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Verizon FiOS TV DVR and STB Upgrades FREE (Still slightly YMMV)

starcaptor 1,383 801 April 21, 2011 at 11:52 AM More Slickdeals Deals
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Last Edited by starcaptor April 21, 2011 at 06:19 PM
Hi all,

I saw the original thread here http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?sduid=1996&t=2742429 , which mentions that you can get your DVR and STB boxes upgraded for free without paying the $40 exchange fee. I read the thread and didnt see anything mentioning this explicit method. If some of it is a repost I apologize, but I feel like for the sake of being fool-proof, this is worth its own thread.

Instead of dealing with the possibility of having an idiot CSR screw things over, I just called the Verizon Fios Store near me, and they said they would swap my boxes out for nothing.

Edit: I wasnt aware that some people are getting the runaround from their local verizon store. I was using information from other HD forums as well as broadbandreports, and so far, only from this thread so I notice people getting turned down. very strange.


I know gas is expensive, but Id rather drive 9 miles and spend the $2, than risk paying $40 or more to have them shipped, which takes too much time anyways.

Make sure you CALL , and place an order first, some stores dont have them in stock yet.

But since current deployments are using the same boxes as on the commercials (the new ones), theres no excuse for them to not have the new ones...if not, they probably just ran out of stock. But based on wall-st ramblings, Verizon isnt exactly selling fios like hotcakes, so there should be plenty.

For people who want to know advantages of swapping boxes:

Current DVR - Motorola 7232 - Faster CPU, 500 gig HD (160 in old ones), and the ability to use external hard drives by eSATA

Current STB - Motorola 7100 or Cisco (rare) - Faster CPU, more energy efficient (you lose your clock)

ALL NEW BOXES - Ability to use the new 1.9 IMG channel guide upgrade, which is sleeker, widescreen (!), and faster (you can use 1.9 on older boxes, but it will lag according to beta testers)
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Last Edited by niqbal June 3, 2011 at 10:19 AM
KEEP IN MIND, THAT YOU CAN CALL ANY STORE AND MAKE THE SWAP REQUEST, and if they say yes, you can PICK UP AT A DIFFERENT STORE!! You can call a nice store, get an order number, and then go to the store closest to you, and pick up your stuff without hearing their BS!!

Website with locations and phone numbers of all Fios TV Centers http://www22.verizon.com/resident.../84843.htm
Lets post a list of the locations or procedures which we were able to get the exchange done at with little hassle.

Hauppauge, NY - YES(make sure you call first, and then get there before 5:45!!)
Hempstead, NY - NO (redirects to website...just a fyi...this store is pretty horrible...long lines, and rudeness abound (heard from friends, AND REPS at Hauppauge!!)
Carmel, NY - NO (redirect to website)
Waltham, MA - NO (redirect to website)
Concord, DE - YES (Called on 5/13/11 and was able to place an order for 3 new boxes! one HD DVR and two HD STBs
Phily, PA - NO (redirects to website)
Paramus, NJ - YES
Danvers, MA - YES
Northern VA - YES
Pittsburgh PA - YES
Yonkers, NY - YES
Long Beach, CA - YES
Garland, TX - Yes
New York (Manhattan 2nd Ave), NY - NO (redirects to website)

elmorage has the tip, to bypass the possibility of a negative, to simply call them (customer service or the store), ask for an ADDITIONAL STB (or DVR)...as if you are installing a second television...and they will gladly send you one for free...you then repackage your old stuff in the boxes the new stuff comes in (they all include free return labels), and drop that off at UPS, and no one is the wiser >D. You only end up paying for 1 day or so of pro-rated possession of multiple receivers.

-----------------------------------------OTHER IMPORTANT INFO

Current boxes floating in the Fios neighborhoods - thanks to waiting4fios @ dslreports.com

Motorola QIP 7100-2, Motorola QIP-7232 2 are the latest models in most places. The Cisco boxes are still only in parts of NY (not NYC).
The Motorola QIP-2500 (an SD only box with guide/on demand/etc. ) has been phased out as mentioned.
Motorola QIP-6200 (1st gen HD box) = phased out except for occasional refurbs
Motorola QIP-7100 (2nd gen HD box with a clock) = still in circulation but no longer manufactured
Motorola QIP-7100 2 (2nd gen HD box without a clock) = primary circulation
Motorola QIP-6416 (1st gen HD/DVR 160GB) = phased out except for occasional refurbs
Motorola QIP-7216 (2nd gen HD/DVR 160GB) = still in circulation but no longer manufactured
Motorola QIP-7232 2 (3rd gen HD/DVR 500GB) = current deployment
Motorola DCT-700 (digital adapter provides all SD channels; No frills) = current deployment

-------------------------GENERAL INFO TO MAKE FiOS SLICKER

On the topic of FiOs - if you live in lower NY and in NJ, and ure paying more than $70 for triple play, go call them and complain! Accd to an advertisement in their store, users in NY and NJ and CT can get triple play (15/5 internet, Extreme HD, and phone) for $70 a month for a year without haggling...and DVR for life. If you live in a cablevision served territory, you can bargain even more (I have 25/25 internet, Extreme HD, Copper Phone, and free MR-DVR for $70 a month for 2 years)

DVRs are generally $16 a month ($20 for Home Media Options)
STBs are $6 a month They are not leasing out non-HD ones anymore.

The old school STBs use 20 watts on idle, and I am guessing since they made a "non-clock" version of it in the 7100-2, that power consumption reduction was a huge objective. So you save power too Smilie



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just called and placed the order, my nearest office is just a mile away. thanks for the heads up OP repped!
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I called the store closest to me, and they transferred me to tech support. Does anyone know if you can place an order directly through the FiOS stores?

Edit: Upgrades over the phone have to go through billing if they won't place your order over the phone from the store or won't let you bring in the boxes to get them swapped. They're considered an 'upgrade' but it is free, so OP is correct on that.

Edit2: I was also told by a CSR that there is no $40 fee for having them shipped directly to you. Both pick-up in store and shipping out should be free. I'm guessing that might be YMMV.
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Last edited by Bluekross April 21, 2011 at 12:44 PM.
I just called the store by me and they said just bring your dvr and they will do the exchange the hd box he said might not offer that much upgrade since it has no clock or might not be noticeable upgrade just an fyi
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i just called and they said my monthly would go up just because i upgraded boxes =[

*edit* - i called another verizon store and conversed with an associate that knew what they were talking about and yes, you can upgrade with no fee. I actually got outstanding customer service. =P
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Last edited by BuBBa55 April 21, 2011 at 01:21 PM. Reason: csr didn't know wtf he was talking about at first
I'm calling now, I'm actually hoping to have them upgrade my account to match the current promotional offers they have going on now. Any recommendations?
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so we still have to pay the 19.99 monthly charge for the DVR / Set top at $5.99 / a month?
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So what number do you have to call?

edit: forget it, I found it. Called them and they say that they have HD Receivers and HD Media boxes and I can swap them out, they cannot swap out the standard def boxes. Still, much better than with 500gb boxes instead of 160gb ones. Thanks!
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Last edited by quazex13 April 21, 2011 at 01:06 PM.

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Quote from quazex13 View Post :
So what number do you have to call?
Verizon Customer Service, or your local FiOS TV Store.
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Quote from holun5 View Post :
so we still have to pay the 19.99 monthly charge for the DVR / Set top at $5.99 / a month?
Ofcourse, if not this will be a FP deal!!LMAOLMAO
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The 7232 is a 320GB drive. That is why the 32 is at the end of the model number.
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Quote from Stashi View Post :
The 7232 is a 320GB drive. That is why the 32 is at the end of the model number.
Can you replace the HD with 750GB or 1TB?
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I did this about a month ago during the NCAA tournament. I called up customer service, reserved a box, and went in to the store. However, I noticed it was different than my other one. The rep told me I could switch out my DVR for free and even gave me a free UPS return box to mail back my old DVR to the store.

The new DVR rocks. The capacity is huge. I have ten HD movies plus shows, and I am not even at 50% capacity.

My advice. Gas up the car (hopefully at COSTCO) and go pick one up this week.
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Quote from Stashi View Post :
The 7232 is a 320GB drive. That is why the 32 is at the end of the model number.
Wrong. Verizon asked Motorola to put 500GB drives in instead of 320GB. They decided to leave the model number the same. This has been verified by many FiOS customers using the 7232.
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