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Ultimate Comcast / Infinity Internet deal- $19.99/Month for 1 year with no additional service required

pesok 249 September 6, 2011 at 11:38 PM in Internet & Websites (2) More Best Buy Deals
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Last Edited by pesok February 24, 2012 at 10:42 PM
UPDATE 2/25/2012 - Got another flier(cost me $15-and i only mentioned to few people so far(read update 2/21 below) for the same offer with a new Expiration date(3/18/2012), whats better is this offer has a different phone number - so try the new number if got shot down on the number from 1st flier. Both fliers are current as of today and attached on the bottom.

UPDATE 2/21/2012 - Reading through the replies - It seems that this thread has helped a lot of SD'ers to receive this(or a similarly slick) offer by either just mentioning the existence of the flier or more commonly faxing/emailing the copy of it to a Comcast rep that asks for it to verify that such a slick offer actually exists. That fact as well as the fact that my neighbors seemingly keep receiving the new versions of this flier on the regular basis(although undetermined interval) gave me an idea. I can try to offer a reward to my entire neighborhood (during a next city hall meet, email list that i can get from local DJ, or just stapling a reward note on a several streets/stores close to my house) in the sum of $15 for each new flier they bring to me - only for the offer i don't already have a flier for (usually means a new/later expiration date and some new/different internal Comcast numbers/codes on it- rest of this offer seems to stay the same(well graphics change as well sometimes)) and only an original flier in the original envelope (to eliminate Photoshoping bounty huntersSmilie. This way i can keep posting new/not yet expired (faxing/emailing expired fliers to Comcast reps will give them a good reason to deny it on the grounds of "that offer is no more") fliers here for my fellow SD'ers. Also if you get a similar flier/offer yourself (or any of your neighbors/friends/relatives do) - post it in this thread and PM me so i can put it into the first/this post(sorry not offering reward for that - but helping fellow SD'ers should be enough of a reward). What do you guys think of this plan? If i get enough reps indicating you think its a good idea - i will offer that reward to keep fliers coming!

UPDATE 2/15/2012 - New Fliers are attached on the bottom (my neighbour got the offer in mail and saved the filer for me) new Expiration is 3/4/2012
UPDATE 2 - Ran some bandwidth tests on this plan - results below

My buddy somehow got the flier for that elusive internet offer that everyone was talking about but i was unable to find anywhere else. Finally got the flier from him and scanned it(sorry about the quality i tried to make it better but my scanner is pretty old and about 5 mins past its expiration date). So far him, his GF, her brother+ his GF and my buds GF's brother's GF's sister(lol-i think i got that right) have successfully signed up by calling the number on the flier(apparently if you just call comcast - they dont know anything about this deal at all). All are in Mass except for the last one- she lives in NH. Out of all only my bud had it installed already-rest are waiting for scheduled appointments(tech to come to house)-but i dont think there will be any problem at this point.

Deal is:
$19.99 a month for 12 months(1 year) and $34.99 for months 13-24(2nd year). Only 1 year agreement(contract) is required so you can cancel right after your bill goes from $20 to $35 in month 13. Best part is - no additional service needs to be purchased(so dont need to sign up for TV or Phone). It is for new customers only(which i think means you didn't have any comcast service for at least last 3 month-not sure on this one though).

Bandwidth Tests on this plan(all ran on 2/15/2012):
Gateway = modem + router in one - (yes i know just modem is less headache but i got real good deal on it and honestly so far it worked perfect as u can see below(same results 24/7 not just offpeak/night).

I just bought new gateway(upgraded from 2 yo SBG900(Docsis2.0(1Down/1UP))) -
Motorola SBG6580 (Docsis3.0 (8channels(4 used ATM) DOWN // 4(1 used ATM) UP) []
FirmWare - SBG6580- (Old FW(newest is (FW can only be updated by Comcast on gateways and cable modems(thats the reason some people recommend against getting gateways and sticking with 2 separate boxes(cable modem and wire(ed/less) router)- at least FW on the router can be updated by customer then)

All tests on this gateway with this exact plan(Performance(15/3)) ran 2/15/2012: - Boston Hosted by Comcast - NY Hosted by TowerStream - PA Hosted by HostFTW

SPeakEasy - NY - Last Result:
Download Speed: 25183 kbps (3147.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 3692 kbps (461.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

SpeakEasy - Washington, DC
Download Speed: 25164 kbps (3145.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 3661 kbps (457.6 KB/sec transfer rate)

CNET - 24945 kbps

So far its confirmed to work in MA,NH,CA,TX,UT,WA,WV,NJ,PA,MD,CT,IL but might work for other states. Report here about your success/failure.


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Didn't work for me in southeast coast Massachusetts. Called twice and both reps told me the same thing, the offers are address specific. Unless the flyer was sent to your specific address, you do not qualify. Mad
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no go western suburbs of chicago...typical shitty comcrap deals...
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Quote from sathya_diligent View Post :
I wish..$29.99 is available for 12...shot down by like 6 reps for houston area -- only 6 months..
Yup. Work for me $19.99 for 12 month or 29.99 no contract. I choose 29.99 as this is my first time dealing with Comcast. Thanks
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Comcast is awesome when it comes to speed & consistency. Been a customer for few years.
And 250G is not the threshold but its there for some self discipline.
Usually they are not so strict about it unless you make it a habit to cross that limit regularly.
I know people who never checked their warning emails in comcast account and they are doing just fine.
And 250G is way more than what most of the competition is offering.
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Quote from sdjones View Post :
thanks zodiac711. Does the warning be in the form of a physical letter?
Warning comes to you in an email on your comcast online account.
And if you dont respond to it, they send you a physical mail.
Again I have not seen any cases of banning in my experience of few years.
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could any one who got this offer done post your specific city or zip code? comcast offer is always quite local.
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Quote from upsolar View Post :
could any one who got this offer done post your specific city or zip code? comcast offer is always quite local.
01810. Works like a charm for 19.99
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Quote from qhoa1385 View Post :
Gonna give it a try tomorrow! and will report here in Gold River, CA
been stuck with this Censored AT&T for years Frown
Works here in WV. Thanks!!!!!
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I just talked to a rep and he said that the speed for this deal is 1.5mbps is this true?

Quote from nawabgul View Post :
Yup. Work for me $19.99 for 12 month or 29.99 no contract. I choose 29.99 as this is my first time dealing with Comcast. Thanks
What speed did u get?
Last edited by JJBro1 September 9, 2011 at 12:07 PM
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Didn't work for me. Said I need to bundle it. Still thinking about the $39.99 for Blast Internet and basic digital..
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Quote from itsme6673 View Post :
Works here in WV. Thanks!!!!!

I also live in WV and got this deal from calling last month. It was 19.99/mo for 1 yr with no contract or other services and a 49.99 setup fee. I'd asked at the time if my mom could call and get the same deal and they said she could. Not sure yet how true that is, but she's planning to try. Cable had never been run to my house and previously I'd been quoted how much it would be per ft to install, so I was perfectly fine with this setup fee. Big Grin
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Finally got the offer. $19.99 and $30 installation fee. Just give them the LTP code at the bottom left corner. It was a straight forward deal.
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Any idea on the details for Blast at $29.99 for 12 months?
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Quote from JJBro1 View Post :
I just talked to a rep and he said that the speed for this deal is 1.5mbps is this true?
I'm in the bay area, the rep I spoke to on the phone said that I could only get a 12 month contract for 19.99/mo thru live chat and that the speed was 1.5mbps Frown

And now they're giving me the run around...after i called, i then did live chat and inquired about the promo..

"the offer that you are trying to get is not available here in our website. You would need to contact the number indicated in the mail/fyler that you received since they are the only ones who are authorized to give that offer."

I then told the CSR that I was told to go online, and she said that I would need to visit my local Comcast office.
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Reps coming your way OP. I just called the number on flier and selected option to discontinue my service. Then I told agent that I received this flier and wanted to take advantage. He initially said he can't do that but after some insisting from my side (told him about LTP code etc) he came back with $21 for 12 months offer. This brought my internet bill down from $35 to $21 for next 12 months.
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