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Thread to discuss movies of any type and date, but perhaps with more focus on recent ones in the past couple years.

Please be courteous to others when discussing a fairly recent movie with unexpected plot elements or endings, and always spoiler tag comments that could ruin the story for anyone who hasn't seen the movie yet. When trying to decide whether or not to tag something, please err on the side of caution since even the mention that a certain movie has a twist (without divulging what it is) could end up being a mini-spoiler itself.

In case you don't already know how, you can spoiler tag any block of text with the following tags:

this tag goes at the end of the hidden text ~~~~>[/spoiler]

this tag goes at the beginning of the hidden text ~~~~>[spoiler]


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WTF! This is the movie thread you clowns - Jabbit; you should know better!
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Quote from Jabbit View Post :
How can I check my status? I see that there is a phone number on nfa tracker but do I just give them my name?
did you efile or paper file? if you efiled you can check online but it wont really say anything until it gets approved.. If you paper filed, after they cash your check or run your credit card all you can really do is wait 6 months, then call in to check the status.. if you filed in the beginning to middle of Feb, you should find out any day now..
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i saw the secret life of pets last night. basically it is toy story with pets. it was cute though and had a few good chuckles.
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so i spent time making a signature. only to realize that you couldn't put an image in the signature. please enjoy the link to my signature, assuming it works.
Quote from dayv View Post :
i saw the secret life of pets last night. basically it is toy story with pets. it was cute though and had a few good chuckles.
My daughter and I both enjoyed it. Her more than me, obviously.

In respect to Gene Wilder, I watched Blazing Saddles again last night.

I know it's racist AF but this is my favorite bit from the movie... Roll
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Roll Such a good movie.
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Suicide Squad. Eh. The "crazy" Joker sounds like a mobster, doesn't really further the story at all, and there's really not much point for the squad to be sent in since they don't really do anything special, except for one member. And did the guy who throws boomerangs better than anybody throw more than one boomerang the entire time? Such a disappointment of potential. Along with Batman v Superman, you'd think professionals with lots of time and money and decades of already-written superhero stories to draw from could make better movies.

Before I Wake. Supernatural thriller about a boy who kills people with his dreams. Sure, it has its head-shaking moments and this or that could be better, but, overall, thumbs-up for the kids-who-kill-people-with-their-dreams genre.

Central Intelligence Agency. If you like Dwayne Johnson, you'll like this. If you don't like Dwayne Johnson but like goofy comedies, there's a good chance you'll still like this. Kevin Hart has let me down in other movies, but not in this one. I've seen comments that it has uninspired action scenes, bad plot, etc. Whatever. It's a buddy comedy and it's fun.

The Neon Demon. Young girl moves to Hollywood to be a model. Starts out in nice enough slow-burn thriller fashion, (get it? model? fashion? yeah.), but various story elements are introduced along the way, poorly, and, by the end, it doesn't matter much what happens because all of the characters become unlikeable, and things don't make sense. Apparently, half of the movie was re-written at the last minute, and it shows.

I watched the new Star Wars VII again. Even with Star Wars hype it wasn't overly great the first time. The second time it's actually kind of bad.

Captain America: Civil War. The best movie of the year now on blu-ray. It's worth it just to see guest star Ant-Man having a Big role.
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Sully - very good! Suprised how good. 8/10
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