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HP Touchpad: 16GB $99, 32GB EXPIRED

vinhtvu2 587 December 7, 2011 at 08:28 AM in Tech & Electronics (7) More eBay Deals
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Promoted 12-11-2011 at 05:09 PM View Original Post
HP is selling their touchpads via ebay. 16GB version is priced at $99 and 32GB version is priced at $149. Shipping is $19 per unit. Thanks vinhtvu2Note: maximum order of 2 touchpads per link

Original Post

Edited December 9, 2011 at 04:32 AM by brisar
HP employees will have a chance to purchase a refurbished HP TouchPad via eBay before the sale is announced to the general public. Specifically, the TouchPads will be offered through one of HP's newest marketplaces for close-out and refurbished HP products, the new HP eBay Store <> .
look around
This product will NOT be available through any other HP stores, such as the Home & Home Office store, Small & Medium Business store, HP EPP or the HP Business Outlet. PLEASE DO NOT CALL ANY OF THESE CALL CENTERS BECAUSE IT DISRUPTS REGULAR SALES ACTIVITIES AND THEY'RE UNABLE TO PROCESS AN ORDER FOR THE TOUCHPADS ANYWAY.

In an effort to give HP employees first chance at a very limited supply of refurbished TouchPads, there will be a short delay between when the product is posted live for sale on eBay and when the general public is notified of the sale.

Refurbished HP TouchPads, both 16GB and 32GB versions, will be posted for sale through the HP eBay store at: 6:00 p.m. (Central Time), Sunday, December 11th. If you are interested in purchasing a refurbished TouchPad, please make yourself a reminder to log-on to eBay a few minutes before the sale starts to make your purchase.

The TouchPads will be available for sale here (under "Laptops"): <>

Important information about this sale:


There will be both 16GB and 32GB versions available, selling at a fixed price of $99 and $149 respectively.while supplies last.


There is also an optional 3-piece Accessory bundle with a Case, Charging Dock & Wireless Keyboard for $79 (est. value $199.97).


Purchases must be made through the HP eBay store via PayPal only. If you do not have eBay or PayPal accounts, create your accounts before the sale begins to avoid delays.


The product offer will be announced to the general public on Monday morning and is expected to sell-out quickly thereafter, so don't delay.


There will be a limit of two (2) TouchPad SKUs per eBay member, sold on a first come, first served basis.


This sale is not associated with any HP-sponsored employee purchase program and there are no additional discounts for HP employees off the HP eBay store price.


All sales are final. There are no returns unless product arrives defective.


The refurbished TouchPad product comes with a 90-day limited warranty.

Going live:
6:00 p.m. (Central Time), Sunday, December 11th.


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where the heck is the accessories bundle Blink?
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Says I paid and got in on one 32GB unit. Got a confirmation email from PayPal. I guess we shall see.
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An item in your cart is not available
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Quote from namlook View Post :
90 day warranty and $20 shipping + tax? LOL
$124 after tax+shipping.

Will be able to sell for $220 on craigslist in my area, like I did the last time.

What's the problem? Smilie
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Quote from jpzsports View Post :
Do you guys have trouble viewing your order details?
Same here. I'm going to choose to have hope since I got a receipt emailed from Paypal, but I am a bit worried too.
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Quote from nghiaqngo View Post :
wouldn't let me check out my cart.
never reach palpay Frown
Don't feel bad, I reached Paypal twice, paid and had Paypal return that they couldn't complete transaction. Had more than 1 touchpad in cart, and apparently it sold out and I couldn't complete the other transaction. By the time I resolved all the items were gone.

Poor strategy on my part. I just assumed if everything was good to guy in cart that I would be fine checking out. Oh well, knew there was a chance we'd overload ebay and paypal. Would have liked a few more for family.
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Quote from waqman View Post :
No VAT tax will be charged for those who used PayPal because PayPal transfers funds from your credit card or bank account to PayPal and then it uses that to pay for the item, regardless of where the item is located in the world. PayPal is an intermediary payment company and it is an American company! Hence, no foreign transaction fees or VAT taxes! Suck on it.
I was charged a VAT on my order from BUT, it didn't charge me sales tax (CA), so maybe it was in lieu of sales tax (or it was sales tax, but listed as VAT)?

I just hope they don't charge both. Thanks for the info though. Rep.
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OMG i was at the confirmation screen and when I hit confirmed "sorry not available" Gah this sucks
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Quote from jpzsports View Post :
Do you guys have trouble viewing your order details?

Yep. My paypal payment went thru, via site, received all confirmation emails, 2 16gb units for around $260USD total.

But when I go to the ebay site to see the order details, I get an error on the ebay site.

I hope they don't can our orders.. that would be stupid.
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Anyone else find it funny Meg Whitman just crashed her old companies website? Lmao
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Man, what a headache. I was thwarted at ebay because it said I needed to provide a phone number for shipping, but all my shipping addresses have phone numbers associated with them. Stick Out Tongue I just couldn't get the CA or UK sites fast enough to get it to work. Oh well. My brother has been hounding me about the Touchpad ever since the order I placed for him fell through. He's getting pretty annoying since I have one and he doesn't.
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Quote from jungle View Post :
Not really. when I went to US site, it say do you want to buy another. You already bought this item.
Got two through the ca site. The transaction shows up in my US account. Paypal has processed the transaction - no foreign transaction fees. Was worried about that.
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Quote from Zarich View Post :
I have been here since the beggining and I could not get through.. I don't know how you guys are still getting them.
go to CA or UK ebay site
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Had the site not crashed I wouldn't have gotten one or two for that matter. SO thanks everyone!!!
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Here's the screenshot. Not sure how to get that on the community board for whoever asked, i'm unable to get it to the main board because I'm a n00b!
Last edited by mfive December 12, 2011 at 02:16 PM
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