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Android 2.2 Touchscreen Tablet 2GB WiFi Camera E-reader, supports up to 32GB SD Card $66 Shipped Free

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Last Edited by Evo-IC June 6, 2011 at 02:50 AM
Android 2.2 Touchscreen Tablet 2GB WiFi Camera E-reader, supports up to 32GB SD Card $66 Shipped Free for the next 13 hours......

Go HERE [buyincoins.com] [BuyInCoins.com]
Then follow these instructions:

First you need to click on the top right corner of the screen where it says, "P003429 / Save 10% / Daily Sale"
That will open a pop-up screen with the tablet advertised for $74.99.
Add one (or fifty) to your cart.
Make SURE you first choose which color you want (Black back or Silver back) and then add to cart.
The next thing to do is create an account.
When they ask for recommender during the account creation, you can fill in a referral (gives 5% discount) and hit enter to complete the registration.
You can use "slickdeals" for the referral or anyone that you feel deserves credit, including yourself - soliciting referral requests is not allowed in this thread.
The referral discount is optional and there are many different codes that work.

I expect the, "SlickDeal Effect" to crush this site in a hurry, so get your account set up and ready to go ASAP....and don't be worried if it takes you a few tries to connect.

Next, you click on "checkout" where you can fill in the coupon code: 7%NLFOK which gives you a 7% discount.
This box is located left of the signs that says: Method 1, checkout with PayPal / Method 2, Standard checkout.
Click on pay with PayPal and head over to make your payment safely without having to share your financial information.

Final numbers should look like this:

Sub-Total: $74.99
Registered Air Mail: $0.00
Optional Referral code:-$3.75
Discount Coupon: 7%NLFOK :-$5.25
Total with referral: $65.99 Shipped
Total without referral: $69.74

Mine shipped within 24 hours.
I purchased two of them and they take a picture of the actual shipment / box with the tracking number on it and post the picture to your account page.
Kind of cool.

This deal was posted by me last month, well over 1,000 people purchased this ePad and there are, literally, hundreds and hundreds of people that are thrilled with their purchase.
Many of them repeat buyers. Big Grin
If you purchase something through a post on our site, Slickdeals may get a small share of the sale.
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Community Wiki

Last Edited by kinkyhose February 18, 2013 at 08:08 AM
Update - 2/18/2013

For those who have boot-up problems, Green android man gets stuck, not booting, No support for Google Play store etc - You need to reflash the ROM and yes, you will lose all data. All older ROM's from the post below don't seem to have Google Play store support.

So here's the fastest way to do this (thanks to HcH):

0. Connect your SD Card to the PC and note down it's drive letter. If needed, format it as a FAT filesystem. Switch OFF your tablet and let it charge.
1. Visit the TechKnow site for this tablet at http://www.techknow.t0xic.nl/foru...7#msg40377 - you may have to register to download.
2. The first post provides detailed instructions - READ IT CAREFULLY
3. Near the bottom, right next to the "Donate" button, you will see a link to the latest Uberoid version - right now, it is Uberoid v12.1. Download the latest version from here and donate to the site if you can.
4. Once downloaded, use 7-zip to unzip to a new folder and run CHANGER_WIN.bat. It will first ask you to choose your model - pick the number for "M009S Blue LED 7inch" (currently 2)
5. Changer will auto-configure and then ask you for the drive letter for your SD Card - provide this and press Enter. Let CHANGER finish.
6. Once done, remove your SD Card from your PC, insert it into the SD Card slot.
7. Boot the tablet and watch the display as the ROM installs. When the progress bar reaches 100% and tells you to, remove the SD Card. The tablet will auto-reboot
8. Give the tablet a few minutes to boot completely
9. Enjoy.

I have broken up the Wiki into more manageable sections, so that it's easier for newbies to see stuff. Any help is appreciated.
This post is a repeat of these threads - they have 3500+ posts, so you have been warned.
1) http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?t=2901657 2) http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?t=2961785

my retuns seems to be a disaster paypal as i don't think the item will be returned with in the 40/45 days. I'm thinking of using my boa virual card going forward and never go with paypal again. if its my boa CC and they don't have a limitation like 40days or so if its broken or not working,they will support buyer not the seller.
buyincon's Mr.D agreed to pay
$30 for shipping and asked for customs/tracking#
+full refund upon receipt of the two items ($142)
I've sent return with my cost, and provided the customs#. Customs# when tracked says:
Class: First-Class Mail International
Service(s): International Letter
Status: Processed through Sort Facility
Bullet Processed through Sort Facility, July 07, 2011, 9:12 pm, MIAMI, FL
Bullet Acceptance, July 06, 2011, 1:20 pm, MELBOURNE, FL

they agreed to pay partial amount for return shipment + full refund upon receipt.They asked me to send to below address, but its so big, I'm not sure what should I put against each items of USPS.
Bo Huang
West, 4th Floor, B Building, CuiShan industrial areas
2063 Jindaotian Road
Luohu District
Guangdong 518019
P.R. China
* not sure what is the big 13312977181(is this phone#) and zip seems to be 518019, with that in google maps i see it picks up to (Luohu, Shenzhen, Guangdong )
so, what to put address1? "West, 4th Floor, B Building, CuiShan industrial areas" this is fitting in the form address2: "2063 Jindaotian Road" or should this be swapped to add1.
USPS needs the address as below 11 fields
USPS needs the address as below in 11 fields:
(MUST fill either Full Name and/or Company Name)
1. Full Name:
2. Company Name:
3. Address 1 :
4. Address 2 :
5. Address 3 :
6. (Must) City :
7. Province :
8. Postal Code :
9. Phone Number : (Phone number is requested when shipping with GXG and recommended when shipping with Express Mail International)
10. Reference Number: myorder or paypal# i'll give
11. Email: will give buyincoins email in paypals

Where and How to Buy
Buy the tablet from the Buy In Coins website [buyincoins.com] (also referred to as BIC in this thread). The site is quite cranky and is known to go down frequently, so be patient. See post#1 above for how to register, create an account, and how to buy the tablet. Do ensure that you are buying the right tablet, there has been one case where someone got the wrong tablet (had an older chip)

The only known working coupon code (for a 7% discount) is 7%NLFOK and this stacks on top of the referral bonus.
To celebrate Independence Day, a new 7% Coupon Code valid from 29 June to 7 July: JULY4TH

Codes that are no longer working for laptops and tablets:
* * 8% OFF CODE "8%off063" (DEAD) * *
* * 10% OFF CODE "10%Ebay110" (DEAD) * *
* * 11% OFF CODE "VDayRU11"(DEAD) * *

Official Specs / Features
* Built in Speaker and Microphone
* Built in 2GB Flash Memory
* RAM Up to 256MB
* World Wide Language support over 30 countries languages
* More than 20, 0000 applications on Android Market
* Brand new and high quality.
* MID 7" with 0.3MP camera.
* Operating system: Android 2.2.
* CPU: VIA8650 800MHz.
* RAM: 256MB DDR2.
* NAND flash: 2GB
* 7" touch screen 16:9 / resolution: 800 x 480.
* WIFI: 802.11 b/g.
* Supports External 3G.
* Orientation sensor: G-sensor, automatic steering display screen.
* With E-Book function, office word processing and document to go Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and pdf.
* Supports Google Maps and Market, you can download more than 20,0000 applications.
* Communication software: fring, skype out, msn, skype and gtalk.
* Support Flash 10.1
* Others: weather, clock, calendar, calculator, contacts picture capture.
* Support audio formats: MP2; MP3; WAV; AAC; WMA.
* Support 720p playing, video formats: MPEG1/2/4; MJPG; H263; H264.
* TransFlash (aka Micro SD) Slot x 1 (Maximum: 32GB)
* 30pin data interface x 1.
* Stereo audio Out x 1.
* Microphone in x 1.
* USB interface x 2
* RJ45 x 1.
* Rechargeable Li-Polyer 1600MAh, 7.4V battery (some debate about the battery capacity)
* Dimension: 20.7cm x 15.7cm x 1.2cm.
* Languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian , Lithuanian, Norwegian, Poland, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified).

Order Status and Tracking
The BIC site breaks down their delivery schedules like this: Typical USA Transit Times [buyincoins.com]. Keep in mind that BIC uses just a basic parcel post coming from Hong Kong, similar to parcel post here. Your package is shipped to Beijing Customs, where they wait for space in a container to put it in. This may explain why some users receive shipments later than others, regardless of their order or dispatch dates.

Here are two sites you can use to track the shipment (also see the typical sequence of steps below on what to expect):

Tracking site 1: http://www.track-trace.com/post
* You will receive a very limited amount of information regarding tracking details.

Tracking site 2: http://track-chinapost.com/ (This may give more precise info)
* Enter the tracking # from your order status page (similar to RA0123456789CN) in the first field: "Trace China Post Register Mail"
* Or track VIA USPS Tracking on the same site.

Here is the sequence of steps you should expect when you place the order (all times are approximate):

* On the BIC site your order status appears as Pending followed by Processing-1 immediately upon placing your order. You also get a Thank You for your order email.
* About 6 hours post order, the order status on the BIC site changes to Processing-3
* About 12 hours post order, the status changes to Processing-5
* About 18 hours post order, the status changes to Dispatched (as of this writing). You also get a Congratulations - your order was dispatched email at this point. Your order page will show a picture of the actual package with the shipping label and the tracking# (which looks like RA0123456789CN). After this, you will not see any further updates to the BIC site.
* About 7 to 9 days after your order dispatches, you should check the China post site above with the RA0123456789CN tracking number to see if there are any updates. The first sign of life you will see is an update that looks like this: Passed China Customs Beijing International Airport 2011-06-01 indicating that the package has shipped out of China.
* After you see the above message, the china post site also allows you to track the package with USPS. If you don't see an update from USPS, wait 24 hours and retry and you should see a status that looks something like this Service(s): Registered Mail(TM) Status: Origin Post is Preparing Shipment. This status means that the package is waiting to be put into a container on it's way to the US
* You can now use USPS tracking to check the progress of the package as it makes it's way to your address. Most users have reported the port of entry to be BETHPAGE, NY or SAN FRANCISCO CA, so you can guess how long it will take to get to you from those locations.
* Almost all users have received the package in about 7 calendar days from the above step.
* Finally, someone has to be home to sign for the tablet, the mailman will not leave it at your doorstep. What he will leave is a "Sorry We Missed You" notice.

A word of advice: Some receive their tablets within a few days, some take a week or a few, for one member it took a whole month to arrive so it seems that everyone is receiving theirs, however a few people will be waiting and need to be patient as best they can be (see this post for an example) and also please note this deal seems to reoccur every so often so you may see a repeat of this wiki information.

Known Models
Older models had a green LED when being used, red when charging
Newer models have a blue LED light when being used, red when charging
Some information about differences found here [com.my]
Almost everyone who ordered starting May 2011 has received the newer model with the Blue LED.

Summary of differences between the Black and Silver-backed models (thanks user MrLateNite):
* Both blacks were identical in every way -- hardware, packing, manuals, port colors, software, defects
* The black box was more of a satin silk screen over it, the silver was of a higher gloss
* The black included a vertically printed black and white manual while the silver one included a horizontally printed manual with color on the covers.
* Both were placed inside a soft-feel (almost velvet) plastic bag
* The black had a super thick, super strechy saran-wrap like 'cling' to the back of the units. The silver had a thin, sticky covering (like screen protector) on the back
* The black had a screen protector exactly applied with circle cut but with crud and bubbles under it, while the silver had an oversized stick-sheet rough cut over it with no holes and no trimming, stuck to the piece from the back
* Both had blue power / red charge LED
* Black had black audio ports, silver had green
* Both blacks the speakers did not work (but headphones do), the silver the speakers and headphones work
* The blacks came with 1.3.0 firmware, the silver with 1.2.3
* The blacks had minimal added icons over the stock firmware. Basically was unused. The silver included a lot of additional Chinese applications; a lot starting with QQ (some package of them).
* The blacks included a video preview of Kung Fu Panda, 3 stock professional pictures of asian women, and two instrumental 'generic' MP3s'. The silver was clearly used prior to shipping it. It had 2 wifi router names locked in, had a picture of a female in some electronics shop, had extra wallpapers added, had 2 MP3s including backstreet boys and something else, and the one music video others have reported.
* The blacks had direct plugs (in line with the cord) for power, the silver has a 90 degree right angle plug (should be much better ergonomically)
* UniveralAndroot was installed (but not set up) on the silver one, along with a few other programs that I didn't recognize.


* When you click on the links, look at the top of the page in the address bar and it will explain what it is you are looking at for each photo.
* The banding visible in any of the photos is just the work of the bad camera taking a picture of a display - it is not visible to the naked eye.
* Please enlarge pics 23 and 24 for an idea regarding image quality (as best my phone could capture)
* Link 28 is a short video of the tablet playing video.No idea what is was, but it was on the player as a sample video where it shows you how to build a playlist. (Endlessgwing says it's someone named Alizee)

Photos by Evo-IC
Images 1 through 27 [imageshack.us]
#28 - Video [imageshack.us]

More Photos and video during and after Rooting:
Slideshow [imageshack.us]
Video [youtube.com]

Internal Pictures of the M009S
Pictures [sirius-black.org]

Video for dis-assembling the tablet
Dis-assembly Video [youtube.com]

a. Real-world usability/In-Hand review (from OP)
* Both of my units look brand new.
* Both of my units have the identical 2 (one local, one wireless) networking connections already on them. This tells me that the seller has tested the wireless and has tested the Ethernet port. (by the way, I posted a few pages back about the WiFI sucking balls, it does not, I had my hub configured incorrectly. It works great and I've been web surfing and even checked SD on it)
* The seller has added probably 15-20 games and utilities to the tablet, some of them are actually useful.
* Do not buy a case or a screen protector that is the size of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, this ePad is about an inch longer and will not fit. I learned this the hard way. (see accessories section of Wiki)
* Make sure you order a spare microSD card, I believe it cannot be rooted until you format one, put the rooting files on it, and then insert it into the tablet and let it do it's thing from a power up. All I have is a 4GB in my phone that is almost full, so I'm going to have to xfer everything off and do it that way. Maybe. It's a pain in the ass to move all the files to and from my phone.
* I 100% doubt that this thing has a 1600mA battery. I'm inclined to believe that it is in fact 2400mA as posted in one of the other links for this 100 posts back.
* As of this posting I have the following stats: Uptime: 6h 44 mins Battery remaining: 42% - (there has been debate on whether Uptime equals Usable Time).That's playing video, music, angry birds, surfing the internet, WiFi on full time, opening and checking out basically every program on the player, and basically not giving it much of a break at all since I got it and charged to full the first time.
* Quick update: First full battery drain came at 9h 38mins. Once it says 15% left, you better hurry up and get it on a charger. Trust me.
* Here are the exact dimensions for those of you that will now be searching for screen protectors and protective cases: Exactly 13oz - 8" long (200mm) - 5" wide (127mm) - Approx. 1/2" thick (17mm).
* The viewable screen is 7" (178mm) diagonally, the tablet itself (with bezel) is 9" (228.5mm) diagonally.
* Yes, it is a Resistive touch screen. It is also a ridiculously good price for what you're getting and the touch screen has been described as superb for being resistive**
* This has the equivalent power of a first generation Motorola Droid.
* Flash on web pages is choppy, Flash within apps works brilliantly.

b. Review by LoRdAcId
For those hating on this product, I own one and here's my conclusion:
1. Yes out of the box it is a complete failure. The apps, market, speed etc is horrible
2. After rooting the box (check wiki) with a custom kernel, this device becomes useful and well worth the money. Plays flash smoothly, google market works well, speed increased etc.

c. Review by Devedander
* No where near as good as my Samsung Galaxy - every bit worth the $70 if you have a use for it. What I mean is if you already have a good tablet and have your tablet needs met, there is nothing about this that is better in any way than what you probably already have. But if you don't have a tablet, need a beater tablet or want something you can tinker with and not feel too bad if you brick it, this is great!
* Angry birds was definitely choppier than my galaxy but still very playable. I would guess the framerate was around 20fps but it took a really heavy hit when things like menus got drawn over.
* Most telling is the impossible game - it's noteably jerky and slower than the buttery smoothness it normally is. This actually makes it a lot easier to play as I estimate it's moving at arond 80%. It does give it an ugly jitteriness however that makes it unpleasant to play for long.
* The biggest set back I have come across is that standard issue of the lip at the edge of the touch screen. Right up until the edge of the bezel it's a solid feel but it drops off into the soft area of the screen making it kind of hard to hit things on the very edge. Trying to hit enter on teh keyboard has ended up hitting del quite a few times and the menu bar, especially the home key can be a bit iffy to hit on the first try.
* That said no deal breakers, just spoiled by the awesome screen on the galaxy.
* Threw Dolphin HD on there and the browsing is just fine. A little jerky here and there but works fine. The screen resolution make things a little chunky sometimes but still very doable. I use double tap zoom most of the time when browsing anyway so the lack of pinch zoom here doesn't hurt much.
* Overall pretty happy with this. If I hadn't spend the last 5 days getting used to using a galaxy this would be GREAT. Coming from a galaxy it definitely feels like a Chipod.
* Overall very happy to have it and for the price I think if you keep your expectations correct and have a real use/need for it - you will be happy. You are getting a lot of value for the price.

a. Screen protectors

First of all, note that the device ships with TWO screen protectors. The outer one covers the entire front of the unit. The second one is perfectly stuck to the screen and unless you know it, you won't even realize it's there. See this post. Users who found it strongly recommend leaving it as is to avoid scratches on the screen

If you're shopping online or eBay and looking for screen protectors, there are numerous (most) sellers offering screen protectors that will not fit your entire ePad.
They sell 15cm x 9.2cm screen protectors. The screen of the ePad M009S is approx 6" x 3.6" (15.3cm x 9.2cm), which would fit BUT.......
The entire front panel itself is actually approx. 7.75" x 5" (19.7cm x 12.7cm) - do not buy the smaller version, it would probably end up looking ridiculous, if you can help it.

I did a search for "apad epad [ebay.com]" on ebay and found lots of accessories for this. The screen protector I ordered fit perfectly. -deliria

THIS [ebay.com] is close, but still a little short on the width. THIS [ebay.com] would fit the width, but would be a little less than an inch too long. (Resist the, "that's what she said" joke....as tempting as it may be). And THIS [ebay.com] is close but a little long in both regards. A search on eBay for "apad epad" yields many results. Buy one of those cases with a keyboard inside to turn this into a Netbook.

b. Car Charger for the ChiPad
Search eBay for this "Car Charger Adapter Power For Eken M009S Google Android" - it's $11.98 + $3.99 shipping - Thanks to user baluvee.

c. Micro SD Card
The device supports a micro SD card. Ensure unit is switched OFF before inserting or removing the card. Card should be inserted straight into the slot till it clicks. To remove, push the card in till it clicks again and pops out.

d. Case for ePad
eBay ???

e. Using the Data Port
You cannot charge with an Apple cable. The only way to charge the unit is with the included wall / ac adapter. As for USING the Apple cables, yes......they should synch perfectly. Plug it into the spot where the clunky USB/Ethernet box would go and then directly into the USB port on your computer and you're connected.

Battery Conditioning and Life
Evo-IC has recommended charging the tablet for 12 hours, then using it to full discharge and repeating this cycle a few times to condition the battery. For details, refer to this page [cellularaccessory.com] and look for the section titled How to Maximize the life of your battery Without this conditioning, the battery meter will continue to report inconsistent readings about the actual battery charge.

Ways to improve battery life are:
-> Switch OFF the 3G Radio
-> Condition the battery as mentioned above
-> Switch to static wallpapers - the darker the better

An excellent series of measures for improving Battery Life (thanks Evo-Ic)
-> Turn off Auto-Synch (Settings, Accounts & Sync, uncheck "Background data")
-> Turn off Auto-Synch + Background Data (Settings, Accounts & Sync, uncheck "Background data" which will automatically close Auto-sync)
-> Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use, it is a bit of a battery hog, especially if you have email or apps attempting to update repeatedly in the background (Settings, Wireless & network settings, uncheck "Wi-Fi") This can also be achieved by checking the "Airplane mode" option.
-> Lower display brightness - everyone loves a flashy super bright and beautiful screen, but it is not necessary and will reduce your trips to the charger. (Settings, Display settings, "Brightness" dropdown, set to approx 40%)
-> Disable Auto-Rotate screen, believe it or not, this is a known culprit in gulping the juice from your battery. (Settings, Display settings, uncheck "Auto-rotate screen")
-> Be vigilant. Turn on "suspend time-out", and be sure to "Hibernate" when not using your tablet. (Settings, Display settings, "Suspend Timeout" dropdown, select "30 seconds". When not using display, long-press/hold power button until pop-up menu, select "Hibernate".
-> Disable Live Wallpaper. Do you really need to see raindrops and bouncy bubbles on your screen at the expense of your battery life?
-> Choose appropriate Static Wallpaper. Whatever Wallpaper you choose, the darker the better. A bright wallpaper will drain the battery faster than you can imagine - especially with your display settings / brightness turned up to 100%. Use something that has plenty of black and then uses darker colors to form your image. The Black / Blue Honeycomb themed wallpapers are perfect.
-> Minimize Widgets, if you have numerous widgets and allow them to constantly update (weather, time, etc) it will continue to utilize parts of your tablet that drain the battery

WiFi issues
a. Using WPA2 (thanks user baluvee)
If you are using WPA2 as wifi security then try using HEX password like 08C7EXXE47083513EEFB969OD instead of clear text password like welcome1

b. Using Uberoid and unable to connect
First ensure you are on the latest version (currently v5). Try adjusting the WifiTX power to a higher level and ensure you have granted rights to the app when it asks.

c. What WiFi levels can this device work with
The specs say B and G - but some users reported that it also works with N. No consensus on whether the silver or black models (or both) work, so YMMV.

d. WiFi not connecting
Try these suggestions as outlined in this post:

-> Try changing security/SSID settings on AP/Gateway/Router
-> Try changing mode on your router/AP
-> Try changing broadcast channel
-> If using HcH Uberoid ROMs, fool around with Wifi Tx power (as each point will yield different levels)
-> Try canceling the connection to your router > turning off WiFi on the tablet > restarting your router > turning WiFi back on the tablet > scanning for devices and setting up your connection again. (Try using WEP with a 5 letter password)
-> If your device CONNECTS to the router, but does not seem to have access to the Internet, check to see if your router is broadcasting in any sort of N mode, change to B/G mixed. This fixed my Wifi issues in a snap!

Android is a custom-Linux OS (aka Linux distro). Rooting is the process of upgrading your access to the Linux Super User (who is called root - hence the word), thus enabling you to make major changes to the OS configuration, which is normally restricted. For general details on what rooting is and what you can expect, visit this link [androidcentral.com] or just use Google.

It is strongly recommended that you condition the battery by charging and discharging a few times before flashing the new ROM. Also, before flashing, charge the unit to 100% and flash immediately.

As of this writing, there are three known Custom ROMs identified for this device:

a. Uberoid (current version is v5) - thanks to baluvee
You need a PC with Windows, micro SD Card, Card Reader, Winrar or 7zip, Beer of your choice
1. Download Firmware from TechKnow [freeforums.org] forums. While there, thank users HcH and Evo-IC for their efforts.
2. Insert microsd card to Windows PC using card reader or slot in PC
3. Format microSD card using FAT32 as Filesystem
4. Extract archive to SD CARD (so a directory SD:\FirmwareInstall is present and the file wmt_scriptcmd in the sd root)
5. Try to identify your tablet model (M009s/M003s/M012s/etc.)
6. Run CHANGER.BAT from your microSD card root and see what models there are (This is done while the SD is still mounted on your Windows OS pc)
7. Put in the number of your model and press <enter>
8. Remove microSD card from Windows OS pc.
9. Turn off your tablet
10. Insert microSD card into tablet
12. Turn on your tablet
13. Follow instructions

The full install takes approximately 3 minutes from when you turn your tablet back on. Once you follow instructions and restart at the end, it takes another 3 minutes or so to fully load the first time - be patient.

b. Vestinious ROM
This is updated about as often as the Uberoid ROM.

Link to the ROM builds [slatedroid.com]
Link to the FTP Server that hosts the ROM builds [228.138]

b1. Singularity ROM (the newer version of Vestinious) - thanks to Shahhere
Some users find this to be the best compared to the above two. Per joe_blow_xbox: "I never could install Vestinious or Uberoid on my Blue LED M009s from BIC. Roger Calver (Vestinious guy) just released Singularity FW based on EKEN M009s 1.3.0. I could install this just fine and finally am running non-stock FW. It's a night and day difference."

Singularity Forum

* Download the SV2 zip file from SlateDroid forum; this is the Direct Link to the download, if you need it.
* Once downloaded double click the zip file and then the folder to in SV2 example
* Double-click "Slatedroid Singularity M009s BETA v2.zip"
* Then Double-click "Slatedroid Singularity M009s BETA v2" folder
* The above folder should contain 4 Objects (3 files and 1 folder; might contain more in the future...)
* Copy the 4 (or more) files and folder from the "Slatedroid Singularity M009s BETA v2" folder onto the Root of the SD Card. Since SV2 is device specific there is no reason to run any BAT file but make sure you select the right device download file as the above download files are for M009s ePads only.
* Please note that the "ROOT" of the card means that you open the SD Card and copy the said files without putting them in any other folders. Also note that if you have other ROM files in there then you need to remove them or format the SD card to Fat32 before copying the new files.
* Once the above files are copied to the SD Card, turn the ePad off and put the SD card into the WM8650 ePad.
* Power On/Start the ePad and wait for the automatic loading of the ROM. The Rom will upgrade the ePad and then at the end (3-5 minutes later) prompt you to take out the SD card - take it out when prompted to do so.
* The ePad should reboot itself at this point and then load the new ROM.

c. Dr Cheap's ROM - Get it from http://drcheap.net/roms/ (thanks Dr Cheap)
1. Download the proper .zip file above to your PC computer.
2. Unzip (extract) the file.
3. Prepare your MicroSD card. It must be clean of any other roms or rom bits and must be formatted to FAT-32. It should be 8gb or smaller. If larger, make a smaller partition on the sdcard.
4. Copy the contents of DrCheap-EkenM009s-v02b to the root (top-level or just /) directory of your MicroSD card. You should have two files and a folder: wmt_scriptcmd, z4root_1.3.0.apk, and FirmwareInstall.
5. Close and safely remove the MicroSD card from your PC.
6. Be sure your tablet is OFF and plugged in.
7. Insert the MicroSD card into your tablet.
8. Boot your tablet.
9. If 1-8 were done correctly, it should boot to an update screen instead of the normal OS. It will say that it is updating the FW and take about 5 minutes to do so. You will see some periodic update messages in the middle of the screen and the bottom should read something like PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE MEMORY... There will also be a % completed bar. This all can sit with no activity for a minute or two at points in the process and overall might take up to 5 minutes, so be patient.
10. Be patient. Wait until it is completely done.
11. When finished the message on the bottom of the screen will change to Please Remove Media... (or something very similar). ONLY at this point when it instructs you to removed the memory card is the update done. **DO NOT TURN OFF THE DEVICE**
12. With the tablet still on, push in the MicroSD card so that it pops out and gently remove the card from the machine. It *should* then automatically reboot into the new OS.

a. App Market Cache problem and fix
Not all apps (like Pandora) can initially be found. You can fix this problem by clearing the cache (real weird since the ROM does not include any!!!)

1. Open the Market and press the home button to return
2. Go to Settings \ Applications \ Manage \ Running
3. Press "Market"
4. Press "Clear cache" (do not clear data)
5. Press "Force stop"
6. Return to "Settings \ Applications \ Manage \ Running"
7. Press "Google Services Framework"
8. Press "Clear Data"
9. Press "Force Stop"
10. Start Google Market, it must give an error
11. Reboot, once back Market should work, if it gives an error it could need another minute to work
12. Test the access, search Skype on the market, it should return 400+ results including the original Skype and google's apps like maps / streetview / docs and Skype

b. Removing the cellphone signal strength indicator
Try toggling airplane mode off and then on. See this post.

c. Browser
The best recommended browser for this device is Dolphin Browser Mini - which also supports the Volume Up and Down buttons. Firefox for Android is bloated and slow and has no Flash support. Also, there's reports that FF does not install on this device.

d. PDF / ePub / Kindle compatibility
This device supports the ePub standard and works perfectly as a library downloader / e-reader. One recommended app is Aldiko. Included with the upgraded / custom ROM are Aldiko, i-Reader, and Amazon's Kindle app.

e. Games
-> Air Control - 100% perfect, freakin great.
-> Robo Defense - some slight stutter, but very good
-> Reversi and all of the games from that company
-> x construct
-> bonsai blast
-> Tapfish
-> chalk ball
-> alchemy

f. Streaming video files from your computer (thanks MrFunnyMan)
You can stream files through the network using the file browser included in the Sing Beta 2 release. It is called ES File Explorer . You have to click the drop down option at the top in order to browse and select LAN option. If you have networked computers then you can browse to the available windows file locations on those computers.

On your PC
-> Right click My Music -> Properties -> Sharing tab -> Share button
-> Select your username (not the Homegroup account)
-> Also click Advanced Sharing, check "Share this Folder"
-> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall -> Turn Windows Firewall On or Off -> turn off private network firewall (Public is on with "Notify me when Windows Firewall blocks an incoming connection" checked)

On your Chi-pad
-> Open ES File Explorer -> Lan tab
-> Add new server
-> Server <ip of computer>/share name ex:
-> Your user name on the PC / Your password on the PC

(thanks to raul_sensi)
Streaming video using smb: Less choppy playback - works well with SV3 Final

1. Download cifsmanager from market
2. Get the cifs modules here [slatedroid.com] (You will have to download entire module archive file)
3. Create a folder on sdcard called "cifs"
4. From downloaded file: extract cifs.ko and slow-work.ko to newly created cifs folder on sdcard
5. Put sdcard in tablet
6. Open cifsmanager
7. Press the menu button (small button on top of tablet), and go into settings
8. Check the following:
-Load cifs module
-Load via insmod
9. Click down arrow (right side) next to Path to cifs.ko and enter the following:

*notice there is a COLON seperating two module locations

Set up mount points and enjoy.

This will not work if you aren't on your local WiFi. Unless you know what you're doing and setup a dyndns account and do some port forwarding...but then you've just opened up a big security hole. The playback on some is acceptable but I have not watched a full movie through. I am finding that it is most likely hardware issues when the files are too high resolution or the compression format is not easily trans-code-able by the video processor. I have had many crashes or find that the file stutters and goes to black then picks back up or just restarts from the beginning. Also I have had to hard reset as the chipad hung a few times. When streaming the quality was pretty good just not sure the reliability will be there for a full length movie ( or the battery life for that matter ). Visible files work the same and associate to the appropriate opening program (i.e. word docs or audio).

g. "INSTALL Blocked" warnings/errors (thanks Stomper88)
If you see an error called "INSTALL BLOCKED - For security your device is set to block installation of apps not obtained from Android Market" after rooting - don't freak out. That's normal on all android equipment. Its a security feature preventing unauthorized software from installing itself. You have to go into the system settings and enable installation of non-Android software.

h. The little 9 square button which you click on to see the screen listing all of your apps has disappeared - Now I cannot access most of my apps unless I search for them. Also, how can I add icons to the desktop view? (thanks to baluvee and hyperboarder)
Press and hold to add icons to the desktop / long press on desktop pops up a menu to do just this.

i. To save attachments from emails on your device (thanks DrCheap)
Go to the market and get Blackmoon Attach Save -- it adds this functionality.

j. To add your own mp3 or ogg (I did not try other audio formats) as alarm/ringtone (thanks dealfun)

* Create "media" folder on your SD card.
* Create "audio" folder in "media"
* Create "alarm", "notifications", "ringtones", and/or "ui" folder(s) in "audio".
* Copy your audio files to above folders.
Now you will see your audio files appearing in the selection, e.g. alarm clock (notification) ringtone.

k. Playing DivX/XViD videos
I was able to connect the adapter, attach a 4 GB Flash drive containing several DivX/XViD videos and play them directly without any problems. I am running Dr. Cheap's ROM. There was no choppiness or delay


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Can you upgrade the Android version on this thing?
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Quote from cpizzle View Post :
Can you upgrade the Android version on this thing?
doubtful this will go past 2.2
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Comeon where's the sales?
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Back again. So are these the older Green LED or the newer Blue LED models?
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Isn't it the same thread u posted before??? Or is it different??

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this post went crazy.....
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Note: Some of us are still waiting for the ones we ordered for $70 on May 13th, or received some that the internal speakers, batteries or other components didn't work. Frown

If it arrives within a couple weeks, and is not damaged, it's a good deal for $70 for what it is (hint: do some research--this is a 700Mhz Android tab, not a 1GHz faster one). But if damaged or doesn't arrive, it will be a hassle.
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oh this again

Quote from aleruval View Post :
Isn't it the same thread u posted before??? Or is it different??

its the same thing
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Last edited by shanghei June 5, 2011 at 08:45 PM

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this post is only to prove how much Apple ripped off from its customers...
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I think it's pretty clear the OP endorses that buycoins website.
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I've been thinking about getting something like this to be used as a dedicated alarm clock.

Does anyone have a stand that'll work with this?

Also, does anyone know anything about this have USB OTG support?
EDIT: this is also known at USB Host support.
Anyone knows?

This is what allows you to connect a usb keyboard to the thing.
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Last edited by nullstring June 5, 2011 at 09:20 PM
Why this post again....OP had a similar post few days back. OP do you get any commission from Buycoins?
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Quote from desitoyota View Post :
Why this post again....OP had a similar post few days back. OP do you get any commission from Buycoins?
New price on the device, I believe the previous has already been moved to Deal Talks forum, so I think a new thread is definitely necessary to let people know it's still alive. Why bother to reply when it's clear that you don't care about the product?
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Quote from desitoyota View Post :
Why this post again....OP had a similar post few days back. OP do you get any commission from Buycoins?
You mean, the post where SlickDeals the website gained thousands of dollars for referral fees?
I have nothing to do with the site, whatsoever.
If you check my 6 years of history on this forum, you will see numerous deals posted.
Do I shill for Dell, NewEgg, Buy.com, Amazon as well? Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
Quote from yourr8 View Post :
this post is only to prove how much Apple ripped off from its customers...
I agree completely.
These little tablets do about 60% of what the first iPad would do for about 15% of the price.
Quote from mercurial View Post :
I think it's pretty clear the OP endorses that buycoins website.
I endorse them completely.
They have worked with every buyer that has had a problem, they QC their products before shipping, and they have the best shipped price for a 2.2 Android touchscreen with the VIA / WM8650 CPU on the entire internet by nearly 20%.

Yes. I endorse them completely.
I should not even humor a troll like you with a response.

Quote from hmmwv View Post :
New price on the device, I believe the previous has already been moved to Deal Talks forum, so I think a new thread is definitely necessary to let people know it's still alive. Why bother to reply when it's clear that you don't care about the product?

What he said...... ^^^^^^^^^
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