.50 Off Pert Plus for Men (2/28 SS)
$1 Off Uncle Ben's Brown Rice
$1 Off of Band-Aid or ANY J&J product
$5/2 and $2/1 Zantac Coupons (1/31 SS)
$1 off Reach Floss, $2 off Reach Toothbrush
$1 off ANY Kotex Product (no size restrictions)
$1 or $1.25 Off Yoplait Smoothie Mixes

I have: Coupons from 2/7 P&G (Expire 3-31) and 3/7 P&G, ANY AND ALL COUPONS from 2/21 Red Plum and Smart Source (Have more than 10 of each), Have some coupons from 2/28 Smart Source and ALL February RPs, $.75 Off Reynold's Parchment Paper
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$1 off Purina Dog snacks - Target IP


Coke codes
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Have multiples:
CoverGirl Face Product B1G1F (3/31/10) P & G 2/7/10
CoverGirl Product, any $1 (3/31/10) P & G 2/7/10
Cover Girl $2.50/2 (3/31/10 P & G 2/7/10

Gillette Body Wash FREE wyb Fusion Shave Prep (3/31/10) P & G 2/21/10
Gillette Body Wash Free wyb Gillette Deodorant (4/30/10) P & G 3/7/10
Gillette Fusion Pre/Post Shave $1 (4/30/10) P & G 3/7/10
Gillette Fusion Pre-Post Shave Product $1 (3/31/10) P & G 2/7/10
Gillette Fusion Razor $4 (3/31/10) P & G 2/7/10

Olay Body Wash FREE wyb Venus Embrace or Venus Breeze Razor (3/31/10) P & G 2/7/10
Morningstar products TP .75/1 (4/30/10) dnd ("5")
Lays TP $1/1 (4/17/10)
Free Rold Gold pretzels wyb 2 Lays TP (6/30/10)
Prevacid $6/1 PLUS MIR (3/27/10) -- This is a $7 MM @ RA with 5/20 Q!

... more, multiple inserts each week, just ask....

Oscar Mayer Lunchables or Deli Creations $1/1 TP
Breeze 2 or Contour meter from Bayer $30 (4/30/10) V 10/25/09
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