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Please, no requests for app coupons or app coupon trades here. Post your requests or trade offers in the
Staples Coupon Thread

1. What's the Staples app?
This is an app from Staples that provides access to your Staples account, as well as Staples rewards account, and provides some useful tools.
You can read more about it here: Linky []

2. How can I get it?
Android version is here: Linky []
iOS version is here: Linky []
Any android phone or iPhone will work. In addition, you can install it on iPod Touch, iPad, Android Tablets, or HP TP running Android.

3. What's "check-in"?
When you are in a Staples store, you can click on the "Check in" button, and once your location is determined by the app, you'll be presented with a confirmation, and a coupon will be issued. The coupons state that they expire in 24-48 hours after they are issued, but in reality they can be used until the "real expiration date" (see WiKi for details). Please note that you do NOT need to sign into your Staples and/or Staples rewards account to receive the check in coupons. Coupons are generated once per device every 24 hours if you check in every 24 hours once the previous coupon has expired. The store makes no difference to the process. Multiple store check-ins in the same 24 hours does not get you any more coupons. You get the same one with the same 16 digit code. Since the device number is stored at a Staples server and coupons are per device, multiple devices will give you unique coupons per device.

4. Do I have to be physically in the store to check in?
Luckily, the answer is no. You can "spoof" your location by using certain apps that trick your phone to report specific coordinates. Depending on the app, you can either enter the coordinates of a Staples store or find it on a map and use that to create check in coupons from home/work.
For Android, Fake GPS [] works great, along with few other examples (e.g., Location Spoofer, etc). For iOS devices, please see the WiKi (you need to jail break your iOS device).

5. Can I keep the coupons beyond the 24-48 hour expiration time frame?
Yes. If you take a screen shot of the coupon, you can keep it and use it later. On some Android phones, as well as iOS devices, pressing down power and home (or power and volume down) buttons simultaneously takes a screen shot. For devices that don't have this "built in", there are 3rd party apps.

6. Are the coupons random?
As of now, they seem to follow a certain sequence as outlined in the Wiki.

7. Can I stack these coupons with other app and/or paper coupons?
The % off coupons stack with $ off coupons. If you have 1 app coupon and 1 paper coupon (in either format), it will work "easier" compared to having 2 app coupons, since you are not supposed to have 2 of them at the same time. You can try printing out some of the app coupons to combine them.

8. Can I obtain any other coupons, in addition to the check in coupons, from the app?
The app generates coupons that can be used in store, online or over the phone. You can log into your Staples Rewards account from the app and access your Coupon Wallet and use whatever coupons you may have in there based on their T&Cs (e.g., in store only, online/phone only, etc). Those coupons have nothing to do with the app; they are under your Staples Rewards account and can be accessed from the web interface using a PC or directly from the mobile app.
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Community Wiki

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10/9 Update: As of 10/1/2013, the app is no longer generating any coupons. As of 10/8/2013, previously generated coupons are no longer working. Some have been able to convince a manager to do a manual override for use of pre-existing coupons, but YMMV.

Please direct all trade requests for coupons to the official Staples coupon thread. This thread should be limited to discussions related to the app.


Current Android App Version: Version 2.45 Updated on Oct 1, 2013

Here is the current list of coupons that can be expected on the app:

As of 8/19/13, new app coupons are being generated. They appear to be a new set of gen 3 coupons, with the same restrictions as the previous set. It also appears that Staples has thrown in some randomization, so don't be alarmed if your coupons do not match the order below.

Free Paper Ream is the last coupon in the cycle. If your device does not start over on its own after generating this coupon and/or you receive an error stating "Sorry, the server has returned an error...," reset the coupon cycle by clearing data of staples app (android) or uninstalling and reinstalling the staples app (iphone/android)

Expiration date for these coupons is 2/4/14 regardless of what the app says.

Please note that the new app coupons will not 'stick' to any item that already has had a coupon applied, nor allow any product coupon to apply once the app coupon has been used. Meaning, if you buy two items, and use a product coupon for one, and then use the app coupon, the app coupon will only apply to the item that has not had a product coupon attached. If the app coupon is used, the product coupons will not attach. Therefore, make sure to use the product coupons first, and make sure to have an item equal to value of the app coupon - that doesn't have a coupon already attached to it.

As of 9/29, the most common order of coupons is as follows:
1 - Double Rewards on any cleaning & breakroom items (9461)
2 - $10 off $75 (6069)
3 - Martha Stewart Home Office Elastinote Tags (6844) SKU 985629 with purchase of $25+ and $10 off $50+ ink (3517)
4 - $15 off $75 (1631)
5 - Triple Rewards! Get an extra 10% back in Rewards for all Staples branded products (2389)
6 - $5 off $25 (2780)
7 - Free ream Staples Multipurpose Paper w/ $50+ purchase (6822)

Please note that the extra rewards coupons DO stack with other coupons. However, at this time (10/1/13) it appears that you can only use one extra rewards coupon per month (thanks to extensive testing, mostly by hamokmonky)


Previous set of coupons (no longer generated as of 8/19/13):
1 - $10 off $50 (2568) - For full coupon amount to apply, need undiscounted items >=$10 - Currently does not apply online despite terms.
2 - $5 off $25 (9623) - For full coupon amount to apply, need undiscounted items >=$5 - Currently does not apply online despite terms
3 - $15 off $75 (1631) - For full coupon amount to apply, need undiscounted items >=$15 - Currently does not apply online despite terms
4 - $5 off $25 (2780) - For full coupon amount to apply, need undiscounted items >=$5 - Currently does not apply online despite terms
5 - $10 off $75 (6069) - For full coupon amount to apply, need undiscounted items >=$10 - Currently does not apply online despite terms.


Previous set of coupons (exp. 8/3):
1 - Free pack of Martha Stewart Home Office Magnetic To Do list with purchase of $25 or more (works on kiosk orders)
2 - 15% off your $30 or more copy and print order
3 - $10 off $75 or more
4 - Free Ream of Staples Multipurpose Paper with purchase of $40 or more (works on kiosk orders)
5 - 10% off your purchase of $75 or more (Btw, this is $10 off $75 and not 10%)
6 - 20% off any one cleaning & breakroom item
7 - Free pack of staples pen with a purchase of $20 or more.
8 - $5 off $25
9 - 20% off any easyTech service
10 - $5 off $25
11 - Free M by Staples Arc notebook ($45 minimum purchase)
12 - Free 32 ox Bottle of Windex Antibacterial Cleaner Spray ($25 minimum purchase)
13 - $10 off $75
14 - FREE 4 pack of staples retractable ballpoint pens(# 923422) - min spend = $20[/LIST]Free Coupon SKUs and Prices

Martha []: 364924 $1.99
Staples Ream: 513099 $6.99
Windex []: 724572 ($3.79)
Pens: 923422 $3.99
M Notebook []: 897614, 897615, 946027 ($7.99)


Please note that if you ask one of these questions in this thread, you will simply be referred to the wiki.

Q: How do I check in when I'm not physically at Staples?
A: You must download a location spoofing app and set it to spoof the location of your local Staples (see guide below). Once the location spoofer is running, simply check in as normal.

Q: How can I use the coupon after it's printed expiration date?
A: For some reason, Staples has set the expiration date for the current batch of app coupons to 2/4/14, and as a result any coupons generated can be used up to that date. Simply take a screenshot of the coupon redemption page (the one that shows the 16-digit code in the blue box) and show it to the cashier on your smartphone (see guide below). Some stores will also accept the code verbally or from a printout (YMMV).

Q: How do I reset the cycle and start back at the beginning, without waiting for the cycle to start over?
A: On Android, simply clear the data for the Staples app by going to Settings --> Applications --> Staples --> Clear Data on your phone. On iOS, you must completely remove and reinstall the Staples app.

Q: Is there any way to generate coupons without a smartphone?
A: Yes. Use Bluestacks []. Bluestacks is a program that runs on your computer, and allows you to use apps, as if you had a smartphone. You can then print out the coupons and use them as any other app coupon (more about screenshots on Bluestacks later)

Q: How do I reset the Staples app on Bluestacks?
A: To reset the Staples app on Bluestacks, download "App Cache Cleaner", and reset data.

Q: Help! My phone won't run the Staples app/I can't find the Staples app in the App Store or Play Store/my app won't generate any coupons at all!
A: Some OS's (both Android and iOS) don't let you run the Staples App to get coupons. I thought it might be helpful to post what does and what doesn't work. If you come across a specific operating system/phone that doesn't work, please add the details to the appropriate list below:
2.1 - Eclair; Samsung Gem; DOES NOT WORK
2.3.3 - Gingerbread; Pantech Breakout; WORKS (NOTE: Doesn't support screen capture natively)
2.3.6 - Gingerbread; Samsung Charge; WORKS
2.3.7 - Gingerbread; Nook Color running CM7; WORKS
None reported
Q: My app does not generate check-in coupons. WTF?

A: This could be for a number of reasons, but two of the most common ones are:
  • Do NOT set fake check-in address to Manhattan, NYC Staples. I checked several different ones in Manhattan on 3 different iOS devices, 1 Android device, and Bluestack. None of them generated check-in coupons. Once I changed the fake address to somewhere in CA, they all start working.
  • Coupons are only generated every 24 hours. If you checked in at 10pm, you're not going to be able to check in again (and generate new coupons) until 10:01pm the next day.

Using BlueStacks:

1. Install the software on your computer from here [].
2. Search and install Fake GPS and the Staples app from within BlueStacks.
3. Open Fake GPS and spoof your location to that of a Staples store (Avoid NYC stores).
4. Launch the Staples app and check in. No need to log in to receive a coupon.
4. Screenshot your coupon. (See wiki for different ways to do this).

Note: Sometimes, there is a delay before a coupon appears, but eventually most people get one. It takes 24 h for the next coupon in the cycle to appear.

To generate multiple copies of the current first coupon in the cycle, use a cache cleaner, such as App Cache Cleaner, before checking in again.

1. Launch App Cache Cleaner from the Home Screen in BlueStacks.
2. Click on the Staples app then select Clear Data.
3. Go back to Staples app and check in again.

How to resize Bluestacks to fit a smartphone (thanks MilesHunter):


Location Spoofing Guide

Fake GPS [] (also work in BlueStacks)
Location Spoofer [] (Free)
- You have to allow mock locations under Settings -> Applications -> Development
- Rooted phones can spoof location with mock locations disabled, move the app to /system/app to get that.

to those having issues checking in...go on google maps first and type in staples. then on fakegps make sure you go to where the SPOT is ON GOOGLE maps not the actual store. In my case,,,according to google staples was in the middle of the road, when I put the spoofed location where the physical store was it didn't work. Once I put it to where the spot was on google maps (in the middle of the road lol) it worked.

iOS: LocationHolic [] is an option. A few have had issues with "Fake Location" so you may be best off avoiding it.

Surface Pro: Use Bluestacks optimized for Surface Pro. Location spoofer works without changing any settings (use version that has a picture of a blue ball bouncing).

How to Jailbreak an iOS device:

1. Backup your iOS device on your computer. Upgrade to current iOS version if appropriate, but verify if your location spoofing app will work with it.
2. Use redsn0w or a similar utility to jailbreak the device. You can find a YouTube on how to do this, along with many articles from around the Internet.
3. Use Cydia app to install a location spoofer. LocationHolic is one but there are others.
4. Spoof the location of a Staples store.
5. Install Staples app (free) from the App Store.
6. Follow check-in instructions.

How to Take A Screenshot

BlueStacks on Windows 8: Press Windows + Print Screen keys, find Screenshot file in My Pictures\Screenshots, run Paint and crop (View > Zoom out, Home > Select, Crop) <-- OR just find "snipping tool" on your computer. It's a built in utility by Windows to crop what's on your screen and save it.

  • Devices running Android 4.0 or later can take a screenshot by simultaneously pressing volume down and power.
  • Devices running CyanogenMod may or may not have an option to take a screenshot in the power menu (press and hold the power button as if you were going to turn it off). YMMV depending on the version and who built your ROM.
  • On some Android phones (e.g., Samsung Galaxy SII), pressing down power and home buttons simultaneously takes a screen shot.
For devices that don't have this built in, there are several apps in the Play Store that will allow you to take a screenshot: Device Specific Instructions

Sprint EVO 4G View Tablet: Hold down the POWER button and then press the HOME button. (You'll see a message appear on the screen that says "screenshot saved to Camera shots". You can then go to your Gallery app to see the screenshots that you have captured.)

Samsung Droid Charge (no 3rd party app - none would work): At coupon screen pull down notification bar. Press BACK button and while still holding back button quickly press and release HOME button. Keep holding BACK button until you see/hear screen capture click. Saves to Screen Capture on my Charge in Gallery.

iOS: Pressing down power and home buttons simultaneously takes a screenshot.

Getting codes with older iPhones: If all you see is a grey box where the code should be, see this post on how to get the code:

If you have trouble checking in at the store:
I noticed that if i dont receive a coupon when checking i have to make sure I am on the Staples in store wifi. Sometimes when i am in store my phone connects to a different wifi and i get nothing. after changing to the staples hotspot, and checking in again, i get a q..
you can rep the OP here


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