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Comcast: Showtime and Cinemax Free for 24 months YMMV

falconey 372 305 August 4, 2011 at 03:09 PM in Other (3)

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Today I received an email touting an offer from Comcast for free showtime for 24 months. Upon clicking the link in the email it took me to a page with three options. Starz, Showtime, Cinemax all for free for 24 months. I could only add one to cart and it took me to the next page. I then selected the products tab and it took me back to the initial screen and added the next one to cart. The next step is it takes you to live chat. See chat below. If my link doesn't work for you there is no harm in calling Comcast directly and stating you got the email and want the promotion.

Note: I received this promotion even though I'm already receiving a current promotion for HBO at 9.99/month for 12/months.

The Email:

Valued Customer, we appreciate you choosing XFINITY®. To make sure you always enjoy the best in entertainment, we periodically review your account.

We are pleased to inform you that you can enjoy SHOWTIME® for 2 full years at no charge. At this time, you're eligible to add SHOWTIME® to your current premium channel at no additional charge for 24 months. This includes all of the movies and original series like Dexter On Demand—on your TV, online and now on your iPadTM. After the 24-month period, you'll be billed an affordable low rate for each of the two premium channels.

Limited-time offer – add SHOWTIME® today
This opportunity to receive SHOWTIME® for 24 months at no additional charge is available for a limited time to valued XFINITY customers.

Take advantage of this special, limited-time offer today. If you have questions, or if there is anything else we can help you with, contact us 24/7.


Will post link here. Having some issues with it right now. Don't want people going into my account.


user ME has entered room
ME> Order Information
analyst Ignacio has entered room
Ignacio> Hello ME_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Ignacio. Please give me one moment to review your information.
Ignacio> Welcome to Sales Department, where we are excited to introduce New Triple Play packages. We appreciate the time you are taking to contact us, my name is Ignacio, I will be assisting you from here on out. Before anything else, I would like to ask, how is your day so far?
ME_> it's fine. i'm not calling for triple play. i was offered premium channels free for 24 months. i'm just trying to redeem that.
Ignacio> Sure I can help you with that ME
Ignacio> May I have your Comcast account number please ?
Ignacio> Please give me 2 minutes to access your account ME
Ignacio> To make sure that I am looking at the right account, can I have the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number for verification, please?
ME_> ***
Ignacio> Thank you ME
Ignacio> I am searching the promotions at your area
ME_> not sure why you have to search. i was sent the email from comcast. i click on the link, I added the promotions to my cart and the next step was it sent me to you
Ignacio> ME we need to search the promotion here in the system in order to add it on your account
ME_> ok, I guess I don't understand why had to do the other steps then
Ignacio> I really appreciate your patience ME
Ignacio> I am working as fast I can
Ignacio> ME I can see here and you would like to get Cinemax and Showtime
Ignacio>Am I correct?
Ignacio>I already added the Cinemax package
Ignacio>ME I am happy to have completed your order set up and I truly appreciate your patience and full cooperation.
Ignacio> This is your order confirmation number **
Ignacio> Well, I hope I have helped you with all of your requests today. Would there be any last question or concern I could address before we end this session?
ME_> so both showtime and cinemax are added?
Ignacio> Yes ME
Ignacio> Both Showtime and Cinemax are already added
ME_> ok thank

So now I'm going to try and add Strarz too.
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Last Edited by faboi0us September 1, 2011 at 11:13 AM
Just to update: The official deal is get one free premium channel for 24 months with an existing premium channel purchase. If you end the subscription prior to the 24 months you lose the free premium channel. If you already have an existing premium channel and don't want much hassle you can call this number directly 1-877-424-2024 and they will set you up. Or you can try chat and see if you can slickdeal them out of all three. thx falconey


Atlanta, GA - worked for Showtime only for 24 months, did not have existing premium channel but when bill came it had HBO + Showtime for $15.99 for 24 months

Chicago, IL - did not work. "promotion applies only when paying for another premium channel"

Houston, TX. - got Showtime, Cinemax, & Starz free for 24 months with a one-time $5 setup fee. Already active on the TV. No prior premium channels.

Palatine, IL (Chicago suburb) Got all 3 for $1.99 setup fee. Have no paid channel currently, just the digital starter package.

Palatine, IL - Shot down twice; and now all CSRs are asking people to call 1 (877) 424-2024

Naperville, IL - No go on the promo, but got Showtime free for 3 months, for being "our valued customer." No prior premium channels

Eugene, OR - Showtime and Cinemax added (separately by different CS reps, as the first would only let me add one). My package had the HBO/Starz as part of a bundle, but after a few tries I got a CS Rep that would give me the promotion, as the first couple said I had to have a premium channel at a normal rate. Keep trying!

Beaverton, OR - All 3 channels free for 2 years (no prior premium channels, no setup fee)

Detroit, MI - Worked got all 3 but had to add HBO. Already had HBO and got 24-months of Cinemax and Showtime for a 1-time $1.99 charge

San Francisco, CA - showtime/cinemax/starz offered for 3 months free, however was able to get HBO 12 months free.
San Francisco, CA (94115) - All 3 free for 2 years (no prior premium channels, $1.99 setup fee) via Live Chat.
San Francisco, CA (94132) - All 3 free for 2 years, (was on HBO promotion, No setup fee) via live chat (from link)

San Jose, CA - showtime/starz for free at 24 months

Palo Alto, CA - denied deal via chat and phone b/c wasn't paying for any premium channels currently (had free HBO).

Fresno, CA- Denied via Chat. Currently on free HBO with a triple play package. UPDATE 2nd try via chat i got Starz for free 24 months.

Colorado Springs, CO- Showtime/Cinemax/Starz free for 24 months. (Already had HBO at regular rate...luckily, it had just reverted back from a promo and I forgot to call and get a newer rate Big Grin )

Elkton, MD - 21921 - Starz was expired, Rep Substituted with 12 months free HBO... In the end I got 12 months free HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime...

Jacksonville, FL - 32246 - All 3 free for 24 months.

Sebring, FL - Got Cinemax free for 24 months! (1 time processing fee of $5 on next bill)

Philadelphia 19129 - Got all three for free for 12 months with a one time $1.99 processing fee.

Coatesville, PA 19320 - did not work. "promotion applies only when paying for another premium channel"

Lancaster, PA 17601 - also did not work. "promotion applies only when paying for another premium channel". I pointed out that I have Starz but they said that doesn't count since it was built into my current Triple Play plan

Vallejo, CA 94590 - Got asked to call 877 424 2024 to be able to add Showtime for 24 months free.

Sharon, MA 02067 - 4 chats - only offer was showtime and cinemax for 3 months and then $10.00 per month after that (I do already get free Starz)

Minneapolis, MN 55408 - used the link, got SHOW added for 24 months free. - no prior premium channels via live chat

Ypsilanti, MI 48197 - used link received all three free for 24 months no fee.

Huntsville, AL 35802 - got all 3 for 24 months on 2nd Chat with April, and already had HBO promotional rate of $9.99/month.

Las Cruces, NM 88001 - Added Showtime to my Comcast Tripleplay for 24 months with no setup fees...awesome!! NOTE: I called and they said I had to completed the order via the chat option...worked like a champ!!

Lancaster PA 17603 - got Showtime for 24 months and Starz for 3 months, already had HBO for promo rate of $4.99/mo

Charlottesville VA - 22901 - got Showtime for 6 months free, already had HBO for promo rate of $4.99/mo

Elizabethtown PA 17022 - originally called and they told me I was elegible but had to call in - Rep on phone wouldnt do it since I wasnt paying for any premium channels at regular price. Got on chat again and they gave me all 3 for 24 months with adding HBO for $20. I plan to cancel the HBO after a couple days. Should work fine

Burlington WA 98233 - Showtime for 24 months and Starz and Cinemax for 6 months, all free. Had no other premium channels.

Burlington NJ 08016 - showtime, starz and skinemax free 24 months for changing to 21.99/m for HBO, then took off charge for one HD-DVR $15/m!!!!

Bothell WA 98021 - Turn down 4 times through Chat, but got HBO extended to 24 months free. Called 1-877-424-2024 and got Showtime, Cinemax, Starz free for 24 months woot. Had no other paid premium channels.

Redmond WA 98052 - Got a choice of one (Showtime) free for 24 months. No Existing Premium Channels.

Memphis, TN 38112 - After 3 chats, got Cinemax and Showtime for 24 months free. Already had HBO bundled. Getting these new channels on my TV now but my Comcast account showing promo will expire Nov 2011 (so just 3 months). Chatted again and they said they couldn't change it.

Nashville, TN 37205 - Deal Didn't worked (need a premium channel in regular rate). However - got Showtime for 6 months for FREE after asking for other promotions.

Minneapolis, MN 55414 - No previous premium channels. On 5th try, 24 months of Showtime added free (thanks Marvin)

Muskegon MI 49441 - promo terms at link specifically said they expired 7-31 and had to be a full price subscriber to at least one premium channel. Tried anyway but no way to get it in chat or on phone. Did get a couple premium channels free for 3 months. Also got a FREE HD DVR:


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can you post the link in your picture
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I was able to use the link just fine.
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Last edited by KupoMogKupo August 4, 2011 at 04:08 PM.
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Another member has been helping me verify if the link works. Waiting on that. Can someone confirm?
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Thanks OP...I was able to add cinemax for 24 months for free just now,
How long will the channels take to show up?
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Quote from falconey View Post :
Another member has been helping me verify if the link works. Waiting on that. Can someone confirm?

link waiting to chat wit hthe rep now
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I got a popup saying: "The service you are looking for is not available in your area."

I live in DC.
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Quote from lion5 View Post :
Thanks OP...I was able to add cinemax for 24 months for free just now,
How long will the channels take to show up?
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I tried to signup. CSR says offer is only for customers WITH another premium channel already. I didn't, but she gave me Showtime for 6 months anyways.

So just try to get it - can't hurt.
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Chatting right now. Will update with results
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I'm in philadelphia, pa and was offered $10/month for each of those channels instead of free...even though when i got onto the chat the rep told me I see you are interested in the free cinemax for 12 months. I already have comcast preferred cable and i forget which internet. I also have an HBO promo.
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Alberto > MATT I understand you are interested on our Showtim Price:$0.00 promo Duration:24 monhs,Is that correct?
MATT_ > yes
Alberto > Okay Matt allow me to explain you this
Alberto > This promotion for the $O for Showtime for 24 months,it can be just activated in the local office,that is because our system is not updated with this promotions,thank you for understanding.
MATT_ > do I have to go to the office or could I call?
Alberto > Yes Matt you can call 1-800-XFINITY

Seems like baloney, I might try again and hope for a different chat rep lol
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No go for me. I got this reply:

Our Showtime special for free for 24 months can only be availed to those customers who have an existing premium package at the regular rate.

You can avail of the Showtime at $10.00/mo for 12 months.
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Added Showtime, just in time for Dexter!!
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