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RadioShack VU-90 XR 80" Boom Length, 26-Element Antenna

thriftstorechad 308 November 2, 2010 at 08:48 AM in Home & Home Improvement More RadioShack Deals
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RadioShack® VU-90 XR 80" Boom Length, 26-Element Antenna
Model:VU-90 XR | Catalog #: 15-2152

Ideal for the city or suburbs, this antenna is a must have. The 80" boom length, 26-element antenna is built with high-tensile strength aluminum for long life. It has snap-open elements for instant assembly and it has a strong square boom with "no-tilt" clamp.

* Recommended for city or suburb use; Mounts on roof or attic
* HDTV-ready
* Instant "snap-open" assembly
* VHF range: up to 50 miles
* UHF range: up to 30 miles
* FM range: up to 50 miles

Link []
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$9 is a great deal for an antenna that size. I have a massive one in my attic and no longer pay for cable. It was $100 at lowe's, but is probably 10ft long by 7 ft Wide (triangle).
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Strange, I can't pull up your link. I even tried to go to Radio Shack's website and search for "VU-90 XR" and nothing comes up. Then I tried to search by catalog number "15-2152" and it pulls up a product manual for a universal attic mount.

And you didn't mention the price. I don't know how keithpreston pulled it up, but he says it's $9, which would be an awesome price for an 80" boom antenna. Keithpreston, are you sure $9 wasn't just for the attic mount?

I need a new antenna and something like this would be awesome. But I can't pull it up! Any suggestions?
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It's not digital so what's the point?
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Quote from aabshire View Post :
Try this link:

I found that link through a Google search. It's showing in-store only, so maybe that's why we couldn't find it through their site?

I was getting ready to make my own, but for $9, I'll save myself the hassle...
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Quote from Count_Chocula View Post :
It's not digital so what's the point?
Somebody nominate this for the funniest post of the day. At least, I hope it was a joke...

At the risk of somebody replying to me with a *woosh*, this would make a great digital antenna. The FCC, as usual, goof up again and spread the "new" frequency allocations all over the spectrum (VHF low/high and UHF), so you basically need a multi-frequency antenna to get all the possible stations. This should pick up any digital TV signal within its useful range, though it will be somewhat directional, so you'll have to hope your broadcasting towers are in the same general direction, which they usually are for a particular market.
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What do I have to do to make it useful? Buy the coax cable and the connector? Can I leave this in the attic to save money on mountware?
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For $9, I might give it a try. I recently cancelled my satelite subscription and would love to get some over the air channels. Mostly I have just been watching tv shows online, which is ok, except the quality is pretty poor at times.
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Quote from aabshire View Post :
Try this link:
The link still didn't work, but I typed in the product ID # on the Radio Shack website and it pulled up. Thanks!

I'm in for 1.
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looks hot to me.
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I am going to stop by the local RadioShack on my lunch break and see if they have any.. Their website shows that my local store has it in stock.

Thanks OP.

Does anyone know what other hardware would be required to mount this onto the roof? I am not going to be able to put this in my attic, so it will be roof mounted. I already have coax cable there from the DirecTV dish that was deactivated last month.
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If the above links don't work for you, simply go to Radio Shack website, enter 2103085 in search box. Worked for me.

Have older version (it is little larger, too) in attic, 35 miles from transmitters, works great for UHF and FM reception.
For $9, I'll buy one for the barn . . . the critters like good-reception tunes, too :-)
Last edited by PT2NV November 2, 2010 at 10:59 AM
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A very good deal. The reviews seem good too.

I recently purchased this one for over $70 and installed it in the attic (could not install it on top of the house due to HOA rules)

Antennas Direct DB8 Multidirectional HDTV Antenna

I just wanted to share my experiences with attic installations -
Most of these antenna set up work very well. Be patient during installation. Let me repeat that for you - BE PATIENT. It takes a lot of tunning and fine tunning to get ALL channels within your range. Make sure the antenna is away from metal objects and other electrical outlets. I have a furnace in the attic and I didnt realize it initially. After moving the antenna 4 feet away I get almost every channel free to air for my location. Installation and tuning is a 2 person job. If you are doing an installation on the roof, get a professional and/or make sure to use a safety harness. Loosing a leg or life for a stupid idiot box is just not worth it.

Make sure you use this online tool for the right antenna/geographical location and signal strength

Get a signal booster (it makes all the difference) locate it as close to the antenna as possible.

Hope this helps.

Kudos to every one who got rid of satellite and or cable. Thank you for voting with your wallet.
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Put the price in the title please....
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