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RETIRED: Printable Manufacturer's Coupon Compilation - *PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THE WIKIS*

wikipost January 15, 2010 at 06:59 AM

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Wiki #9

S & W BeansPrint [swbeans.com]
Sabra, $1, 8oz+, Print [smartsource.com]
Salada Tea (Green or White), .50, Print
Sally Hansen Beauty Tool $1 off $2+ purchase Print [coupons.com] 30303
Sambucol, $1/1, Print [coupons.com] 80002
Sani-Hands (50ct.), .55/1, Print [coupons.com]80033
Santa Cruz Various, Print \Scar Zone, $1 off, Print
Sara Lee, $1 off 1lb+ at Deli Counter, Print [coupons.com] 30033
Schick Xtreme3 AND Banana Boat, $5/both, Print
Schiff Mega-Red Omega-3 Krill Oil, $2/1, Print90710
Schiff MegaRed, $2/1, Print
Schiff Mega D-3, $1, Print
Schiff Vitamin or Supplement, $1, Print
Science Diet (cat), various, print (register pet)
Science Diet (dog), various, print (register pet)
Scotch-Brite, Bathroom Solutions Print [scotch-brite.com]PDF, exp. 3-31-11
Scotch Guard, $1 print
Scotch Pet Hair Roller Print [3m.com] pdf 3/31/11
Scotch Brand, various, print [scotchbrand.com] & Print [3m.com] PDF exp 6/30/11
Scotch Magic Tape, .55/1, Print [3m.com] pdf 4/28/11 & $1/1 Print [3m.com] PDF exp 6/30/11
Scotch, Lint, $1, Print [3m.com] pdf 3/31/11
Scott 12 pk+ 1000 ct Bath Tissue, $1, Print [coupons.com] 92840
Scott Naturals Flushable wipes, tub or refill, $0.50/1 Print [coupons.com]
Scott Extra Soft Tissue (8+) AND 4 rolls Scott Long Lasting or Mega Roll Towels $2 Print and Print 20715
Scott, any .50/1, Print [coupons.com] *28152 (Says redeem at Family Dollar)
Scrabble Flash $4 Print [facebook.com]FB
Scrubbing Bubbles, various, Print 19191 or Print [rightathome.com]
SeaBest, $1/1, print [seabestseafood.com]
Selsun Blue, $1/1, Print
Senokot or Senokot-S, $3/1 Print [coupons.com]
Senseo coffee pods $3/2 Print [clubsenseo.com]
Sensodyne Toothpaste, Various, Print [sensodyne.com]
Seventh Generation, Various, Print
Shake 'n Bake, 75¢ Print [coupons.com]
Shamrock Farms Calcium Plus Milk, .50/2, Print
Shout Color Catcher, $1 Print
Silk Pure Coconut, .75/1, Print [silkpurecoconut.com] (must register)
Silk Soymilk Half Gallon,$1 Print [smartsource.com] & .$75 off, Print [silksoymilk.com](Must Register)
Similasan, Healthy Relief, $1 Print(register)
Simply Asia $.50 Print 63366
Simple Green $2 Print [simplegreen.com]
Simply Organic, Various, Print
Simply Saline $1/1 Print [smartsource.com]
Skinny Cow Cookies 'n Cream Truffle Bars, $1/1, Print [facebook.com]FB
Skittles $.50/2 Print [smartsource.com]
Skoopz Natural Sweetener (100ct.), $1/1, Print [coupons.com] *77834 (Walmart)
Slo-Niacin, $2, Print [coupons.com] 90710
Smart Balance Buttery Spreads,$1.25/2, Print [couponnetwork.com]
Smart Balance Butter or Spreads, $1/2, Print *90210
Smart Balance Buttery Spread or Smart Balance Milk $1/1 Print [redplum.com] 76017
Smart Balance Buttery Sticks, $1/1, Print 62946 or 60/1, Print
Smart Balance Cooking Oil,.75/1, Print 62946 or .60/1, Print
Smart Balance Eggs, .50/1, Print [coupons.com] 14170
Smart Balance Mayonnaise, .75/1, Print [smartsource.com] 62946
Smart Balance Milk, $1, Print [smartsource.com] 62946
Smart Balance Peanut Butter, .60/1, Print [couponnetwork.com]
Smart Balance Popcorn,.75/1, Print [smartsource.com] 62946 or .60/1, Print [couponnetwork.com]
Smucker’s Sugar-Free or reduced sugar Jam,Jelly, Fruit Spread $1 Print [smuckers.com]
Smucker's Snack 'n Waffles, $1/1, Print [snacknwaffles.com] *must VOTE and then fill out short form.
Snack Factory Pretzel Crisp 6 or 7.2 oz., BOGO, Print (FB)
Snausages or Snausomes, $1 off, Print
Snikiddy, 4 oz. or larger, $.75 Print [coupons.com]90210
Snuggle fabric softener, $1/1, Print (FB)
So Delicious Coconut Milk Beverage, 64oz or 32oz $1/1 Print [coupons.com]
So Delicious Purely Decadent Dairy Free Frozen $.55/1 Print [turtlemountain.com] (signup)
Soft Scrub Cleansers, Various, Print [softscrub.com]
SoftSheen-Carson Optimum Care Salon Collection, $2/1, Print [softsheen-carson.com] PDF 12/31/11
Southern Living Magazine $1/1 Print [couponnetwork.com]
Soyjoy, B2G1F, Print [soyjoyus.com]
Special K Oats & Honey $1 Print [coupons.com]
S.Pellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverage, $1/2 sparkling water Print
Spic-n-Span, $1/2, Print [coupons.com] & .50/1, Print [coupons.com] 14170
Spikes Salsa, .35, Print [redplum.com]90210
Splenda Granulated with Fiber $2 Print [coupons.com]
Spot Shot carpet stain remover $1 Print [coupons.com]74136
Sprayway Glass Cleaner, $1, Print [redplum.com] 90210
Sprout Baby Food, all stages, B2G1 Print [coupons.com]
Staphaseptic, $1/1 Print
Star Olive Oil 17oz. or larger, $1/1, Print [coupons.com] 48429
Star Vinegar, .50/1, print [coupons.com] 08990
Starbucks 11, 12, or 20 oz bag, $1.50 Print [coupons.com]
Starbucks Frappuccino, $1/1, Print & Print [coupons.com]
Starbucks Pint Ice Cream $ .75 Print or $1/2, Print
Starburst $.50/2 Print [smartsource.com]
Starburst Gummiburst B1G1 Print [coupons.com]
StarKist Tuna Pouch, .50/1, Print [smartsource.com]
Starkist SeaSations Entrée, 75¢/1, Print [redplum.com](Dir)
State Fair, $1/1, Print [statefairbrand.com] or .55 Print [redplum.com]90210
Stayfree, $1/1, Print [coupons.com] & Print
Stella Cheese, .30/1, Print [stellacheese.com] or .55/1, Print
Stevia in The Raw, 50 ct, $.40 Print
Stonyfield Farms, Various, Print [stonyfield.com]
Stouffer's Corner Bistro Stuffed Melts & Soups, $1/1, Print or Print [coupons.com]
Stouffer's or Lean Cuisine Entrees, $1/3 Print [smartsource.com] 90210
Stouffer's Party size, $2, Print [nestlefamily.com]
Suddenly Salad, $1/2 Print [bettycrocker.com]
SudaFed,Sudafed 24hr or Sudafed regular, PE, or OM, $2/1,Print
Sue Bee Honey, $.55/1, Print [suebee.com]
Sugar In The Raw, Any excl 25 ct, .40, Print [sugarintheraw.com]
Summer's Eve (excl. douche), $2/2 print [smartsource.com] or 75c Print [smartsource.com]
Sunbelt Cereal, .75/1, Print [facebook.com] (FB)
Sun Crystals All-Natural Sweetener, $1/1, Print [suncrystals.com]
Sunny D, 6pk, 55c Print [sunnyd.com]
Sunny D, $1/3, Print [sunnyd.com]
Sundown Natural Vitamins $3/2 Print [coupons.com] or $1/1, Print [coupons.com] or $1/1 Print [redplum.com] 90210
SunSweet Boosters, $1 Print
Sunsweet Herbal Blends, $1/1, Print [eatingwell.com]
Sunsweet ANY $0.75/1, Print [smartsource.com]
Sunsweet Prune Juice, $0.75/1, Print [smartsource.com]
Sunsweet Plum Smart, $0.75/1 Print [smartsource.com]
Sunsweet PlumSmart Juice, $1/1, Print [smartdigestivehealth.com] (S)
SuperPretzel, .50, Print [redplum.com] 90210
Super Iron Out, $1/1, Print [coupons.com] 48429
Swanson Broth 32oz cartons, $1/2, print
Systane Eye Drops, $1 off, Print [systane.com] & $2 Print [coupons.com]

Tabasco Sauce, .50c, Print
Taco Bell Home Originals, $.75/2, Print
Tagamet, $1.50/1, Print [couponnetwork.com]
Tazo 20-ct. Filterbag or Tea Latte Concentrate, $1, Print [coupons.com]
Temptations Cat treats, various, Print [couponnetwork.com]
Temptations Cat treats, BOGO Free, Print 80002
TENA, $1/1, print [coupons.com] 19191
Tena, Ultra Thin for Women, $2.50, Print [tena.us] pdf 4/19
Tena, any, $1, Print [tena.us]
Tennessee Pride Breakfast Sandwich, $1/1, Print [tnpride.com] (register w/valid email)
Tennessee Pride sausage rolls $1/2 - print (register w/valid email)
Terra Chips 5oz+, $1, Print,
Tetley Tea, .50/1, print [coupons.com] 48843 or Print [tetleyusa.com
Texas Toast Croutons, any flavor, 50/1 Print [smartsource.com]
TG LEE Milk, (Select States) $1, Print [tgleedairy.com]
The Doctor's NightGuard Advanced Comfort Dental Protector, $5/1, Print [coupons.com]
Theraflu, $2 Print & Print and $1.50 Print 96720
TheraTears, $2/1, Print PDF expire 12/31/2013
Thermacare, $3/2, Print or $1 Print and $3/1 2ct+ Print Must register
Thermaflex Liniment, liquid or gel, $1, Link
Think Thin, .50/1 any bar, Print
Thomas’ Bagel Thins, $1, Print [bzzagent.com]
Tidy Cats Litter, $1/1, Print
Tilex, $1/1, Print [coupons.com] 90210
Tinactin, $2, print [coupons.com] (B)
Tony Luke's Sandwich kits, $2/2, Print [tonylukespronto.com] PDF Exp 3/31/11
Tony's Pizza, $1/2, Print [tonys.com]
Tornados, BOGO Print [smartsource.com]
Total Cereal, any $1.00 print [totalcereal.com]
Totino's Pizza Rolls, .40/2 Print [couponnetwork.com]
Totino's Crisp Crust Party Pizza, $1/3, print [couponnetwork.com]
Totino's, $1/2 (any variety), Print [totinos.com] & $.50/2 Print [totinos.com]
Totinos .60/3, Print
Trans Ocean Crab or Lobster Classic, $1/1 Print
Treasure Cave Cheese, .55/1, print [coupons.com] 08990
Tree Top Applesauce any, $1/2, Print [smartsource.com] 90210
Tree Top 47-48oz Applesauce, .75/1, Print [smartsource.com] 90210
Tresemme Fresh Start, $1/1, print
Tresemme (exc trial sizes)$1 Print [coupons.com]
Treximet, Up to $50 off first prescription, PRINT [treximet.com]
Triaminic, $2/1, Print [coupons.com] or $1 Print [coupons.com]
Tribe Hummus $2 Print (after entering sweeps) FB
Tribe Origins Hummus $1/1 PRINT [smartsource.com] (dir)
Trident For Kids (single pk) $.30 print
Triple Cream, $2/1 (any), Print [coupons.com]
Triscuit, $1 Print [facebook.com](FB)
Trojan,Various Print
Tropicana Pure Premium 56oz Carafes, $1/2, Print [coupons.com]
Truvia, any, $1/1, print [coupons.com] 62946
Tucks (any), $1/1, Print [smartsource.com] *90210
Tully's K-Cup, $1/1 (12ct.), Print [coupons.com]
Tums $1, Print or Print [redplum.com]
Tuscan Dairy Farms, .36 off Gallon Milk or Quart Cream or +, .50 off Over the Moon Milk,Print
Tylenol Arthritis Pain, any (ETS), $1/1 Print [coupons.com] (Dir)
Tylenol Precise $2 Print [tylenol.com]
Tylenol, $1 off Any, Print
Tylenol or Tylenol Simply Sleep (40ct. or higher), $2/1, Print [my-coach.com]
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whole latte love
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Quote from libby View Post :
Scrubbing Bubbles $3/1 PRINT [allyou.com]
This is the Power Sprayer. Don't get all excited and think it's off anything like poor, no-coffee Bailey did this morning. Grin
Use zip 19191 to find.

We've got this covered in the wiki under two various links:

Scrubbing Bubbles, various, Print 19191 or Print
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Joined May 2008
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Quote from MsGal View Post :
To wiki or not, I'll let you guys decide. Smilie

**These say "Redeem at Publix" and "Retailer Coupon", but start with a "5" and have a Kraft Redemption addy on them. I guess if your store takes competitor's coupons, (Walmart???), these will work fine for you. YMMV!!!!!!
Getting so farking sick of these store-specific Qs (that aren't coded store-specific). Bleh!
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Quote from libby :
Scrubbing Bubbles $3/1 PRINT [allyou.com]
Quote from bailey327 View Post :

We've got this covered in the wiki under two various links:

Scrubbing Bubbles, various, Print 19191 or Print

is allyou.com the same as coupons.com?
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Quote from libby View Post :
is allyou.com the same as coupons.com?
yes. Sometimes Allyou has few exclusive coupons that are not available on coupons.com
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Joined May 2008
whole latte love
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Quote from libby View Post :
is allyou.com the same as coupons.com?
Yup. It's the same Q unless it says All You Exclusive as munch said.
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I appreciate all your hard work in this thread. I pop in to check things when I can.

I found a Sally Hansen Q which is a good one and I'd like to share. Hope I did this correctly for the first time.

Sally Hansen Beauty Tool $1 off $2 or more purchase Print [coupons.com] 30303

CORRECTION made above because had amount incorrect previously ...

Thanks again for all you do.
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Quote from GTmom View Post :
Sally Hansen Beauty Tool $2/1 Print [coupons.com] 30303
I see this as a $1 off a $2 or more Sally Hansen Beauty Tool.
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