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Belkin Sharemax N300 300Mbps 802.11n 4-Port Gigabit Wireless Router w/ 2 USB Ports, DD-WRT, Tomato - $22 Shipped UPDATED

unlockedshaders 498 March 28, 2012 at 04:36 PM in Computers (10) More Expansys Deals
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Last Edited by unlockedshaders May 17, 2012 at 10:14 PM
Expansys [] has the Belkin Share Max N300 Wireless N+ Router, model # F7D7301 which is a rebadged F7D3301. Router has a 4 port gigabit ethernet hub, 2 USB ports, and Belkin's so-called "MIMO". Reviews of the stock router are summarily horrible, but the hardware specs and DD-WRT + Tomato compatibility are worth a look.

$21.99 shipped, no tax except for Illinois. PayPal checkout available.

Hardware specs for v1:
Broadcom BCM4716 rev1
453 MHz CPU
8 MB Flash
2x USB 2.0
WPS Button

As of 5/17, all the routers shipped thus far have had a Gigabit switch.
There's no indication that expansys would ship you a different revision without a gigabit switch.


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Quote from eibgrad View Post :
According to that image, it would appear that it *is* a modem+router. Note that it says the current mode is "routing" and has a button offering to change it to "bridge mode" (aka, modem only).

If it's in router mode, then yes, it would be the renew/release option since it is the primary router. If it's in bridge mode, that option should not normally be available since it’s no longer the primary router.
Ha never knew it was a router, just checked the sticker in the bottom and, indeed it is an ADSL router. It only has one port on it, that's why I never thought much about it. I have that one port connected to my wireless router. Seems like that would be the only option, unless I hard wired directly to the modem/router, correct? Ok, its definitely in router mode, so I click release, then unhook the old wireless router, connect the new wireless router, and the renew? Or do I have to do any of that, since the wireless isn't the primary router?
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look but not working i did same you..

Quote from bennor View Post :
Can you provide more information on your router FTP configuration?

The FTP Server setup is pretty straight forward, but without additional information on your setup and any error messages your FTP client generated when it fails to connect to the F7D7301 router, it will be difficult for others to assist in troubleshooting your particular setup.

Some general comments, avoid having the Public and Private root directories pointing to the same directory on your USB storage device. If connecting to the FTP server from the local network the FTP client software should be pointed to the Belkin router's IP address (the default address is If the FTP server is configured for WAN access, the FTP client software (via the Internet) should point to your WAN IP address. Note: The WAN/Internet IP address may be assigned to your broadband provider's modem/router. If the Belkin router is attached to an upstream router, you may need to configure the upstream router to forward port 21 (FTP port) to the Belkin router.

Attached are some screen captures that show a sample FTP Sever configuration on my Belkin N300 F7D7301 router that works both internally on my local LAN, and from the WAN (Internet). Note: due to my broadband configuration I have disabled the DHCP server on my Belkin router, enabled Use WAN port for LAN on the Belkin router, and have configured my broadband provider's router to forward port 21 to the Belkin router. I did not have to configure port forwarding on the Belkin router. In this sample configuration the USB storage device is called "KODAK". You'll note that I have the Public Root Directory pointing to "/tmp/mnt/KODAK/public/", while the Private Root Directory is pointing to "/tmp/mnt/KODAK/". Note: when using User Accounts, you can point them into specific folders off the Public Root Directory by specifying that directory in the User Account Root Directory field for that user. Or if you set a User Account Access to Private, they will be pointed into the folder (if one has been created) named after the User Name for that account in the Private Root Directory.
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Quote from avani733 View Post :
look but not working i did same you..
More information is needed. Are you trying to connect on your local LAN, or via the internet to your WAN side of your router? If the local network side are you using the IP address of the router in your client FTP program? If the WAN side you will need to use your WAN IP address, and if another router is upstream of the FTP Server you will also need to open up port 21 and point it to the Belkin router (which is running the FTP Server). What error does your FTP client give when trying to access the router's FTP server? Some FTP clients like Filezilla Client [] may provide some additional information when it cannot connect which can help troubleshoot the settings.
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when i connect home computer i can access FTP server but my friend home nothing....
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Quote from avani733 View Post :
when i connect home computer i can access FTP server but my friend home nothing....
You probably need to specify passive mode. Most FTP clients use active mode by default (I think IE might be an exception), which means that once you establish the command channel to your FTP server, the server will attempt to connect BACK to your FTP client for the data channel, which is most likely blocked by your friend's firewall. Passive mode means the FTP client will instead establish BOTH the command and data channels outbound, avoiding this problem.
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do i need forward port
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Quote from avani733 View Post :
do i need forward port
Well yes, I was assuming you did at least that much.
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Sorry to bump an old thread, but for everyone that got in on this deal, I want to share a couple of tutorials that will make this router even a better deal.

Thanks OP!

[Tutorial] Apple AirPlay on TomatoUSB Router []

In this blog posting, I'm going to show you how to setup Apple AirPlay on a router running TomatoUSB firmware. This will allow you to stream music from your iOS device or iTunes to speakers plugged into your router over your wireless network.

[Tutorial - 30 Minutes or Less] Site to Site VPN with TomatoUSB and OpenVPN []

The intent of the tutorial is to provide you with the quickest and least painful step-by-step process for setting up a secure, yet simple Site to Site VPN between two locations, allowing resources to be accessed and shared from both locations.
Client to Site VPN can also easily be added.

All under 30 minutes!

Video Proof!
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