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For SF Bay Area: Sonic.net 20Mbps internet + unlimited phone service $39.95/mo

slamdunkk 214 83 December 15, 2010 at 11:56 AM in Internet & Websites (3)
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Did a search and didn't find anything about it.

Bay Area local ISP Sonic.net has dropped their "Fusion" service (high speed DSL + land line) from 50/mo to 40/mo. Speeds are 20down/1up. Unlimited nationwide calling, free 3 way calling, free caller ID, free call waiting (features that AT&T made me pay for). This is NOT promotional pricing and is an actual landline.

Sonic.net also has award winning customer support and is routinely ranked as one of the Bay's best ISP.

Not trying to make it sound like an ad but Sonic has been absolutely awesome. I was so fed up with ATT, their ridiculous pricing for slow speeds, and charging extra for common phone features.


EDIT: Reading through the posts, some members are concerned with pricing change in the future. I'm only a customer (I swear I don't work for them, haha) but if the CEO comes out a promises a low price, I don't think they'll raise it.

FYI: I live inside San Francisco and I get about 16down/.90up.
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Last Edited by MozartA October 21, 2015 at 10:34 AM
Below info are mostly for Sonic Fusion (old DSL that need to connect to CO). They now offer Fusion FTTN (similar to AT&T Uverse vDSL and since using AT&T's IP network, sounds like anyone that can get AT&T Uverse vDSL can get Fusion FTTN)), and Fusion FTTH (Gigabit Fiber build by Sonic that only support very small area). And Sonic now charge rental fee so additional $13+.

New link to Sonic taxes and fees (another additional $10+).

Below are OLD info mainly for Fusion.

Quick Summary
  • Internet: Up to 20 Mbps downstream (note: less than 1/5 household in Bay Area will achieve speed faster than 7Mbps. Read more below), 1 Mbps upstream (see below for examples). Includes static IP (can be turned off), domain & web hosting, 15 email accounts, Usenet (for now [sonic.net]), etc. {more info} [sonic.net]
  • Voice: Unlimited nationwide calling, voicemail, caller ID w/ name, 3-way calling, call forwarding, etc. {more info} [sonic.net]
  • Fax: Get a separate fax # for free. Received document is emailed to you. Send documents via website.
  • Initial cost: $35 activation + $75 installation if not replacing an existing AT&T line (DSL or voice) + shipping fee. A ZTE 831 modem is included with activation. {more info} [sonic.net]
  • Monthly cost: $40 + $6.50 (equipment rental)+ ~$10 fees/taxes {more info} [sonic.net]
  • Starting July 1st 2012, new Fusion user is REQUIRED to pay $6.50 per month for equipment rental. The new equipment will be owned by Sonic.net and rented to customers as part of the Fusion home service. Try complain in this forum http://corp.sonic.net/status/2012...equipment/

Miscellaneous Information
  • They don't have any option like AT&T WirePro. So you are on your own if there is any wiring problem in your home. But that also means you don't have to pay $7.50 a month for that. Smilie
  • They don't charge you anything to unlisted your phone number (or address) from AT&T Whitepages since Sonic.net don't have Whitepages.
  • Sonic.net is an inclusive service, and you cannot use another Long Distance carrier. Sonic.net also don't support "10-10" dialing for reaching another LD carrier. You can call the other LD carrier access number if they have one.
  • Fusion is available to about 42% of households in the Bay Area. For those 42%, probably less than half of those can achieve speed faster than 7Mbps.
  • Customers on AT&T remote terminals (RTs) fall into this category, and cannot be served. This is over 50% of households. (link). Meaning even if they have Fusion in your area/zipcode, if you are served by RT, Fusion will never be available to you because of distance to CO.
  • From Dane http://slickdeals.net/f/2484271-For-SF-Bay-Area-Sonic-net-20Mbps-internet-unlimited-phone-service-39-95-mo?v=1&p=40337783#post40337783
    The market we have the best reach in is San Francisco - with nine serving offices in a city roughly eight miles square, a huge percentage of premises can obtain Fusion.
    San Jose and other portions of the South Bay are the other end of the spectrum, with fewer COs, more spread out, and thus we have less reach.
  • From Dane http://slickdeals.net/f/2484271-For-SF-Bay-Area-Sonic-net-20Mbps-internet-unlimited-phone-service-39-95-mo?v=1&p=40296217#post40296217
    Where they expand Fiber in great degree based upon market uptake. They only install Fiber in the area that has certain level of Fusion user. So for places like South Bay, since it has fewer COs and more spread out, it will have lower level of Fusion user which mean it is unlikely South Bay will meet the level of Fusion user for Sonic to install fiber any time soon.

The online eligibility checker said I wasn't covered, so I called csr to confirm- turns out my address is eligible, and I'm only 4000 ft away! If you're interested and the website says no-go, you might call to double check!

If your address doesn't qualify, try your neighbor addresses. It is possible AT&T database not up-to-date and provide wrong information about your distance to their CO. If your neighbor qualify, you may be qualify also and can call Sonic.net to confirm. Make sure you provide you neighbor address that qualify for service.

Tools to help find the CO near you.
http://www.dslreports.com/coinfo <---- enter telephone number or zipcode. It will give you all the CO around your location
http://www.marigoldtech.com/lists/co.php <--- once you find the CO close to you using DSLreports.com tool, this give you a better map (using Google map).

Quote from danejasper View Post :
Unless you pick up your house and move it, you won't be seeing Fusion at that site, sorry! Fusion is available to about 42% of households in the Bay Area; the others are out of luck.

Two criteria must be met for Fusion service:
  1. You must be served directly by a central office (not RT served)
  2. You must be within about 17,000 wire feet of the CO

If you are served by a remote terminal (RT), you will be better off with service from that device than delivered via the much longer CO loop. An example might be someone 14,000ft from the CO (which would seem to be within the distance limit), but served from an RT that is on the line, just, 2,000ft from the premise. You will get better, faster service using our AT&T line shared service out of the RT in that case, and thus will not qualify for Fusion at that location.

So, in summary, if a location does not qualify for Fusion due to distance, it's unlikely that this will change in future. But, if a location does not qualify because it's a central office we have not yet completed deployment in, when we deploy you would be able to obtain service. Examples still in the construction schedule include places like Concord, Benicia, Mill Valley.

Regardless - provide your email address in the qualification tool and we will let you know if/when we can reach you! For areas we have not yet decided to build, a logged expression of interest is a "vote" for that location, and will influence our decision making and build schedule.

Quote from danejasper View Post :
The market we have the best reach in is San Francisco - with nine serving offices in a city roughly eight miles square, a huge percentage of premises can obtain Fusion.

San Jose and other portions of the South Bay are the other end of the spectrum, with fewer COs, more spread out, and thus we have less reach.

Our Fiber-to-the-Home project is not just about "silly fast", it's also about the potential for complete market reach. BUT, we're early in the project, with a small initial footprint, so I don't want to oversell it and claim we'll be covering any substantial region in the foreseeable future. Takes time and money.

Quote from danejasper View Post :
We are expanding Fusion and Fusion Fiber just as far and wide as we can justify and afford! Honestly, to a great degree it's based upon market uptake. As Fusion uptake grows in the markets we serve today, we expand it to new markets. And, as Fusion uptake grows to greater levels, we now plan to swap it out for fiber. But, we're not funded by outside investors, which is good because we can take the long view and build for the future, but it means that we must build slowly, out of cash flow.

Tell a friend, in other words - that's the best way to help us grow to new areas!


One Sonic.net posted his experience with the process (switch from AT&T to Sonic.net) here

Quote from danejasper View Post :
Hi there - Sonic.net CEO & Co-Founder Dane Jasper here. Happy to see the discussion about our service here on Slickdeals!

To address some of the questions I've seen posed:

The service is only available in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We are continuing expansion, and a few more cities will be added in the next couple months, so if you are not covered, you can register and we will let you know if/when we expand to your area. (We won't spam you otherwise, this is JUST for notice if/when we expand.)

The "Fusion" service is Broadband + Phone; the broadband is ADSL2+ at up to 20Mbps, and the phone is delivered as land line "POTS" (plain old telephone service), so normal phones and such will work. For residential customers, unlimited nationwide calling is included, plus caller ID, voicemail, call waiting, etc.

For more info on Fusion, check out this article - we just got some press this week, and it gives an objective summary of the product.


Thanks everyone for your interest, and please spread the word!

-Dane Jasper
Quote from danejasper View Post :
Switching from Comcast is a bit more complex. I'm sure we'll streamline this, as it's too many hoops for customers to jump through.

You order Fusion from us, with a newly assigned number. We deliver that to a pair at the side of your house/apt building, and hopefully work out how to plug in the modem. If you can't find where it's been dropped, we roll a truck and help find it and wire it up. (We call this a "failed self-install, and currently we don't charge for it, because we really just want to help you get online, rather than potentially have you give up and depart. Smilie )

Then, once the Fusion is up, if you want to keep the phone number that is on Comcast, you call us up and ask us to port that number onto your Fusion service, in the process dropping the temporary number that we assigned during the initial order. The porting from Comcast takes a couple days.

Then, you should probably call Comcast to cancel, as they will likely drop the voice service from your bill (the number was ported away, so they can't still be providing service, and should automatically notice this) but continue to bill you for Internet.

Sorry it's a bit of a process. We'll be working to tighten this up.


ADSL2+ Modems with Annex M support (feel free to add):

WARNING: For ADSL2+, you may need newer DSL filter to handle the higher frequency. If you buy modem from Sonic.net, it will include the correct DSL filter for ADSL2+. DSL filter you get from AT&T few years ago may not work correctly. ADSL1 filter may not pass the full bandwidth ADSL2+ signal. If you buy modem from places other than Sonic.net, likely modem only and won't give you any DSL filter.

Motorola Netopia 2210 ADSL2+ Modem [walmart.com] - $30 free shipping (walmart). Don't buy a used one of this model. They are prone to failure. Does not come with any filters.
Zytel Prestige 660M ADSL 2+ Modem [amazon.com] - $35 shipped (amazon)

AT&T provided SpeedStream 4100/5100 Modem

The SpeedStream 4100/5100 modems suppose to support ADSL2+, but I was not able to get it to work with Sonic.net. However, you should still be able to use it with Sonic. Here are the instructions for configuring the modem to work with Sonic and how to enable ADSL2+ mode (please update and let us know if it works for you).

First ATT uses PPoE and Sonic uses DHCP, so you need to change that first. You can access the modem via the web interface at The simplest method is to set a static ip address on your computer (i.e., and plug directly into the modem. In your web browser browse to " Go to Advance->PPP location-> and select "Bridged Mode (PPPoE is not used)". Save. At this point, if you plug your modem back into your router it should work with sonic.net.

To enable ADSL2+ mode, you need to get access to the command line interface. Following the instructions here. [dslreports.com].

Once you're in the CLI, type:

cfg dsl{mode=ds2p

The above is what I did, but I was still not able to sync with Sonic.net at ADSL2+. I didn't go as far as replacing the firmware. Much easier to pay the $30 and pick up a new modem or just buy it directly from Sonic.net.
-I telneted to the Speedstream 4100 modem and manually set the mode to ds2p. I even called sonic.net tech support (btw... absolutely Amazing to speak to intelligent, friendly, KNOWLEDGEABLE, English-speaking customer support) and had them manually force DSL2+ on their end. The Speedstream 4100 simply won't connect at DSL2 or DSL2+. I had variable 6-7Mbps at DSL1 speeds, under 3k feet from the CO, so I was pretty sure it was the modem. I purchased a D-link DSL-520B from Fry's for $49.95 and I'm now at 13Mbps down, 1Mbps up.

If I were to do it all again, I'd save myself a headache by getting a new modem.


Not to steal any thunder from Sonic and this thread, as this seems to be an awesome deal, I'm linking a thread on how to possibly reduce your internet bill if you are using AT&T, as per request.


Speed chart posted by Dane (Australian Telco):

Actual Sonic.net speed chart
Attachment 496055

(sorted by Location, then Distance, in ascending order)

LocationDistance to COSpeed DnSpeed UpNotes
Berkeley (Downtown) ~3000 ft. 16 Mbps 0.91 Mbps  
Daly City 6400 ft. 6.8 Mbps 1.2 Mbps  
Fremont 6500 ft. 6.2 Mbps 0.97 Mbps Westell 6110 DSL2+ modem
Martinez 9237 ft. 5.5 Mbps 1 Mbps Running fusion bonded so it's 11Mbps / 2Mbps
Milpitas (near Post Office) 3700 ft. 13.2 Mbps 0.82 Mbps  
Milpitas (near Century 20 Theatres Great Mall) ~7600 ft. 6.31 Mbps 0.85 Mbps  
Mountain View 10000 ft. 5.5 Mbps 1.0 Mbps 8200 ft. reported by the estimator
Sacramento (Downtown) 10000 ft. 3.5 Mbps 0.633 Mbps  
San Francisco (Richmond District) 2000 ft. 15 Mbps 0.90 Mbps  
San Francisco (Nob Hill) 5685 ft. 7.0 Mbps 1.0 Mbps  
San Francisco (Sunset District) 7000 ft. 13 Mbps 1 Mbps Sonic's database list me at 5700 feet from the CO, but the ATT tech measured 7000 feet. I got 13Mbs/1Mbs at my MPOE (modem directly connected, nothing else connected). After installing my splitter and running a homerun line for my modem I ended up with 12.5Mbs/1Mbs. Also tested Annex M at the MPOE and got 6Mbs/2Mbs. Totally not worth 7Mbs down for 1Mbs extra upload so I had sonic switch back.
San Francisco 6800 ft. 6 Mbps 0.80 Mbps (3.8 Mbps down initially) >> updated results my speed is now 4.25mb but I am very satisfied with the Csr and how the company and Dane jasper care about customer. It 's never hurt to try sth new. I m pretty sure this company is moving to the right direction. Cheer. The sonic guy just called me and increased my speed to 6mb /0.80. I could not be more happy than this. thx for the best service ever.
San Francisco 8000 ft. 4.9 Mbps 0.908 Mbps  
San Francisco (Golden Gate Heights) 8146 ft. 5.09 Mbps 0.887 Mbps  
San Francisco 8980 ft. 3.35 Mbps 0.777 Mbps  
San Francisco 9000 ft. 3.0 Mbps 1.0 Mbps  
San Francisco 9000 ft. 3.5 Mbps 0.850 Mbps  
San Francisco (Ingleside) ~10000 ft. 6.34 Mbps 0.84Mbps Website estimated I was about 8000 ft. from CO. After signing up I was a little less than 10000 ft away. However, I seem to be an exception as I getting better-than-estimated speed for my distance. According to the csrs my sync speed was 6.8Mbps on an ADSL modem (Speedstream 5100) and 7.2Mbps after switching to an ADSL2+ modem. I do have quite a bit of noise of ~50dBs.
San Francisco (South SF) 10900 ft. 3.74 Mbps 0.85 Mbps  
San Francisco (South SF) 10900 ft. 3.74 Mbps 0.85 Mbps  
Santa Clara 6000 ft. 6.8 Mbps 0.90 Mbps  


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is this actually a landline service, not that VOIP trash? (no offense)

I'm paying the same amount for slow AT&T dsl+voice right now, 20 mbps would be nice
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I read bay area and figure itmeans my local Tampa Bay area. Get all excited only to find it's for the SF bay area. Frown
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Love the no data caps
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Last edited by CloudS November 3, 2012 at 11:02 AM.
The next best thing to FIOS.
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Quote from MrBOFH View Post :
I read bay area and figure itmeans my local Tampa Bay area. Get all excited only to find it's for the SF bay area. Frown
Same here
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Sorry! It looks like you aren't within range for Fusion.

I'm in the outer east bay, BLOWS
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Original Poster
Quote from dreamexecution View Post :
is this actually a landline service, not that VOIP trash? (no offense)

I'm paying the same amount for slow AT&T dsl+voice right now, 20 mbps would be nice
This is an actual landline, not VOIP trash. It says on the website.
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Quote from MrBOFH View Post :
I read bay area and figure itmeans my local Tampa Bay area. Get all excited only to find it's for the SF bay area. Frown
Quote from Gbaijnau View Post :
Same here
Not me... i thought SF Bay ALL DAY!
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Wow, this is a nice find. Just signed up. This is cheaper than my existing home 3MB DSL+Phone without the extra features . Thanks OP.

Added: Other voice features included at no extra charge:
•Caller ID
•Caller ID Block
•Three way calling
•Voicemail <=== didn't know they includ Voicemail too. Deal is getting hotter and hotter.
•Call Waiting with Caller ID
•International calling
(International rates)
•Unlimited Nationwide Calling
(Usage policy)
•411 Free Business Information with Free Call Connect
•511 Traffic Information
•611 Customer Service
•711 TTY Relay
•811 Call Before you Dig!
•911 Emergency
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Last edited by HemanC December 15, 2010 at 01:39 PM.
dam no serivce here in mill valley
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What a deal, double that in NY.
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Perfect timing, I've been trying find an alternative to crappy AT&T
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Strange, I'm in San Jose area code 95129 and it says I can get it... I guess I'll give it a try. This sure kicks the crap out of AT&T.
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