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Laid off Unemployment in Texas Going back to school

allison77090 14 March 31, 2012 at 12:38 AM

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I am a divorced single mom to an 11 yr old kiddo. I am going to try to make this as easy as possible. I have worked for 2 companies for the last 12 years, however, I only work a 40 hour week (companies are in the same location with the same person owning both). Company A I receive a W2-Salary 30K a year. Company B I receive W2 10K year and Company B I also receive 1099 20K contract pay per year.

Well I just found out Company A is going to be closing April 15th forever. The company can't afford to keep paying their staff so the owner has decided to let it fold. This will mean that half of my income is gone right off of the bat.

I know that if I stay with Company B and continue making 30K a year, I can't live on that amount.

People have told me to file unemployment for Company A. (I know I can't get unemployment for Company B 1099/Contract pay nor the W2 because I wasn't laid off from this company. However, I do know I can't file for unemployment if I am employed at the other company. Correct? Someone suggested that I quit company B the day before (April 14) the last day of company A (which is April 15). If I do file unemployment for Company A, I have a small feeling that the owner of the 2 companies will fight me. Can you really fight a company that is closed for business for unemployment? Is that even possible. The owner has always fought everyone that was let go for employment. He usually wins.

I have thought about going back to school if I know I could get unemployment. I have never taken unemployment so I have no idea how it works just yet. A friend told me that if I could get unemployment, go apply for grants at the local college, that there is a good chance that I could collect more $ in grants than would be needed to actually pay for the tuition and books. I could use that to help supplement my unemployment. Perhaps take out school loans to help even more.

Does anyone know anything about Texas unemployment, how it works, etc? I am completely confused on what to do. Any help would be great!



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Have you checked out your state's unemployment website? It might answer some of your questions. I can't help since it seems that my state does things differently.
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A couple of issues.

Quitting job B at the same time as losing Job A may only get you unemployment for a portion of job A, so you're cutting your income greatly. You would be better off getting unemployment for your lost wages from job A, and continuing to work at job B. You do not get unemployment from a job you quit.

Many states only let you attend school if you are still actively looking for a job, and will immediately quit school to take a job.

He can go ahead and fight unemployment all he wants, he's going under, he's not likely to win. You're being laid off, not fired, and even if he "fires" you, he needs a justifiable reason to decline unemployment. If you can, keep an email or something that says he's letting people go because the business is folding. I really doubt it's going to be an issue arguing why you were let go.
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I was on Texas unemployment and went to school. You have to actively seek a job, and just say that school wouldn't interfere with you getting a full time job. I was taking night classes so that wasn't a problem at all. I don't fully understand your logic quitting job B though. Texas unemployment is probably only going to provide you half of your salary for job A. I wouldn't count on grants to help much, and I believe there's new changes to student loans coming in that don't allow any public loans towards post bachelor education.
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I thought you couldn't apply for unemployment if you are employed. If I could stay on and perhaps work half (which I think my boss would let me) and just work 2 1/2 days a week, and get unemployment and go back to school, I think I could def. do it. I just thought if you are employed, you cant file unemployment if you are working period.
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Still confused
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Quote from Shellac View Post :
Have you checked out your state's unemployment website? It might answer some of your questions. I can't help since it seems that my state does things differently.
Quote from allison77090 View Post :
Still confused

Have you done what Shellac suggested? If so and you are still confused call the Texas Workforce Commission tomorrow and ask them your questions.

Tele-Center Phone Number and Hours
To speak with a customer service representative, call an unemployment benefits Tele-Center at 800-939-6631. Business hours are Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Central Time.
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How are you both an employee and a contractor at Company B? It's one or the other...sounds like Company B owes you some money.
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Quote from Serus View Post :
. You do not get unemployment from a job you quit.


In some states you do. In my state, for example, if you a quit a job and are laid off or fired from a job later you can make a claim on both. So if you haven't worked long enough at the second job to qualify you can combine time worked at the job you quit to create a claim. Things can differ a lot by state. I notice on the Texas site you can get unemployment from a part time job, in my state it's from full time work only.
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I guess underemployment is out as well... I would do as the others have said, and call the Workforce Commission and ask them ( to cover yourself and document EVERYTHING- Names, times etc )

Hope that helps...
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Your max benefit in TX is around $22k gross. You'd take off federal taxes from that. So you will still make more on the other job. Can you live on $22k gross? I think your plan would work to be able to collect. You will not get unemployment from both jobs though. You also may not get the max $22k. Unemployment also does not last forever either.
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In some states like New Jersey, if you made enough to qualify for the max and become completely unemployed then you will get the max. If you however, are reduced to part time work or take a part time job while collecting unemployment, the max benefit that you qualify for goes up (about $100 per week) and they deduct whatever your gross was under the max benefit and give you the difference. Ex...if the max for a part time worker is $750 a week. Your gross is $650 a week working part time, you will collect the $100 to bring you to the max benefit.
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Continuing employment at Company B nulls your eligibility to receive aid from the Texas Workforce Commission. However, you cannot simply quit Company B because you would be dismissing yourself. This can also be defined as "voluntary termination." Company A is closing on terms that are not your own. I wouldn't know the details about unemployment compensation but I wouldn't believe that they would cut you a bi-weekly check for the full amount you were receiving at Company A. My suggestion is that you begin searching for something to supplement the incoming you will be losing.
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If you decide to go to school while you're unemployed, you may be eligible for the WIA grant, depending on what program of study you choose and the industry from which you're being laid off.

Dislocation is determined differently for this program than for UI, and even if you're not eligible for unemployment benefits, you may be eligible for this grant.
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Quote from PiratesSayARRR View Post :
How are you both an employee and a contractor at Company B? It's one or the other...sounds like Company B owes you some money.
Still never got my answer to this question.
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