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Verizon wireless new plan! $69.99/mo for 450 min, unlimited m2m, txt, data! Must call in to get! LAST DAY 1/31

moshassuk 674 701 November 6, 2010 at 05:21 PM in Tech & Electronics (4) More Verizon Wireless Deals
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Last Edited by moshassuk January 31, 2011 at 09:41 AM

Call the number in the above link and say that you heard about the new plan and would like to switch to it. If you get denied, just wait a few minutes and call again!

Works out to be $20/mo less than if you added all this separately.
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Last Edited by ydobon January 29, 2011 at 11:00 AM
Promotion ends January 31. (According to customer service rep who activated my plan on Jan 14. -RowdyReptile)

If you purchase direct, IE on vzw.com or through telesales (800-922-0204) or in a corporate store, you can buy your smartphone or whatever on any plan you please and switch the next day to any plan you please. There will be no change whatsoever, there is no charge/limit to changing plans on verizon equipment. The only time you extend a contract is when you purchase equipment or do a 3rd party promo like this thread (there's also the month of free service "bill credit" promo for upgrading a primary line, search around here for details on that one).

if you purchase from an authorized retailer like bestbuy, wirefly, simplexity, letstalk, amazon, walmart, target, cellular sales, johnny down the street cellular - these guys have the option, and exercise it to various extents, of adding a data contract on the line (see "instant savings discount" on this page [wirefly.com] for an example). What this means is, that if you purchase the equipment from say wirefly, and change the plan the next day, they can charge you a 2ndary plan termination fee, up to about $300. This is not the same thing as the ETF, which VZW charges for terminating the contract (you took your number somewhere else or you stopped paying the bill), which can be up to $350.

-employee discount of 20% works with this plan only on the primary line voice charge. I have it, can see it on my verizon page, and my bill.

CRITERIA FOR ELIGIBILITY (which is not necessary for deal, is necessary to receive email):

as per post 1214
The rep I spoke with explained that there were three criteria to be eligible for the promotion.
1. Must have 1400 minute or higher family plan (if on a family plan)
2. Must have unlimited texting
3. Must have two or more phones already on the unlimited data plan.
(need all 3 to get the email)


---- needs to be updated (please include your state and tax) ----


1ST LINE: 110 dollars
Each additional line: 19 dollars
must have 2 lines
insurance/tax/charges for first line ~ 20 dollars
insurance/tax/charges for each additional line ~ 8 dollars

therefore rough cost for monthly bill is
2 lines = 157 (110+19+20+8)
3 lines = 184 (110+19+19+20+8+8)
4 lines = 211 (110+19+19+19+20+8+8+8)
5 lines = 238 (110+19+19+19+19+20+8+8+8+8)

if you have a discount it applies only to the first line 110 dollars, therefore a 20% discount would give you 22 dollars off your plan.

the price includes taxes, fees, and insurance for all phones based off my bill (from New York). If you don't get insurance its about 7 dollars cheaper for each phone / month. If you state has low taxes (like the 0 taxes in alaska) then itll be different. check your current plan price and if its close to 110 for the first line then your taxes should be close to the same. use the same method to check the additional lines and their taxes.


Picture of advertisement attached below
Plan works with any phone that can access the internet, including smartphones
One year extension only required if you have less than a year left on your current contract.
If you didn't get Friends and Families, call them again to get that. Smilie
Data must be added to all lines on a family plan


check employee discount - HERE [verizonwireless.com]
link to advertisement - HERE



You don't need to lie about receiving an email. Just tell them you are calling about such and such plan and read off the terms. If they give you ANY hassle, just hang up and call back and you will get someone thats not too lazy to change your account for you. Takes all of 15 minutes.

Yes the unlimited data part includes smartphones. I did it with my droids.

**NOTE** According to the CSR I spoke to, Caryl, (who mind you seemed to know her Sh** compared to some of the ones I have talked to) said that THIS PRICE IS ONLY GOOD FOR ONE YEAR. This price is achieved by means of a $20.00 CREDIT to your account for 12 months. After that 12 months the credit STOPS and your bill goes back to 89.99 (what it costs for this same setup if you add the features separately). This is similar to the crap they pull with their fios deals. This is not a deal breaker for most people but for me, this plan only beats out my current (very old) plan value wise as long as it stays at the 69.99 price. When it jumps back up to 89.99 after 12 months it is no longer a better deal.

**NOTE** I asked the rep when it expired and he said it showed 2035 as the expiration. he said if you change plans down the road you wont get it back if it is not a current plan offered.

**NOTE** The rep and supervisor informed me that when I joined the plan I would have to sign a 1 year contract, but they mentioned that it doesn't mean that your promotional price will end in 12 months. They also mention that the terms stipulates Verizon has the right to end the promotional offer, but does not state that after 12 months they will terminate your promotional price. "the good for one year" claim seems to be i incorrect.


Worked NYNY - called 7 times, finally got mad and told them I'm switching to Tmobile on the 7th try, she ok'd the plan - merged for seperate lines into one family for cheaper then each line... upgraded from dumb phones with no text messaging capabilities to 4 smartphones!

Worked in Ft Myers FL - took 3 phones calls but it worked!! Got the family plan for 2 phones: $90 w/ 700 min, free unlimited text, free limited pix. When I finally got someone cooperative, the call lasted 5 min!

Worked - wisconsin - called 12/14 - first rep was a jerk and said it ended in october. Called again and second rep said no problem, he also said I would still get employee discounts.

Worked-Rome,GA-12/7-Called and asked to have current plan changed to the 139.99 family plan. Got an "absolutely!" and he made the change. Kept military discount as well. Painless.

Worked in Jacksonville NC - Just called and said "I wanted to change my plan to the new $69.99 unlimited data, txt, and Mobile to Mobile" and I was off the phone 5 min later.

Worked in Hickory NC - No problems...took 5 minutes

Worked in Metro Detroit - just said "I'm calling about an e-mail regarding a new plan..." very simple.

Worked in Central MN on 11/15 - Said I had heard about unlimited data plan. He said yes that is a current promo we are running. No expiration on promo unless you change plans. Went with the 2000 min family share plan for $10 more.

11/15/10 Charleston, SC - Called and got it first time. Just said I was calling in about the $69.99 unlimited text/data 450min promotion. I didn't mention an email or anything. No contract extension. No hassle. Called again for a friend, and again, no problems, no hassles, no extensions. They said I would see a $20 discount on the bill, and "it would be like getting the data plan for $9.99 instead of $29.99"

Worked in Northern California Bay Area (Rep initially said i was not eligible. Threatened to go to Sprint, Rep changed my plan immediately. Stick Out Tongue)

Worked in Tallahassee Fl -- just said I saw it on-line. No problems.

Worked in Baltimore MD - Just be nice to the CR and they will set it up.

Worked in Los Angeles CA - had to call FOUR times and finally worked when talked to supervisor. I had the exact same plan prior to this and asked for the new rate, supervisor agreed.

Worked in Columbus OH - Called in to 611 and they said no. Called the number on the link here and he did it no problems. Does not work with any work discounts you get, but the 20 dollar credit saves me an additional 4 bucks or so over the 19% from work and gets free friends and family so I went with it. Since i had over a year on my contract it didn't even extend my contract a year.

Worked in Tacoma, WA - first call, the lady said since I didn't get the email, I can't get the plan, and it was only a trial thing to see if maybe they would make it a plan later. Second call the rep set it up no questions asked. Just be nice and don;t tell them anythign other than you want to switch to the $69.99 unlimited text and data 450 minutes a month plan. Like everyone says, if they give you any grief, just end the call and try again in a few minutes until you get someone who will do it. Also - my rep told me the plan was forever, thoguh others here say it goes away after a few months. We'll see.

Worked in Atlanta, GA - Activated BRAND new line at around 7:30 on 12/30/10. Called into Verizon at 8:45 and 5 minutes later, I have the plan/credit activated on my accout. Didn't check for a single email, short and sweet. "Can I get activated on the 69.99 plan?" "Sure, we'll see if we can activate it ... it's been activated" "Happy new years" "You too bud" ... HAPPY CAMPER HERE!

jrlcopy - Worked on 01/17/2011 - Called, no issue having it added (I did get the email), still have my corp discount on it as well. I'll update what I pay once I get a bill. 19% ACCESS DISCOUNT / 20% - FEATURE DISCOUNT / 100% OFF PUSH TO TALK BLCKBRRY / FRIENDS & FAMILY 1 YR CONTRACT /TALK & TEXT PLUS DATA $20 DISC

Worked in Raleigh, NC - Was actually offered the plan when I called in for an entirely different reason, would assume that they wouldn't give you a hassle if it's being freely offered. Called back a few weeks later to verify when promotion was ending and was told by a CSR that it would only end if I changed my plan (single line with 2yr contract, 450 minutes, unlimited data and text on a Droid X), otherwise, the promotion will apparently end in 2038 Stick Out Tongue

Worked in Rochester, NY 11/22. Had to be persistent: took about 25 minutes on the first call. The plan showed up correctly in minutes on my Verizon account.

Did not work:
Did not work in Phoenix, AZ - Rep said he could not override the system to get the deal.

Did not work in Phoenix, AZ - Customer Service representative said that this plan was sent out to testing groups and the information was leaked online; not an official plan.

Did not work in Philadelphia, PA - First thing the Rep said when I was connected was "If I was calling about a promotional offer I personally received in the mail or email". Would not make exception. Rep said deal targeted longtime customers.

frankida - 16 Nov 10 Called and it did not work. Rep said I wasn't on the email distribution list there for I wasn't elgible. I'm not a fan of lying for a deal but they did check (quickly - like 2 secs)


what is the best number to call?
the one on the flyer: 1-877-873-3278

what to say ask?
my friend informed me about a new plan the 69.99 for 450 with unlimited m2m txt data, I want to add that plan to my account. and go from there.

if your switching to verizon:
"Well it's not like you can call them up and say you were offered the plan.. So I would call and say a family member got the deal and told you about it and you had been thinking for a while now about switching to VZW and you definitely would if you could get in on it. Play dumb and act like you're under the impression that anyone can get the promo- say something along the lines of "my family member just got this great plan deal so he told me to call about it."

If you called multiple times (they notate your account so they will see how many times you were rejected):
call and ask for it again, if they say no tell them that you've called before and wanted to try one last time before switching to t mobile (or any carrier) since they have the same promotion with more min. that should get them to give you the deal right away. If for some reason they call your bluff they will have to transfer you to the termination dept in which case just hang up or tell the rep in the dept you don't know why you got transferred there and hang up. So far no one has been denied with this strategy (if so please update).


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I have been with Verizon for years, but really want a iphone...
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Quote from famos23 View Post :
Yes it is for smartphones too. How the plan actually works is that each line has to get the $30 unlimited plan, and then each line gets a $20 bill credit each month, giving you unlimited data for $10. I have 3 smartphones on my plan (soon to be 4) and they put me on this plan no problem.
Nice, do you know if you can use a monthly work discount with this deal as well?
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Quote from mike07042 View Post :
I have been with Verizon for years, but really want a iphone...


Big Grin

Quote from Sublimej311 View Post :
Nice, do you know if you can use a monthly work discount with this deal as well?
Of course you can- you wouldnt get the discount off the data packages, just the base plan (primary line only if it's a family plan). Guys, this isn't a different plan at all. It's just a promo on the data packages. Check out the link- for example, 2 lines at 1400 minutes comes out to $140 a month. Under a regular 1400 minutes/unlimited texting plan, 2 lines are $120. Add in the $10 per line for unlimited data now, and that's where they get the $140 now. This is nothing more than the regular single or family plans with unlimited texting, add a $30 data package per line, and subtract an automatic monthly $20 bill credit per line..
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Last edited by famos23 November 7, 2010 at 07:31 PM.
I just called Verizon and was able to switch to the $69.99/mo plan that the OP posted. My current plan with my Droid costs ~$104 after tax. So I should be saving roughly $25 per month on the new plan. I didn't receive the promotional email either. The representative I spoke with said "my area" was elegible for the promotion (I'm in NW Florida). My contract was extended by 1 year, but my phone upgrade timeline was untouched. The only thing I had to give up was the 5 friends and family numbers on my old plan, but my overall minutes usage never comes close to the 450 minutes of the new plan.
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I was able to switch over this morning, no questions asked. I didn't receive an email, but apparently my account was eligible for the promotion anyways.
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No go trying to get the Family option in Central PA. The rep had nothing about it in her system. Anybody else have luck, please advise.
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Quote from thadius65 View Post :
No go trying to get the Family option in Central PA. The rep had nothing about it in her system. Anybody else have luck, please advise.
I am in se pa and was offered the plan when i called. i did not recieve the email . she also said there were other plans.
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no go for me in az, not offered
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Worked in DC area and on top of 15% corporate discount- since my contract was set to expire Nov. 9, 2011, the one year renewal did not affect my contract date according to the rep.
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Just called and it worked without problem.
Took a whole 5 mins and now I have unlimited text for the same price I was paying before without any texts.
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Anyone who received this email, can you provide the 800 number on that email or promo mail? Thanks
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Quote from blast3d View Post :
there is promotion card that i got in the mail about 2 weeks ago with 450 min, unlimited cell to cell(doesnt matter what network youre on) and unlimited text for 59.99. just call customer service and tell them to look for it. they make you call another number but it works
Nevermind, I clicked the link and got it.
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Last edited by pardes3 November 8, 2010 at 01:52 PM.
would not be worth it for me, the 19.95 extra lines in the family plan kill it, as I am the only one in our plan that needs data or would even use data
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I am surprised no one has mentioned Straight Talk. $45 a month, unlimited everything, Verizon prepaid network. I have the Page Plus Unlimited plan, but I am seriously considering this since PP has jacked the price up to $45 a month with only 20mb of data.
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Great Deal. Thanks. Got text and family friends for 1 cent more per month than I was paying.
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