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Pro-Series Arc 120-Volt Arc Welder (PS07572) EXPIRED

deeds 32,384 May 23, 2012 at 05:27 AM in Home & Home Improvement (2) More Home Depot Deals
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Promoted 05-23-2012 at 06:49 AM View Original Post
Home Depot has the Pro-Series Arc 120-Volt Arc Welder (PS07572) for $69 with free shipping. Thanks deeds

Price Research: Our research indicates that this Pro-Series Arc 120-Volt Arc Welder (PS07572) is $39 lower (35% savings) than the next best available price from a reputable merchant, with prices ranging from $108-$214. - brisar

Original Post

120-Volt Pro-Series Arc Welder (PS07572) $69 Free shipping from Home Depot

The Pro-Series Arc 120 Volt Arc Welder is ideal for doing quick, down and dirty repairs and maintenance in the auto shop, farm or home garage. This is a great welder to have on hand for all general purpose welding, or for trying your hand at welding for the first time. A duty cycle of 20% @ 50A means this Arc Welder will weld continuously for 2 minutes when set to 50 Amps before needing to cool down. Welds mild steel up to 1/8 inch in a single pass. Includes 9-ft welding cable and electrode holder, and a 6 ft ground cable and earth clamp, clipping hammer/brush and helmet.
  • Two Voltage Settings For Better Heat Control
  • Advanced Thermal Overload Protection For Transformers
  • Welds Mild Steel Up To 1/8 Inch Thick In A Single Pass
  • 20% Duty Cycle @50A
  • Primary Input 20 Amps
  • Open Circuit Volts (Max) 42VAC
  • Amperage Output: 50A (Low)
  • Handles Electrodes Up To 5/32 in. Diameter
120-Volt Pro-Series Arc Welder (PS07572) [] $69


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in for one sounds like a good deal thanks
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you need 20A for this correct?
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Quote from Favrerox View Post :
Anyone here done work on Stainless exhaust tubing with something like this? 120V AC seems like it would be problematic in getting a good weld. I know they make 1/16" SS rod, but I'm thinking this would just frustrate me with not enough juice to get the job done well.
Seems like it would have enough power, but you'd probably end up with some fairly messy welds on hundreds of dollars of stainless tubing....
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Have fun learning how to weld in this thing. Arc welders are generally only used on welding structural member mostly out in the field. Its not a common type of welding anymore. If you want to learn to weld go on craigslist and buy a mig welder, your learn how to weld a 100 times faster. Just my 2 cents from a guy that been in the business 10 years
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Quote from thinkfire View Post :
Any input on this? I've been looking to learn how to weld, it would just be so damned useful for me for all the things I need to repair and whatnot.

Would this be a good one to start with?
I never had need in last fifteen years to weld anything but I think this can be used to cut safes, which I didn't think of, may have to get one to try???!!!!
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... and so does Rodgers!
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Quote from nates View Post :
Stainless is best left to a TIG welder, and a professional. Those rods you see are for a TIG welder. You do NOT want to start messing around with a nice exhaust system with ARC welding.

For the rest out there that are contemplating this welder, understand that while you CAN learn to weld with one, 120V ARC process welding is just not going to generate enough current to get a smooth arc. The above post about learning from a Community College is golden, as it's a process that takes lots of time and practice to do passibly much less well. Everyone starts with ARC welding or gas welding and moves up from there, and both processes are relatively easy when shown by a pro..... YouTube...... I don't konw? I don't like the idea of learning on youtube about something that could potentially kill me. Also for those of you determined to learn this way, who have no way of cutting metal to experiment with DO NOT EVER TRY TO ELECTRICALLY WELD ANYTHING GALVANIZED!! You can get galvanic poisoning, which is not fun in any way shape or form. Lots of folks find galvanized brackets and whatnot to experiment with and end up getting very sick.

IMHO you would be better off getting a used Lincoln tombstone welder off craigslist, which can often be had for the same price, and are powered off 220V.
Thank you! I learned on MIG, never actually used a stick welder. I didn't think this unit would be what I want, just good to get informed advice. I'd rep ya, but I can't.
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Pulled the trigger again.... flipping Slickdeals takes all my money. I just started working on Mopeds and I always read in the forums about needing a welder, etc... now I will be the cool kid on the block with a welder.

One problem... what else do I need to start welding besides this purchase?
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Quote from thinkfire View Post :
Any input on this? I've been looking to learn how to weld, it would just be so damned useful for me for all the things I need to repair and whatnot.

Would this be a good one to start with?
Quote from henny View Post :
A class at a community college and lots and lots of practice.
I am in Houston and I have Lonestar near me, does anyone know that they offer these kind of trade classes.
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Seriously guys, save your money and buy a welder from miller or lincoln with at least 140 amps. You can find them on craigslist pretty cheap. The duty cycle is key, 20% at 50amps is a joke. you want at least a 50% duty cycle at rated amps. just my two cents.
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Quote from Evan55 View Post :
so this is for basic stick welding correct?

can you TIG also with this unit?
NO - you answered in first line; this is a stick welder. Thought it would be handy for home (I AM a welder) - for when something breaks and I don't want to drive 15 miles back to the shop.

Folks - 50 amps is pretty much toy/joke/jewelry welding. NWIH you're going to draw an arc with an 1/8" electrode - which is pretty much the minimum for serious work. Throw in the 20% duty cycle - you're not even going to be doing much craft work.

Save your money, buy something with more power. (Plus - looking at the picture, no control for amperage either - this thing exists purely to get your money. If you buy this, you'll be sorely disappointed and give up, even tho it will be the machine's fault, not yours.)
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99% of you people buying these will not need any protective gear or welding helmet because you wont even be able to strike an arc with it let alone weld.
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Quote from d55guy View Post :
I was originally going to TD this because a cheap 120V arc is probably the most frustrating way to get started welding. But if you have small projects with THIN carbon steel it would be okay to get you started. Keep in mind this is rated for only 1/8" thick steel and welders like this are notorious for over rating. If you like welding you will end up CL'ing it and getting a MIG. If not you will CL it for and make it someone else's regret but probably not losing any money.

FYI, I started on a cheap 120V sears welder back in the day and got frustrated because I wasn't able to get great welds on 3/16" mild steel. A buddy of mine is a certified welder and came over and had similar results. I then got a re-certified Hobart handler 140 for $360. It is still a 120V welder but man what a difference! I can actually weld +5/16" steel so I CL'd the sears welder and used the cash for a reg. and bottle for shielding gas. quite the SLICKDEAL! Where can I get one for that price?
Big Grin
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I would just buy this from Harbor Freight: With the easily available 20% off coupons it would be $64 and it is a 70 amp instead of 50amp
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The aluminum cast bar holding my mailbox broke when a super heavy royal palm leave fell on it. Just wondering if this can weld that bar in place so I don't have to pay $320 to replace the post. The material is aluminum cast ( I believe)...

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