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RETIRED: Official Kohl's & More Deal & Chat Thread

wikipost May 28, 2008 at 12:17 AM
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Last Edited by kasty December 2, 2013 at 06:55 PM
Welcome to the Kohl's (& more!) thread. Come for the deals, stay for the friendships. Grouphug

By posting in this thread, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Service, the Slickdeals Rules, Rules for Posting, and the specific rules for this thread. Please read the Tutorials and FAQ below to help answer any questions.

This WIKI was created to list discount codes. Please do not list individual items here.


Non Kohl's Charge:
CYBERSAVE 20% off valid now through 12/4
ROCKSAVE 15% off valid now through 12/1
BLACKFRI 15% off valid now through 12/1

Kohl's Charge Only:
20FORU 20% off valid now through 12/9

Department Specific: (no Kohl's Charge required) - stacks with any total % off code
SLIPPER15 15% off Dearfoams and Isotoner Slippers for Her valid now through 12/07

Not Yet Active Codes:
DECPYD 20% off valid 12/2 through 12/9
GIFTING20 20% off valid 12/5 through 12/9
GIFTING25 25% off $100+ valid 12/5 through 12/9
CANDYCANE20 20% off valid 12/5 through 12/9
CANDYCANE25 25% off $100+ valid 12/5 through 12/9

Note: total purchase percent-off coupon codes do not stack

Free Shipping Promotions
NO CODE REQ'D FS no minimum purchase now through 12/4
*after all total % off discounts and Kohl's Cash deductions are applied

NOTE: All Kohl's B&Ms now have Kiosks where you can order items as if you were at All orders will ship FREE to destination of your choice. See kiosk section detailed below. Items that require a shipping surcharge cannot have it bypassed for FS as the surcharge is set by the item's vendor due to size/weight.

Current In-Store Coupons (Non-Kohl's Charge):
20% off In-Store valid now through 1/31(In-Store pass []) (YMMV ~kasty)
$5 off $25 In-Store valid now through 12/4 (In-Store pass [])
Not Yet Active :
20-25% off In-Store valid 12/5 through 12/9 In-Store Pass []

Savings Tip: Percentage off Transaction Coupons, can be stacked with Dollar Off Coupons, to save even more.)

KOHLS CASH - Details from []

Current/Future Kohl's Cash Events
  10/17 10/23 10/24 11/3
  10/29 11/3 11/4 11/13
  11/8 11/16 11/17 11/27  
  11/26 12/1 12/2 12/9 <-- CURRENTLY REDEEMING - $15 FOR EVERY $50
  12/5 12/9 12/10 12/18  

Kohl's Cash Redemption Notes:
  • Expired Kohl's Cash may be accepted at B&Ms as long as there is still value on it. YMMV.
  • Orders where Kohl's Cash is being redeemed must be placed prior to 11:59PM CT (9:59PM PT, 10:59PM MT, 12:59AM ET)
  • Orders where Kohl's Cash is being earned, orders must be placed after 12:01 AM CT. To confirm, the KC banner will be on the front page and it will say you earned KC in your order confirmation.

Check Balance of Gift card and Kohl's Cash []

Kohl's Contact Information - (866) 887-8884 - 7am-10pm CT M-Sa/9am-10pm CT Su

Kohl's Clearance link

Clearance Link []

KOHL'S Rebates

Kohl's Rebate Page [] Thanks to Cheers
Rebate Status Checker [] (Try this one first)
KOHLS Rebate Status Checker


$5 off in store purchase emailed to you when you sign up for email alerts here []
takes a few hours to a few days to receive the in store Q, and you have to print the email with the barcode and PIN to use.

Link to a Post that will help you with $5 Q's you receive from others in a PM

LINK to Kohls Product Review Thread

LINK to Original Cookware Deals



  • You can tell the difference between a clearance and sale item on by looking at the price. Sale items use the term "Sale", and clearance items use the term "Now"
    • A sale item will say "Sale: $5.00" (for example).
    • A clearance item will say "Now: $5.00" (for example).
  • Clearance items are either 60%, 70%, 80% or 90%.
  • Sale items are public.
  • Clearance items are either public or hidden.

A PRD is the 5 or 6 digit number in the URL, unique to each product (basically an item number). There are two types: Regular and Catalog. Below is an example of each (in red):
  • Regular - (0-6 digits, from 10000-757400 and counting)
  • Catalog - (0-5 digits, from 1000-16000 and counting- note the "c" before the number)

BIS: Back in stock
SIS: Still in stock
OOS: Out of stock


A hidden item is a clearance item that exists on the website, but is not found on the public side of the site (where you'd normally find their products). A clearance item usually becomes "hidden" when it has sold out on the website, and a few come back into stock due to customer returns, etc. Although it comes back into stock, it's not re-listed publicly. There tends to be only one or a few of each item at any given time, and you'll see it typically go OOS immediately. Often, you'll see hidden items going in and out of stock several times. A hidden item is discovered by searching PRDs.


The simplest way to do it is by changing the PRD number in the URL. Change the PRD to a different number (up to 5 or 6 digits) and hope for the best. While you will find many "The product or page you tried to access cannot be found." pages, you will eventually find items to share!


"SCT" is the acronym for "Saved Cart Trick" and refers to deals that actually lower in price simply by signing out of your cart, then back in. Note: This only works for certain items, so don't be discouraged if this method doesn't work for you.

To find SCT deals, you'll need to do the following on

1. Log into your account.
2. Add the desired item(s) to your cart/bag.
3. Log out of your account. You will be asked if you'd like to save your bag. Make sure to save your bag! (Alternately, you can save your bag while in your cart, then sign out).
4. Log back into your account.
5. Check your cart/bag. If it's an SCT deal, it will now be at a lower price.

Note: The SCT deals will show up a few different ways. Click here to see a screenshot of the different ways an SCT deal may appear.


As of early fall 2010, Kohl's Cash is now accepted for online purchases at Limit 4 unique Kohl's Cash redeemed per transaction. The option will only show during valid redemption dates. Kohl's Cash will deduct before total % off purchase discounts. As with % off codes, Kohl's Cash will lower your total, and may affect your purchase qualifying for a free shipping offer.

When earning Kohl's Cash via, if your purchase is within $2 of a $50 increment ($48, $98, and so on) after all discounts and before tax, you should get KC. (As of 12/19/11, a total of $98 only earned $10 - must need to be $98.01 or higher).

Details on Kohl's Cash []

The fine print from Kohls:
Kohl’s Cash is not legal tender. No cash back. Customer will receive a $10 Kohl's Cash® Coupon for the first $50 in purchases. An additional $10 in value will be added to the coupon for each additional $50 spent in that single transaction. Kohl’s Cash® Coupon is earned on the amount of customer purchases after all applicable discounts are applied and before tax is imposed. Eligible customer purchases include sale-, regular- and clearance-priced merchandise, but exclude the purchase of Gift Cards. Offer may be redeemed with any other offer, but cannot be redeemed for cash. Kohl’s Cash® will be applied prior to percent-off total purchase discounts. Kohl's Cash® Coupon may not be redeemed (1) to purchase Kohl's Cares® cause merchandise or other charitable items; (2) to reduce customer’s Kohl's Charge or any third party charge account balance; (3) as price adjustments on prior purchases; or (4) to purchase Gift Cards. If merchandise purchased earning a Kohl’s Cash® Coupon is subsequently returned or price adjusted, the value of the Kohl’s Cash® Coupon previously earned and/or the amount of the merchandise refund may be reduced to reflect any unearned value. Return value of merchandise purchased with a Kohl’s Cash® Coupon may also be subject to adjustment. Offer is not transferable.


Please read through the new policy and if you still have questions, post in the thread. This is as accurate as possible, ask the CSR to fully explain your options.

There are three return periods when dealing with items that earned KC when purchased: EARNING, REDEMPTION, POST REDEMPTION.

EARNING: Nothing has changed from the previous policy. Returns made on purchases that earned KC will lose $10 KC for every $50 (pre-tax) increment dropped (i.e: $155 purchase pre-tax, returning $20 item will lose $10 KC from $30 total KC as the total is dropping below $150). Keep in mind that it's possible to combine receipts in-store.

REDEMPTION: There are three situations under the REDEMPTION period: Returning items/Kohl's Cash NOT USED, Returning items/Kohl's Cash PARTIALLY USED, and Returning items/Kohl's Cash USED.
NEW POLICY CHANGE: The option to take a store credit for full refund value to keep KC value is no longer an option.
  • Returning items/Kohl's Cash NOT USED: There are two options, full refund and KC. A full refund will result in your KC losing $10 KC for every $50 (pre-tax) increment unearned (i.e: $155 purchase pre-tax, returning $20 item will lose $10 KC from $30 total KC as the total is dropping below $150). The refund can then be processed out to original tender used or issued as store credit. The KC option will allow you to retain the KC value being lost by the return, however the KC amount being lost will be deducted from your refund. The refund can then be processed out to original tender used or issued as store credit.
    NEW POLICY CHANGE: The option to take a store credit for full refund value to keep KC value is no longer an option.
  • Returning items/Kohl's Cash PARTIALLY USED: There are two options, refund or KC. Refund will have spent portion of the KC subtracted and the remainder cancelled (i.e: $55 purchase pre-tax, $10 KC earned and $5 spent. Returning $15 item drops below $50 increment, $5 subtracted from refund for $10 back and $5 remaining on KC is cancelled). KC will deduct the full KC amount from refund allowing the remaining KC to still be valid (i.e: $55 purchase pre-tax, $10 KC earned and $5 spent. Returning $20 item drops below $50 increment, $5 subtracted for spent portion, $5 remaining subtracted, refund is $10, KC is still $5). The refund can then be processed out to original tender used or issued as store credit.
  • Returning items/Kohl's Cash USED: There is only one option, a refund with the according KC value spent subtracted, $10 subtracted for every $50 increment unearned. The value of the KC being deducted is in whatever item(s) you spent your KC on. The refund can then be processed out to original tender used or issued as store credit.
    NEW POLICY CHANGE: The option to take a store credit and not lose value on return is no longer an option.
POST-REDEMPTION: Mostly the same as during Redemption where KC is USED/PARTIALLY USED, without the option of keeping KC since the spending period has ended.
  • Returning items/Kohl's Cash USED/PARTIALLY USED: There is only one option, a refund with the according KC value spent subtracted, $10 subtracted for every $50 increment unearned. Partially used KC will just subtract the value spent. The value of the KC being deducted is in whatever item(s) you spent your KC on. The refund can then be processed out to original tender used or issued as store credit.
    NEW POLICY CHANGE: The option to take a store credit and not lose value on return is no longer an option.
If you return items purchased with Kohl's Cash (applied on your purchase as KC redeemed), that KC amount will be placed on a store credit and the rest refunded as paid for.

If you use KC and it was redeemed during the valid dates, every printed B&M receipt has this message at the bottom:



Kohl's presently does not have a time limit on returns. As long as you still have your packing slip and/or your receipt, you can make returns any time (a print out of your order confirmation works as well). If you have lost your packing slip and/or receipt they can usually do a receipt look-up by scanning your method of payment and the item you are trying to return. This will not work though if the item you are trying to return has been yellow-tagged in the past, and is now no longer showing up in their system. In that case, you can do a no-receipt return, which Kohl's allows up to 3 times a year per customer. For large no-receipt amounts, they will send you a corporate check in the mail. Items purchased online at can be returned to a Kohls store at any time. Take your receipt to speed up the process. Shipping fees and surcharges are not refundable (unless your item was delivered damaged).


Kohl's policy is not to do price adjustments on clearance items. The best option available to you is to rebuy the item at the lower price, and then to return the item with the higher priced receipt to the store.
Sale items that drop in price within two weeks of sale date are eligible for price adjustments. However if you did get a % off on the original purchase, you may not get the discount again.


There are several options available to you. The obvious is to make a payment which will be reflected immediately as long as you make it by 3:00pm. Make sure you change the date online when you make the payment to 'today'. Another option is to make some returns, thereby freeing up some space again.


No. At this time Kohl's does not offer an in-store pickup option for purchases made at Items purchased online must be shipped to your home etc. There are periodic promotions the offer reduced shipping fees. Recently, Kohl's stopped free shipping promotions. The only way to receive free shipping no minimum purchase is to order via an in-store kiosk.


Check4Change (aka C4C) is a simple extension that allows you to periodically check a web-page for updates when you use FireFox. If set correctly, it will alert you when an item you are monitoring gets back in stock.
Google check 4 change for installation instructions.


use this link [] .. Under 'refine matches: by department' click 'more departments'. You will now see the 'clearance' department with the number of clearance items listed behind it. Kohl's usually updates around 12:00am EST, and when they do you will see a change in this number. Click on 'clearance' to see a full list of all clearance items.

  • Click the START button on your computer (lower left)
  • Click RUN
  • Type in "ping"
  • Hit ok

To see items in stock when you don't see it but others can, replace the with one of the following string of numbers. Keep the rest of the url as-is:


Usually you get coupons in the mail and/or email monthly - they are at random times with no set schedule. 15-30% off usually cycles every 20 days. Kohl's cash usually once every month. You do have to use your Kohl's charge. If you are a MVC customer (i.e. if you spent at least $600 on your Kohl's card in the last year), then you will get 6 additional 15% off coupons per year. You can use these ones on a day of your choosing, within a limited time window.


Usually not, but sometimes they can if one of the discounts is an additional percent off for specific items. For example, if you have a general percent-off code and Kohl's offers an additional discount for a specific type of item, like 20% off for Athletic Shoes. Another recent stackable code was the additional percentage off for Women's and Junior's Plus sizes.


The Kiosk is a new interactive touch-screen system in stores, usually located by Customer Service, to order anything in-stock via It is useful for finding sizes/colors/styles that your B&M may not have in-stock or ordering anything from the website to get free shipping, as free shipping codes do not come up very often anymore. You can also printout Gift Registries from the Kiosk as well.

Some general information when using the kiosk:
  • You must have an email address (so they can send order/shipping confirmations and KC, if earned)
  • Kohl's Charge/Credit Cards/Merchandise Credit/Gift Cards are accepted (if you only have cash, figure out the total cost and buy a gift card for the exact amount)
  • Kohl's Chargeholders using Express Checkout will have billing/shipping info automatically filled out with account information (will prompt for last 4 digits of SSN for security)
  • Promo codes are accepted (limit 2). The Free Shipping code is not needed (only in some rare cases, ask a CSR for help)
  • Kohl's Cash is accepted during redemption dates (limit 4)
  • You cannot log into your account from the kiosk
  • You cannot access SCTs from the kisok
  • Scan an item's barcode to pull up that item on the kiosk and see all available sizes and colors

Mini-Tech Support Help

Having Trouble Checking out?

Try Clearing Cookies in your Internet Browser

How to instructions for Internet Explorer

How to instructions for Firefox

How to instructions for Google Chrome

Once completed, go back to [] and clear your shopping cart. Re-add the Items and try to checkout again.

And if that doesn't work.. Frown

Download & Install a different Web Browser.

If your currently using Internet Explorer, try downloading Mozilla Firefox, and shopping through it instead, or if your already using Firefox, try Chrome.

Download Links (Virus Free)

Firefox []

Google Chrome []


The easiest way to see if someone else already has posted an item you are ready to post is to click on "search this thread" (upper right corner on your screen), and then put just the PRD # in the search box. If the results show other posts/replies, then it is a repost.

These threads retire often, and new ones begin in their place. You can see if the item's ever been posted on SD by entering the PRD in the keyword search box (above the "Quick Links" and "Log Out" links in the upper right hand corner of your screen).

  • We typically share the higher savings deals (such as 80% and 90%) because the items will increase to 80%-90% off if they don't sell at 60%/70%.
  • Of course, if you think a deal is great, you're welcome to share it!
  • Before giving reputation points, read the rules below concerning reputation abuse.
  • Click on the little number next to the colored block on the person you want to rep
  • A little pop-up window will come up, fill it in with whatever you would like to say
  • Click 'add to reputation'
  • Done!
  • You can give 10 reps in a 24 hour period, which is revolving.
  • Your reps start counting after you have made 50 posts
  • You have to rep 5 other people before you can rep the same person again
  • The reps you give count as follows:
    • Your reps start at 1 point (after 50 posts)
    • You get an additional point once you get to 500 reps
    • You get an additional point once you get 1000 reps
    • You get an additional point once you make 10,000 posts
    • You get an additional point for every year you're an SD member
    • The most rep points you can have is 4
  • Click on USER CP on the top left corner of your SD window.
  • In the chat window's toolbar, click on the paperclip icon.
  • In the popup that appears, either Upload a file from your computer, or from a URL and click Upload.
  • Close the popup
  • Back in the chat window, position your cursor where you want to insert the image in your message.
  • Click on the paperclip icon again, and select the attachment you just uploaded.
  • The image should now appear where you want in your reply.
Note: If you don't click the paperclip icon the second time, your image will still appear at the bottom of your reply as an attachment, as long as it was uploaded successfully.

This post can be edited by most users to provide up-to-date information about developments of this thread based on user responses, and user findings. Feel free to add, change or remove information shown here as it becomes available. This includes new coupons, rebates, ideas, thread summary, and similar items.

Once a Thread Wiki is added to a thread, "Create Wiki" button will disappear. If you would like to learn more about Thread Wiki feature, click here.
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Dear participants of the Kohls deals thread

In the light of recent events most of you are well aware of, we would like to remind you about some of our policies, and set a few expectations moving forward with the combined Kohls deals thread. is meant to be a friendly community to share deals and allow everyone to get in on some of the best bargains on the internet and in brick & mortar stores. It's not an exclusive deal site, and never will be, and as such, every member should be welcome, regardless of their join date, rep count, or level of expertise in bargain shopping.

Being a good size community, there will always be some tension present, and it's important to understand that dealing with such tension needs to be left to moderators, and not individual members. As much as we like to leave the things open to members' consideration, it is clear that certain issues can get out of control quickly, and should not be permitted to happen.

On the issue of having deals "reposted" in other forums, please keep in mind the following:
  1. There is no sure way to either prove or disprove that deals were or weren't taken from an organized Kohls thread and posted elsewhere on Speculating about it won't do anyone any good Smilie.
  2. There are many other deal sites which take deals from here, and many deals are taken from there to here as well. There is also such thing as users stumbling into a good deal/deals on their own.
  3. Based on the above 2, modalerting individual deal posts buried in a big old thread as reposts will in most cases not be merged either
  4. Remember, that just because you disagree with something doesn't mean it's a violation of rules, or will be addressed by an action from a moderator
  5. Do not gang up on a deal just because it's been posted in the large thread and also posted elsewhere. This may result in warnings, and removal of your voting and reputation privileges.
  6. Do not gang up to modalert a person and request them to be banned. Moderators have seen many things in their experience, and this isn't one that will play to your advantage, quite the opposite actually
  7. Do not publicly accuse others of having multiple accounts without concrete proof. Assumptions are not proof. If you believe there is a duplicate account, let us know via modalert, we will verify that and take an appropriate action (or inaction)
  8. Play nice with everyone, and remember, there are many members on this board that are affected by your actions, not just you - keep that in mind Smilie
  9. Respect everyone, including the moderators, and people will respect you in return
  10. Last but not least, do not fight each other, whether publicly or in private. There isn't much to be gained from that for anyone, except for maybe warning points.
And of course, remember, if you have an issue or a question that needs a moderator to address it, send one of us a private message. List of moderators is available here.

We would like to start a new Kohls thread, call it a "clean slate", and see how it goes from there on.

This new thread has:
  1. Enabled reputation
  2. Enable post count
  3. Neutral party (yours truly) as the OP
As a general forum rules reminder, make sure you take a careful look at the reputation guide and familiarize yourself with the rep trading. No, reputations points don't cost anything, and don't have any value besides sentimental, but abusing reputation will lead to it being disabled for your account Smilie. We do not warn for reputation-related issues often, but we will if we have to.

Also, remember, that you can view resolutions of your modalerts (with comments, if applicable) by clicking this link in case you are wondering what really happened to the issue you alerted us with your modalert.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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At the conclusion of the previous thread, we decided to do the following:

1. New thread with wikipost as the OP. If you need more wiki's let us know and we'll clone another from our bot factory.

2. Appoint a few people to update the first wikipost so that the mod team knows who has more "voice" in case of disputes on the first wikipost edits.

3. If there is a 2nd/3rd/4th wikipost for deals or what not, the group needs to decide what format and information it will contain. Everyone can work as a group to update it. It will be a group decision.

4. If you see that the Kohl's deal that is posted in Hot Deals and it is already posted in the Koh'sl thread, feel free to mod alert it with a link to the post in the Kohl's thread and we'll add a thank you message and a link to the post.

5. If the deal is literally swiped from the Kohl's thread, mod alert it and we'll put the same thank you note & link. We'll let them go if it's the first time. If they continue to do it a 2nd time, we'll warn the person. If it happens 3 times within a month, they'll be prohibited from posting Kohls deals. Feel free to embed your username into the Kohl's links if you think it is necessary.

6. If a person posts a deal in Hot Deals that they find themselves but is already posted in the Kohl's thread, we will not merge it especially if there is a lot of activity in the thread. It is not considered a repost.

7. Please do not accuse people of swiping the deals publicly. Only the mods can make the final determination.

8. Off topic posts are allowed as long as there is a Kohl's deal posted every 100 posts or so.

9. If you find a deal that is exceptional, it is fine to tell fellow Kohlies about it. At minimum link to the deal thread so that discussion can continue there and tell why you're posting it here.

Lastly, please leave all animosity behind. Do not argue about the past or we'll hand out warnings. If there are any previous information or posts you'd like me to move here, send me a pm.
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The Rules
1. NO FIGHTING - I can not stress this enough. There have been far too many instances of fighting since we have cleaned this thread up. So this is what we are going to do in this thread. From now on ALL posts involved in an argument/fight will receive warning points. The points will be assigned as follows:
1st offense - 1pt personal attack warning
2nd offense - 3pt trolling warning
3rd offense - 3pt trolling warning
4th offense - 3pt trolling warning resulting in a seven day ban

If after your return from your ban you continue to fight/argue with other users, or if a duplicate account is made by you during your ban, we may elect to ban you permanently.

These warnings will be issued on a per post basis, not a per fight basis. So if you post four times in a single fight, you will receive a seven day ban. So, how do you avoid this? First of all, do not participate in any fighting!! If you are antagonized into a fight, simply use the mod alert feature to bring the post to our attention, and do not respond to the post.

Secondly, put the individual on your ignore list. There are two ways to do this. One, click on usercp and scroll to the bottom, and select Buddy / Ignore Lists on the bottom left. Add the username to the appropriate list and click "Save List".

Alternatively, you can click on the user's profile for the person you wish to ignore, and on the far right, click on Add to Ignore List.

When it comes to fighting, I don't care 'who started it' or what they said, ALL participants will receive warning points in the above fashion.
2. The reputation abuse will stop. When you signed up for your accounts, you agreed to our terms of service. This includes agreeing to follow the forum rules. The rules for reputation abuse state the following:
Accumulating reputation points

Every user starts with 10 reputation points. You can give other users rep points if you feel that the post has been helpful. Reputation points can only be given in the deal, freebie or help forums. The best way to accumulate rep points is by posting a good deal.

You can view the last 5 reputation points you have received in your usercp. The ones with green boxes count towards your score, while the gray ones are not. The points that count usually come from seasoned users.

If you have less then 50 posts you can rep others but it will not count towards their reputation points. Instead of showing up green under their user CP function, it will be grey.

Negative rep points are not allowed due to abuse but certain privileged users are able to give negative rep.

Regarding reputation abuse

Rep points are a way of saying thank you, gain a rank and maybe get recognition. There's no tangible value for reps and never will be. However, it is a metric that can be used to determine how helpful the user is to the community. Thusly, to keep the reputation points meaningful, we have general guidelines on how how reps should be handed out. The premise is, if it is used as a form of "thank you" for a user who did something helpful to the community, it's ok.

The following kinds of comments/usage are generally not allowed:
• "Give me rep!"
• "I'll rep you, you rep me"
• "User XYZ is almost bold"
• "Let's make User XYZ bold"
• "Let's get User XYZ to X number of reps"
Threads/post where the user offers rep points for help or favors (not disguised as trading or trivial questions) are ok. However, rep points given for contests/games or trading for value items are not allowed since it doesn't follow the "thank you" premise. Examples:
• "Answer 1+1 and get rep from me" not allowed
• "Do something trivial and get rep" not allowed
• "Beat me in game XYZ, get rep" not allowed
• "Help me find a deal on X, get rep" ok
• "Help me find a rebate form, will rep" ok
Remember, moderators can and do read your reputation comments, and comments left to you by other users. Since reputation abuse has been so rampant in the Kohl's threads lately, we will be actively searching for reputation abuse. We will deal with abuse in multiple ways.
1. We may elect to dock your reputation point count, and/or
2. We may elect to issue you a reputation abuse warning, and/or
3. We may elect to disable your reputation privileges
3. You agree to follow all other rules as posted in the header of this thread and in our terms of service.
We may elect to add additional rules from time to time to cover issues that may come up in the future.
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here's the link to your last thread, which is now retired
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1st!!! Smilie
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819 pages on the old thread and about to burst at the seams laugh out loud

Thanks for getting us to a new thead serra Smilie

in HD - cheap vitamins & free flip flops
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Quote from Cheers View Post :
819 pages on the old thread and about to burst at the seams laugh out loud

Thanks for getting us to a new thead serra Smilie

in HD - cheap vitamins & free flip flops
Flip flops are here:
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Quote from Cheers View Post :
819 pages on the old thread and about to burst at the seams laugh out loud

Thanks for getting us to a new thead serra Smilie

in HD - cheap vitamins & free flip flops
thanks, I used the vitamins deal to get a 16 oz bottle of organic olive oil for $1 Whee
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I forgot
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BIS, under $60 AC. OP is Missie, though not nearly as cheap as before.

Sonicare® FlexCare Rechargeable Toothbrush []
now $84.99
regular $169.99

Oral-B Pro-Health Dual Clean Electric Toothbrush []
sale $8.99
regular $17.99

Oral-B Pro-Health Precision Clean Electric Toothbrush []
sale $8.99
regular $17.99
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I forgot
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Norelco SensoTouch 1160X Razor []
sale $89.99
regular $169.99
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good deed here! What do you have to lose?

donate 1 lb. of kitty litter to a shelter just for a vote
(back button donates another pound and liking them on FB another!)
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I guess the Vue is online now at funny the price says sale at $249.99 but that is the regular price everywhere else.

Keurig® Vue™ Coffee Brewer []
sale $249.99
regular $299.99

Vue cups [] are decently priced
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Another Free shipping Code: MVC4FREE
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