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tiffanydawnn 912 605 August 25, 2011 at 10:13 AM
Got a Touchpad? wave wave wave

Rather than clog up the deal thread, let's get some discussion going over here.

I am loving mine!!!

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Android on the TouchPad discussion thread (go here you big brained people, small brains read on!)

Working link for Hotmail (mobile view) []

Initial Setup, Patches, Tweaks, and Updates.

********** Complete updates first as all settings on your device will be reset during update *********.

Improve performance on your touchpad[LIST][*]How to: Overclock the HP TouchPad to 1.5GHz or 1.7GHz -[*]Simple installation guide for Preware -[*]Digitaltrends guide -[*]Better guide for Preware for Mac Users -
The update server is BUSY and updates keep failing to complete. Luckily there's another way around:

NOTE: Fully Charge Your New Touchpad First
After validation step, update is crippled unless fully charged.

Installing Preware

There is a lot of software available as "Preware []" but to use it you must first install the Preware installer. To do that, first download the WebOS Quick Install [] to your Windows or Mac computer. Just download it and store someplace you can find later. Then watch How To Install Preware on the HP Touchpad []. That video, like all the other videos, say to download the WebOS Quick Install but none of them say where to download from. So when you get to the point where it says to download it, you have already done that. Just execute (double-click) the WebOS Quick Install jar file when the video says to do that.

On your PC [To do what? Most people do not need WebOS Doctor!]:
  • Make sure you have Java or download it from
  • Download WebOS Doctor by logging on to your WebOS account (it's under Device Options): [] - Direct link available here for WebOS Doctor 3.0.2.
    This is the direct download link for WebOS Doctor 3.0.4
  • Open WebOS Doctor and click NEXT until you see "Connect your device directly to your computer with your USB cable."
  • Turn the Touchpad off (You need to fully shut down by holding the power button until the shut down option comes up. Select "Shut Down" then proceed with the following).
  • Hold down the Up Volume key while you connect the Touchpad to your PC
  • Continue holding the Up Volume key until you see a USB icon, then release it
  • Let it do it's thing
  • Your device will now restart. Follow the instructions on your device to set your language and sign in to your HP profile.
After your device is reset, log into your HP webOS account. Any information that you've backed up to your HP profile will be restored, including applications and contacts, calendar, and email accounts. Your music, videos and documents will not be affected.

How to Run Android on your Touchpad
Easy Step by Step Visual Guide []

Useful Preware Apps/Tweaks

  • Ad Blocker
  • Advanced Reset Options
  • Private Browsing
  • Unthrottle Download Manager
  • Add download link option
  • Always show previous and next buttons
  • Faster card animations HYPER Version
  • Increase Touch Sensitivity and Smoothness 10
  • Muffle System Logging * Warning causes problem with Media indexing
  • No video pause on minimize
  • Quiet powerd Messages
  • Reduce Minimum Brightness
  • Remove Dropped Packet Logging
  • Remove Tap Ripple
  • Remove Untrusted SSL Certs
  • Unset CFQ IO Scheduler

Linux Applications
  • Add Launcher Tabs
  • Increase Touchpad Volume (Lite)
CAUTION about Muffling System Logging patch:
Can lead to media indexing failure!
Classic symptom: you take a picture, hit the preview thumbnail and the picture doesn't open.
This is a known issue with webOS devices (I've seen it on my Pre2 and Veer, very frustrating until I figured out what was causing it)...
The solution is to uninstall the 'Muffle System Logging' patch, then do 2 hard resets (hold power and home buttons for 30 seconds)
Also, deleting the var/luna/data/filenotify.db3 seems to work for some people (use Internalz Pro or novaterm)

New photos not appearing
Media Index not updating

Apps, Tips, and Advice

PreCentral's "Get Started" guide []
PreCentral []

To connect to WEP - Use "Join Other Network" option and then you will get drop down to Choose WEP as Encryption and specify the SSID and Password.

Tether a non-webOS phone to HP TouchPad

GPS/Offline Map
Tutorial: How to get offline maps & turn a webOS phone into a BT GPS for your Touchpad[]

Free Apps - All codes have been used up. Look for more in early september.
HP is offering free apps on their blog! To get the free apps simply find the app in the store, hit the purchase button and it will give you an option to buy it or use a promo code. Choose the code option and enter the code found below. NOTE: You may need to setup credit card information for the store before being allowed to download with a promo code.

App giveaways - TabletSupportForum []

To cut down on some of the similiar tasks being asked over and over, please briefly read this, you may learn a trick or too as well in the process.

In Built Diagnostics
There are some in built diagnostics that are manual and automated:
Find these in the Settings/Help area then click on diagnostics on top left
includes audio/power/touchstone/vibration/screen/touch sensors/location and compass checking and then also under automated it tests memory/wifi and bluetooth

Delete open windows - processes are called cards. Press the home button to minimize into card view or alternatively place your finger on the bezel below the screen and swipe up to minimize into card view, then swipe a card up to delete it.
App catalog - Press the home button, twice, and select the downloads tab to see the app catalog.
Screenshot - Press and hold the home button while pressing the power button to take a screenshot. Take 3 or 4 for practice.
Shut down - Notice if you hold the power button (top right) too long by itself you get a shutdown option.
Photo viewing/set wallpaper - Now press the photos icon on the Launcher tray and on the left side of the new screen you will notice screen captures, click that folder. Swipe to the right to get a larger look of all your screen captures. You can scroll back to the left to bring the folder view back up. Scrolling down or up show more pictures. Now select a photo. You can, once again swipe sideways to see other photos in full view. If you tap on one of the pictures in full view, you will have an option at the bottom right to set as your wallpaper. It is the 3 line button. The other options are, from left to right are, play (10 second preview,) email forward the picture, printing it, trash, and wallpaper or copying to another folder.
Show clock - aka Exhibition mode, this is what will show when you set your TP on the charging dock, if you have one. To tweak your selections click home twice and click on the settings tab, choose exhibition, you will notice more options as you download more apps such as a Star Trek look with the LCARS-clock application.
Photo Slideshow - select exhibition mode, see above, and click start exhibition at the bottom. You will notice a clock, you can scroll to the right for different preferences of clocks, or at the top left, click on "Time" to pullup the list of other choices you left checked, such as photos. Clicking this starts a 10 second slideshow of your photos. click a photo and click on the clock at the bottom to change the duration. You can always pause a picture this way or swipe left and right to see more photos.
Camera - currently the only way to take a still picture is to use an app not already on the machine, the simplest app is called "Camera for TouchPad" and is $1 in the app store (it is free until September, read the wiki) You may need the latest webOS software to download this if you cannot find it.
Small app problem - You will notice small apps from time to time, as an example, download Pandora. I believe the reason for this, is that the app is optimized for a smartphone such as the Pre and not the TP. It still works but notice that these apps have a small "home" button on their own at the bottom of the app, it's hard to notice if your screen is too dark. Pressing in the black area around does nothing, everything has to be within the small window such as swiping left and right; it has to be started within the app then swiped.
WiFi, VPN, Bluetooth, Mute, Airplane mode, rotation lock, battery % - Press the time at the top right to access this
Brightness Press the time at the top right, you can slide the brightness level left and right, it is just below the battery %, the device, also auto-dims by default, you can make the device brighter by turning this off, go into the settings by pressing home twice, choose settings tab, choose screen and lock, autodim is the top selection.
Battery Charging indicator - If you do not see a lightning bolt, odds are your device is not charging. The TP needs more power than a standard micro-usb outlet, such as a droid charger.
Delete an APP Press the home button twice, select the quickoffice app by holding down until a box comes up with an X on the app, you could press the X button to delete the app if you prefer to do so, several standard apps will not have this option but most downloads will. Press somewhere empty on the screen for the boxes to go away
Launcher tray and favorites never use your calender icon and tired of having to go into your apps to play Angry Birds when you want a simple one button press to open it? You can move it on the launcher tray. If you never use the calender option simply select it and hold for a second, then slide it up of the tray to delete it from the tray, the app still exist, think of it as a shortcut to the program. You can now go into your apps and hold down on Angry birds until a box is placed around it, then drag it onto the launcher tray (limit 6.) If you would prefer to move it to an easily accesible place, drag and hover over "Favorites" and let go in that folder to move it there. Notice that the app does actually move here and is no longer listed under apps anymore. You can re-arrange all three folders to your preference. Press somewhere empty on the screen for the boxes to go away. If you decide you love slickdeals, as much as I do, we can simply place it on the Launcher. to do this open up the web browser (the globe) and go to your webpage. Now just under the clock at the top right you should see 3 icons, the left one brings up the option, add to Launcher, select it. If you go back into your "favorites" (press home twice, select Favorites tab) you will now see your webpage sitting there. Use the process above to move it down to the Launcher.
Copy Text - If you wanted to copy this post,all of it, just hold your finger down for a few seconds until the copy button appears, you will notice arrows, simply drag and drop them to the beginning or to the end, you will notice the selection is now in yellow, press copy. You should see selection copied scroll accross the top of the screen. You can then press and hold until you see the paste option where you want to copy it over too. You will notice that you can simply press and hold on changeable text to view the select all option, but once again, this only works for text fields that you change not already written text.
Zoom - the touchpad supports pinch to zoom. Press your index finger on an empty space and hold it there, now press and hold your other index finger on another empty spot, now move your right most finger towards the clock, you should zoom in (letters get larger) and if you scroll it back to where it was, downleft, you will notice you are zooming back out. Play around with it until you understand it a bit, then try using one hand only. You will notice several articles are smaller than they should be and leave a gray screen on the sides. for example on this post if you want to make the font larger, simply double click somewhere within this post. The TP should autozoom for you.
Keyboard click disable - Go into your settings (press home twice) and select sounds and ringtones. select keyboard clicks to OFF.
802.1x WiFi / Enterprise WiFi information -
How to print directly from your Touchpad with non-HP printers []
How to tether your non-webOS phone with Touchpad []
How to sideload books into the Kindle App on your Touchpad []

How to optimize the Adobe PDF Reader with one patch: Bookmarks + Blurry fix + Add "Go To Page" + Open on the last viewed page []

TouchPad related news on Facebook []
Touchpad Tutorials & FAQ []
Touchpad FAQ

A Gallery of WebOS Apps:
Apps & Resources for Kids on Touchpad []

Touchpad Web OS apps support :
1) IF you want PULSE app for WebOS, Please voter here:Pulse News Reader
2) IF you want Wunderlist app for WebOS, Please reply here:Wunderlist
3) IF you want Netflix app for WebOS, Please reply here:@Netflixhelps on Twitter and request an official release of the Netflix streaming app for WebOS.
4) IF you want the incredibly popular PopCap games such as Bejweled, Bookworm, Peggle, Zuma and Plant vs Zombies for WebOS, go here to voice your interests: PopCap Forum []

Free 50Gb Cloud Memory
You can get 50GB of free storage at with the activation of your TouchPad
Bringing Box to the HP TouchPad[]
Tutorial: How to make your 50GB storage as a virtual hard drive and directly stream music from it on your TP []

Play Stored Video (AVI, MPEG, etc.) on your Touchpad:
Install Tversity media server on your laptop/desktop. After installation, add the files you want to view on the library tab. To add an avi file, go to Library, File system, Files and click add item on top. After the item is added, open cmd prompt on your computer, and type "ipconfig" There you should find your IP address. Note this down. On your touchpad, open a web browser, then type in http://<your ip address>:41952/flashlib For example, mine was There you should be able to browse your folders to find the video you are looking for. One problem is that you can't rewind/forward etc.

Amazon Video On Demand/Prime Videos - I just was toying with my 32gb Touchpad and have discovered that Amazon Video On Demand/Prime Videos works runs rather well (SD haven't tried HD yet). Audio holds up well but it did take me using the pop out function on the player over full screen to get it to fill the screen and not go wacky/upside down and hang. I did have it hang slightly when first starting it up but pausing and allowing it to buffer allowed it to self correct.

*Play any video on your touchpad -

Hulu works as of 9/23
Out of the box, won't let you watch movies. Assuming you already have Preware on the Touchpad, you need to do 2 things: 1) on preware, look for "Hulu fix" or just search on "hulu" and install it. This patch worked until about 9/14 when Hulu blocked the TP. However, the following second set of steps works around Hulu's block (but it still needs the first Hulu fix from preware). NOTE: the second set of steps *must* stop App Catalog from working to get Hulu to work, but it can be undone to get Hulu to stop but App Catalog to work again--takes about 5 minutes either way if you have xecutah/xterm on the touchpad (see below). From
Quote :
As of September 15, 2011, Hulu blocked HP Touchpad again. We have to do additional steps in order to make Hulu work. We now have to change the user agent of HP Touchpad's web browser. To do it, follow the following steps:
Please note though that this will mess-up the apps catalog (but you can undo this anytime you want to restore apps catalog).
1) Download this file,, and extract it.
2) Place the extracted file (Tools > Send File) using webosquickinstall to /media/internal
3) Open a linux command line (Tools > Linux Commandline) in webosquickinstall
4) Type this into the terminal window:
The device will change the agent and auto-reboot. It'll take a minute or two for the device to patch and reboot. Hulu should work now.
If it still doesn't work, you have to remove adblocking patches you have installed (Adblock or Max Blocker), then delete cache/history/cookies in the browser, and reboot the Touchpad one last time.
If you want to reverse the process, just go to a Linux command line again (in webosquickinstall) and type:
/media/internal/change-user-agent uninstall

You can also, run these commands from inside the device using xterm. You need to install xecutah and xterm from preware to do this though. Also, you still need to place the extracted file to your /media/internal
I believe since this second set of steps is nearly completely automated, there could be a simple patch on preware already or soon, so keep an eye out if you want the make it even easier to get Hulu working. Also, this doesn't just get Hulu to work, but other video streaming websites that treat tablets and smartphones differently as well, since this makes the Touchpad appear as a regular PC with Firefox.


ACCESSORIES: *Do NOT link eBay auction pages to this Wiki!
HP HOME accessories 30% off
Best Buy accessories Buy 3 for 15% extra off, buy 4+ for 20% off.
Great cheap metal stand -
Compact Bluetooth Keyboard compatible with HP Touchpad -
Portable compact foldable stand -

DIY Sleeve/Case
Technically some of these aren't for the TouchPad, but to give you some ideas ...

Installing non-HP bluetooth keyboards:

Technical, Troubleshooting, and Warranty Info

In Built Diagnostics
There are some in built diagnostics that are manual and automated:
Find these in the Settings/Help area then click on diagnostics on top left
includes audio/power/touchstone/vibration/screen/touch sensors/location and compass checking and then also under automated it tests memory/wifi and bluetooth

HP TouchPad Tablet Teardown

Link to things to know "Before You Buy"
GPU Performance (Adreno 220):
IPS Display Performance (Adreno 220):

Bill of Materials (including detailed components/chipset list):

Illustrated HP TouchPad Repair Manual:

Touchpad battery replacement DIY guide. From Installing-HP-TouchPad-Battery

SplashTop REMOTE DESKTOP App for TouchPad.
Coming Soon -- Sign Up []


Screen Frozen or Touchpad won't Turn on?
Frozen Screen: Press and hold the Home and Power buttons simultaneously for 15-20 seconds until your Touchpad turns off. Press and hold Power button until you see HP logo to turn it back on.
Is this normal? Some HP Touchpads do freeze once in a while. Some more than others. Make sure that you have done the 3.0.2 update which greatly cuts down on the freezes. Also rebooting the Touchpad once in a while helps clear things up just like it does on a computer. Running too many apps can also cause it to freeze.
Touchpad won't turn on: Plug in the AC Adapter. Press and hold the Home and Power buttons simultaneously for 15-20 seconds. Then Press and hold the Power button until you see the HP logo.
Is this normal? Very rarely, a Touchpad will turn itself off and will not come back on with the Power button.

If you are having problems updating your TP.
Get the latest webOS doctor. You may need to do this as current load on webOS servers is extremely heavy due to the huge influx of new touchpad users. To do this, go to your main PC (NOT your touchpad) and first visit your palm profile and log in (same username and pass as your HPTouchpad)

From there, go to device options, and select webOS doctor. Once it's downloaded, run the program.

Now, take your touchpad (still not plugged into the computer) and turn it off. Insert the USB cable into the touchpad but NOT into the computer just yet. Hold the volume button while turning on the touchpad. This will bring up the USB picture on the touchpad. Once you are at this point, run webOS doctor up until the point where the "next" button is greyed out and it asks you to plug in the touchpad.

Now plug your touchpad into the computer via the USB cable and like magic you'll have a properly updated touchpad.

NOTE: If you have a problem when you plug your touchpad into your computer and USB symbol does not come on you might had a problem with the driver. To fix it make sure your touchpad is off and unplugged push POWER and VOLUME + until USB symbol appears on the touchpad let go then plug into the computer.

YMMV. As of the afternoon of 8/22/2011, several users have reported success activating their demo units with the assumption that HP has released the lock that they had against Demo models. Previously, it was not possible to create a WebOS account from a Display / Demo unit. However, some users still have no success. Fortunately, HP technical support has officially posted instructions [] to contact them to ship demo units to their repair facility.

To create a webOS account on a Demo unit with Impostah, be sure to get Impostah version 0.9.12 or higher.

Here is work Around to update webOS.

Confirmed, according to HP Support Forum, Precentral 1, and Precentral 2 that the demo TouchPad can be reset so that it won't install the demo software, but it still will be unable to create an account.

Warranty information
Spoke with an HP technical support Person, and she flat out said installing Preware on your hp will not void your warranty. The question of overclocking however went unanswered. so all patches besides overclocking, is still fully covered by warranty.

Buying Accident Damage Protection must be done within 30 days of activating the touchpad for the first time. However unless you buy the full 2 year ADP plan, you cannot upgrade at a later time. so choose wisely for your needs. The 2 year ADP plan also extends the limited warranty for the extra year as well.

HP Touchpad warranty return info

This is for anyone who receives a defective unit
  • Go to Palm Live Chat (HP Support):
  • Enter your information (Give the accurate info) except
  • Problem Description(they wont read it so make it short eg. "Doesn't power on", "Volume button doesn't work", etc...)
  • Wait for representative
  • Once you start your chat explain the problem you have.
  • They will ask you to perform some tasks eg. "restart your TP", " Perform hardware test"(device info)", etc...
  • Once they establish that it's a hardware problem they will tell you "The TouchPad must be repaired."
  • They will suggest you to contact the place of purchase.
  • Just say "the store (amazon, newegg,etc.) does not accept returns due to the touchpad discount."
Next the explanation of your TP return:
  • The Repair and Return option allows you to send the defective unit for repair with a Service Repair Order (SRO) number as reference.
  • I can tell you about our repair options, but first I need to collect some info. Are you interested?(Just say yes)
    • Preferred phone number
    • Preferred email address
    • Shipping address (street address, city, county, and postal or zip code)
    • Device serial number (located in Device Info) Give accurate info
  • Your device is in warranty, so I'll explain your repair options.
    • Option 1: Repair and return, is now being given a time frame of 7-10 business days to get your TouchPad back.
    • Option 2: Repair and return fast ($29.99), they Priority mail you the same box and it is a 5-7 business day turn around time.
    • Option 3: Advance exchange ($59.99), they cross ship you one and put a temporary hold of $365 on your credit card.
  • Because the Advance Exchange option involves fees, our Voice Support team will process the repair order.
  • Shall we proceed with Repair and Return or Advance Exchange? (Pick which option you want)
  • I can process the repair order for this issue. After I submit the repair order, you'll receive an SRO confirmation email with info on how to send us your device for repair.
  • If you do not receive your SRO confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact us and give us your chat session ID number( They will provide you with a number)

Make sure you:
  • Keep your TP serial number safe (for reference)
  • You receive your SRO number via E-mail
  • Backup your personal files from the TP
  • Erase your personal data from your device before sending it to HP
If your device is not returned within 30 days, your SRO number will expire and your order will be cancelled.(if you do not send your TP in 30 days the repair order is cancelled)


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Two necessary links:

Disable Background Logging to Speed Up Touchpad

Overclock Touchpad for more Performance!
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Good idea, I was thinking about it .. now look for some good tech tweaks as we open the TPs
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"Even if Amazon farts, it will have the potential to be a Front Page deal Wink"
my sister wants to get a case. what is the best case to get. she wants one that is similar to the ipad2. where you can fold it back and its a stand
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Sure wish this had a Netflix app. Looking through the archives it looks like it was announced at launch, but don't know why it never saw the light of day.
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Quote from snitzle_iii View Post :
my sister wants to get a case. what is the best case to get. she wants one that is similar to the ipad2. where you can fold it back and its a stand
I picked up an official HP case at Staples this morning. Printed out the $19.99 price from OD and they matched. It's nice, it fits perfectly. It has the fold back stand. Worth it, I think.
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Quote from Disturbed_One View Post :
I don't always buy a Touchpad...

But when I do, I get it for $99
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Loving the radio app "IHeartRadio" so far
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I'm liking this idea. My boyfriend sent me this link earlier, it tells you how to do some easy optimization tweaks.
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Quote from teneul View Post :
Two necessary links:

Disable Background Logging to Speed Up Touchpad

Overclock Touchpad for more Performance!
in the second video, where is he teaching how to OC??? he's just showing up how fast his tp is .. lame unless I missed something!
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Quote from getdealsonline View Post :
in the second video, where is he teaching how to OC??? he's just showing up how fast his tp is .. lame unless I missed something!
Try this one
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I have done the tweaks and OC'd to 1.5ghz and it is much improved!
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Quote from baglady215 View Post :
I picked up an official HP case at Staples this morning. Printed out the $19.99 price from OD and they matched. It's nice, it fits perfectly. It has the fold back stand. Worth it, I think.
ironically she did send me this case information. i basically dont want to end up like the good ol days with the ipod and see her spend 80 bucks finding the right know uve don it know they work to an extent, but there are MAJOR flaws that hanvt been addressed. ie padding too thin, works in one spot but not the other, sleeve cuts the buttons off too tight. small things that that Smilie
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btw what are the battery lifes on the 1.5oc and 1.7. i would assume they drop since the oc
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So what are everyone's first impressions?

I feel like I stole something lol. This thing is amazing for $149. I have it streaming Hulu and my movies/music on from my server via playon. I can access it directly from the browser and everything plays great! Playon transcodes so I can play .avi's without a problem, probably .mkv's too.
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