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Rite Aid 4/03 - 4/09

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photos aren't clear enough to read details, but we can still get some info from them Smilie

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Google Doc Ad Scan: Link []

Important Links

RA April 2011 SCR

RA March Video Values

RA April Video Values

RA Printable Coupons

List of IPQ's

Clearance thread

List of unexpired newspaper coupons

Coupon Policy


Rite Aid coupons - blue
Manufacturer coupons - black


SCR Deals

Super Poligrip 0.75oz $1.99 get UP TO $1.99 SCR - Limit 2 rebates
FREE Super Poligrip (RP 3/27)
$1.50 Super Poligrip April vvq

Tena Serenity Ultra Thin Pads 32-42ct $9.99 get UP TO $9.99 SCR - Limit 2 rebates
$2.50 Tena x4/19/11 [] OR x4/30/12 []

RA Tugaboos
2/$16 get $2 +Up get $2 SCR wyb 2 - Limit 1 rebate

Almay Foundation $4 Off wyb 2 get $5 SCR wyb 2 - Limit 1 rebate
$2 Almay Cosmetic Product (SS 3/6)

+UP Deals

Scrunci Elastic Hair Bands 16ct $1.99 get $1.99 +Up (Limit 2)

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors $9.99 get $5 +Up Limit 2
$5 Gillette Fusion (P&G Have you Tried This yet Mailer exp 5/31/11)
$3 Gillette Fusion (P&G 4/3)
GiftSet UPC # 047400511194 rings up at 8.79.
It contains 2 cartridges, shave prep, thermal scrub, and cooling lotion.
Limit is 2 per card. (Thanks OP [])

Keebler or Nabisco Peg Bags 2/$2 get $1 +Up
$.50/2 Nabisco March vvq

Listerine 1 Ltr or Reach Toothbrush $3.99 get $1 +Up
$1 Listerine (SS 2/27)
$.50 Listerine (SS 2/27)
$1 Listerine April vvq

Allergy Products wyb $25 get $5 +Up Rewards
***Benadryl and/or Zyrtec wyb $75 get $25 Gift Certicate Allergy Rewards
-NeilMed Nasal Dock Plus Drying Stand $6 get $6 +Up (limit 1 per card)
$3 any NeilMed Peelies (found on NeilMed Nasal Rinse @ RA, CVS & Wags)
$2.50 any NeilMed Peelies (found on NeilMed Nasal Rinse @ RA, CVS & Wags)
$1.50 any NeilMed Peelies (found on NeilMed Nasal Rinse @ RA, CVS & Wags)
$1 any NeilMed Peelies (found on NeilMed Nasal Rinse @ RA, CVS & Wags)

L'Oreal Youth Code Kit $29.99 get $5 +Up
$2 L'Oreal Skincare (RP 3/20)
$3 L'Oreal Youth Code Product (4/17/11) V 2/20/2011
$2/$10 Beauty Feb/March vvq
$5 L'Oreal Youth Code Mar/April vvq

L'Oreal Youth Code Products $21.99 get $5 +Up ($19.99 w/ 20% discount)
$2 L'Oreal Skincare (RP 3/20)
$3 L'Oreal Youth Code Product (4/17/11) V 2/20/2011
$5 L'Oreal Youth Code Mar/April vvq
$2/$10 Beauty Feb/March vvq
$5 L'Oreal Youth Code Serum Mail in Rebate [] (valid 3/20 - 4/18)

L'Oreal Facial Moisturizers $12.99 get $2 +Up
$2 L'Oreal Skincare (RP 3/20)

L'Oreal Facial Cleansers $5.99 get $1 +Up
$2 L'Oreal Skincare (RP 3/20)

Burt's Bees Lip, Facial or Skincare wyb $15 get $5 +Up
$2 Burt's Bees Natural Body Lotions Printable
$1.50 Burt's Bees Natural Body Lotions (tearpad)
$2 Burt's Bees natural acne solutions(tearpad)

Cetaphil $10.99 get $2 +Up
$2 Cetaphil, any product (excluding bars and travel sizes) - Better Homes & Gardens, April 2011
$2 Cetaphil Product, Any (excludes bars and travel sizes) - Family Circle, April 2011
$2 Cetaphil, any (excludes bars and travel sizes) - Everyday with Rachel Ray, March 2011)
$2 Cetaphil Product, any (excludes bars and travel sizes) - Family Circle, March 2011
$2 Cetaphil Product, any (excludes bars and travel sizes) - Parents, March 2011
$2 Cetaphil Product, Any (Excludes bars and travel sizes) - Family Circle, February 2011
$2 Cetaphil product, any (Excludes bars and travel sizes) - Parents, February 2011
$2 Cetaphil, any product (excluding bars and travel sizes) - Good Housekeeping, February 2011

Conair Brushes, Rollers or Combs BOGO wyb $10 get $5 +Up

Conair Hair Dryers or Flatirons get $5 +Up

7-Up 3/$12 get $2 +Up

Friskies 10/$4 get $1 +Up
$1/6 Purina Friskies Selects Indoor Brand Adult Canned Cat Food any six (6), or one (1) 12 ct. Purina Friskies Brand Canned Cat Food variety pack (SS 3/27)

Visine A, twin pack 15 ml $9.99 get $2 +UP
$2 Visine A, any print [] must register

Other Deals
Beauty/Personal Care

Physicians Formula Bronzers BOGO
$5 Physicians Formula Printable

Infusium23 Shampoo or Conditioners
$2 Infusium23 coming in Sunday papers

Mentos 2/$1

All Zicam cold remedies & allergy or sinus relief, b1g1 free
$2 Zicam, any print []

Dawn, Joy, Scott Bathroom Tissue or Glade Spray $.99

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Community Wiki

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Friday recap till we get the 2nd wiki:

Quote from missteena :

$12.99 on sale, produces $3 +UP per item. Also part of spend $25, get $5 +UP back.

So it looks like 2 Zyrtec for $5.98 after $3/$15 survey Q and $6/2 Q. (Those $4 ones cannot be used because they are 25 count or higher. It appears the one that is on sale is 12 count.)

KY Yours + Mine personal lubricants $3 in ad, $5 +UP reward...there are $4 MQ's from various magazines that are good until the end of April. If you have the 20% discount and use the $3/$15 survey Q, that makes each package just .99.

Adding: If you have not printed the $5 MQ from K-Y's website yet, you can print those and get your KY for free after Q's and +UP.
Quote from kglenn35 :
I also found $3 peelies on the neilmed stuff that you send in to get your $3.
Quote from penner42 :
New link to Tena $2.50 PDF:
Quote from Thriftymomof2 :
I think it has already been mentioned that the $4 coupon is for the CARTRIDGES, NOT for the actual razor Frown
Quote from sdca :
limit is 2 on scunci and 2 on the Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor.
Quote from jokesbyjen :
Kibbles & Bits Dog Food- 4lb- sale $3.99 - $2 MQ (2/20 RP) = $1.99
Quote from Sephiria :
There's a $5 off Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor coupon in the P&G booklet in the March 2011 issue of Ebony Magazine! I signed up for a free subscription some time last month, and it might still be available here [] if anyone wanted a subscription.
Quote from reg036 :

Please be aware the new Rite Aid FAQ thread is completed HERE!!!

You should address all general questions in that thread to keep the weekly's on topic. Please sticky it or bookmark it!!!!

THX to Bunnies 46 & BadMoonRising and many others for their hard work!!!!!!!

Conair brushes look like a decent deal. They're BOGO, get $5 +UP when you spend $10. No coupons that I can find, but there's a variety of brushes from 2.99 to over $10. If you pick, for example, a $5.49 one, It'd be 4 for $10.98 because they're BOGO, and then a $5 +UP so $5.98 for 4. Not the best, but I haven't seen these things really come down to free (then again, I haven't been doing this that long... how cheap do they get?). I will probably mix and match and get some.[/QUOTE]
Quote from angellinda :
All Zicam cold remedies & allergy or sinus relief, b1g1 free
$2 Zicam, any print []

Visine A, twin pack 15 ml $9.99, $2 +UP
$2 Visine A, any print [] must register
Quote from tammyb9597 :
Received the P&G Have you Tried This Yet? Coupon mailer today and there is a$5 off one Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor. exp 5/31/11
Quote from ICG :
HU... if Ra doesn't have enough stock, after you buy your 2 poligrip for the scr, check out walmart, I found .75oz for $1.79 ymmv, but it would be worth checking out if you can't get all you want at RA due to low stock.
Quote from kamigirl :
zyrtec ip's here

for those that use clairitin or allergra and want to try zyrtec there is a satisfaction guarentee here

question about new allergy rewards....all purchases need to be on same wellness card correct? and does wellness card need to be registered to link with scr acct? also thoughts on if the $5 up is limited 1 per acct? im really hoping to get as much as possible or as little oop as possible, 3 of us in my household take zyrtec daily and it gets pricey....even buying ra brand and burning ups
Quote from DreOran :
If you're talking about the $5 +ups wyb $25 of select allergy products, the fine print says Limit 1 per household... And the period for earning it seems to be 3/27 to 5/28/11... You can read the details on the Google scan. HTH
Quote from Randy71 :
Allergy Products wyb $25 get $5 +Up Rewards

Buy 14 Halls @ $1.50 each = $21
1 NeilMed Nasal Dock = $6
Total $27

Use 14 $0.75/1 bag of Halls Q = $10.5
Use 1 $0.50/1 Halls VV March
Use 1 $0.50/1 Halls VV April
Use 1 NeilMed peelie ($1, $1.50, $2.50, $3)
Get back 7 $1 UP from Halls, $6 UP from NeilMed, $5 UP wyb $25 Allergy Products

If you cant find any NeildMed peelies, its still a $2.50 MM. Depending on what NeilMed peelie you have, it could be up to a $5.50 MM. Throw in the $3/$15 survey and it could be a possible $8.50MM.
Quote from purplefdu :
You have to register your wellness card BEFORE purchasing things for the allergy reward. Which would mean they have to all be on the same card. Sorry Frown

I imagine they will run these deals more and more often though since Spring is finally here.
Quote from BigRodent :

And don't forget SCR #6:
Rebate #6
Valid from 03/30/11 to 04/26/11
Burt's Bees/Brita/Greenworks
Purchase Twenty Dollars ($20.00) Worth of Any Variety:
• Burt's Bees Skin Care Products
• Brita Products
• Greenworks Products
And receive back by mail a FREE $5.00 Rite Aid Gift Card
Gift card mailed separately from rebate check

Quote from BigRodent :
Just checked the body lotion prices at my RA:
Soothingly Sensitive (w/ Aloe) and Naturally Nourishing (w/Milk and Honey) are $7.99 regular
No Fragrance Free in my store, but there was one other BL (not pictured on the coupon): Radiance (with "Royal jelly", whatever that is, and Mica) is $8.99

They smell yummy indeed : D

Can't come up with a MM scenario, but have quite some +Ups to roll and it's a nice product to roll them on, sooo...

What I am planning to do with 20%:
4 lotions at $7.99 regular, 6.39 at 20%
Total: $25.56

- $8 coupons ($2 x 4)
- $1.50 April vv (any BB excluding lip balm)
= $17.06 (might sweeten it with a $3/15 survey if I get one so that would be $14.06)
Get back a $5 +Up and a $5 Gift Card and assuming the BB deal is unlimited and tracks, be $4.44 away from another $5 +Up (add lipcare to get there? tinted lip balm with the $1 vv?).

Please note that, unlike with other Facebook coupons, you need two different Facebook accounts to print 4 q's, just 2 computers won't do.

Quote from jaymeelee1980 :
Just wanted to mention that when a SCR states "up to" (in this case up to $1.99) it means that if you use a card with 20% and pay $1.83, you'll get a SCR for $1.83 not $1.99 If you have the coupons for free poligrip, you're better off using a non 20% card if you can.
Quote from jlclookey :
I didn't see this mentioned anywhere but Trojan Condoms are on sale for 9.99 with a $4 Up+ and if you sign up here:
there is a $2 IP.

Just saying as you were looking for a condom deal and this makes if $3.99 for a 10-12 ct box. Not bad if you need them!!!!
Quote from sdca :
The Socal ad has the Poligrip SCR starting 4/1, but the SCR booklet has it starting 4/3. The poligrip coupon was in the LA Times 3/27 RP, but not the RP we got in the mail.
Quote from mysticprincess :
You could do the following Zicam deal. Its not a MM, but if its something you need or use on a regular basis, $2.00 each for a $13 product isn't bad:

$12.99 - Zican #1
$0.00 - Zicam #2 (BOGO)
$12.99- Zicam #3
$0.00 - Zicam #4 (BOGO)
= $25.98

4 x $2.00/1 IPs
1 x $3.00/$15 survey coupon
1 x $2.00/1 video values Zicam coupon
= $12.98, get back $5 Allergy UP, net price of $7.98 for 4 packages
Quote from angellinda :
Thank you for the info. I was wondering (hoping) that the bonus b1g1 packages would work for the Scunci.
Quote from ednred :
You can get your 2 Proglides in one trans. Both $5 ups printed.
So 2 at 8.79=17.58 - 3/15 -2x$5 p&g mailer = $4.58 get back $10 in ups.
Don't mess up like I did in first trans. They have these things locked up and I found 2 that weren't so I bought power ones I don't like (didn't notice. I knew they rang up wrong and said Oh! they must have raised the price. Still didn't notice) and they rang up at 9.99, Booo!

Allergy +up has a 6/11 date. Soooo nice.
Quote from okdeal :
Also did the Nature Made BOGO... got the Super Vit B Complex 60 ct gel.. $11.79 and used the RA wellness$3 Q. along with my redeemed $7 nature made []and a $1 IPQ . There are cheaper Vit B's for those who don't have the "my nature made accts/Q" . Note.. The RA Vit D $3 Q expires tomorrow (4/2)
Quote from Hokiesfan02 :
For the allergy rewards, previously we just enter our receipts like for SCR, is this still the same or do I need to register before I purchase?
Quote from mamabee_ :
you need to register first hths : )
Quote from tireguy :
Don't forget that if you have Gold your discount trumps the sale price. 10.99 -20%= 8.79 - $3 MC= 5.79 $5UP= $.79 plus tax This does not figure in doing the deal with a survey coupon which makes this a MM..
Quote from DaSaver :
All of the Manual Razors have 2 cartridges, the Power Razors only have 1 cartridge but also come with battery.

After you buy the power one you just buy the manual ones and use its cartridges, they are interchangeable.
Quote from ikillu :
plus there is a 5$ rebate for zicam cold swabs : D
Quote from dealio4melio :
Look for Zicam cardboard displays, and an orange brochure, which includes a $2 off any Zicam product coupon. Expires 12/31/11. The coupon shows a picture of the Allergy relief swabs, and cold remedy lozengers, but specifies ANY Zicam product.

This may prove to be a handy Q for whatever deals may show up between now and next December. HTH
Quote from ednred :
I bought 4 Zicam
Allergy relief nasal gel non drowsy
Extreme Congestion relief 12 hour w/aloe vera
Intense Sinus Relief 12 hour w/menthol & Eucalyptus
Allergy relief Gel Swabs Non drowsy with menthol
All counted for b1g1 and ALL counted for Allergy $5.
BTW. Did I really sellem? Aloe and menthol and Eucalyptus. Hope they are as good as they sound. I have only bought cold and flu meds b4 but nothing is as good as Nyquil, Airborne and Emergen-C and Ester-C to-go.
Yes, this deal is tracking nicely. When I bought my Zyrtec D 12 ct. the price was $11.99 20% instead of $12.99. Had to go back and get 2 Halls.
HU Halls
Only the 25 ct. or 30ct. qualify for 1+up wyb2 2 for $3. I tried to pick up the wrong ones twice. DH standing right next to me. Nuh Uh! Those aren't on sale. Yes, he was such a dear since he would rather be on the golf course. RA not his fav place. Any store for that matter.
Quote from ednred :
Nope. The power reg. $12.99 ring up at $9.99 no matter what ur discount
The reg. ring up at 8.79 20% reg. price $10.99.

UPC # 047400511194 I got the manual and it rang up at 8.79.
It contains 2 cartridges, shave prep, thermal scrub, and cooling lotion.
Limit is 2 per card.
Quote from LauryH :
Burt's Bees body wash $7.99
Burt's Bees cuticle cream $5.99.
Quote from Hakanasa :
Yup it is tracking, bought some Burt's Bees Baby stuffs. I only did this once and got it and I have $6.xx tracking. But didn't get a chance to do a second one to see if the tracking is correct. Sometime it's a lil wonky. HTH
Quote from jdavis103 :
Since people asked, the Garnier deal is tracking.. it has the little extra printout at the bottom of the UPs on the receipt.

Saturday recap
Quote from tireguy View Post :
Not sure where to post this but I was looking through and clicked on the unadvertised specials. It looks like either they made a mistake or all of the RA hand sanitizers are FREE until April 28th..
Quote from tireguy View Post :
Just called and had my SM price Check a Hand sanitizer and it is ringing up BOGO. Must be RA is listing the one you get for FREE LOL.
Quote from LauryH View Post :

Almay Foundation
Smart Shade $13.99
Truly Lasting $12.49
Clear Complexion $12.49

Burt's Bees
Acne products $9.99
Eye / Day / Night cream $17.99
Ageless products $24.99
Lip products $2.99

Forgot one:
Burt's Bees Shampoo/Conditioner $7.99
Quote from kmoore36 View Post :
Found out quite by accident that Claritin is part of the allergy reward but not all of them are participating. The only one I found for sure that is counting is the Claritin 24 hr 10ct
that has the second part of the UPC # that starts with "08.......", most of them start with "80......" but this one does not and it is definately counting------rec'd my $5 when I did my second transaction. HTH
Quote from hunhun View Post :
Not sure if it has been reported. Here is the monthly freebie found today.

RA cough drops 9ct, reg. price $0.99, on sale $0.50, buy 2 get $1 +UP. +UP expires 5/10
Quote from LauryH View Post :
Replying to my own post b/c I forgot one:
Burt's Bees Shampoo/Conditioner $7.99
Quote from shoptoomuch View Post :
-Burts Bees spend $15 get $5 up,
-$5 gift Card April SCR #6 wyb $20 Burts Bees, Brita, Greenworks
-April VV in Go Green section has a $2/10 that includes Burts Bees, there is a $1 BB lip product VV and $1.50 BB Products (excludes Lip) VV

I found a cardboard, counter display at CVS with a $1.50 Burts Bees TP q. The display wasn't with the regular section of BB
It has 6 items on it and the coupon reads that it is good on those specific items. I put the Rite Aid prices next to the ones I know. I checked a few CVS's but the 2 stores I found the TP at were 24 hour stores. The q expires 7/1/12

It reads one coupon per purchase and starts with a 5:
Soap Bark & Cammomile Deep Cleansing Cream (6oz) $7.99 , Coconut Foot Cream (4.34 oz) $6.99, Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream (0.6 oz), Naturally Nourishing Body Lotion (6 oz), Hand Slave (3oz), Watermelon Shimmer (0.09 oz) $4.99, and Replenishing Lip Balm Combo Pack (0.15 oz) $5.49
Quote from shoptoomuch View Post :
I tried the Conair You Style Brushes $9.99 and they did not ring up BOGO. You may want to stay away from that one even though there is a April VV for it.

Learn from my mistake on this oneWink

As expected, this conair is tracking.
Quote from emilaybaybay View Post :
I dont think it matters for Tena, but Poligrip is $2.29 shelf and $1.83 Gold!
Quote from loveing1 View Post :
Free Carefree

I didn't see this anywhere.
Carefree liners are 4/$5 with $1UP/4. THere is a coupon for $2/2, making this free.

THe coupon is also good on listerine, stayfree, zyrtec, aveeno, bandaid, and neosopin.

It is a bricks couon
Quote from TJ665 View Post :
I printed this coupon and the barcode is definitely not a standard one. It's a 12 digit that starts with a "9". Usually it's either 12 digits when starting with "5" and 13 digits when starting with "9", but I have a feeling this coupon will beep to high heaven.

UPC is 9 94116 77319 7
Quote from SoCalGal View Post :
At my store, the RA Cough Drops 9ct reg. priced .99 cents were on BOGO50% but I did get a $1 +Up wyb 2.Big Grin
Quote from iheartgossip View Post :
New York Color Cosmetics are 40% and there is a $1.50 off 2 coupon over on (use zip code 60625) ....It is a MQ but it prints with "available at walmart" in nice red letters, fyi. Love cheap nail polish. woot
Quote from CheapisChic View Post :
I don't think RA carries this. Indoor Selects costs more and is never included when my grocery store puts the Friskies on sale for 40c.

I was wondering if RA had Friskies Tasty Treasures? I keep seeing BOGO insert and IPs for this but can't remember if they carry it...

Planning on this:
30 Friskies = $12
- (2) $1/15 from 1/16 SS, 2/13 SS or 3/27 SS
- (3) $1 +UP
= $7 or 23c per can
Quote from PrncsNYC View Post :
In the past, the Indoor Selects has been excluded from the sale according to the ad. I figured it was too good to be true since all the end caps today only had regular Friskies. Still able to use the $1 off 15 I guess. Throwing in a $3 off $15.
Tuesday RecaP:
Quote from emilaybaybay View Post :
Also.. finally found the Zicam cold sore swabs and they were $12.99, not tagged, but still rang up BOGO! woot And they did count for allergy UP. Actually... They only count as $12.98 towards the allergy UP for some reason. I have only gotten the 2 Zicams and 1 Nasodock... which should add up to $18.99, but it says $18.98! shake head
Quote from GoStillers View Post :
Yes... I see that now. I checked my online Allergy Rewards status this morning and I was credited the 2 Zyrtec I purchased on Sunday morning. I'm sure by tomorrow morning that will change since I returned that purchase and did a rebuy of those Zyrtec on Monday morning (since I registered my wellness card AFTER I purchased the Zyrtec on Sunday). UGH! How confusing this may be for some to read... I apologize!
So what do you get out of this message you ask.. It just goes to show... that you can buy Zyrtec or Benadryl PRIOR to registering your wellness card online (registering same day seems to work)... and RA will credit your Allergy Reward account.
Quote from IAmFrugal View Post :
I did buy Zyrtec a couple of days after I registered the card online, and the total amount went to my balance there with no problems, and since it was over $75, it also automatically sent me the $20 certificate to print out shortly after that. You don't have to enter your receipt info online like with the SCRs, that's the whole point of registering the card. Even though it is easier this way, I still prefer the old way where I got to wait to enter the receipt info so I could choose when to receive the $20, and hopefully get a longer expiration date.
Candy Deal Limit 1
Quote from BigRodent View Post :
I was for a moment, but then realized the tracking said "Total $20.21". For a deal with limit of more than 1, it would have said "0.21", just like it gives you the total towards the next +Up for the Biore deal (rather than the cumulative total of all the transactions you have done so far)
Quote from alanisrox69 View Post : has $.55 off Nestle get 1 print...then the coupon changes to $1 off 2, which is also 1 print.
So each computer gets a $.55 and $1/2 Nestle NestEggs, works good for the deal...better than the $1 off 3 Hershey's MQ from the paper Smilie
Quote from luv2shop4fun View Post :
John Frieda hair color Is a cheap filler to hit the 20.
11.99 minus 20% minus $5 vv minus $2 mq and minus the 2/10 vv
Quote from luv2shop4fun View Post :
really? I bought 3 hair colors, 2 biore strips, 2 biore cleansers and got back 2 $10 ups!
Quote from CheapisChic View Post :
Just some pics I took to help with deals. First 2 pics are Burt's Bees display w/prices.
Third pic is Biore prices. That's all this store had...
Fourth is Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara found on serpentine display. Mascara is $7.99 ($6.39 w/20%) - $2 RAQ from your email - $2 Day 2 Night coupon from All You = $3.99 or $2.39 w/20%. There is also a $2 April VV for this.
Fifth pic is just the Nivea deal info.
Wednesday Recap

Quote from jaymeelee1980 View Post :
I didn't see this mentioned yet, but Gold Bond hand sanitizer moisturizer should be free this week. Online price lists it as $3.99 for the 2.7 oz, making it $2.99 after the 25% off sale. Use a $2 MQ from 4/3 SS, pay $.99 and get back $1 UP.
Quote from bunnies46 View Post :
I wanted to let you all know that we have a new chat thread! It is located here:

Come on over and say hi! Hopefully this new thread will help to keep down on the off topic.
Quote from dreamsaverz View Post :
Candy deal, I did this scenario: (I have 20%)
8 bags of nestle crunch eggs
1Reese carrot
2Cadbury eggs

4 cpns buy 2 nestle eggs get $1 off, from (2 computers)
1VV $1 off anything non-prescription
.50 vv of 2 cadbury eggs

Paid with $16 UPS and .30 OOP
Received $14 UPS back
Quote from Thriftymomof2 View Post :
If you are new to RA, you may want to check out the RA FAQ. I am sure alot of your questions can be answered there

Here is the link
Quote from risten68 View Post :
You might also want to try here. I'm sure lots of us got them and don't plan to use them, if you add your location to your siggy, there may be someone local that would give/trade with you!
Quote from slipperscocoa View Post :
The pretzel M&Ms are not Easter and rung up at a higher price for me.
Quote from Doeymeister View Post :
It has been confirmed previously that the John Frieda Hair Coloring is working for the buy $20, get $10 UPs. But, I bought the Light Brown today, and it did not count toward the deal. They had tags up underneath some of the other shades, so one would expect all to be working. The SM was clueless and spent 20 minutes on the line with the CSR, only to be told that they couldn't pull up the transaction until tomorrow (which I could have told him at the beginning, but I thought he was calling to comfirm that hair coloring was part of the deal).
Quote from kglenn35 View Post :
my store was doing inventory this morning and I ran into the DM. I asked about ordering and he encouraged me to do it. Whats funny is that he told me to do this with the SM(she told me she couldnt do this) so this ought to be fun. Back to the deals, I bought biore and found bonus packs of the wipes(30+10) and bonus packs of the strips(8+2) on a end cap, the regular isle just had the 6ct.
Quote from balalaika View Post :
Gold Bond hand sanitizer is 4.99 at my store, 3.74 (25% 0FF) - 2Q - 1UP = 0.74 Not free, but cheap item ^_^. You can find it on the shelf with hand soap.
Quote from ro1lola View Post :
Hey, just in case anyone needs another RA deal scenario for both Biore and JF. I have been combining them so I can roll my $10 Ups and have the least OOP, but it's not a money maker like all of yours

Note: this is with 10%

2 Biore $7.19 = $14.38 ($7.99 original price)
1 John Frieda Styler $5.84 ($6.49 Original price)
= $20.22

$1/1 total purchase Video Values coupon
$7.19 Biore Bogo coupon
$2 John Frieda coupon
$10 previous ups
=$0.03 plus tax
Get, $10 up

Quote from blondieboo View Post :
I don't know if this will help you or not, but I just had a very long conversation with customer service. Apparently they are aware of a glitch involving multiple transactions back to back not adding up for 24-48 hours and if you go back after that time the coupon should print which is what you are talking about doing. However, in my case, I went back 60 +/- hours later and still no UP. The lady said there is just a glitch situation that occurs sometimes where it just doesn't print so I guess nobody really knows why .
Quote from CheapisChic View Post :
I'm confused about the Nabisco Peg Bags. There's supposed to be a March VV for 50c/2 for these. I printed the Nabisco March VV and was going to use it but I realized it was for 50c off a large bag of Chips Ahoy. I keep looking but that was the only Nabisco March VV I have... I have no idea what VV anyone could possibly be using...super confused!

Free Sun Chips
I did notice small bags of Frito Lay products are 99c. There is an April VV for $1 off Lay's Kettle Cooked, Sun Chips, or Rold Gold no size listed. Makes these free! Well at least the Sun Chips are free. That was the only one I noticed that fit the coupon.

Friskies Tasty Treasures
I had asked before it RA carried Friskies TT. I can confirm that some stores do! I only saw one type: Chicken n Cheese. This is awesome cuz of the BOGO Tasty Treasures coupons!

Buy 10 TT = $4
- 5 BOGO from 3/27 SS, (gone now), I got this one in my email here [], lmk if it works for you!
- $1 +UP
= 10c purr can! (lame! )
Quote from MamaSarahP View Post :
There are .99 bags of Rold Gold pretzels as well. These also work with the $1 VV q (found in the Go Green section)
Quote from MsGal View Post :
Mars Easter Products, $1/2, Print [] *90210

Print 'em while you can.
Thursday Recap

Quote from mysticprincess View Post :
I entered 70 Nature Made codes one evening, no problems whatsoever. (It was a special order for FIL, so no S&Ging here.)

When you request the coupons, make sure you leave the "store" box empty. Otherwise, it'll print that store's name on your coupon. Its a MFQ, but as we all know, some stores might have an issue.

There are other prizes besides the $7 MFQ. Off the top of my head, there's exercise DVDs, a gardening kit (with tools and a bag to store them in), and a grilling set.

The $7 coupon has a somewhat short expiration date, maybe 1.5-2 months from when you receive it? Its been awhile since I've requested one.
Quote from okdeal View Post :
Natures Bounty discontinued their program..NatureMade program going strong. Yes you have to buy the vitamins as they track the code so if it is entered twice (diff. accts), I imagine they will track down the error and ask for proof of purchase. You can enter as many codes as you like ( I had about 8 bottles of Vit D last month), and as noted above can only redeem the $7 Q once a month. So I now have 2 accts. It does take about 6 -8 wks to get the coupon thou so be prepared. I save them for the BOGO's at RA. I just got a $7Q last week, expiration date of Jun 26.
Quote from iwantitfree View Post :
I noticed a sign in the store yesterday telling about the 'buy $30 get $10' Gillette deal. It was on top of a side rack of Gillette razors. I remembered this deal as being last week and thought it was wrong so read it closely and it gave dates starting in March and ending in a couple weeks. (Sorry, should have written it down but I thought I'd remember the actual dates.) At any rate, I bought the 2 Fusion ProGlide Power kits and got the two $5 Ups for this week. There is no tracking at the bottom for the monthly deal, though. Has anyone else noticed this?
Quote from turndowntone View Post :
I did the Gillette Fusion deal yesterday and got 2 UPs - one for $5 and one for $2... the $2 one says "Fusion" on it.. so is this a double dip? I may go back today!
Quote from dealhigh View Post :
I need a deal checker please, I'm still wary of how RA tracks...
I only have 2 $3/15 surveys(not counting on getting anymore *sigh*) and a bunch of biore B1G1 to use up, this is what Im planning to do tomorrow, check my math please, and hope it helps someone in the same predicament!

Transaction #1
$5.56 credit
1 strips
2 cleansers
6.39 x 3= 19.17
Get $10 UP, $4.73 credit

Transaction #2
$4.73 credit
1 strips
2 cleansers
6.39 x 3= 19.17
Get $10 UP, $3.90 credit

Transaction #3
$3.90 credit
2 strips
2 cleansers
6.39 x 4= $25.56
-2 B1G1
Get $10 UP, $9.46 credit

Transaction #4
$9.46 credit
1 strip
1 cleanser
6.39 x 2= $12.78
-1 B1G1
Get $10UP, $2.24 credit

Transaction #5
$2.24 credit
2 strips
2 cleansers
6.39 x 4= $25.56
-2 B1G1
Get $10UP, $7.80 cedit

Transaction #6
$7.80 credit
1 strip
1 cleanser
6.39x2= $12.78
-1 B1G1
Get $10UP, .58 credit
Quote from firstbase View Post :
Interesting morning at Rite Aid - Just a heads up. Needed a filler to use a $10 ups so I grabbed 2 of the Rite Aid cough drops (cherry flavor) at the counter. As everyone had said they were marked by B1G1 50% with $1 ups on 2. Grabbed 2 and now they are back to ringing $ .50 a pack. Didn't think that was going to happen until next week - has anyone else tried this today??
Quote from luv2win View Post :
purchased one of the new donation balloons today, has the following coupons (all are RA Qs and expire 7/31/11)

$2 off any essie nail enamel
$1 off select Mrs Fields cookies 8-9oz
$1 off any Lysol wipe product
$2 off any Claritin D
$1 off any 2 Colgate toothbrushes (excl Plus and Extra Clean)
$1 off any no nonsense product
Quote from lca View Post :
I haven't seen a post today, so I'll pass along that easter m+m's/candy$10 is still working. I got 10 bags (mix dark, peanut, plain easter M=M's) = $24.40
- $10 in $2/2 MQ's from smart source
= $14.40 paid
Ups = 1 x $10 + 5 x $1
---> $0.60 profit.

My mother could not believe this when I helped her do the same thing on her card.
Quote from catmom23 View Post :
For those who get their inserts early, there is a new $1/2 Mars Easter coupon in the new RP! It clearly lists the single Snickers eggs and even pictures it. I was running low of the last one so I'm happy to see this. (BTW, the new Breathe Right coupons are for 10 ct or larger or 26 ct or larger - they caught on to the overage from the 10 or smaller coupon, not that I got any of those at RA.)

Trying to type with my little avatar on my lap. She saw the coupons came out and had to steal the attention back!

I have so many expiring UPs and have had no luck finding the Tena, NasaDock, Poligrip or Fusions. I am so hoping to find a restocked store so I can convert to SCRs. Maybe I'll get lucky and find Biore since I did end up with 6 coupons (my source of extras was away that week!).

Thanks everyone for the scenarios.
Quote from Thriftymomof2 View Post :
A few clearanced items I found this morning (will also post in RA clearance thread once I get UPCs) but posting them here because there is a Nivea dealspend $15 get $5UP going on now. These were all marked 50% off. sorry did not get UPC's as DH was waiting on me to bring him eggs

Nivea touch of bliss body wash16.9 oz
Nivea body wash Water Lily 8.4oz
Nivea Body wash Lemongrass 8.4oz
Nivea Body Wash Honeydew 8.4oz

The last three listed are the smaller see through bottles. All say NEW on them.

Also found some softsoad body wash and hand soap, St. Ives body wash, Mr. Bubble and a bunch of kids shower/bath crayola type stuff all 50 % off

Does anyone know off hand if there are any Nivea coupons out there?! TIA
Quote from BadMoonRising64 View Post :
Lot's of various pamphlet q's out too.....
2/1 touch of sun lotion
1/1 mens face or body
2/1 mens age defying or q10
1/1 mens face or body care
1/1 any body lotion
1/1 body wash for women
Quote from Inscrootable View Post :
I know there are $2/2 q's in All You but what issue of SS has $2/2? I just have $1/2, am I just unlucky?
Quote from ro1lola View Post :
Hey all,

There's a MFC alli coupon for $5 here. There's also $15 in-ad coupon.

(I'm sorry if I wasn't supposed to post the link!)
Quote from kblickster View Post :
-$2 off Nivea Smoothness or Happiness body wash, March All You magazine (exp 04/15)
Quote from firstbase View Post :
Also $1 off Lotion and $1 off Bodywash if you like them on facebook
Quote from lca View Post :
I think I was just lucky. I printed from a few PC's back before it expired...
Quote from reg036 View Post :
They are monthly......Look in the monthly thread HEREfor the info!
Quote from glenncof View Post :
I bought some nail polish -50% each for $2.07. They were on the glass shelf. Same display the Maybelline 2011 tp's are/were. Interesting the tp q beeped, I said it came off the same display holding items. They tracked on the B15G+5UP.

Already answered but, yes. I generally find the big cross product promo UPs ring as true SQ reducing tx.

Speaking of this...the UPs from the Reach deal acted strange. I can't confirm but looks like $1 of the 2UP acted like a SQ. I'm not sure if all of them did or not.

ALSO...Is it 'confirmed' the JF Precision Foam haircolor is now working as part of B20G+10UP ??
BTW....found 2MQs in pamphlet on this stuff at Wagr.

Quote from wally d'owl View Post :
The Burt's Bees Whitening Toothpaste I bought did not count towards the $5 wyb $15+UP. The lip balm and baby items I bought worked.
Quote from penner42 View Post :
Pretty sure if it starts with RC48 (which the HH does, right?) it will reduce the tax. If it starts with RC49, like most +UPs, it will not. RC48 is a Rite Aid coupon. RC49 is a Rite Aid/Manufacturer's coupon.

I bought a JC Precision Foam haircolor yesterday, and it did not track for me.
Quote from jdc241 View Post :
RA cough drops rant up 50 cents for me here in PA. I bought 10 and got back 5 1 dollar ups.
Quote from jdc241 View Post :
great to hear they count towards the 10 wyb far as the 1 up should get it for buying the cadbury eggs are they are shown in the ad under the 2 for 4.88 sale.
Quote from LLewis97 View Post :
yes they are, bought some today.....but I dont think you get the $1 up...just counts towards the $10 wyb $20
Quote from CheapisChic View Post :
Thanks! I know some people said they bought the hair dye and it did work for the deal. Whether it worked or not, the dye is supposed to be included in the $10 wyb $20. I don't want to buy it and then have it mess up my tracking...
Quote from wiredspider View Post :
Anyone notice this at the bottom of their receipts?
*Rite Aid Retail Coupon Redemption
Purchase must be on eligible product excluding sales tax. No cash given. Not valid on prescriptions, alcohol, lottery tickets, money orders, prepaid cards, stamps, other mailing services, online purchases, license or any items excluded by law.
Wellness+card required.
Quote from TPP View Post :
Don't forget to use the $2 VV Go Green Q for the PF!
Quote from penner42 View Post :
I chatted with CS as well, and while she initially said it's not in the list, came back almost immediately and corrected that, saying it was. Chat here. Either way, given the picture of the display, it *should* be counting. It just says John Frieda products, and no listed restrictions.
Quote from BeKind2Others View Post :
I've had a hard time finding the zicam cold sore swabs. Finally found them in the cold aisle, but they didn't have shelf space. They were hanging on one of those special display strips down by the cough drops. They were tagged bogo and worked for the allergy up. Used $3 ip from smartsource and vv for a good deal! Off to find the op to rep!
Quote from pennyring View Post :
My store had a sign right on the shelf tonight where the foam dye was sitting saying it was part of the $10 +UP deal. I bought some and 2 things of Biore. Blue balls. Nothing. No +UP. Request sent to CS for replacement.
Quote from CheapisChic View Post :
I never paid attention to the Zicam stuff. I see the smartsource coupon and VV can be used on any Zicam so if Zicam is BOGO then using those coupons could make some cheaper Zicams free. Unless there was some reason everyone was buying the Cold Sore swabs...

ETA: Oh yeah the $5 SCR #2!
Quote from petergabrielfan View Post :
It depends on state law. Some states tax OTC meds and some do not.

In Ohio we are taxed on them (or at least I was the other day).
Quote from emilaybaybay View Post :
So... I bought 3 Biore 'Value Packs' tonight, to take advantage of the BOGO Q and the monthly UP deal. They each contain a cleanser and pore strips and are tagged for $9.99. I expected them to ring up $7.99 with Gold, but instead... they rang up $2.49 each! 74% off! They were on the top shelf of the monthly deal endcap.

They do NOT count towards the UP.

And my UPs printed out all weird. There are 2 'asterick lines' under my Halls UP, and no 'asterick line' between my Allergy UP and my Biore UP.
Quote from crystal327 View Post :
To ME that did not realize that this is a good deal till the last minute and I ran out of time. CLEAR EYES has rebates for $1 per box limit 2 on I think it was 29 30 and 24, the cheapest CLEAR EYES is 4.49 and they are B1G1 FREE,
Deal goes like this:
add Scucnci $2
GET $6 Rebate
GET $2 up scunci
Loss $4.47+ tax
GET 6 bottles eye drops
** Note you can break the eye drop deals apart and get it for free after ups with other freebies.
Quote from MoneyMags View Post :

I've been buying the $7.49 ($5.99 w/20%) bonus size Jergen's lotions in the white bottles. Have purchased 3 different scents so far & all are tracking just fine. I have not tried the Touch of Sun products yet.

The smaller lotions ($5.99 & $6.49) don't qualify -- need a minimum shelf price of $6.99.
Quote from MoneyMags View Post :
I've been mixing up the Jergen's purchases with Biore & JF. Sample transaction:

$10.98 = 2 x $7.49 Jergen's (20%)
$ 5.19 = 1 x $6.49 John Frieda (20%)
$12.78 = 2 x $7.99 Biore (20%)
(6.39) = BOGOF Biore coupon
(3.00) = $3/2 any Jergen's coupon (insert, exp 4/9/11)
(2.00) = $2/1 any John Frieda coupon
(3.00) = $3/$15 survey coupon (luckily, I've been getting lots)
$15.56 ... pay in +Ups, get back $10+Up & credit of $9.95 toward next $20. With the tracking, it's within a dollar of an even roll.

My transactions are usually bigger Wink but this gives a good general idea of my numbers. Hitting up the DE RA's too so no tax.
Quote from firstbase View Post :
I would do this:

9 bags @ $2.44 = 21.96 (6 M&Ms and 2 Mars bags and then the 9th bag can be either)
less $3 Q's = $18.96 get $10 up and 4 - $1 ups ($14 total) = $4.96 less a $3/15 coupon if you have it and then it is only $1.96 for 9 bags.
Quote from jokesbyjen View Post :
ooooookay, so maybe I'm not the only one on here who didn't realize the Biore and the John Frieda deals were the same thing--- both items count for the SAME $10 wyb $20.

Anyhow.... I thought I would share my transactions with you to get your total per item cost to about 33 cents each.... Please note that I've found two different shelf prices for the Biore, one at $7.99 and one at $8.49, thus the reason for TWO transactions posted below. Someone else here mentioned that they would rather use their 20% to get them THIS week instead of waiting for the JF to go on sale and the shelves be cleared immediately. Smart move, IMO.

If BIORE is $7.99 shelf ($6.39 ea after 20% discount) and John Frieda Styling Products are $6.49 shelf (5.19 after 20%)
(4) Biore --$25.56
(3) John Frieda styling --- $15.57
Total: $41.13 - (2) BOGO Biore MQ [12.78] and (3) $2 John Frieda MQ [$6]
= 22.35 GET (2) $10 +up ----------- [34 cents each + tax]

If BIORE is $8.49 shelf ($6.79 ea after 20% discount) and John Frieda Styling Products are $6.49 shelf (5.19 after 20%)
(6) Biore --$40.74
(4) John Frieda styling --- $20.76
Total: $61.50 - (3) BOGO Biore MQ [20.37] and (4) $2 John Frieda MQ [$8]
= $33.13 GET (3) $10 +up ---------------- [31 cents each + tax]
Quote from MoneyMags View Post :
$7.49 - $7.99 regular price for the large white pump lotions minus your RA card discount
Quote from firstbase View Post :
If you could print off the M&M $1.50 off 3 bags from Target you could save a little more.
Quote from petergabrielfan View Post :
Mine have all scanned, but they do take longer to scan. The cashier has to be patient and try repeatedly. That being said, yes, it's very annoying that they don't scan right.


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wow, looks like some great freebies! thanks for posting!!
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Mmmmm I love the taste of regional soda
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I will RAOK you some big girl panties
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Looks like the Tena Ultra Pads will be free after SCR. Theres a $2.50 Q making this a MM.
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Last edited by Randy71 March 25, 2011 at 04:49 PM
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Thanks erica! I heart all the freebies. Wish I could read the limits.
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All I could see for the freebies is the Tena and Poligrip?
Am I missing things?
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Quote from NatalyaB View Post :
All I could see for the freebies is the Tena and Poligrip?
Am I missing things?
There is also the NediMed and the Scunci
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Looks like PG is reducing the Gillette Pro-Glide coupon to only $3 in the next PG insert.
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the tena is a scr.
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Thanks for the preview
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Quote from CaliforniaWife View Post :
Looks like PG is reducing the Gillette Pro-Glide coupon to only $3 in the next PG insert.
Thanks for finiding this Info !! Used to be 1.99 OOP whne it was fusion and now its 2.99 and if they reduce the coupon no one is going to care for this coupon .
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Looks like the Clear Blue pregnancy tests will be a decent deal if you have the $1/1 blinkies. My co-worker is TTC, so I may help her stock up . At 2/$2 this will be a good deal.

Physicians Formula is BOGO, that should pair nicely with the $5 off IP if your store doesn't mind beepers (or if they don't beep for you).
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Last edited by lovebirdslair March 10, 2011 at 05:29 PM
Use the $2.50 pdf coupon for tena available, makes it an MM. If you print out the $1 coupon from the poligrip website (no size restriction) MM poligrip!
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