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January - February Auto Leases - Infiniti G, M3 Convertible, Hyundai Genesis, Honda Civic,

muniala 792 1,544 January 26, 2011 at 12:59 PM in Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) (9) More Slickdeals Deals
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Last Edited by muniala February 11, 2011 at 12:32 PM
Here is a synopsis of good leases for January 2011.

Update Feb 2: Infiniti, BMW & Hyundai Lease programs have been extended to Feb

Examples - Loaded (with $14K in options) 2011 M3 convertible from $696/month. (Normally this would run around $1200+ )
Base G37 Coupe - From $237/month

All leases are based on minimum driveoff - ie zero down, only DMV & First month payment and refundable security deposit due at signing

Click on the following Google docs link for full details.There are 4 separate spreadsheets contained in the link below - A summary sheet and one sheet each for containing the details for the 10K, 12K and 15K miles/year numbers.

Base Monthly Payment (Before Tax)
ModelOptionsMSRP10K miles/yr12K miles/yr15K miles/yr
2011 Hyundai Genesis V8 $43,985N/A$463$475
2011 Hyundai Genesis V6Premium Navigation Package$38,300N/A$384$405
2011 G25 Sedan Journey $33,225$259$268$287
2011 G37 Journey SedanPremium, Navigation$39,925$282$293$315
2011 G37 Coupe Base $37,525$237$247$267
2011 G37 Coupe JourneyPremium, Navigation$43,725$304$316$339
2011 M37 AWDPremium$52,875$460$475$504
2011 FX35 AWDPremium$48,725$408$422$448
2011 Audi A3 S-TronicBluetooth Package$30,225$337$345$362
2011 Civic LX Sedan Automatic $19,305$152$158$168
2011 Honda Odyssey LX AT $28,580$288$295$310
2011 Honda Crosstour EX $30,450$264$272$288
2011 Honda CRV LX AWD $23,725$225$231$244
2011 BMW 135i CoupePremium, M-Sport, DCT, Nav$44,450$499$511$535
2011 BMW 328i SedanPremium, Automatic$38,550$417$427$448
2011 BMW 335i SedanPremium, Sport, Automatic$48,150$530$543$569
2011 BMW 335xi SedanPremium, Automatic$48,000$504$517$543
2011 BMW 335d SedanPremium, Automatic$46,000$453$466$491
2011 BMW X6 ActiveHybrid $89,775$865$889$939
2011 BMW M3 ConvertiblePremium2, Convenience, DCT, Cold Weather$78,025$696$717$760

1) These are suggested prices. You will need to do your homework and negotiate to get these payments. As such everything is YMMV. All I'm trying to do is sharing my knowledge to help the SD community. I've used LA county tax rates in the examples. These are some of the highest in the country. Use your own local rates to calculate your leases with tax

2) You can do better or do worse based on your negotiating skill and other factors.

AFAIK these are all national programs, but there may be regional differences.
3) In cases where the leasing bank allows Multiple Security Deposits, the maximum number of deposits is assumed

4) Cars shown are with options I have chosen and are for indication only. You can calculate the payments based on the exact options/MSRP of any other car you like.

5) In most cases the selling price is based on the lowest quote for southern California at In other cases it is based on actual prices from dealers.

6) Most widely applicable Rebates/incentives are factored in where applicable. Check for details of specific incentives. In some cases you will qualify for additional incentives (eg College Grad, Military) which will lower your payment even more.

Infiniti G currently have $1000 loyalty cash if you are NMAC returning lessee/customer. This would lower your payment even more from that given above.

Dealer marketing cash incentives are factored directly into the selling price. Only Customer Rebates/incentives are shown separately.For example the 2011 Infiniti G have $1000 dealer cash right now.

7) Please refer to my other lease threads here on slickdeals for more leasing info/help Definitely read the wikis at least in these two threads.
Infiniti lease thread
BMW lease thread

8) Also check Edmunds Leasing Forums for more help/information

9) Always deal with the internet/fleet department and negotiate everything over the phone/email If the dealer is not willing to do that just move on to another dealer

10) Some dealers with decent fleet/internet sales departments
In Southern CA for BMW: BMW of Monrovia, South Bay BMW, Pacific BMW, New Century BMW, Steve Thomas BMW
For Hyundai: Contact John Bryant at Glendora Hyundai in Los Angeles area. He'll give you the best service for sure in the LA area, and very competitive pricing
In the east coast - Internet dealer
Dallas Area :
For Infiniti : Glendale Infiniti

11) For BMW leases, If you are not a current BMW Financial Services customer (lessee, loan current or within the last 6 months) you need to provide one security deposit to get the base money factor used in the examples . This requirement is currently being waived by BMW FS during Jan and Feb.

12) For BMW leases, certain models have lower "loyalty" money factors if you are a current or recent (less than 6 months) BMW FS customer. For example the money factor on the M3 convertible drops from 0.0009 to 0.0006 for loyalty.

Updated the lease numbers on the 2011 G37 base coupe.Thanks to user zhaofl for catching it and pointing it out. Whilst some others were slanging me, he at least looked at the numbers and noticed the error and pointed it out. There is an additional $1000 cash for current iInfiniti owners/lessees which Ive not factored in. If you do qualify your lease payment will be roughly $25 lower than what I have in the spreadsheet. Just run the numbers yourself.
I will add a new section for the 2010 G37 base coupe just as soon as I get the residuals/mf from my dealer contacts. Based on the current 3000 incentive, if those numbers are good, the leases should be really attractive.

14) Updated : Added a few more cars to the list.
---BMW 335d includes a $3500 Eco Credit incentive for an attractive lease. In addition you may qualify for Federal Tax Credit for diesel/hybrid vehicles. Same may be available on X6 ActiveHybrid
--- BMW 328i & 335i sedan leases are decent not great. They were much better last month and should get better in the future.
--- Infiniti M37 and FX35 leases are good - Some of the best I've seen on these models

15) Added Jan 28 5pm PST

If anyone is interested in leasing of these M3 convertibles in the SF bay area or LA area, pm me and I'll give you the numbers and contact information for the fleet manager and you can get a deal like that in the OP with no hassle.

a) SFBay area : Car 1: jet black/beige and Car 2: space gray/black
b) LA Area: Car 1 : Black/Black -
Car 2: Alpine White/ Beige -- Update - Unavailable leased by sder

All four have MSRPs in the $81K - $82.5K range and are loaded. Leases are around 760 -790 -+ tax area for 12K/36 with 7 deposits and zero cap cost reduction

16) Why is the Multiple Security Deposits program offered by Infiniti, BMW and Lexus a great deal for you ?

Infiniti, BMW and Lexus offer the MSD program which gives you a lease money factor reduction for each security deposit you make.

Each security deposit is equal to your monthly payment rounded up to the nearest $50

Infiniti allows a maximum of 9 security deposits and each deposit reduces the Money Factor by 0.0001

Lexus allows a maximum of 9 security deposits and each deposit reduces the Money Factor by 0.0001

BMW allows a maximum of 7 security deposits and each deposit reduces the Money Factor by 0.00007

Here is a spreadsheet comparing the savings and return on Investment on a security deposit or a down payment of the same amount.

The center column , Column D shows a lease with zero security deposit and zero down payment. The total lease cost in this case is $13805.41

The left column , Column C shows the same lease with a $3150 security deposit and zero down payment. The total lease cost in this case is $11953.47

The right column , Column E shows the same lease with a zero security deposit but instead putting $3150 towards a down payment. The total lease cost in this case is $13652.33


1. The security deposits of $3150 save you a whopping $1851.94 = ($13805.41 - $11953.47) . That equates to a 3 year return of 58.79% = ( 1851.94/3150) or roughly an annual return of 19.6% (58.79/3)

2. If instead you had put down that $3150 as a down payment, your effective monthly payment is lowered by only $4. Your total savings over the lease would be only $153.08. Your return on your $3150 would be just 1.62% per year.

3. Also remember that you get your security deposit back at the end of the lease whilst your down payment is not refunded.

4. If you run the same calculations with any similar lease i.e. Infiniti lease you will come up with exactly the same percentage ROI. All BMW leases with MSDS will offfer a different ROI but will be the same for all their leases. Sane for Lexus

4 The Multiple Security Deposit program is a great program for you offering you a terrific return on your money. It is always better to put down a security deposit over a down payment.

5. At any point in time, there is a "payout amount" on a lease which is based on the current depreciated value and financing costs on your lease. Its the amount that you need to pay to the leasing bank to get out of the lease at that point in time.

Gap insurance which is included in most captive bank leases will take care of the balance between the payout amount and the insurance value. Part of the Bank fee you pay on a lease goes to purchase this Gap insurance. Before signing a lease check if Gap insurance is included in your lease else you should purchase it separately from a third party or through your own insurance.

The security deposits you will get back in full if your car is stolen or totaled. The security deposit doesn't lower your payout amount as its not a cap cost reduction. They can only dip into your security deposits if you fail to make a payment be it a monthly payment or your disposition fee or for wear and tear they assess. You should confirm all this directly with the leasing bank by calling them. Dealers and their finance department seldom even know about the security deposits program when it can be one of their biggest marketing tools to help them sell cars.

If instead you had used the same money to make a down payment. you don't get that back when its totaled or stolen. Because in this case your payout amount on the lease will be smaller and the Gap insurance will pay the difference if any between payout and insurance value.

This is another reason why it may not be a good idea to put any money down on a lease


Lots of skepticism on the Infiniti Numbers. Infiniti G37s tend to lease well. The current deals are even better than the ones in the recent past. For the skeptics here are some deals other sders got last year. If you want an Infiinti lease, this is not a bad time. Instead of being skeptical , do your homework and negotiate

Base coupe $276 including tax ---
Loaded coupe with 45K MSRP for $412 + tax
$345 includies tax for a $39.5K G37X coupe -

There are many more examples in the thread. Almost all matched or beat the original numbers I posted
If you purchase something through a post on our site, Slickdeals may get a small share of the sale.

Community Wiki

Last Edited by n0fx March 7, 2011 at 02:36 PM
BMW Euro Delivery/US Delivery Group Buy

See here for sample pricing info (these are actual quotes- final pricing may be slightly better)

We are in the advanced stages of finalizing the BMW Group buy. If anyone else is interested in joining in, PM the OP the following info. Do so only if you are 100% ready to commit by the end of this week

A build to order vehicle can be courtesy delivered to a BMW dealership close to where you live. So you can be located anywhere in the country

Car configuration : Build it on BMW USA's web site and copy/paste the configuration details or the link

Phone Number:
Slickdeals ID:
City Where you live:
Zip Code of your residence:
Confirm if your credit score is > 720R you can get a cosigner with good credit: Yes/No
BMW FS Loyalty: (Yes/No)
Do you want to do security deposits ? Yes/No If yes how many (7 is max) ?
Lease Term Desired In Months:
Lease Mileage/year Desired:

Here's another idea that might lure the dealer into leasing the car at around OP's pricing. For instance someone is living in Cali and wants to get say g37 coupe. We could start signing up here, and buy from that dealership, the more the people better for the dealership and better rates for us. May be we could make it happen. We could all negotiate with them and lease from the one that gives the best offer

If you haven't done so already, pm the following information to muniala (the OP) after adding your name to the list

Phone Number:
Slickdeals ID:
City Where you live:
Zip Code of your residence:
Confirm if your credit score is > 720EmbarrassmentR you can get a cosigner with good credit: Yes/No

Car & Model Desired:
Desired Exterior Colors
Desired Interior Colors
Must Have Options
Nice to have Options:
Do you want to do security deposits ? Yes/No If yes how many ?
Lease Term Desired In Months:
Lease Mileage/year Desired:

Sign-up here

G37 Sedan/Coupe

1. T.I.
2. trupper999
3. bobby312345
4. agent099
5. Residentsd
6. killingbe
7. isbn1975
8. dwaynet19-will consider, ill test drive tomorrow
9. lk9002
10. Kobefan, i need 15K
11. stormfury
12. Mysteriouskk
13. tortdeals
14. iamnad (coupe or sedan)
15. cupertinobabies
16. mlee27
17. wangry
18. spotydoty
19. sheilon
20. sd4meyee
21. bluekite
22. n0fx

BMW 328i Sedan / 335i / M3
1. vipervin (considering 335i coupe, 335is, or M3 coupe -- bay area)
2. dwaynet19 328i sedan-los angeles
3. asifali14 m3 convertible, European Delivery - bay area)PM me, i found a smoking deal on one.
4. GimmeThemDeals (M3 convertible, in chicago but will to pay to have it shipped from anywhere)
5. rocaveli (M3 convertible, San Francisco)
6. Longhorn Roses (M3 convertible, European Delivery, I live in TX but hopefully with Euro Delivery, my residence won't matter)
7. m3m3m3 (M3 Convertible, considering Euro Delivery -- bay area, CA)
8. jamb (M3 or 335i) --- Socal Area
9. thesaam (M3 convertible) -- willing to buy anywhere, live in TX though. emailed OP my details. thx!

1. audioeng (CRV)

Honda Accord LS
1. Kakes -- 219 + tax with 0 drive off


G37 Sedan/Coupe



1. maroni--West New York, NJ/Manhattan
2.bkim84 - Bronx, NY

BMW 328i Sedan
1. dwaynet19-los angeles 328i sedan

Lease info per Infiniti's Website for lease of 2011 G37 Base Coupe for 10k/year

$369 /month Lease for 39 months
$2,499 initial payment
2011 G37 Coupe Journey with Premium Package
Excludes taxes, title, license and options. Dealer Participation Required. Offer ends 01/31/2011.

$2,499 initial payment required at consummation. (Includes $2,130 consumer down payment, $369 first month payment). 2011 G37 Coupe Journey with Premium Package subject to availability to well qualified customers who lease through Nissan-Infiniti LT. Subject to Credit Approval. MSRP $41,425 includes destination charge. Net capitalized cost of $38,056 includes a $595 non-refundable acquisition fee. Retailer contribution may affect actual price set by Retailer. Monthly payments total $14,391.00. At lease end, purchase for $27,340.50, plus $300 purchase option fee (except KS and WI), plus tax, or pay excess wear and tear plus $0.25 per mile for mileage over 10,000 miles per year.




G37 Journey Sedan
1. Oldfield42

From OP
Please dont post standard lease commentary. Those are for suckers not for slickdealers. The standard advertised lease is the same as paying MSRP for the car. Ive explained this dozens of times in my leasing pposts in the past


People who have scored, please update the wiki with actuals that you paid.

In New York State, there is a security deposit cap of $749, which prevents NYS residents from using the MSD program. NYS residents can get around this limitation by leasing their vehicle from a dealer in a neighboring state.


Lease Calculation Formulas

This spreadsheet shows formulas used in OP's calculations. I wanted to run a few calculations for other BMW models, so I built it myself. You can copy the formulas and paste in your own spreadsheets - just add the equal (=) sign before each formula.


3 4 5 6 7

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Quote from ussrname View Post :
I got in contact with muniala. He says he can do it for me.

Hoping he can prove the deal works!

Will report back on the results.
Thats great. I hope it works out for you. I will stop complaining for ever if someone (like you or Muniala) confirms at least one deal for $175 per month.
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All I see is alot of proof.....does not even belong in this forum
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Quote from bluedevils View Post :
This is an interesting thread. My comments are those of an automotive enthusiast and SDer who knows a fair amount about the car business but is NOT in the business and therefore not an expert on selling cars, leasing, etc.

OP's math may completely show that a $175/month Infiniti G37 Coupe lease is theoretically possible. I believe that. But stonescotch's point is that, no matter what the math may suggest, a dealer would never do a $175/month deal for that car. Why not? Because they don't have to! I agree that the dealer would not likely use the invoice minus rebate price (approx $30,500 on this car) in the lease calculations. They can get way more $$ than $175/mo for this car, so they are not gonna let it out the door for $175/mo even if someone brings in the math to show that they 'should' do it or 'should be willing' to do it.
I don't see why a dealer won't give you a lease provided they have the car, your credit score is good, and the program exists. Especially when the dealer is trying to make quota, then making money is the second priority. In my opinion, end of a month is always a good time to shop for cars. Once again, you negotiate the lowest possible price when you purchase. You also negotiate the lowest possible price when you lease. To the dealer, a sale is a sale, regardless it's a leasing or purchasing. When you are leasing, don't fall for the car sales car's "how much car payment can you afford a month?" lie.
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Great Thread.....I am leasing Noob, thanks a ton for this thread!
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Quote from zhaofl View Post :
Muniala, I appreciated your effort on the original Infiniti thread since I got a good deal on a 2010 G Sedan. However, looking at the number you put in for the G37 coupe, I think that is where you mixed up the numbers. You can get a low 30k selling price on 2010 G37 coupe, but you won't get the 70% residual. To get the 70% residual on 2011 G37 coupe, you won't get the 30K selling price. You can not put into the best numbers of both year models and plug into the spreadsheet. Don't expect any dealer to do that.
you're totally right - thanks for catching that - i messed up - ill fix it and update the right prices. Its still going to be a very good lease
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the original post represents a good amount of effort for sure...reps. OP, can you offer some sort of background information about where you pulled the numbers (manufacturers' websites, auto sites such as intellichoice, edmunds, etc), why you do this, etc? Or if there is a previous thread where you have already explained this, please point us to it.

I still don't think any Infiniti dealer would lease a new G37 for $175 a month.
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Like others here, I'm an auto enthusiast, and have even taken some of my cars to track before (when I can afford it).

So I'm going to put this out there. I don't know OP at all. I've seen OP's other thread before, and tried pursuing an Infiniti G37, but ran out of time to follow it through. This current thread drew me in because of the M3 offer. I previously leased an E46 M3 via a previous business, and I loved that car. I paid $750 / mo for a 15K / year lease on a $51K car (base + bixenon HID's, SMG II, PDC), and it wasn't even a drop-top. This current M3 lease is obviously a much better deal.

I've started another business recently. All signs seem to indicate it is doing extremely well out the gate. If this trend continues, I will contact OP to help me lease a sports car again, and would be willing to pay him $500 at the end of the deal to help me out.

So there, I put it out there. Hope to see you guys in a few months.
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Last edited by issai January 26, 2011 at 02:35 PM.

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yeh.. still expensive.
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Forget the cars +34190412 for Muniala's awesome 80's haircut in the pic! That's how he gets the great deals...swipe the hair and look deeply into the dealers eyes... "Are you SURE you can't give me the lease for $175?"

If that doesn't's time to break out the Zoobas!


Seriously though, love these threads.
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Last edited by cmtuggl January 26, 2011 at 02:39 PM.
Quote from cmtuggl View Post :
Forget the cars +34190412 for Muniala's awesome 80's haircut in the pic! That's how he gets the great deals...swipe the hair and look deeply into the dealers eyes... "Are you SURE you can't give me the lease for $175?"

If that doesn't's time to break out the Zoobas!


Seriously though, love these threads.
lol +rep for that comment bounce
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repped for the hard work alone. .thx. !
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I can do better on the Honda Civic LX lease. DCH Honda in Old Biridge NJ is willing to lease a auto Honda Civic LX for $140 per month on a 30 month lease 15K per year mileage and $600.00 drive off out of pocket for the lease. Ask for Andy Lau the salesman at DCH Honda in Old bridge NJ (888)-623-9911. Enuff said go and get ur civics!
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op, since you're local to me, can you take me to Glendale Infiniti to pick up a g37?
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Quote from muniala View Post :
you're totally right - thanks for catching that - i messed up - ill fix it and update the right prices. Its still going to be a very good lease

OP, truly appreciate your effort in posting this type of deals. as a general rule, anytime when one can get a lease for a $30k car at $300+tax per month pmt, min DO(drive off)he/she did very well. that m3 lease with min DO is very attractive.

one thing i would like to point out, while you do negotiate for the best price first, not all "factory incentive(aka trunk money)" will apply to both lease and buy, depends on which month, and what kind of program factory. kind of like buying milk, one week may be $2.75, and another may be 2.95/gal

while it is true as a general rule, you do geta better deal at month end, if dealer has reached the goal/quota, and mgr is getting their bonus for sure, he/she will not push the deal, hence, your deal will get "sand backed" to next month
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Awesome thread .... Thumbs up.
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