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Ultimate Comcast / Infinity Internet deal- $19.99/Month for 1 year with no additional service required

pesok 955 253 September 6, 2011 at 10:38 PM in Internet & Websites (2) More Best Buy Deals
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Last Edited by pesok February 24, 2012 at 09:42 PM
UPDATE 2/25/2012 - Got another flier(cost me $15-and i only mentioned to few people so far(read update 2/21 below) for the same offer with a new Expiration date(3/18/2012), whats better is this offer has a different phone number - so try the new number if got shot down on the number from 1st flier. Both fliers are current as of today and attached on the bottom.

UPDATE 2/21/2012 - Reading through the replies - It seems that this thread has helped a lot of SD'ers to receive this(or a similarly slick) offer by either just mentioning the existence of the flier or more commonly faxing/emailing the copy of it to a Comcast rep that asks for it to verify that such a slick offer actually exists. That fact as well as the fact that my neighbors seemingly keep receiving the new versions of this flier on the regular basis(although undetermined interval) gave me an idea. I can try to offer a reward to my entire neighborhood (during a next city hall meet, email list that i can get from local DJ, or just stapling a reward note on a several streets/stores close to my house) in the sum of $15 for each new flier they bring to me - only for the offer i don't already have a flier for (usually means a new/later expiration date and some new/different internal Comcast numbers/codes on it- rest of this offer seems to stay the same(well graphics change as well sometimes)) and only an original flier in the original envelope (to eliminate Photoshoping bounty huntersSmilie. This way i can keep posting new/not yet expired (faxing/emailing expired fliers to Comcast reps will give them a good reason to deny it on the grounds of "that offer is no more") fliers here for my fellow SD'ers. Also if you get a similar flier/offer yourself (or any of your neighbors/friends/relatives do) - post it in this thread and PM me so i can put it into the first/this post(sorry not offering reward for that - but helping fellow SD'ers should be enough of a reward). What do you guys think of this plan? If i get enough reps indicating you think its a good idea - i will offer that reward to keep fliers coming!

UPDATE 2/15/2012 - New Fliers are attached on the bottom (my neighbour got the offer in mail and saved the filer for me) new Expiration is 3/4/2012
UPDATE 2 - Ran some bandwidth tests on this plan - results below

My buddy somehow got the flier for that elusive internet offer that everyone was talking about but i was unable to find anywhere else. Finally got the flier from him and scanned it(sorry about the quality i tried to make it better but my scanner is pretty old and about 5 mins past its expiration date). So far him, his GF, her brother+ his GF and my buds GF's brother's GF's sister(lol-i think i got that right) have successfully signed up by calling the number on the flier(apparently if you just call comcast - they dont know anything about this deal at all). All are in Mass except for the last one- she lives in NH. Out of all only my bud had it installed already-rest are waiting for scheduled appointments(tech to come to house)-but i dont think there will be any problem at this point.

Deal is:
$19.99 a month for 12 months(1 year) and $34.99 for months 13-24(2nd year). Only 1 year agreement(contract) is required so you can cancel right after your bill goes from $20 to $35 in month 13. Best part is - no additional service needs to be purchased(so dont need to sign up for TV or Phone). It is for new customers only(which i think means you didn't have any comcast service for at least last 3 month-not sure on this one though).

Bandwidth Tests on this plan(all ran on 2/15/2012):
Gateway = modem + router in one - (yes i know just modem is less headache but i got real good deal on it and honestly so far it worked perfect as u can see below(same results 24/7 not just offpeak/night).

I just bought new gateway(upgraded from 2 yo SBG900(Docsis2.0(1Down/1UP))) -
Motorola SBG6580 (Docsis3.0 (8channels(4 used ATM) DOWN // 4(1 used ATM) UP) [motorola.com]
FirmWare - SBG6580- (Old FW(newest is (FW can only be updated by Comcast on gateways and cable modems(thats the reason some people recommend against getting gateways and sticking with 2 separate boxes(cable modem and wire(ed/less) router)- at least FW on the router can be updated by customer then)

All tests on this gateway with this exact plan(Performance(15/3)) ran 2/15/2012:

http://www.speedtest.net/result/1775614914.png - Boston Hosted by Comcast

http://www.speedtest.net/result/1775624390.png - NY Hosted by TowerStream

http://www.speedtest.net/result/1775626323.png - PA Hosted by HostFTW

SPeakEasy - NY - Last Result:
Download Speed: 25183 kbps (3147.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 3692 kbps (461.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

SpeakEasy - Washington, DC
Download Speed: 25164 kbps (3145.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 3661 kbps (457.6 KB/sec transfer rate)

CNET - 24945 kbps

So far its confirmed to work in MA,NH,CA,TX,UT,WA,WV,NJ,PA,MD,CT,IL but might work for other states. Report here about your success/failure.
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Updated: 07/02/2013
Use this link to get $ 29.99 for 12 months in Bay area, CA. Download Speed of 20 Mbps or 3 Mbps for $ 14.99 for 12 months and No Contract


any new flyers?
New flyer from Massachusetts exp 9/23/2012 ph 877-724-0629 (see pdf).

"I Call 877-298-0903.
I don't even need to tell them what I want. This number is specially for the $19.99/month deal. They will ask if you are looking for the deal. The first word you will say is "Yes."
I live in the Bay Area, CA.

They will force you to have a installation appointment even you don't want to/need to. And have you wait a few days and charge you $25 for it. I think I have a way to avoid the stupid installation fee and start using the internet service instantly. I think this works only if you have Comcast internet service before. And of course you will need to have your own modem.
Before doing so you have to find your comcast account ID. Try to use your info that you used to open your account, and register an online account on comcast.com. Then login to that online account. You will see your account number on the first page. Copy it down.
If you are a new customer, be sure to ask the rep [the one you're signing up with] for your account number

1. Connect your modem directly to your computer.
2. Go to any website.(I went to google.com)
3. Comcast activation page show up, enter your account number and SSN or something like that.
4. Follow the steps...
5. BAM! Service activated. You have the Internet now!
6. Call 1 800 391 3000 then press "3" and follow the steps to cancel your appointment you perviously made. (I got refuse to cancel the appointment by calling the normal 1 800 COMCAST number.

I hope this can help anyone who know what they are doing and want to save the $25 that you don't have to pay." <-- Awesome steps! Thanks go to dennis118 bounce

Available Phone Number to try:

1-877-298-0903 - Confirmed in CA, TX, UT, WA
1-877-508-5492 - Confirmed in CA, WV
1-877-494-9166 - Confirmed in NJ (6 Months W/O Contract)
1-877-342-8233 - Confirmed in MD: spoke to nice lady who transfered me to department that runs this promo, i asked for direct number in case we get disconnected she gave me 3038720581 so try that too, I got mine taken care of the moment she transfered me.woot
^^^^^ as of 08/13/2013, the 3038720581 is a non-working number...
1-877-298-0903 - Confirmed in MN (19.99 for 6 Months W/O Contract; 29.99 for 12 months W/O Contract)


Comcast Blast
Chicago - $39
Bay Area, CA - $19.99 (3 months w/o contract and then 3 months performance for $19.99/month after that)
California - $19 (12 Months W/ Contract)
Germantown, MD - $29.99 (12 months without contract)
Spring Grove, PA (York, PA) -$19.99 (first 12 months) ; $34.99 (13-24 months)
Fremont CA (6 Month w/o contract @ $29.99)
Pleasanton CA - $19.99 for 12 months

Comcast Performance
Bay Area, CA - $19.99 (6 months) $34.99 after (no contract) 9/11/2012
Bay Area, CA - $19.99 (12 months with contract)
Boston, MA - $19.99 (12 months with contract)
New Haven, CT - $19.99 (12 months with contract)
Portland/Milwaukie, OR - $19.99 (12 months w/ contract) / rep says 2nd year is 24.99 (need more people confirm this)
Harrisburg, PA - $19.99(1st Year) and $34.99(2nd Year). 2 year contract.
Red Lion, PA - $19.99 (24 months with 24 month contract)
American Fork, UT- $19.99 (24 months with 24 month contract) VIA ONLINE CHAT
Denver,CO-$19.99 (1year no contract)
Atlanta - denied the $19.99 without current Comcast service. Only offered the $29.99 (6 months) standard deal on website
11/30/11 - Atlanta - Only offered $19.99 on economy, which might be slightly faster then dial up. The other offer they quoted were exactly as described on their website. When asked if they had any internet only promotions they said just what was listed on the web. They would not budge on anything.
Seattle, WA - 19.99 deal through 1-877-298-0903
Somerset, NJ - $19.99 (6 months without contract)
laurel MD, 19.99$/mo, 2 yr contract, idk if it was contract but i asked for it myself since i would rather be locked into 20/mo for 2 yrs rather than keep doing same thing under different names every 6 months. Thanks, Guys
Naugatuck, CT - $19.99 (12 months with contract)
Sacramento,CA - 29.99 (12 months with NO contract) Called the 877-298-0903 number.
Richmond, VA - 19.99 (12 months no contract - free modem with self installation)
Bay Area, CA - $19.99 ( 1-6 months) + $29.99 ( 7-18 months) - No Contract, Own Modem, Free Self Installation - Performance

San Jose, CA 95110 ($29.99 1yr promo price. Performance) - 03/30/2012
San Jose, CA 95134 (1-year contract with $19.99 only for 6 months and $34.99 thereafter.) - 2/21/2012
San Francisco CA 94107. You get routed to their national sales and after you punch in your phone number they will only offer you certain plans and not this one.
Miami, FL 33147. CSR says its not in system... Best offer was Performance for $29.99 for 6 months. If you call and complain, CSR says it can be added for this area.
San jose 95117: Either 19.99 for 6 months or 29.99 for 12 months
3/20 Seattle, WA only promo was $59.99 internet. Frown lame.

Contract in San Jose, CA

Quote :

XFINITY™ Internet Performance Service for $19.99 per month for months 1-12 and $34.99 per month for months 13-24.


Thank you for choosing Comcast!

A description of the Offer ("Offer") you have ordered is described above. The Offer is subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement ("Agreement"), including the minimum term and early termination provisions under Paragraph 2 below. You may cancel this Agreement within thirty (30) days of the date services ("Service(s)") under the Offer are installed / activated, as applicable. If you wish to cancel this Agreement, you must call Comcast at 1-800-COMCAST. (Upon cancellation you are required to return all equipment provided by Comcast.)

If you do not cancel this Agreement within the 30 day period, the terms of this Agreement will automatically apply and you will be billed for the Services at the rates specified under the Offer.

For customers who install Service with a self-installation kit, the 30 day period begins on the day service is activated and for customers who have Service installed by a Comcast, installer, the 30 day period begins on the date of installation.


1) The customer receiving this Offer named above ("you" or "Customer") will receive the Services under the Offer and for the first 24 months from the date the Service is activated / installed, at the price specified above plus applicable taxes, activation fee, and if Comcast Digital Voice is included, the Regulatory Recovery Fee and other applicable charges (e.g. per-call or International charges). AFTER THE 24 MONTH PERIOD, COMCAST'S THEN CURRENT APPLICABLE CHARGES WILL APPLY. You agree to maintain the Service for 24 months with your account in good standing. Comcast is not responsible for lost or misdirected agreements.


3) If during the term of this Agreement you cancel Service because you move your residence to a location within a Comcast serviceable area and you reconnect to comparable Services offered by Comcast (as determined by Comcast), within 30 days of disconnection, the amount of the early termination fee will be credited upon proof of installation. If Comcast does not offer comparable Services and you activate Comcast residential Cable, Comcast High-Speed Internet or Comcast Digital Voice service within 30 days of your Service disconnection, the amount of the early termination fee will be credited upon proof of installation. To receive the credit, you must contact Comcast by calling, 1-800-989-4651 within forty-five (45) days of Service disconnection.

4) Services under the Offer are for one outlet (except for Comcast Digital Voice.) Comcast's applicable charges for installation, equipment, and other services not specifically included in the Offer as described above (including without limitation, pay per view, and other non-recurring charges) are additional. The provisions of this Agreement supplement the general terms and conditions of the Comcast agreement for residential services for Cable Service, High- Speed Internet and Digital Voice (as amended in accordance with their terms).

5) Comcast may rearrange, delete, add to or otherwise change programming or features or offerings contained in the Services.

Again, thank you for choosing Comcast. Please call us if you have any questions.


Comcast Customer Service
COMCAST does HARD CREDIT PULL/INQUIRY on all customers who subscribe to TV and Internet customer. It is same as the HARD PULL done by Credit card companies.
-Can anyone confirm the Hard Inquiry? I can't believe they would be that stupid. I am buying a new home and can't afford a hard hit before the mortgage closes.
- They gave me the option of providing a $50 refundable security deposit if I wanted to opt out of a credit lookup. Seems like a good alternative for us worried about our credit score (app-o-rama, future mortgages, loans, etc)
-I can confirm this too, they do Hard Inquiry..

Comcast-XFINITY supported modems [comcast.net]

Comcast will track the number of times you call to look for a deal. I did this same offer 12 months ago and only received it on the 3rd try. Pricing was $44.95, $29.95, and then $19.99 with contract. THey even bothered to ask me why I kept calling back so may times -- I said it was because the rate got better every time and they went very quiet. Big Grin


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I'm looking into subscribing as an Internet only customer.

My question is that I think I may need a new line run from the box at the street to my house - as I think the existing line has been cut (we are not the original owners). Probably 200' run of cable and am wondering if and if so how much would this cost? Or would this be included in the install????

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They ran my line (about the same distance) for free when I signed up for service (well, it was part of the $25 installation fee).
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got this deal a couple months ago in houston texas 77054.
CM-100 DOCSIS 2.0 got 25/5
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Quote from 9kckwhss View Post :
I just got in on this as a cable subscriber but no internet. I called the number in the wiki and she wasn't able to find my account or even my address in her system so she couldn't sign me up. She gave me a CS number which i called and selected disconnect service. The guy put me on hold for a couple min. then said his sup approved the deal but that it was a 2yr contract. I dont really care about it but told him the offered stated it was a 1 yr contract. He said if I could fax a copy to him he would leave it at 1 year. We'll see if it works but thanks to the OP for the info.

I was also able to register my own modem during the same call and was able to self install so no install fee and I had it working in no time. Speedtest - 20+/3.75 vs my old dsl of 1.3/.75 Big Grin
Were you already a Comcast customer?

Quote from qowieuryt View Post :
got this deal a couple months ago in houston texas 77054.
CM-100 DOCSIS 2.0 got 25/5
New or current customer?
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Any body got this deal in Maryland?
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just called and got this in jacksonville florida, with a $14 installation fee. the rep didnt know about the second year yet, but she looked again and confirmed it was $35 the second year. she also said that it was for only a 1 year contract. I had to ask her 3 times to make sure.
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I called and they said I have to call customer service to have my address added tot he system before I can get the deal. I asked her for the deal details and she said that it was 3MB for 1 year at 19.99. Is that right? That seems like the economy speed, not performance or whatever they call it...?
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No dice here outside of Chicago.....
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existing Performance Internet customer (no TV or phone) just outside of Chicago. I was not able to get the 2 year contract deal, but was given $19.99/mon for 6 months and $34.99/mon for the next 6 months. I had to speak to someone in the customer loyalty department
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Right before the install I called Comcast to make certain what I was signed up for. Economy and not performance for $14.99. I cancelled with the guy at the door. Oh well.
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Quote from TheBetterHalf View Post :
Right before the install I called Comcast to make certain what I was signed up for. Economy and not performance for $14.99. I cancelled with the guy at the door. Oh well.
lollook around so u told the comcast guy, sorry i just called to cancel? did he enter your room with his dirty boots on?
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interesting. Thanks.
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Quote from gor76 View Post :
existing Performance Internet customer (no TV or phone) just outside of Chicago. I was not able to get the 2 year contract deal, but was given $19.99/mon for 6 months and $34.99/mon for the next 6 months. I had to speak to someone in the customer loyalty department
what number did you call exactly?
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I thought I'd had luck by calling this number from the wiki:
1-877-298-0903 - Confirmed in CA, TX
BUT, after she had me on the phone for the 19.99 for 5 minutes and had taken my address, etc. all of a sudden she said that they only had the 14.99 at 1.5mbps after all, at my address. I'd seen other people have had luck in Houston. If you can explain how, it's appreciated. Maybe it's just a matter of who you get on the line, but please let me know if there is more to it than that.
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Anyone got success in GA? I have Comcast a yr ago and my ATT deal will be over next month.
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