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Official Diablo 3 Thread - May15th Release

Bareborn 443 April 2, 2012 at 10:23 AM

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So figured we have multiple D3 thread running around, lets make an official thread Smilie

Diablo 3 Game information []

I'm really excited and will be getting on day one. Hopefully my computer can handle it alright.

Lets see who else is interested

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Last Edited by mudkiller July 6, 2012 at 08:48 PM
List in here if you plan on getting on or near release date and any pre-order deal you've found:

$49.99 at Microcenter

I pre-ordered from Amazon with free release date shipping - Standard edition or CE
*expired* mastercard $100 promo + amazon xmas $100 promo = $20 off CE + filler. I had another promo from my kindle so got the game for $69 + tax!

GUEST PASSES: Delete once used

Post your battlenet tag here.
To add friends:
1. log into the game
2. in the lower left, click social icon
3. click add friend
4. type in their email address OR their battletag.
5. submit

Note that you battletag is listed on the add friend page or in your bnet account area online

to add the wikie you need to add "|" (shift \ ) before each cell entry and at the end of the table line, then move "/table" to after your entry

 LunarXtC LunarXtC#1463 Wizard/Monk 
 johny3 randallflagg#1522 monk but will play all - leveling wizard now 
 Foreverzero Porsche#1773  
Bareborn Bareborn #1295 Barbarian/Demon Hunter/Monk one of those 3 i'll main  
ChrisUSC chrisUSC#1845 All 
Curtieson Curtieson#1406 Weiner Hunter, or whatever catches my eye 
Homer2324 wizard (mostly likely)/witch doctor  
DaddioDan DaddioDan#1953 Whatever is closest to Druid of D2 (witchdoctor)  
rr3nzzz barbarian  
Demonhunter189 Tillawen#1836 All  
MageVortex MageVortex#1173 All - gonna make a hardcore once i ihave a good idea of what i'm doing!  
timmaahh236 timmaahh236#1858  
 Jabbit Jabbit#1579 Barbarian 
 V0RT3X V0RT3X#1240 Monk, Wizard
  brendo927 brendo927#1847 Monk, Wizard 
  Feramors feramors#1177 Anything! Sc/HC  
  Phrozt phrozt#1925 Wizard for now  
 trima trima#1130 All  
  Nineline Trips#1777 Monk 
  Aridneptune Aridneptune#1570 Wizard (lvl 31 right now)  

People who WANT a guest pass
MageVortex - Thank you Waxed! hug
ranjith_hrz -- Thanks MageVortex

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I'm excited for the release myself. I'll probably start with a barb just like my first character back in diablo 3. Wish I could get in the beta to try out the barb and wizard though.
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Original Poster
I figure I'll probably have a lvl 10-20 of every class before long to see what I really want to max.

Anybody compare how long it took to max your champ out in D2? Curious how long lvl 60 should take
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I still am not able to decide what to play in this game. Very exciting, I am kind of disappointed regarding them taking out the PVP on release though.... I mean.. they already took this long, and still not done..
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glad u made the official thread, bare. i was too lazy lol.

i am working on release day so will likely not have it in my possession although it will be at the house (I work 24 hrs that day).

I will likely get each character to 20 to max out storage and get the blacksmith up and then advance with monk first unless my gear suggests otherwise.

from my experience with the beta, sharing gear early in the game makes getting to lvl 13ish (when the beta ends) VERY easy. so it is a good idea to do this a number of times to open up your stash and advance your blacksmith.

Also, I will add a section for battletags so we can add each other

made the table pretty Smilie
Last edited by johny3 April 4, 2012 at 07:28 PM
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CE regular price on amazon and available right now
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Joined Feb 2008
L10: Grand Master
443 Reputation
Original Poster
Thanks for helping with the table Johny
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Quote from Bareborn View Post :
Thanks for helping with the table Johny
my pleasure Wink
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ready and waiting
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Looking forward to this. Got to play the beta for a bit at my friends place. Mostly interested in the barbarian and monk because I'm more of a melee guy but I had some fun with the wizard too.
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The beta is fun. I am going to purchase the game once I get my gaming comp set up.
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guys I have been a clan full of current and ex-military, though I am not one, for 6 months now. Good group of people. Anyway, we are looking for mature players who like to have fun. The Diablo 3 part of the clan should be quite chill. I am in the 360 group now and have fun with them.
Anyway, if you are interested just go to and sign up. After you are approved mention that Centurion xVIIx and xrandallxflagg sent you for future nomad legion, diablo 3.
If you are not interested, no worries.
Last edited by johny3 April 9, 2012 at 05:12 PM
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I have not been able to play the Beta, just one of those unlucky people. However, for most of the friends that played beta said the game wasn't that much content and didn't seen that great. Nevertheless, they and I are still purchasing it haha... Hopefully they can have the PVP out fast or I would be bored. =/
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this is really a noob question and i'm not really up to date with the computer hardware stuff but can my macbook ( i know Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)) handle d3? its a core 2 duo model 4gb of ram and nvidia 9400 video card.
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