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UPDATED 8/19/2016: Please refer to the last page of this thread and the wiki for additional sites that can save you money. Also please add to the wiki if you found a cheaper price somewhere.

This thread is all about finding the lowest priced medicines for our pets. It is going on 10 years now, so there is a lot of info here that has been shared. I encourage you to start at the last page, read the wiki, add to the wiki, and share with others. We are all after the same thing here...and that is taking care of our 4 legged family members and their health needs. Of course, since we are on SlickDeals, we want the LOWEST price!!

I have included the original post (below) from May of 2006, for informational and historical purposes only.

Original post from May, 2006:

Thought I would share with fellow SD'ers where I have been getting my flea and heartworm products for years. This is by far the least expensive place for pet medications. I thought about it when I saw another post for flea treatment. The shipping is back up to $4.99 and they are out of Australia. Great service. I have always been pleased and have referred many of my friends to them. I hope that many of you find it helpful.

I thought I would add in here that you DO NOT NEED an Rx for any of the products sold on this site. (i.e., Heartworm, Revolution, etc...) As always, you should still take your animal in for yearly check ups. And of course, yes, you can always "try" asking your vet to price match. What do you have to lose? (please do not take any offense vets or vet techs....we are just trying to save $$ here.)
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Please post websites and your experience with them in this Wikipost. Thanks.

http://www.puppybuttspetsupply.net/ - Great site for generic meds like Capstar, Comfortis, and Program.

https://www.noprescriptionpetmeds.com No Prescription Pet Meds pricing is not the best, but you don't need a prescription, so you save on vet fees.

Latest Promo Code: bestvalu16
free shipping on orders valued over $50.00.
orders valued over $150.00 - free shipping along with a $5.00 discount per order

BestValuePetSupplies.com [bestvaluepetsupplies.com] . Each new order has taken less and less time to arrive... The last one being only 11 days.... You can see all my posts about order & delivery dates(link below)... The prices have not changed either... I have ordered from them 3 times since April 2012 in 6 month intervals... U can read my posts Here... I Will continue to get our 4 dogs Trifexis from them... They are definitely a SlickDeal...
Update (01/02/14) - Placed two new orders on 12/19/2013 & received them on 01/02/14 minus one item which should be in shortly(received 01-06-14)... All items received have a expiration date of late 2015... They are being sued by Lily [iniplaw.org] but I hope they take them on & WIN.. Thanks to Mindy39 for the link... Although the suit should worry us.. They are still a LEGIT site... They are still shipping orders very promptly...
http://www.budgetpetcare.com 5%code bpc5ind. no prescription needed. 1yr program program plus (sentinel)100+lbs dog $75 shipped. canadian company so shipping takes longer(2-3 wks) ive ordered for 2 yrs now and other than the long shipping time, no problems.

http://www.thriftyvet.com - PHENOMENAL deals on Frontline Plus. 6mos for $46-$52 depending on weight

http://www.JeffersPets.com - There always seems to be a coupon out, and its much cheaper than petmeds.com on frontline... Super fast ship also.

http://www.dog.com - Really cheap if you buy more than 3 of the same item, shipping is 99 cent.

http://www.drsfostersmith.com - Using it for years, most of the time it's cheaper than 1800pet meds or petcareRX. Look for their coupon online.

Latest promo code

Expires: May 1, 2016
psn0910 = $4 off order
**Offer good for orders over $40 only.


Pet Supply Express [petsupplyexpress.com] Have used once so far, no problems (This domain is owned by the same owner of www.petsuppliesnet.com out of the AU. The prices are the same. However, I am unable to use my www.petsuppliesnet.com account with this site. The copyright information for this site is more current than www.petsuppliesnet.com. Is it a Sister Site?)

http://www.deadfleaz.com : Was recommended to us from a Dog Rescue that buys from them. I buy frontline and heartgard from them. Everything has been great. It ships from Australia, so it takes a little longer to get but it is half the price of buying in th US.

petproductsontheweb [petproductsontheweb.com]

Medi-Vet [medi-vet.com] Good prices, reliable, alerts available, fast shipping

DiscountPetDrugs [discountpetdrugs.com]

PetShed [petshed.com] I have been buying Revolution from Petshed for both my dog and cat for about 4 years now. They do ship from Australia but I generally get my order in about 10 days and the customer service is great.
+1, received package in less than a week after they switch the shipper, and you can actually call their number, someone will take care of your business in minutes.
I made a mistake ordering the wrong item, get the refund in the same day. Never a problem in years!

http://www.totalpetsupply.com Been using it for few times, it's the sister site of petshed.com I think, as the shipments were sent from the same Aussie location.

http://www.vidalspets.com/ Heard good things about this company from people on www.fatwallet.com. Ships from Aussie location. Buy from Vidal Pets with confidence! We guarantee all products sold through Vidal Pets are not counterfeit.

Latest promo code:
Valid for now.
Expires unknown.
6% off code: Sixoff

The Vet Shed [thevetshed.com] Been using this site for several years. Nice folks-replaced a lost shipment for free.
My 4th order from them for 4 dogs. Great, quick service. Not the cheapest but has been extremely dependable.

Advantage Blue Pack 55-110 lbs - 6 Month Supply from 1800petmeds

1800petmeds has it for - $69.99
Price Matched to vetmedsforpets.com which had it for $49.00
Used 1800petmeds coupon "MASTERCARD" for $6 dollars off

Total: $43.00 shipped!!

Pro Kennel [prokennel.com] I recently ordered Revolution for dogs 41 to 85 lbs (6 Month) for $64.99 and it shipped in a day (shipping was $6). I did need to email a Rx though.

Australian Pet Meds http://www.pets-megastore.com.au/ Good prices on generic Heartworm. $6 for shipping (Will not send Advantage to US customers 12/01/11)

Allivet.com [allivet.com] Prices on Interceptor are cheaper than the Aussies sites listed above, US VIPPS-certified pharmacy.

www.fleazapper.com [fleazapper.com] I've been buying Frontline Plus from them for years. Always the lowest price and free S&H, fast shipping, ships from NC (I think). As of 07.19.12 a 6 mo. supply of Frontline Plus for dogs 45-88 lbs is $58.99



For those of you with smaller dogs, a little trick is to buy the doses for larger dogs and split them. I have two small (<20lb) dogs, and I buy the 80lb Frontline plus and Heartgard, then use a needle & syringe to extract about 1/4 of the Frontline per dog each time. I break the Heartgard up into 1/4s before giving it to them. The price of the larger doses is minimally more than the small doses, but gives you 4x as much!

This is a great method for flea/tick prevention! Buy the largest size you can find at Costco or Sams and just portion it out!

->>>> No! see Vet posting below!

This is also true for cat/dog Advantage--they are all 10% active ingredient (imidacloprid), you just use more of the solution on big dogs and less on small dogs or cats (obviously you need to look up the exact dose for your dog/cat). But do NOT use K9 Advantix on cats; it is harmful to cats.

NEW QUESTION: Does breaking up doses of liquid Frontline work? Does the dog kind work on cats? Google wasn't helpful, so maybe not.

NEW QUESTION: Is Advantage for cats (not Advantage II) still available? I've used that in the past and portioned it out based on my cats weight. I recently ran out and now looking to replace it. I see Advantage II all over, but not the original Advantage. I'm thinking of using Comfortis instead.


If you have more than 1 dog or a large dog here's the cheapest heartworm treatment. My friend and I have been doing this for years, our breeder told us about this (she's got 15 or so dogs so it gets really expensive for her to use Heartgard Plus). If you look up the active ingredients in Heartgard they are Ivermectin and Pyrantel. See page 2 here: Heartgard Plus Data Sheet [merial.com] {LINKS ARE DEAD - Looking for replacements}

So if you just buy Ivermectin and Pyrantel (instead of them packaged together in Heartgard) you can just administer the active ingredients to your furry friend at an extremely discounted price.

You can find the Ivermectin here: ValleyVet.com [valleyvet.com]
The rule of thumb for dogs is 1 cc per 100 lbs. You will need a syringe to draw it out of the bottle. So this bottle would last for 50 doses on a 100 lb dog.

--Be careful with the 1cc per 100 lbs. Especially with the 1% solution linked to in this post. This will lead to overdosing for dogs:

You can find the Pyrantel here:ValleyVet.com [valleyvet.com]
The dosage for the Pyrantel is 3-5 mg of active ingredient per pound. This bottle will last for 11 doses for a 100 lb dog.
Just squirt it in their food once a month and you're good to go.[Dead Listing]

Using this method it comes out to about $2.50 per dose for a 100 lb dog. Less for a smaller dog ($1.25 for a 50 lb dog, etc...). I usually just add it to their food once a month and they eat it with their food. There's plenty of information out there on the internet about these methods so just do some reading if you're skeptical.


fyi: if you miss more than one month of any heartworm medication, it is in your animals best interest to have them heartworm tested before going back on the heartworm medication. An unknowingly heartworm positive dog that receives treatment, especial with a product like Interceptor or Sentinel (milbemycin oxime based products), can have a fatal reaction. (This is why it is potentially unsafe for someone to purchase this medication without a Rx from a vet.) Also, not all of these products are guaranteed by the manufacturer if they aren't purchased directly from a veterinarian. Just a word to the wise.


Notes from a licensed veterinarian:

Yes, some of these (flea preventatives) do not require a prescription. Some do/should (heartworm preventatives) by law. Why? Heartworm preventatives work by killing microfilaria (think baby heartworms) that presumably infect your dog/cat monthly. The problem arises when you miss even one dose, or "breakthrough" occurs (microfilaria survive despite monthly "killing" with preventative), and the microfilaria grow to adults - the medicine kills these too, and when they die, the body breaks them down - pieces can lodge into tiny lung capillaries (all blood goes to the lungs to get oxygenated), leading to fatal PTE (pulmonary thromboembolism). So - please don't administer these haphazardly; get your dog tested before giving, and since it takes the body 6 months to produce antibodies, if you miss a dose, continue giving and test in 6 months. The exception (somewhat "safer" preventative) is Heartgard (ivermectin), which works just like the medicine we use to treat dogs infected with heartworms.

Finally - yes, you can buy a large dose of liquid flea preventative and measure out smaller doses for small dogs to save money. However, the active ingredient in most heartworm preventative chewables is NOT evenly distributed/dispersed equally - like many human medications, unless there is a "score" (split for breaking), the active ingredient could be all on one side.
~melindapk, DVM

More notes from a licensed vet's son (Not Associated with above)
You shouldn't assume that these websites are cheaper.
My father has people "pricematch" online prices all the time, and then ends up charging them more because the online price was actually higher.
Your vet knows these sites exist. Talk to your vet about them. You might be surprised about what you can work out.


Counterfeit products information (NOT EPA APPROVED)
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This is a good site. Thanks for sharing and letting others know. I have used them before also and NOBODY beats their prices. NOBODY! Trust me, I have looked all over the web and thos site wins hands down. Great post. Thank you!
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Ah sweet, my cat thanks you!
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Avoiding Counterfeit Pet Medications
Well-known pet medicine products, such as the Advantage® line of topical flea control products, are often copied and reproduced by illegitimate companies and then passed off as being authentic Advantage products. Pet owners should be aware of this if they sometimes purchase pet meds from unusual or suspect sources.

Why should you care if your Advantage is authentic?

In some cases, counterfeit products may not have the proper packaging or instructional leaflet to ensure proper usage. In addition, you cannot be assured that the dosage is correct for the animal pictured on the retail carton.

How can you determine if your product is authentic?

First, if you purchased your Advantage from a veterinarian, you should feel reasonably assured about the authenticity of the product.

Second, according to the EPA, counterfeit packaging may be difficult to distinguish from legitimate product packaging. To determine if the product you have purchased is legitimate, check to see if it meets the following criteria. If the product fails any one of these criteria, it most likely is an illegitimate product and should be disposed of properly.

The only way to determine a legitimate Advantage product from a counterfeit product is by examining the actual applicator tubes that are inside the carton. Since the directions for use on the retail carton (outer box) and instruction leaflet of the legitimate product and the counterfeit product are identical, check the language that is printed on the applicator tubes. The legitimate Advantage products all contain applicator tubes that are printed in English. The most obvious sign of a counterfeit product is that the applicator tubes are printed in a foreign language (most likely German or French).

The legitimate applicator tubes include EPA Registration Number, the signal word WARNING, and the child hazard warning (Keep Out of Reach of Children). Counterfeit applicator tubes may lack this information.

Legitimate applicator tubes will also include a reference statement that refers users to the main labeling for directions for use and will include the manufacturing company’s name (Bayer). Counterfeit applicator tubes may lack this information.

Legitimate applicator tubes will contain an active ingredient statement that agrees with the active ingredient statement on the retail carton (9.1% imidacloprid). A counterfeit product may have an active ingredient statement that differs (such as 10%).
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I've been using petsmegastore in Australia for years but these store's price on Prohart heartwormer beats them even with their 2 day free shipping sale right now. So I'll try them.
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How long did it take to get here? I'm about to buy some Advantage from them if it doesn't take too long.
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Just found out I've got an epileptic dog. It started having grand-mal seizures, I kid you not, laying on its back freaking out like it was dreamin' of runnin' for her life. We're now feeding the dog these pills, I forget the chemical name, but they run $13 a month. (good thing for the dog, too, much more and it'd have been lights-out)

Will check this website later today and see what they've got.
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[QUOTE=KnightRage;2914105]Avoiding Counterfeit Pet Medications
Well-known pet medicine products, such as the Advantage
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Last edited by lolu13 May 30, 2006 at 03:51 PM
I've used petshed.com in Australia for (U.S.) prescription only medications (like Revolution).

Products are legit, prices are great!
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this is a great site with best prices, all products are legit, however check with your vet and ask if they pricematch online prices. mine does, so do many others. no shipping, no waiting.

i posted this a few months ago and was VERBALLY ATTACKED by some miserable vet assistant on here who said vets do not price match - no attacks this time please. i know what i am talking about. just sharing my info with others.
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Checked it out after hearing about the pet meds sites here and it seemed that stuff was about 30% cheaper AND you can get revolution with out a perscription. With 4 cats and 2 dogs, every little bit helps. Can recomend this site personally.
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Quote from TowHead View Post :
(good thing for the dog, too, much more and it'd have been lights-out)

laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud
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we have been ordering here for awhile. although they are in australia, shipping is very prompt. i would def recommend this place, much cheaper than other places.
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