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Harbor Freight Discounts, Deals and Coupon Codes

Harbor Freight B&M 3HP 21 Gallon 120v 115 psi Air Compressor $95.99 AC Oct 1-3

dealover 31 October 1, 2010 at 06:20 AM in Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) (2) More Harbor Freight Deals
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Last Edited by dealover October 1, 2010 at 08:18 AM
I am considering this air compressor Central Pneumatic 94667 for several months. Harbor Freights has its Parking Lot sales now (Oct 1-3). The compressor is $119.99. The previous lowest store price was $159.99 ($127 after 20% coupon). You can easily find a coupon from magazines for $129 all the time. With 20% coupon, it would be $95.99. The actual saving would be $30. This is the cheapest at least since summer. People bought this compressor for ~$105 with coupon and price match to online price last month. My store would not do both.

Parking Lot Ad. YMMV

You can find the specs online. Note the online price is higher.

This was one of good reviews online:
3 HP, 21 Gallon, 125 PSI Cast Iron Vertical Air Compressor
Central Pneumatic
I don't know how I lived without it! I've had it for 6 months and it runs all my air tools including my 1/2 inch impact gun (BTW their cheap die grinders and cut off
tools work FINE).

I have worked as a professional tech for a few years and since they opened in my area my tool box is now half SNAP-ON half harbor freight!
Most of the stuff is pretty decent and so cheap even compared to craftsman the higher prices can't be justified especially the once in a while tools like long reach pliers and right angle die grinders.

Just use your best judgment and open the box right in the store if it looks real chintzy, sloppy casting, etc.(like the spring compressors) then it is junk.

If it dosn't look half bad ( pliers , pulley holders, etc.) then it will probably hold up just fine!!

Central Pneumatic Air Compressor - Model 93271 240v is $5 cheaper. No idea which one is better. But my garage does not have 240v power outlet.

20% coupon
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NM. Not sure what I was looking at.
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going after work today to pick this up.

Look over the coupons and add some of the air tools if needed.
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Good deal on such a big compressor. But the reviews are terrible so I'm afraid it doesn't last as long.
Rather spend a bit more for a good quality one.
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Quote from dustbowl View Post :
going after work today to pick this up.

Look over the coupons and add some of the air tools if needed.
Save money and buy this one instead:

The compressor/motor units are identical, regardless of the always-inaccurate specs listed. I have inspected both, and they are the same. The 8 gallon unit is a more convenient size for most casual users, and it gets up to pressure much more quickly. The 21 gallon tank is, in my opinion, too large for this compressor, and used simply for marketing. People think bigger is better, but that isn't always true. Given the same power unit, the bigger the tank, the bigger the lag in building pressure. I've used my 8-gal unit to run 2 framing nailers all day long without a single issue, then lifted and carried it by myself to put it away.
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Quote from z9z91 View Post :
Good deal on such a big compressor. But the reviews are terrible so I'm afraid it doesn't last as long.
Rather spend a bit more for a good quality one.
I think that view pretty much sums up everything at harbor freight.
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I didn't find this compressor listed on Harbor Freight's parking lot sale flyer. The price on their website shows 159.99. Can someone please verify that it's really 199.99?
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I used the truck stands to change the clutch on mu Subaru. Very stable and 24" was just high enough to drop the gearbox. Def worth $25.
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Just looking at the flier I can practically smell Harbor Freight.
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Any one can speak up for the 3 gallon pancake compressor for casual home use like tires, small tool etc.

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I've had the 3HP 21 Gallon 120v compressor for about seven years. Still working good, I keep the air tank drained when not in use. It does leak a little oil up top somewhere around the motor but not enough to drip on the ground or even require adding more oil over a year.

I do like that they've added two feet on the bottom front vs the single foot on mine. Seems it would be more stable when your moving it around.
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people love to rip on harbor freight for its quality, but if you know what you are doing you can get some amazing deals there, id say only half of their stuff is awful. i did my whole 2 story house's baseboard with a hf compressor and brad nailer and they worked wonderfully. i dont think the average consumer would have any problem with this compressor but if u have a personal business you are using it for, u should probably be looking elsewhere just in case anyway.
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My Daddy bought the 3 gallon pancake compressor cheap several months ago, and I took it home to try it out. It wouldn't power the air tool that I had bought to try to do some sanding with without running out of air too quickly. I'd stay away from it. The other 2HP and 3HP compressors, though, I'm interested in and may get the 2HP model this afternoon.
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For the average user like myself this is a hot deal. Obviously there are much better ones out there but for something similar they are 4 times the price. Pick up the 2 year warranty for $20.

I just picked one of these up this morning. $95.99 +tax. The store employees did not know it was advertised for $119.99 though so have a copy of the email handy. It showed up as $159.99 when they rang it up. They had to do a manual override to get the price down to $119.99.

Luckily I had it on my phone to verify the price and dates. Since it was advertised and no coupon needed, they also took the 20% off coupon that you can find anywhere.

Again, it's not the best, but for under $100 I can't complain. My father has the same one and it's more than adequate for the average homeowner's needs.

One last suggestion... use a good synthetic oil. It quiets it down a bit.
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Get on their email list and get ~ 2-3 sale coupon lists /week. Their hand tools have as good a warranty as the others and cost much less if on sale.
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