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tenderidol 13,828 7,174 March 31, 2011 at 12:51 AM in Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) (3) More Barnes & Noble Deals
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Promoted 04-01-2011 by yuugotserved at 12:00 AM View Original Post
Barnes & Noble Stores [Store Locator] offer 50% off One Item with this Printable Coupon (non-member) valid thru April 3rd. Thanks tenderidol
Barnes & Noble Members may use this Printable Coupon instead.
Note, certain exclusions apply. Read coupon for more details.

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Edited April 1, 2011 at 11:08 AM by tenderidol
Hi everyone,

I just saw an e-mail from B&N featuring their "mystery coupon" again. Basically, depending on the coupon you received, the discount could be 10, 15, 20, 30, 50% off. The last time this happened, every single SDer received the 50% off code/e-mail Big Grin

If anyone missed it last time, this works great on Star Wars: The Complete Saga Bluray pre-order ($44.80+tax): Linky []
Just go to the customer service desk, place your order and take the printout with the barcode to the cashier. That's when you present your coupon to get the 50% off. Although most of us were able to order it this way during the last deal, some were told that the coupon excluded pre-orders (so, YMMV).
It should also work on The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy: Extended Edition pre-order [].

Here are the 50% off multi-use in store coupons:
502001 - Nonmember 50% []
106381 - Member 50% []

Rest of the coupons, in case someone doesn't like getting items at half price laugh out loud
501961 - Nonmember 10% []
501971 - Nonmember 15% []
501981 - Nonmember 20% []
501991 - Nonmember 30% []
106351 - Member 15% []
106361 - Member 20% []
106371 - Member 30% []

Quote :
This coupon is (i) not redeemable for cash or cash equivalents (including Gift Cards and online Gift Certificates); (ii) not valid on past purchases; (iii) not eligible for purchases of the following products and services: Barnes & Noble Memberships, Gift Cards, Gift Certificates, shipping or handling expenses, gift-wrapping, textbooks, digital content (including but not limited to digital books, textbooks, magazines, and periodicals), NOOK(TM) and related accessories, other hardware and electronics, software, products available for pre-order, products from the Rosetta Stone Series, or products marked as not eligible for "coupons or promotional discounts;" (iv) not valid on purchases made from third parties accessible from the BN.COM website (e.g., used books, PC and video games, etc.); (v) may not be combined with any other coupon or discount promotion; and (vi) may not be combined with the Educator program discount. This offer is subject to change or discontinuation without notice; we will, however, honor properly placed orders with valid methods of payment with sufficient funds placed prior to such change or discontinuation. BN.COM is not responsible for typographical or pictorial errors. This coupon is not valid at Barnes & Noble College Bookstores. Void where prohibited by law.
If you purchase something through a post on our site, Slickdeals may get a small share of the sale.

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Last Edited by jhath April 3, 2011 at 06:44 AM
Here are the links to all the in-store coupons. Pick your poison. :-)

106351 [] 15% off
106361 [] 20% off
106371 [] 30% off
106381 [] 50% off

501961 [] 10% off
501971 [] 15% off
501981 [] 20% off
501991 [] 30% off
502001 [] 50% off


Be sure to check the balances on your groupons before you make the drive Quite a few have $0 balances despite never being used.

Someone asked for a JPEG of the 50% - here you go, buddy.


Store Locator []

The in-store coupon can be used on anything (that is doesn't exclude Frown) sold online so long as you pay for it in the store:

1. Order at the customer service desk what you want online (you will get the online price) and select pay in store. Do NOT mention the coupon to the rep because this will only confuse them and make them lie to you that it won't work.

2. Go to the cashier with your printout/receipt and present your 50% off coupon.

3. Act surprised when the 55 year old lady behind the counter has a premature heart attack over how lucky you are.

4. Use whatever payment method you want and rejoice in your slickdeal! Big Grin

NOTE: If after the reduced online price +50%off you are still above $25 you also get FREE SHIPPING! woot

Illustrated Directions []

Some ideas on what to buy:

Playboy: The Complete Centerfolds [] ~$160.25 AC +FS (for us horndogs)

Ocean's Trilogy [] blu-ray - $16 after coupon

King of the Hill [] Season 1 - 5 = $9 each after coupon (season 6 = $6 after coupon)

home improvement [] - complete collection priced at $111 $106 = $53 after coupon for eight seasons. not bad

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes [] ~$45 AC +FS (for anyone who missed out on the last B&N 50% off coupon Wink)

The Beatles in Mono Box Set [] ~$75 AC +FS

Darth Maul Single Hasbro Force FX Lightsaber [] ~$80 AC +FS (personally I would prefer a cheaper price but the free shipping makes this an ok deal for anyone who is in the market for one)

Harry Potter 1-7 Hardcover Box Set [] ~$70 AC +FS

Noble Collection Harry Potter Wand(s) [] ~$13-15 each AC (link shows Harry's wand but multiple styles are available)

Lost Complete Series DVD Collection [] ~$103.50 AC +FS

Dark Shadows DVD Box Sets [] ~$27 each AC +FS (FS makes this an ok deal for someone currently in the market for this fantastic tv series)

Classic Novels Leather Bound Box Set [] ~32 AC +FS (nice gift for any hard core book worms you may know)

M*A*S*H Complete Series DVD Set [] ~$85 AC +FS

Planet Earth Complete Series Blu Ray [] ~$30 AC +FS (hey I've heard a lot of good reviews about the series from friends)

Discoveries...America [] ~$572.85 AC+ FS.

Walking Dead Omnibus Volume 3 [] $31.65 AC + FS

Your Baby Can Read [] ~$50 AC +FS

Baby Bjorn White Safe Step [] ~$10 AC

Absolute Sandman []They ring up as $35.64 after coupon but before tax. If you are a Neil Gaiman fan these are a must!

Shrek The Whole Story Blu-ray Set [] It's about 4 bucks cheaper if your store has these in stock vs doing a ship to home. IF you have a BN Membership My instore price was $31.18

Bourne Trilogy Blu-ray Set [] My Instore Price 31.03 is about $1 cheaper to do the ship to home

Complete Chronicles of Narnia Audio Book CD Set [] cheaper to do the ship to home $27.00 My Instore price with Member discount $33.75

Any of the Harry Potter Ultimate Editions on Blu-ray [] Cheaper to purchase in store if you have a BN membership roughly $20 each plus tax Ship to home varies depending on which one you order

NOTE 1: Don't forget all of the countless Lego and board game deals to be had!

NOTE 2: B&N Membership can take care of tax and then some with its extra 10% off!

B&N 2 Month Trial Membership Details []

TV series/box-sets are B1G1 50% off on DVD/Blu-ray. The least expensive of the two will be half off (whereas the 50% off coupon is taken from the most expensive item). The promo is not automatically added, so make sure to remind the bookseller about it.
Mad Men Seasons 1-4 Blu-ray: ~$70 after coupon
Breaking Bad Seasons 1-3 and The Walking Dead Season 1 Blu-ray: ~$80 after coupon

Risk board game (Onyx edition) marked down 50% already in-store, ~$15 after coupon
Also Scrabble/Monopoly Onyx marked 50% off, ~$13 after coupon

The Walking Dead Compendium, Volume 1 [] The Walking Dead Compendium, Volume 1 - Collects The Walking Dead #1-48 - $17.56 AC

Planet of the Apes 40th Anniversary Collection - Blu-ray [] Planet of the Apes 40th Anniversary Collection - Blu-ray - $36 AC


59 60 61 62 63

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Quote from feldz23 View Post :
Think I will have to get a copy of this Blu-ray 3D

Tron: Legacy Blue-ray 3D $15.50 pre order MSRP $49.99
Starring Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, et al. (2011)
FYI its going to be $20 at target with the Disney coupon. would also come to $15 if you have the Target coupon and could be even better if your getting Tron Classic as well.
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Quote from bastimret View Post :
Oh man, didn't even think of these! I've been wanting those for awhile now. Damn, don't think i can make it back tomorrow.
I've had them in my wish list forever but never could quite convince myself to buy them since they were so pricey and I have all of them already, but this is such a nice collection.
I actually forgot about them when I went to the first bn. It's what motivated me to go to the other 4 shake headbounce

Quote from RUsum1 View Post :
well, this is the second time in only a couple of months. so it's not completely out of the question but one of the posts i read (not even sure if it was from this thread or not) stated that b&n is in the process of implementing a new system with the possibility of unique coupon codes so it probably won't be as popular as this time and the time before.
Yea that wouldn't surprise me at all. But who knows maybe they don't really care after all even with the 50% off they are still making a nice profit on probably everything since their prices are so high to begin with.

Quote from zagguru View Post :
whats the chance that b&n doesnt ship out our orders?
I'd say it's possible with the preorders but for all of my ship to home orders that were currently instock I've already gotten shipping notifications
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Anyone who ordered Mad Men Seasons 1-4, how much did it cost you? (On Blu-ray)
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regarding textbook. i was able in the past in most cases to use the coupon on textbook..i would suggest people to try and use on textbook and see if they are lucky
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If I pre-order Tron Legacy and have it shipped to store, Will I be able to get it Tuesday morning?
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If I placed a ship to store order yesterday with the coupon,would I be able to do a pre order now on my same account and use another coupon?
It said one per customer,so I'm not sure if it would automatically not let me or cancel it.
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So if you have the customer service worker order for you and select pay in store, you get the online price? Will that work if I do it myself on my computer?
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Last edited by nyy2535 April 3, 2011 at 07:09 AM.

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Quote from tenderidol View Post :
He/she may have entered a wrong combo. What's the discount code printed on the receipt? It should be 502001 for 50% off.
receipt says 502001 on it. I will return and try again though
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Quote from nyy2535 View Post :
So if you have the customer service worker order for you and select pay in store, you get the online price? Will that work if I do it myself on my computer?

Yes, and no. I went to my local B&N yesterday, and tried the self-service online ordering, but it looked to me like you would have to place the order on the computer, killing the coupon.

I went to the music department, and tried to preorder the blu-ray Star Wars saga, but the guy wouldn't let me because the coupon terms stated preorders weren't allowed. That's OK though, because Han shot first anyway.

I then got a Moody Blues box set. It was like $70 in store, and about $53 online. I asked the guy if he could place the order online, and he asked his manager if he could. the manager said yes, and he placed it. He printed out a slip, I took it to the register, and I paid for the item, about $27 after tax, and free shipping because it was over $25.

But I wasn't done! I went to the main area customer service desk, and asked about the Complete Calvin and Hobbes. $150 in store, $91 online. I asked the guy to place the order for me, he printed out a slip, I took it to the register, and paid for it. $91, minus 50% coupon, minus $20 Groupon for $10, plus tax, equals about $37 or so! Again, shipped free!

So, short version: have a rep place the order for you. Don't do it yourself, and you'll get the online price.
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Last edited by dmcpotter April 3, 2011 at 08:22 AM. Reason: duplicate
Quote from KoolMom View Post :
Most of the Lego sets I've looked at doesn't qualify for Coupons! Mad
I got a $100 set of Legos yesterday with the coupon. $100 - 10% for membership - 50% for coupon - $20 for a groupon I still had and then paid the balance with a gift card I had from returning some items I'd purchased online w/ groupons. (There was an inexpensive bag I purchased as a filler online that was pretty but not as durable as I expected. Then I'd ordered a DVD of The Blind Side instead of the blu ray by accident and I'd ordered a couple of blu rays I liked but found out my kids had copies already. So, I had about $76 on a gift card from groupon returns).

1). Yesterday I got the Lego Police Station: $100. I was concerned about them saying it wasn't eligible too so I paid for it in the cafe. Smilie (No $ out of pocket cuz of coupon, groupon and gift card from b4).

2). I ordered (free ship to home) and payed for the Harry Potter Hard back boxed edition 1 -7. List price is $195. Online price: $114 - 10% for membership - 50% for coupon - $20 for a groupon I still had and paid for the balance with the gift card. (I did an online order from a CSR in the children's dept and took the sales slip to the cashier showing the online sale price of $114).

3). I also bought the platinum (deluxe) Risk game too (last one). $50 - 10% for membership - 50% for coupon, used a $20 groupon too and the gift card for the small balance.

A cashier let me buy the Harry Potter set and the Risk game back to back using 2 different 50% off coupons as well... sooo sweet! Btw, they kept my coupons but it didn't matter because I'd printed out extras.

So, I got:

MSRP $100 Lego Set,
MSRP $195 Harry Potter Hardcover Boxed set
MSRP $50 Platinum edition Risk game all for about $70 - $80 out of pocket (but also already all paid for.... no cash spent yesterday) using 50% off coupons, gift card from returning previous groupon purchases (got the full $20 value) and by using my last 3 groupons.... and 1 still has a small balance.

SLICK DEAL!!! Big Grin
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Look in your junk email folders!!!

Got an email from Barnes saying my item was delayed and if I still wanted the item I have 24 hours to access the order in my account and click "I still want the item"

However, the orders I placed from the store even though I used my Membership #, are not listed in my account order history!!
Time to get on the phone.
Sneaky sneaky!
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Quote from SDRockz View Post :
Look in your junk email folders!!!

Got an email from Barnes saying my item was delayed and if I still wanted the item I have 24 hours to access the order in my account and click "I still want the item"

However, the orders I placed from the store even though I used my Membership #, are not listed in my account order history!!
Time to get on the phone.
Sneaky sneaky!
what did you buy? did you pre-order anything?
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Probably been asked and answered already, but can I put the coupon on my cell phone and let them scan it?

I don't have a printer at home and I'd like to use this.
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I love this coupon. It came at the perfect time, as I just finally got a blu-ray player about a week and a half ago. My haul so far (all blu-rays and prices are all after tax and include shipping, when applicable):

Stieg Larsson Trilogy: $26.89
Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy: $29.01
Ultimate Matrix Collection: $26.86
Hellraiser: $7.41
Halloween: $7.41
Day of the Dead: $7.41
Dawn of the Dead: $7.41
Evil Dead II: $7.41
Friday the 13th: $13.24

I'm going to go back tonight with a buddy of mine and grab Friday the 13th Part 2 and Part 3 before the coupon expires and that pretty much covers my alloted entertainment funds for the next month or so. Wink
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