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Official KSO Trading Thread - No Buying/Selling/PayPals!!! You MUST Read the 1st Page Before Trading

kel_be 68,608 3,764 February 19, 2008 at 03:59 PM
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*These Rules are Constantly Being Updated! Please Read Them ALL*

You are welcome to trade anything you please, as long as it is $5 or under (retail value, not perceived value) excluding coupons. Please be aware that you are trading at your own risk! If something happens, the Moderators will not get involved. You need to work out the problems/issues with the other party on your own. You cannot negatively bash a "bad trader" in your signature, or anywhere else on It is a Personal Attack, and is not allowed here.
You may contact a moderator after you have made every effort possible to resolve the issue(s).

Remember, you are trading at your own risk! We are unable to enforce any sanctions or force a user to act since we do not monitor nor endorse this activity. Further, we cannot guarantee that administrative sanctions will occur as a result of abuse without positive proof.

Do NOT offer money of any kind! It's a self promotion for personal gain (monetary gain), and it's not allowed! Money cannot exchange hands between SD member. This is includes PMs, posts, or any other forms of communication on SD! You cannot ask for money/Pay Pal in "exchange". That is selling, and is not allowed here. Same for referrals! You cannot have people take part in referrals as part of your "trade".

1. Must be $5 or under (retail value, perceived value). Anything more will be removed (moderators reserve the right to remove your entire post if necessary). Repeat offenders will be warned.
2. Don't like the $5 rule? Don't participate here
3. You may only trade for something for $5 and under and only offer something $5 and under.
4. If there is a problem with your trade, or the person you are trading with you need to work it out on your own and in PRIVATE. Moderators will no longer be getting involved in disputes. Alert the Moderators of any dishonest or bad traders after resolution attempts have been made.
5. What number rule is this? That's the MAXIMUM retail value your trade must be.
6. Have fun, be fair and honest.
7. $5 or under ONLY.
8. Post only what you would like and what you have. All replies and dealing should be done via PM.
9. F?nf, cinq, cinco, ????, cinque, vijf, fem, five. Got it? Good!
10. You must list the amounts of the items you are trading. Don't say "GC", say "$3 GC". Be honest & specific.
11. Coupons carry a value of only 1/20 of 1 cent. Therefore, they are OK if the OFF amount exceeds $5.
12. You can trade an item that have a value over $5 for any other item that has a value of $5 or less. For example, you can trade a Fandango GC (ARV $13.50) for a $5 Amazon CG. Bu you cannot trade the Fandango code for something over $5 (like a $14 Amazon GC).
13. Keep the chit chat to a very low minimum, so it does not clutter the board!
14. PLEASE edit your original post when what you were offering for trade is gone (just GONE is fine!) PLEASE DO NOT mod alert these posts for removal. They are kept in case there is ever an issue with trades that the mods need to look into.
15. You can only "bump" your trade list once in a 24hr period.
16. REGARDING "GIFT CODES": some examples of these may include but are not limited to... 1-800 flowers, Victoria's secret, Amazon, Bloomingdale's, Sak's, etc. Any gift code you post for trade MUST adhere to the $5.00 trade value limit, or it will be removed!!

If you do not follow these rules, this thread will be closed by a mod and ruin it for all the Slick Dealers who enjoy it. YOU WILL FOREVER BE IN THE SLICK DEALS DOG POUND IF YOU IGNORE RULES! Please, do not ruin it for those who love this thread!

Thank you javaFlower for rules #8 & #14. Thank you javaFlower & DawnMarie for rule #10 and thank you mamajayjay for rules #11 & #12.

August 5, 2009, 3:10 am: System Notice: This thread has been automatically renewed after reaching a post limit. Most of its content has been moved to this thread for reference purposes.

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If you purchase something through a post on our site, Slickdeals may get a small share of the sale.

Community Wiki

Last Edited by jon426 December 20, 2015 at 09:31 AM
This thread is for trading KSO (Kindle Special Offer) codes only. The same rules apply to this thread as to the original trading thread. Please keep list in alphabetical order to make it easier for everyone to search. Thank you.

See the other trading thread for successful trades prior to the KSO thread OR for other trades.
Original trading thread Wiki

See information on all current and past KSO promotions codes, includes links to the specific amazon page and expiration dates of the codes

Negative Trades:
its against SD rules to post negative tradesWink If you have a problem with someone, contact the moderator. If somebody scams you, you can report him/her to the moderator.

Positive Trades:

999ghosts (from zaekair777 + anonymom + anastaciab)
ahmo (from Darkesilk)
ajamils (from pea_ch)
alee2586 (from justpassingby + sg8078+Good2bCh13f + fuse11)
anastaciab (from dealmastermike + ramakrish + zaekair777 + Metatron + 999ghosts + legacy06)
Andyspants (From Farmeroak)
anonymom (from 999ghosts + dyiu + luvbugs)
antijesse (from Farmeroak)
apinunw (from dealmastermike)
ashishdc (from Cisco327)
atu91290 (from Cisco327 + luke04191991)
audierules (from avitas)
Avi (from Wyfind)
avitas (from audierules + rediska)
AZImmortal (from faalaalee + iceberg716 +cowsclaw + sg8078)
Bamistic (by ddmmmama + rickjas + wylah+Joeboy + ihowilde)
Barcafan (from ritmomundo)
baracca (from rosevan + Zaekair777)
bargainhunter (from rediska)
bgriffin42 (from Redf0x)
Bigbill (from Metatron)
blotto80 (from Darkesilk)
bluecougar26 (from Chow)
blujay69 (from Joeboy)
bman128 (from justpassingby + CSX)
bobvu (from vcinbox)
Brant9 (from faalaalee)
Brianjones(from Zaekair777 + Darkesilk + Metatron+figarotigger)
BrownThunder (from pea_ch x2 + justpassingby)
brusky24 (from wylah + 999ghosts)
BruteUA (from faalaalee + QuickKill)
BSGBruin (from Jamie25UGA)
bsirk (from faalaalee)
buail (from Redf0x + justpassingby)
BuckTurgidson (from marianne0064)
bunnyeric (from cowsclaw)
butterfly719 (from pxgringo + dragonkid + poj)
calculus1918 (from johny3)
calimom (from theBIG + SMC4333)
calisoldier83 (from sg8078 + tjmini-note)
canonguru (from Isis242)
CapnDistracto (from iceberg716)
Carmo - (From Jinque)
Casabian (from skyzen)
cccbbg (from ramakrish+jdb230)
cello007 (from johny3)
cfk23 (from Redf0x)
cfnnb9 ( from weekrish)
chrisbox112 (from Redf0x)
ChrisMMcD (from Cisco327)
chuongnnguyen (from owook)
Cisco327 (from justpassingby + Jamie25UGA)
compfreak (from sn0man + cowsclaw + Cisco327 + theBIG + intellicents + cowsclaw (again)+jdb(x8)+motorola+Good2bCh13f)
coppertop (from figarotigger)
cowsclaw (from whoami.2k7 and zaekair777, and SuperMum, Compfreak, ParaNorma, jmor, and bunnyeric, mocho5)
crazyInNYC (from ParaNorma + crepatas)
crepatas (from crazyInNYC + zookeeper + ramakrish+kab96)
crystallv (from Poohgranma)
cstu (from SporkWielder + JabberWock + dusbbal2008)
csx (from bman128)
cthesage(from jdb230 + Wishman)
c483125117 (from endar)
c_q (from rediska + cthesage)
danielfeng (from rogueone)
dapperntx (from Darkesilk)
Darkesilk (from justpassingby x2 + faalaalee + jons911 +starling321, PennstateFan, tenderidol)
davczar(from SilverB18C1+jjwspider)
DaveHanson (from Metatron)
ddmmmama (from Bamistic)
dealhunter85 (from jjwspider)
Diukong (from ritmomundo + shy1akaanh + zaekair777 + justpassingby(x2) + Redf0x)
DM1234 (from Silenc3 + Redf0x (x2))
dmdragon (from Farmeroak)
dn3g3l (from WebNomad)
docdbot (from jdb230)
dolie (from weekrish)
dragonkid (from iceberg716 x 2)
drdvls (from Chow)
dreamexecution (from vcinbox)
dribardi (from ramakrish)
dristone (from ginarina427, rosevan)
dusbbal2008 (from cstu)
dustinvanderman (from raynepoe)
dyiu (from anonymom)
Eagles89 (from Darkesilk + rickjas))
Easyblu (from jjwspider)
eddie2k (from justpassingby(x3) + faalaalee + c_q)
ElwoodBlues (from rediska)
endar (from justpassingby + theBIG + c483125117)
ender2851 (from Cisco327)
enowyn (theBIG)
esurfer (from Chiggers)
faalaalee (from Darkesilk + Brant9 + eddie2k + swagger_d + bsirk )
Farmeroak (from dmdragon + poj + Metatron + Andyspants)
fastnfurious9 (from theBIG + iceberg716 + Metatron + vivianchou + qy2002)
fatrak (raynepoe + theBIG)
flyw (rosevan)
forrestgjf (from justpassingby, dragonkid)
FringeFan (from justpassingby+happyyy)
fr0gl3g (from Darkesilk, theBIG)
fuse11 (from alee2586)
Gordomao (from mosi)
graym (from cowsclaw)
greg20 (from nursethalia)
gszw (from ramakrish, theBIG)
guoyuucla (from bigBILL)
hadi (from johny3)
habeansha (from justpassingby)
happyyy (from sg8078+kab96 + xplocvo + FringeFan+ Zaekair777 + ritmomundo)
houseofpokemon (from mosi)
Hybrid5006 (from kyotousa)
ianmfisher (from parce33063)
ice2x01 (from Good2bCh13f)
iceberg716 (from justpassingby, IDMO)
IDMO (from iceberg716)
igorsun2000 (from luke04191991)
ihowilde (from Bamistic)
ikillu (from Zaekair777)
illusivearcher (from Cisco327)
lmj (from ramakrish + rediska + Jamie25UGA)
imjoshsizemore (from eccentricFool)
IncrediblyCheap (from BrooklynBooking)
intellicents(from zaekair777 + Compfreak)
intenex (from finalstandard, theBIG)
ishop247 (from luvbugs)
Isis242 (from sn0man + Metatron)
jaguar2007 (by rickjas)
JabberWock (from cstu)
Jamie25UGA (by rickjas + raynepoe + omegathreelive + Cisco327 + SG8078 + BSGBruin+ lmj)
JasonMK (from Cisco327)
Jcaelum (from poj)
jdb230 (from kmj + karyzmakani + cthesage)
jedolley (from owook)
jeffyboy (from sopuro)
jeffw11 (from Good2bCh13f)
jessi5000 (from joeboy)
jhsu02468(from zaekair777)
jinque (bsirk)
JJS (from theBIG, tenderidol)
jjwspider (from kmj (x2) + Easyblu + ringwraith + justpassingby)
jkjflee (from Redf0x)
jmor (from cowsclaw)
joeboy (from Bamistic+vcinbox + jessi5000)
johny3 (from theoldinout, xfire, hadi, poorandcheap, cello007, calculus1918)
jons911 (from Darkesilk)
jrinco11 (from poj)
jrlewis (from justpassingby(x2) + kmj)
junkreceiver (from motorola)
justpassingby (from Nex5alpha +SuperMum + Darkesilk(x2) + endar + sopuro + BrownThunder + mosi + eddie2k(x3) + incrediblycheap + karyzmakani+jrlewis+iceberg716+Cisco327+alee2586+bman128+squirty + nursethalia) Note: +50 successful KSO trades in the Official Trading Thread
kab96 (from marianne0064 + crepatas+ happyyy)
karyzmakani (from justpassingby+jdb230)
kcnu (theBIG)
kennethinvest (from tr1172)
Kevin.han29 (from: qdova + luke04191991)
KilJim (from theBIG + legacy06)
KingFalcon (from theBIG)
kmj (from sg8078+jjwspider(x2)+jdb230+wishman+ silenc3)
ko68 (motorola)
l2shop (from Zaekair777)
legacy06 (from whoami.2k7 + anastaciab)
lenzbd (from zainali )
lgao (from faalaalee)
lmj (from ramakrish)
lotus1 (from eddie2k)
lucilu (from zookeeper, mokofoko, Malden)
luvbugs (from SuperMum + mokofoko + (x2)Redf0x, rosevan)
machoman_93 (from Redf0x)
malden (from mosi+Joeboy+figarotigger)
Manadyne (from intellicents)
marianne0064(from BuckTurgidson)
Metatron (from fastnfurious9 + Isis242 +sbroker +bigBILL +starling321 + anastaciab)
milked2023 (from jjwspider)
minhstin (from thetoad - 20% laptop coupon didn't work originally (due to my error), but he was patient with me).
mocho5 (from theBIG + poj + Rhyick + cowsclaw)
MOkoFOko (from luvbugs + lmj)
moobaawoof (from CSX)
moocow_cn (from intellicents + qdova+BrooklynBooking +DM1234)
mosi (from justpassingby) Note: +4 successful KSO trades in the Official Trading Thread
mrdejected (anastaciab)
mtvilove (from CylonWolf)
mvonnesha x2 from Poohgranma
n6s1 (from kmj)
neasoon (from dragonkid)
nex5alpha (from justpassingby)
noggybean (from faalaalee)
nowstime (from pxgringo)
nursethalia (from greg20)
ollawrob (from intellicents+ Malden)
omegathreelive (from Jamie25UGA)
otimus (from zookeeper)
panelapao (from jjwspider)
ParaNorma (from cowsclaw + crazyInNYC)
parce33063 (from whoami.2k7)
pbin (from c_q)
pea_ch (from ajamils + BrownThunder x2 + rickjas)
peaceandlove (from zaekair777)
PennStateFan (from Darkesilk)
phinominal (from dragonkid)
poj (from wylah)
poorandcheap (from johny3)
prupie (from theBIG)
pxgringo (from nowstime)
raheelsportal (from fastnfurious9)
ramakrish (from lmj + crepatas + rosevan + gszw + anastaciab)
randabear7 (from Rhyick)
raynepoe (from Jamie25UGA and Fatrak)
Redf0x (from theBIG + luvbugs, )
redfam60 (from rosevan)
rediska (from avitas + sg8078 + c_q)
Rhyick (from Darkesilk)
QuasiEvil (from cowsclaw)
rickjas (from Bamistic + jaguar2007 + Jamie25UGA + pea_ch + anonymom + Isis242+jjwspider)
ringwraith (from shy1akaanh)
ritmomundo (from diukong + Barcafan + happy + Rosario10)
rogueone (from danielfeng)
Rosario10 (from ritmomundo)
rosevan (from ramakrish + sg8078 + silenc3)
rsm1444 (from ringwraith)
sbroker (from Metatron + audierules)
schloss (from rediska)
sg8078 (from kmj + zaekair777 + Jamie25UGA + rediska + calisoldier83 + ringwraith + dragonkid + alee2586 + rosevan)
sh0ebox (from qdova)
shy1akaanh (from ringwraith)
silenc3 (from rosevan + kmj)
SilverB18C1 (from nowstime + Rhyick)
simjy (from luvbugs, AustinP, jjwspider, kcnu, Tyler560, tigers7, jessi5000)
skyzen (from shy1akaanh + Darkesilk)
sleez (from Darkesilk)
slickdealdoc (from SilverB18C1)
smtigger (from jons911)
sn0man (from Compfreak + Isis242 + wanderlai)
snoopyman (from rogueone)
soimbox (from jjwspider)
Sonicpride (from luvbugs)
sopuro (from wylah + justpassingby + jeffyboy)
spathh91 (from davczar)
SporkWielder (from SuperMum)
sprintuser (from poj)
starling321 (from Metatron)
stasis (from shy1akaanh)
Stitch626 (from finalstandard)
SuperMum (from justpassingby + SporkWielder + cowsclaw + luvbugs)
suprneko (from jmor)
swagger_d (from faalaalee)
SweepToWin (from Jon426)
tenderidol (from Darkesilk, JJS)
theBIG (from calimom, jjs, gszw, kcnu, fastnfurious9, KilJim, mocho5, fr0gl3g, KingFalcon, enowyn, prupie, Redf0x, Compfreak, endar) Note: +6 successful KSO trades in the Official Trading Thread
theOldinOut (johny3, sirching)
ther00kie16(from theCure)
tjmini-note (from calisoldier83)
tp2020 (from vertigovirgo200)
tr1172 (from kennethinvest)
TXhippiechick (from faalaalee + cowsclaw + AustinP + jordan45 + zookeeper + kmj)
Username4123456 (from Joeboy)
Verd14 (from faalaalee)
vcinbox (from dreamexecution)
vicra (from avitas+ Malden)
Visapet (from poj)
Verdao1 (from atu91290)
wanderlai (from sn0man)
wannabecheap (from poj)
waterbaby1984 (from sg8078 + jonthompson + FringeFan)
WebNomad (from dragonkid)
whoami.2k7 (from parce33063 + cowsclaw + legacy06 + yvsaisunder + nursethalia)
whywhq (from jjwspider)
wishman (from kmj)
wolverineinnc (from kmj)
Wyfind (from dew5284)
wylah (from Bamistic + brusky24 + poj)
xfire (from johny3)
xplocvo ( happyyy)
zaekair777 (from 999ghosts + cowsclaw + intellicents + kashe007)
zainali (from lenzbd)
zookeeper (from crepatas)


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drpie i sent pm
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Still have a dominoes artisan pizza code for anyone who has the $3 amazon credit from the KSO.
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Have: 3 one month Gold Membership to Xbox live

Want: Open trade

Prefer: Giftcards, Amazon giftcard especially, fandango, movie related, etc...
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Have - Code for $20 off a Certified Refurbished Kindle on

Want - $4 Amazon GC.

The Certified Refurbished Kindle on Amazon is the non-Touch version and priced at $69.99. After you apply the code of $20 off - it will cost you $49.99
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Is it still possible to share amazon prime membership with other members? If yes, I would like to join someone, and of course I will pay my share.
thank you.
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Joined Mar 2011
L6: Expert
1,013 Posts
1,046 Reputation
i have a $5 off code for radioshack, no minimum. in-store or free shipping with shoprunner
expires 8/18

willing to trade for amazon, best buy or fandango. pm please
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Last edited by ffly45 July 18, 2012 at 07:57 AM
have 30 day rift game code


pm me a offer
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(2) $5 Amazon MP3 codes ( (good till Oct.14)
$1.20 Amazon electronic gift code or Disney Movie Rewards code (from a DVD or Blu-ray) for each MP3 code

2 codes for "Get 1 of 10 Top-Rated Kindle Books for $1" (good till Oct.21)
.50 Amazon electronic gift code or Disney Movie Rewards code (from a DVD or Blu-ray) for each Kindle book code
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Last edited by justpassingby October 12, 2012 at 01:37 AM
%30 off kindle accessories

amazon GC
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Joined Sep 2008
L5: Journeyman
597 Posts
2,499 Reputation
$30 Off a Purchase of $100 or More in the Amazon Denim Shop (exp. Oct 28)

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Quote from tumbenhaur View Post :
$30 Off a Purchase of $100 or More in the Amazon Denim Shop (exp. Oct 28)

Thanks, used Amazon Denim offer. Smilie
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Have $5 for music album, looking for $1 Amazon.
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I have a $10 H&M GC,$5 Calvin Klein Underwear GC,$5 Brooklyn Industries GC. I'll trade for JC Penney Christmas promotion button codes, Coke Rewards codes, or AMAZON MP3 Codes.
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1 Enfagrow (for older toddler) 7$ coupons good for enfagrow ready to drink product
1 Enfagrow 7$ powder product coupon

vib private access 45 minute makeover session with beauty advisor (just make appt)

vib promo code 10% off next purchase online ( not sure if you have to be vib to use?)

looking for:
sneakpeeq, or amazon, disney movie rewards codes, my coke rewards, office depot wrapp codes or make offer please pm thanks!
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I have a $5 Live Nation Code I would like to trade for an Amazon gift code. I am willing to accept a lower value. Please make me an offer by private message if you are interested, thank you.
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