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FREE $25 GC to Microsoft Store if you own a working Smartphone (Android, Blackberry, iPhone, PalmOS, WebOS, some Symbian) - B&M Only "Smoked by Windows Phone" thru May 10, 2012

dealwars 841 8,938 March 25, 2012 at 07:48 PM in Brick & Mortar (B&M) (8) More Verizon Wireless Deals
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Last Edited by dealwars May 5, 2012 at 10:21 AM
Original Title: Swap any Smartphone (Android, Blackberry, iPhone, PalmOS, WebOS, some Symbian) for a BNIB Windows Phone (no contract!) - Microsoft Store B&M

Edit - Round 7 Info

Once again the "Smoked by Windows Phone" promotion has been extended. The Round 6 eligibility period is May 4 - May 10, 2012. There are no major changes from Round 3, Round 4, Round 5 or Round 6.

Note: If you got a $25 GC in prior rounds, you can get another. If you traded a phone, won a laptop or won the $1000 GC in a prior round, you cannot enter again.

"You must not have received a prize, free gift, or item on rain check worth more than $25.00 in any previous Microsoft Store challenge involving the Windows Phone challenge during the preceding 180 days;"

Updated rules:


Round 6 Info

Once again the "Smoked by Windows Phone" promotion has been extended. The Round 6 eligibility period is April 27 - May 3, 2012. There are no major changes from Round 3, Round 4 or Round 5.

Updated rules:


Round 5 Info

Once again the "Smoked by Windows Phone" promotion has been extended. The Round 5 eligibility period is April 20 - April 26, 2012. There are no major changes from Round 3 or Round 4.

Updated rules:


Round 4 Info

Once again the "Smoked by Windows Phone" promotion has been extended. The Round 4 eligibility period is April 13 - April 19, 2012. There are no major changes from Round 3.

Updated rules:


Round 3 Info

Once again the "Smoked by Windows Phone" promotion has been extended. The Round 3 eligibility period is April 6 - April 12, 2012. Again, there are changes. This time around the guaranteed freebie isn't as good.


2) The first 250 participants per store, per day will get a $25 Gift Card.

3) If you won a laptop in Round 1 or Round 2, you CANNOT get a $25 Gift Card in Round 3.

4) If you got a free phone in Round 1 or Round 2, you CANNOT get a $25 Gift Card in Round 3.

5) If you got a $25 Gift Card in Round 2, you CAN get a $25 Gift Card in Round 3.

6) Those attempting to win the "Smoked by Windows Phone" challenge are now competing for a $1000 Gift Card instead of a laptop.

Updated rules:


Round 2 Info

Deal has officially been EXTENDED to April 5 by Microsoft, however there are now a few minor changes which impact swaps in the 3/30 to 4/5 period.

1) There are only 100 phones available per store, per day. After the 100 phones have been given away for the day, then next 500 participants will not have the option to swap. Instead they will simply get a $25 Gift Card.

2) The Samsung FOCUS FLASH Black has been officially added to the phone list.

3) Pre-paid phones are no longer eligible.

Updated rules:



There is already a post on the contest aspect of this deal in the Contest section of SD, but in all honesty, the contest is the part of the deal that most SDers aren't going to care about. So, ignore the contest part. Pretend it doesn't exist.

Instead, focus on the fact that you can take any cheap, crappy smartphone you can get your hands on and swap it for your choice of almost any new Windows Phone (sole exception being the Nokia Lumia 800) get a $25 Gift Card at no cost.


How to get the deal:

1) Get the cheapest a smartphone you can find (must be a smartphone, no feature phones).
2) Get it activated somehow (although not every store checks, some do, so you'll want to make sure it has phone and data on it when you go into the store).
3) Go to your local B&M Microsoft Store and tell them you want to take the "Windows Phone Challenge."
4) Lose the contest.
5) Fill out recycling paperwork.
6) Give them your crappy, old smartphone (make sure you format it beforehand as you don't get to keep your old phone).

7) Walk away with a $25 Gift Card brand new Windows Phone with no contract attached.

Again, NO CONTRACT IS REQUIRED, however you are limited to one swap per person. They will take down your ID information.

The smartphone you bring in can be on any carrier, but it cannot be prepaid MVNO. so if you don't have one, you can always buy a cheap Cricket, PagePlus or Virgin Mobile Android.

Quote from Updated Official Rules :
Microsoft Windows Phones and non-smartphones are excluded from this Challenge. Non-smartphones include, but are not limited to Feature Phones, Flip phones, "dumb-phones," "go-phones," pre-paid phones, or other pay as you go phones. Phones must be activated with a cellular carrier. Your smartphone must be using the original, unmodified operating system that came standard on your smartphone.

NOTE - Cheap Data Activation
If you are using an unlocked GSM device, T-Mobile Prepaid offers a $2/day unlimited everything plan.

Phones available for selection:
ATT: HTC Titan, Samsung Focus Flash, Samsung Focus S
T-Mobile: HTC Radar, Nokia 710
Verizon: HTC Trophy

HTC Titan (MSRP $549):

Samsung Focus Flash (MSRP $399):

Samsung Focus S (MSRP $549):

HTC Radar (MSRP $399):

Nokia Lumia 710 (MSRP $349):

HTC Trophy (MSRP $429):

The phone you use for the challenge does not determine which phone you get in exchange. You are free to pick a Windows Phone for a different carrier.

Again, THIS IS NOT A CONTEST. Everyone who walks The first 100 250 people who walk in the door each day with a working, activated, smartphone has the option of swapping it for a BRAND NEW Windows Phone at no cost whatsoever. After the daily limit of phones have been given away, stores will be offering can get a totally free $25 Gift Cards.

Quote from dealwars View Post :

1) Did original challenge on 3/25.
2) Got first notification (raincheck) email on 3/29.
3) Got pickup email today - 4/3.

Picked up HTC Titan. Box and phone were new (whoever claimed that these were refurbs was either lying or talking out their ass), though the seal was broken. The store employee said they were all like that. Basically it looked like when you buy a cell phone at a cell store and they open the box at the time of purchase for activation (though they didn't make us activate there).

I'm guessing that this is in part to help curb the resellers. No one can sell this as "New in Box" since the seal has been broken. laugh out loud

Store associate was REALLY nice and the trade in part was painless. They just asked what phone it was and collected it.

Had the choice of two bonus offers (ended up buying one because it IS a stupid slick deal).

Offer #1: 2 year MS warranty + case + 1 year Zune Pass = $50
Offer #2: 2 year MS warranty + case + $100 in MS Points = $50

Got in and out rather quick and VERY pleased with the experience.

SANTA CLARA VALLEY FAIR store rocks. Big Grin

Community Wiki

Last Edited by Ayahuasca June 21, 2012 at 04:37 PM
* The new Windows Phone 8 will not be compatible with Windows Phone 7. If you have not picked up your phone yet, you may want to consider the $200 GC and wait for Windows Phone 8 later in the fall. It will have many new features that Windows Phone 7 does not have.

Round Nine 5/18 - 5/31

Please note, this promotion is different than the contest only part listed in C&S. It will not be merged as this post is about the deal, not the contest.

Link to contest:

Annoyed by the store's customer service and inconsistent policies? take their survey here: (can choose to review any store)

There have been legitimate reports of people receiving Titan II, Lumia 900, and $500 gift cards as a subsitute for standard phones, when the store was out of their original cell phone choice. If you receive any of these, please post in this section of the wiki about with the store location, date you took the challenge, date you picked-up the item, and item received!

.2. Testimonials: pickup, replay, etc.
.3. List of pickup calls / emails received
.4. Stores and info by location
.5. Laptop and contest information
.6. Unlocking phones
.7. Where to get cheap smartphones
.8. Example raincheck and confirmation emails
.9. Proxy pickup information
.10. Rumors - Titan I and Titan II Phones

You are eligible to enter if you meet the following requirements at time of entry:
1. You are an attendee of a Microsoft Retail Store "Smoked by Windows Phone" event contest; and
2. You are a legal resident of the 50 United States (including the District of Columbia), and you are 18 years or older; and
3. You are NOT an employee of Microsoft Corporation, or an employee of a Microsoft subsidiary; and
4. You are NOT an immediate family (parent, sibling, spouse, child) or household member of a Microsoft employee, an employee of a Microsoft subsidiary, any person involved in any part of the administration and execution of this Sweepstakes.

Any smartphone with one of the listed OSes in the title, will work.
WINDOWS MOBILE PHONES ARE ALLOWED, must be older version like the Dash.

Note: If the phone you want to claim is out of stock, the store can determine what to do. Some stores are taking orders (and giving people a $10 GC as an apology for not having it in stock), while others are reportedly telling people to choose from the in stock selection. If a phone is ordered, the store has an estimated delivery time of 10 days. You do need to return to the store to pick it up.

Please check your SPAM folders for emails!
From: Microsoft Store <>
Subject: Windows Phone Challenge - New Windows Phones Are Now Available

If you're afraid of your info being lost, document it with a photo! Camera phones exist for a reason!

-----> Please make sure to erase all data and reset the phone to factory state before returning !!! <-------

Some tips for you and your new Windows Phone:
  1. Install Appflow for finding apps.
  2. Skype is in beta, best alternative now is Tango for video calling.
  3. Nice article here: iOS Is Getting Old: Here Are 9 Places Where Windows Phone Mango Wins
  4. Enjoy your WP!

Please update the status (deal ended/still running/rain checks), promotion hours etc., next the store in the store list below if you have been there today

Re: Swap any Smartphone poll -- which phone did you pick?

To the folks posting, asking is this is real. Yes, this is REAL.
Microsoft seems to want more people to try WP7.5. This promo is a great way to get more WP handsets into people's hands.
If you live near a store and have an old smartphone, you really have nothing to lose.

.2. Testimonials: pickup, replay, etc.
Any smartphone with one of the listed OSes in the title, will work.
WINDOWS MOBILE PHONES ARE ALLOWED, must be older version like the Dash.
ATT Samsung Blackjack II (WM6) accepted at the Seattle University Village store.
Apparently the above is YMMV, as I called L.A. And was told Windows Phone 7.0 & above is what's bad. (Recinded for offer 2)
I successfully lost with my unlocked T-Mobile Dash on WinMo 6.1. Have a Titan on backorder. (Picked up on 4/3)

Houston, TX - Went for contest on 3/27 1pm - No confirmation email/no phone call. I was worried that all others are getting confirmation email/Pickup emails, thought that they might have have entered my email incorrectly. I was thinking of calling the store to find out if they can give any info. Thinking about that, I accidentally checked my email spam folder and to my surprise there was a mail from Microsoft store to pick-up the phone. the mail came on 4/2 8:02 pm. And it said I need to pick it up before 4/4. I rushed to the store now, gave old BB Perl and I got the HTC Radar.
Good Luck every one. ID and e-mail confirmation required upon pick-up.

Staff in century city will check phone. (II highly doubt they actually pay attention) Write down the name and phone model while standing in line. After done the challenge, they will match you with the sign in sheet again while putting you into system

Was told today (4/3) in the San Diego store that I could do it again tomorrow (they had already done the 100 for the day) as it is a different contest. So, I guess it really is YMMV

3/31/12 - rules on their website explicitly states: "You must not have won a prize from Microsoft, our subsidiaries or our affiliates in the preceding 365 days,..." so ymmv.
They changed the terms today. [] However, this is to prevent the winners who won laptops from winning more laptops. The terms didn't state any of the phones as prizes as we didn't win them. They are a "FREE GIFT OFFER FOR CHALLENGE LOSERS".

3/31/12. As per Atlanta store manager, Robert; If you've participated in the first contest, you cannot participate in another promotion for the next 365 days, which includes this phone contest. They received these new rules from Microsoft today.

Quote from uknowsana View Post :
I went there after confirmation[with a second qualifying phone]. This is the email response from Microsoft Store Rep: [Note I have removed the names sorry]


Thank you for contacting the Microsoft Store to discuss your concerns. We have looked into the situation that you described in your email and have determined that if you were entering the second contest with a different smartphone than the one you entered with the first week and (i) the second smartphone is currently activated with a cellular carrier, (ii) it is registered to you, and (iii) it has not been used by anyone else in this week's contest, then you are able to participate in this week's "Smoked by Windows Phone" Challenge.

The manager at the Microsoft Store at the Oakbrook Shopping Mall has been advised of the situation that you encountered and he is standing by to make sure that you have no further issues entering the contest with a second qualifying phone.

Thank you,
Microsoft Store

If you receive an (Rain Check / Confirmation) E-mail from the Microsoft store, please post here as well!
Location :: When you were put on the waiting list [Time and date] :: The phone you asked for. :: Date/time you received the e-mail.

UserChallenge DateAsked for Raincheck EmailPick up EmailStore Location?
Baulderon 26-Mar HTC Titan30-Mar4-Apr Bloomington, MN MoA
eth700 26-MarNokia Lumia 71030-Mar2-Apr Bloomington, MN MoA
shylurker 26-Mar HTC Radar 30-Mar1-Apr 
Baggy 27-Mar HTC Trophy NA NA 
monkeythoughts27-MarHTC Radar 29-Mar6-Apr Bloominton, MN MOA
Technosquid 27-MarSamsung Focus S29-Mar5-Apr Bloomington, MN MoA
Bete 27-Mar HTC Radar 29-Mar7-Apr 
xenidus 27-Mar Samsung Focus S29-Mar9-Apr 
diamondondemand 29-MarSamsung Focus S30-Mar10-Apr Bloomington, MN MoA
diamond's wife 29-MarTitan2-Apr None Bloomington, MN MoA
cmtuggl 28-Mar NANA 
mnusagc 28-Mar Samsung Focus S29-MarNA 
thuangu 28-Mar  29-Mar  
Urbangatsby29-Mar HTC Titan 29-MarNA 
nkr25 30-Mar HTC Radar NA NA 
majorJSM 31-MarHTC Titan 4-April11-AptilBloomington, MN MoA
vpreddy20031-Apr Titan 5-April 4/14 Bloomington MOA 
toobrown 2-Apr HTC Radar 4-Apr 12-Apr MoA  
bachak 26-Mar Focus S 29-Mar5-April 
buzzman  Lumia    
kodachrome Samsung Focus S    
mknutso2 27-Mar HTC Titan  5-Apr Bloomington, MN MoA
kvk30-MarHTC Arrive04-Apr12-Apr OakBrook IL
audell4-AprilHTC Radar 6-April16-AprilCentury City
audell4-AprilFocus S6-AprilNACentury City
ankush1031- MarchFocus S4-AprilNASanta Clara
gizmoz2-Apr HTC Titan II4-April31-MaySanta Clara
oric4000 29-Mar Focus S 29-Mar 9-Apr Seattle, WA
Cheapcommunist17-May HTC Titan II17-May NA

.4. Stores and info by location
Microsoft store locations:
Tyson's Corner, VA :: 3/26 8PM :: HTC Titan :: 4/3 Email 7pm, no phone call, ton of Focuses and Titans sitting around




You'll need some sort of receipt when you pick up the phone from teh MS Store, but other than that, the folks with T-Mobile handsets should be able to get unlocks with no issue.[/quote]

Tmobile Tzones Users:
Will the Samsung Focus S work on Tmobile Tzones when its unlocked? Thank you. Please let me know by Pm or email. THanks!
Answer: No it will only work on EDGE.

Please add any sources for unlocking Att focus S phone and other phones here on wiki.Thank You.
1. For AT&T Samsung Focus S, you can get the phone unlocked at for $19.99 by using the code android50

HTC Titan 2 unlock code for $2.31 :

.7. Where to get cheap smartphones
Cheap Android Smartphone at Best Buy:
If you need a cheap smartphone to swap (because you only have a fancy phone that you want to keep, you don't have a smartphone, etc.), Best Buy has the Cricket ZTE Chorus for $50 retail.

Cheap AT&T Palm OS Smartphones at Newegg and Amazon:
For those on AT&T using a good Android or iphone and want to retain your current phone, you can use the below cheap Palm OS phones

Palm Pixi Plus Unlocked GSM Smartphone(AT&T) on Newegg for $54.99 and Free Shoprunner 2 day shipping

Palm Centro Unlocked GSM Smartphone(AT&T) on Amazon for $39.99 with Free Supersaver shipping

^^ Houston Galleria not taking Cricket phones ^^ - only carrier for carrer , ex. cant trade in tmo phone and get ATT Titan

.8. Example raincheck and confirmation emails
I just received the following email (3/29/12 6:21PM PST) confirmation for my raincheck.
That is just a little over 48HRS after I had my challenge on (3/27/12 5:00PM)


Thank you for taking the Windows Phone Challenge at the Microsoft Store! The store has acknowledged your rain check for a free Windows Phone and we are in process of fulfilling your order. Please keep in mind that certain phones were excluded from the contest in the Official Rules and will not be available through your rain check. When the phone you requested is in stock, we will send you a follow-up email. If for some reason we can't offer you the phone that you requested, we'll be happy to offer a substitute of comparable value.

We appreciate your participation in the Windows Phone Challenge and hope to see you at the Microsoft Store again soon.

Microsoft Store

The email comes from

This is the conformation email that I got stating that my phone was ready to be picked up.

Dear Microsoft Store Customer,

Thank you for participating in the Windows Phone Challenge! Customer participation and positive responce to the
Challenge was enormous, far exceeding our expectations.

We apologize that your preferred choice of eligible phone was not available when you took the challenge. However, we
recently received a shipment of eligible Windows Phones at the Store Location Microsoft Store where you
participated. To maximize the chances of receiving your preferred phone befofe we run out of eligible phone inventory,
please return to the store before April 5th, 2012 to select from the available handsets.

Remember to bring the smartphone you originally used in the challenge for recycling. We will swap it out for a brand new
Windows Phone! Choice is limited to on-hand stock and will be abailable on a first-come, first served basis.

If you would like to transfer contacts, perform phone activation, or make adjustments to your account, please schedule a
15-Minute Answer Desk appointment. Answer Desk appointments can be scheduled by visiting your local store page
here [] and selecting the schedule an appointment link.

Thanks again, and we hope to see you at the Microsoft Store soon.
Microsoft Store

Windows Phone Challenge - Update on Windows Phone Inventory

Dear Microsoft Store Customer,

Thank you for participating in the Windows Phone Challenge! We're thrilled to say that response to the challenge far exceeded our expectations. While the response to the challenge was great, the incredible demand also depleted our inventory of many popular Windows Phone models and, unfortunately, your preferred choice of Windows Phone is no longer in-stock. We are actively working to secure more inventory and anticipate receiving additional inventory in the next 4-5 weeks. We genuinely appreciate your patience.

We understand that 4-5 weeks is a long time to wait for your new Windows phone. If you would prefer not to wait for additional phone inventory, we are pleased to offer an alternative. Instead of receiving a Windows Phone, you may visit the Mission Viejo, CA Microsoft Store where you participated in the challenge to receive a $200 Microsoft Store gift card for use on any products carried at the Microsoft Store. If you choose the $200 Microsoft Store gift card option, you will not be required to recycle your existing phone, but you will no longer be eligible for a free phone from the Windows Phone Challenge.

Of course, if you elect the option of a new Windows Phone, we will let you know when your new phone is available.

Thanks again, and we hope to see you at the Microsoft Store soon.

.9. Proxy pickup information
"Proxy Pickup": Some stores allow a designated individual (family, friend, etc.) to pickup a phone for you, the final recipient.
NOTE: This is YMMV as the proxy pickup policy is set by the manager of the store!
If you have policy info from your local store, please post!

Mission Viejo, CA
Proxy pickup is ALLOWED, requirements:
1. Phone recycle authorization form - obtained from the store, if you can't get it in person ASK if they call fax / email it to you / your other!
2. Proxy pickup authorization statement - write something like the following example on the recycle auth form or a separate piece of paper:
"I, (FINAL RECIPIENT NAME), hereby authorize (PROXY PICKUP NAME) to receive my (PHONE MODEL) at the Microsoft Store in (LOCATION) on my behalf for the "Smoked by Windows Phone" promotion.
Signature: (SIGN HERE) Date: (DATE HERE)"
3. Copy of final recipient's photo ID - you can use a student ID
4. Copy of final recipient's pickup confirmation email

Tyson's Corner, VA
Proxy pickup MAY be ALLOWED

1. One store employee said they are allowing it for active duty military where customers can't physically be there to pickup phone.

Mall of America, MN
Proxy pickup MAY be ALLOWED

Proxy pickup allowed for out of state customers
1. Call store and get name of employee and ask for manager approval
2. Bring physical government ID of person you are picking phone up for (helps if its a relative or spouse)

.10. Rumors - Titan I and Titan II Phones 4/11/2012 UPDATED *****

It has been reported by a few people (about 10), that they went to pickup their phones and the stores were out of Titan I, so they were given the new Titan II phone. Yes, this is real and yes it has been proven that this is legitimate and not trolls. Multiple photos have been shown as proof. One poster even showed proof in the form of photos of his new Titan II phone box. When asked to prove that he did not copy the photos from another website he/she took photos in front of a SlickDeals post inquiring if he/she was a troll.

Not every store is doing this. If Microsoft corporate is allowing Titan II to be given for this promotion, then logically more stores should start offering the Titan II as they run out of the Titan I, and after the debut date.

Substituting the Titan II for Titan I is not surprising or unexpected when you look at the specs for the Titan I vs. Titan II. The Titan II is more like a reload than an upgrade and is selling for the same price as the Titan I. The only significant difference is that the Titan II has a 16 megapixel camera instead of 8 megapixel, and LTE. There are a few other minor changes like the housing is now plastic instead of metal (to solve sound quality issues). They also probably worked out a few bugs with the phone.

There are also a few reports of Microsoft stores giving out Nokia Lumia 900 phones or $500 gift cards when they have run out of your phone selection. Again, this is not at every store, so YMMV depending on your locations. If you receive one of these 3 premium items please add your info to the section at the very top of this thread wiki, located at the top of the page!

This post can be edited by most users to provide up-to-date information about developments of this thread based on user responses, and user findings. Feel free to add, change or remove information shown here as it becomes available. This includes new coupons, rebates, ideas, thread summary, and similar items.

Do NOT remove information just because the contest is over at your store! This information may be useful to other SD users and if Microsoft ever runs this promotion again this information will serve as an excellent reference.


2 3 4 5 6

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Original Poster
Quote from theBlizz View Post :
Really? I just bought a Galaxy S2 (switching to Straight Talk from Virgin)... I'd love to swap my Optimus V for a new phone.
Yes, really.

Quote from arribasn View Post :
Would a trio 700w count? (windows mobile 6)
My local MS store was quite explicit about following the rules. No Windows Mobile phones of any sort and they did spot check the phones to make sure they were activated. They told everything that the phones used "had to be able to make a call."

Quote from vicsunus View Post :
is this for real?
I have a $30 optimus V. So I can trade it in for a brand new windows phone that has like 2x the processor speed?
Yes. Totally for real. I've got a HTC Titan on order right now (and a $10 gift card for my trouble since they didn't have it in store today). No cost whatsoever aside from time and my old phone.

Quote from skyang View Post :
So no Sprint phone?
You can use a Sprint phone for the challenge, but they didn't have any HTC Arrives in stock. Honestly, if you're on Sprint, you're better off doing the challenge and getting a Titan or Focus S on ATT. Then, just sell that on CL or eBay and buy the Sprint phone that you want.

Quote from runtohell121 View Post :
I'm surprise this thread haven't been merged with the other one... laugh out loud
The other thread OP was focused on the contest aspect (winning the laptop) and posted in the lower traffic Contest forum since the "prize" is not guaranteed. This thread OP is focused on the free phone upgrade, which is guaranteed to everyone and it's in the main Hot Deals forum so more people will see it. After all, that's what SD is all about, right? Sharing the love.

With this deal there is no chance of missing out, no risk, no YMMV. Follow the rules and you're going to get a free upgrade at no cost and no contract.

Quote from BigBuford View Post :
Do you have to pay any difference ? I can swap a old iphone 3GS
Nope. You don't have to pay anything. In fact, I ended up getting an additional $10 GC because the phone I wanted (Titan) wasn't in stock and they had to order it for me.

Quote from johnnash View Post :
Any way someone without a local microsoft store to benefit from these?
No. B&M only.

Quote from View Post :
is this legit? any success stories..
Yup. I was in the store today. Took about 5 minutes to do the challenge (wait, paperwork, challenge) and about 5 minutes to do the paperwork to order the new phone.

Quote from dreamexecution View Post :
is there a limit to 10 per day or is that just the computer?
There is NO LIMIT to the free phone upgrades, aside from the previously stated one upgrade per person (and they do take your ID info for this). As long as the promotion is running, you can do a phone swap.

Quote from lmanlo View Post :
Yeah this sounds a good way to get a phone without the contract as read the rules and that's what it seems like it but you have to recycle your phone through them to be able to get it for free.

I right now stuck until October with the Samsung Fascinate and might be something good to get to be able to wait until that time and be able to get a better phone.

The phone that I would be able to get is the HTC Trophy as that's the only Windows Phone for Verizon.
Mostly why I might do this is because my phone freezes a lot and restarts by itself. Love Android but not the phone.

Do you think the HTC Trophy is a good phone? Also if I do this will be the 2nd windows phone but my first one was the WIndows 6.1 with the HTC Touch(As no need for data plan).

What do you guys think about this promotion. I know I won't win, will have to backup my phone and at least most of the apps I have are free but the ones from Amazon Appstore will not work and will have to find ways to get free apps. Is there a deal like the Amazon Free App.

Thanks everyone.
The Trophy is the oldest Windows Phone on offer. Honestly, if you're on VZW, I'd suggest the same as the guy on Sprint. Do the challenge, get the Titan or Focus S, flip and buy the VZW phone you want.

Quote from 916 View Post :
is this for real?
Yes, for real.

Quote from yrv View Post :
I don't understand. I can give them my old Android phone I was going to throw away and get a new unlocked $500 phone and sell it on ebay? Where is the catch?? No really, i don't understand, explain please
No catch, aside from the time it takes you to go to the store.

Quote from JewwBacca View Post :
Even a cracked screen phone?!
As long as it powers on and works. You need to be able to turn the phone on, make a call and browse the web.

Quote from FierceDeityLink View Post :
Yes, saw a few cracked iPhones today and my TouchPro 2 had a crack in it.
You got lucky with the TP2, as they're not supposed to accept any Windows phones of any kind. The stores are refusing most people who bring in WinMo 5 and 6.x devices. Wink

Quote from SDzZz View Post :
Does the phone have to be in working condition? I have a blackberry that won't turn on.
Yes. Officialy, it has to be working, able to make a call and browse the web. They are only spot checking devices, so you may be able to get away with an unactivated phone, but if they check you and you're not activated, you don't get the free upgrade.

Quote from PogiBoy View Post :
I have a iphone3g that i used when i was with att. How can i use that phone for this deal?
If you're with ATT, just put your SIM in it and go to the MS store.

If you're not with ATT, unlock it and use a pre-paid TMO SIM on the $2/day unlimited plan and go to the MS store.

Quote from jmman View Post :
This deal is probably better that the last deal where they let you trade in junk phones for a $25 gift card each. I traded in a phone last time that had been run over by a
Yeah, I'd say this is better by just a bit. Smilie

Quote from srmmrthy View Post :
Can I swap my phone even if I am currently under a contract? It would be great if I could swap the sim card and just continue with my contract. Thanks.
Yes. This does not impact your carrier contract in any way. It does not extend it, renew it or cancel it. They are merely giving you new hardware. If you're using a GSM phone all you have to do is swap SIMs if you get a device that's branded for the same carrier. If you want a device from another carrer (ie if you're on TMO and want one of the ATT devices or vice versa) you'll have to get the new phone unlocked before you can use your SIM in it.

Quote from WackyP View Post :
I don't think you need a data plan for the challenge.

Just use the store's wi-fi. My phone had a prepaid sim with NO minutes left on it. Somebody else on the other thread did not even have a sim installed in the phone.
Officially you're supposed to have it. Some stores are being more picky about this than others so if you're lucky you can get away without having it.
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There is NO LIMIT to the free phone upgrades, aside from the previously stated one upgrade per person (and they do take your ID info for this). As long as the promotion is running, you can do a phone swap.
was today the last day or the 29th? I'm getting mixed messages
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was today the last day or the 29th? I'm getting mixed messages
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I've got a droid x with half the screen not working . Can I just walk in and swap for a Windows phone? There is no service on it since I've already purchased a new phone.
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I've got a droid x with half the screen not working . Can I just walk in and swap for a Windows phone? There is no service on it since I've already purchased a new phone.
read the thread
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was today the last day or the 29th? I'm getting mixed messages
I was told by the one nearest me that today was the last day for the promotion. Keep in mind that the promotion ends either on the 29th or when 10 laptops have been given out, whichever comes first.
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would be great if someone could confirm tomorrow if it still works at valley fair... I don't want to drive over a hour to get there
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I was told by the one nearest me that today was the last day for the promotion. Keep in mind that the promotion ends either on the 29th or when 10 laptops have been given out, whichever comes first.
Which store? (there are only like 15 across the country...)
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perfect swap for me to move from my grandfathered VM plan to AtnT 5GB data plan.
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Cool!! I am gonna try this tomorrow..
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Yeah, this crybaby is going to be why they stop doing this. shake head
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Oh wow this is perfect.I have two Microsoft stores within 20 min of me and we can trade in my dad's old blackberry for a $500 phone. Awesome!
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CDI gave me free netflix!
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Yeah yeah..Microsoft Store employees were not briefed on rules etc. The point is they don't want you to win. What better way to skew numbers and say "99% of phones lost to Windows Phone" then by choosing to make up excuses on why their phone won.

That's the ultimate goal here. I want a Windows Phone, but Microsoft just wants some publicity, so that's how they're going to get it. Smilie

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Yeah, this crybaby is going to be why they stop doing this. shake head
..why? Because he was trying to win instead of purposely lose like everyone else?

How about this. What if a casino told you you just won a brand new car, and then said "Oh sorry... we meant the little die cast model from our gift shop"..instead. Would YOU not be pissed?
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Is it just me or the windows phone sucks !!!
Even free they still suck , the only way to get a piece of the market is; if Microsoft offer free phone and free plan with it.

P.S. if you end up with a Focus S there is free unlock and jailbreak method or cheap $ 9 unlock code
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