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Home Depot - 20 gallon tote plastic containers w/lids - $1.43, reg $5.88 B&M YMMV

towsonnc 64 139 June 28, 2012 at 11:13 AM in Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) (4) More Home Depot Deals
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Last Edited by widgit June 28, 2012 at 01:41 PM
I was in the Cherry Hill, NJ Home Depot today. They had plastic 20 gallon tote containers on sale for $1.43/each. They were on display in stacks near the appliances. Lots of them. This might be YMMV, not sure, but it's a great deal at almost 75% off. I bought blue. They also have brown and green available. They're similar to the link below but might not be the same.



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Great Solutions brand
Numbers to try searching (best done inside Home Depot at any of the store computers; there are customer-usable lookups, just ask to borrow a machine by customer service or kitchen/bath):
044413200183 :from OP's receipt.
333342 :SKU found by looking up 0444_ num above.
810363012073 :UPC number on the product, but it is also linked to SKU 333342 in the associate lookup; an alternate number to go on the receipt.
Should show $1.43 price somewhere on the search results if you found the right item.

6/28 10PM PST, California Long Beach 405-110-710 vicinity:
15 in Signal Hill, CA store. (next to flooring/carpets and near bath/kitchen fixtures; avocado green or greenish-brown, may be on second shelf so you'll need an associate to take them down)
Hawthorne listed 20-25, I forget.
San Pedro 20.
Nothing else in the area.


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The online price and B&M price are different? Can anyone confirm this!!
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About 15 left, grabbed the last of the dark blue. Only ugly colors with mismatched lids left. Pretty cheaply made, a few were broken. Good for Legos and kids toys. I would never pay full price for these. Look up on the shelves for some, that is where I found the blue ones.

The standard blue ones still at full price!

Had to do a price lookup and a few other customers saw and got some.
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Quote from XeoNoX View Post :
let me know when u move from Jersey to CA....this aint no jersey shore fantasy world we live in kid. Cali aint cheap to live.
you do realize NJ is just as expensive to live in as CA right? or you just too closed minded? regardles of your libber jobber prices of gas in Cali are cheaper then they were just like in any other state
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Quote from Sars2012 View Post :
I saw these tubs marked as 6.47. Were yours marked as 6.47 and they later rang up as 1.5?
they were mixed in with the blue ones and I took one to the front and had it scanned and it came up 1.43
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None in the Oklahoma City district if anybody is trying to look for some here.
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The inventory site said there were 0 in stock. I happened to be in the store today and found 19 of them, I bought them all. 3 were brown, 16 were blue. Only 3 were on the shelf, there were 2 boxes of 8 in topstock.
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South Florida - HD in sawgrass had 100+ as of closing.
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Quote from decolores9 View Post :
It's neither a 'rule' or policy to not call, but rather good practice to call. People speculate all the time about what might happen, but in the seven years I have been a member here, I haven't seen even one single post that any of these things actually happened.

Call if you want, don't call if you don't want, but please don't try to control others.

That may be your policy, but SD is a community and I hope we never become that selfish and self-centered. We are hear to help each other, not stab each other in the back.

For products like these totes, one good option is to call around to find a store that has them, then pay for them over the phone with a credit card and the store will hold them for you at cs. It seems to be the only way an HD store can hold product.
I know how you feel about penny items at home depot and with that said I have spent over 60 dollars this year alone on penny items(thats 6000 items). As for calling MR HARLEY called hd westport rd and had them check the area with no luck. To make a long story short I found eight at the clarksville store and payed for them with the cashier calling other workers over pointing out the price so if its just speculation they wouldn't have bought them maybe them asking if there were more should give you a clue. It might not be the rule of the site but it should be common practice as if you think some sd'ers are selfish there should be no doubt employees of retailer would be considerably worse just to the fact they do not (for the most part) post here so others in different areas can take advantage of the deals. As for you and your opinion, I respect your right to have it but as a member of this community I hope we as a community or "slickdeals" the mod?owner of the site? would address these issues as to "be self-evident". It would ease my mind as I know it is wrong to call you an idiot but is it wrong to …think… you are one as much as calling a store to prove you're an idiot.
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I can confirm OP's price. My store has two in stock for $1.43 each.
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I bought 40 of them this weekend from South Plainfield, NJ store, they still have 30-35 more in stock.

Quote from kelly53s View Post :
I can confirm OP's price. My store has two in stock for $1.43 each.
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Well, not to bump an old thread but I just came from Home Depot in North Kansas City and they just rolled a couple pallets with these to the front of the store for the same price. Came to post it on SlickDeals and see it's been here for a couple weeks now. Dont know why they dont go on clearance across the country at once, but they are on clearance in KC now.

They arent as heavy duty as Rubbermaid or Sterolite, but they will do for storing items that will be sitting and not getting moved around. (Winter clothes, store stuff in attic/basement, etc).
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Quote from decolores9 View Post :
but in the seven years I have been a member here, I haven't seen even one single post that any of these things actually happened.

Call if you want, don't call if you don't want, but please don't try to control others.
Wow, after reading that all I can think is that

1) You haven't been reading a lot of posts.
2) You have a fair sized chip on your shoulder if you interpret people pleading that folks don't call and ruin deals for other slickdealers as people trying to control others.

I've personally been in Office Depot to get some clearance hard drives, accepted an employees offer to call a nearby store to see if they had some, confirmed that yes, they did have the clearance hard drives in stock, gotten there 15 minutes later, and been told that the person on the phone must have been mistaken, because they were "not in the back". (And then gotten in to a big argument with the manager, and had the drives suddenly "be found" in the back after all .. .At least the manager was honest.)

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that while most people are honest, a lot of people aren't. And even with the honest ones, it's a pretty easy rationalization that they need the deal more than you do, and it's not like you were there and had already bought it right?

Given that most retail employees are badly paid, hate their jobs, and the only good thing they get for 8 hours of misery is generally crappy store discount, which is more of a leap, figuring there's a decent chance your deal will end up in their car, or that they'll be ethical upstanding folks and make sure it's waiting for you when you arrive?

I'm not suggesting retail workers are all thieves or anything like that. I've met quite a few that showed integrity. (The manager at my local Walgreens has earned my respect on several occasions now.) I'm just being realistic, if something is a slick deal there's a real risk that if alerted to it, at least one of the many employees at the typical big box place is going to try and snag it for themselves.

So, when folks are saying DON'T CALL, it is in fact good advice, because it increases your chance of getting the deal, and because it hopefully means the deal won't be ruined for another slickdealer.
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$6.98 in NY.
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Quote from decolores9 View Post :
You (and everyone else) are welcome to call or don't call, as you prefer. My point is that it simply makes no difference on whether you get the deals.

You could be right - I've only been reading every post to this board for about eight years, and "SDing" and calling for 20 years - so maybe no one decided to post any examples in those eight years or maybe I just didn't talk to the "right" one in tens of thousands of store employees.

Or more likely, my experience matches others because calling simply does not matter. Make sense - most people aren't willing to risk their job over a "deal", no matter how well or poorly paid.

If you want to discuss this further, though, we should take it to a more appropriate forum or PM - it's verging off-topic for Hot Deals.
It's really just kinda sad that in almost a decade here, the community doesn't seem to think you've contributed much, or given you the respect a few thousand posts from an expert such as yourself so obviously deserves. That's a real head scratcher that is.

Obviously it was presumptuous of me to dare to disagree with someone that's been a SD member 13 months longer than I have. Further, my three plus decades of bargain hunting means nothing more than that I am old, and ready to be put out to pasture. I certainly don't want to waste more of your valuable time with my silly facts and opinions, so I respectfully decline your offer to continue the conversation elsewhere.
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Confirmed 47 of them @ a store an hour from me.

Got there, and someone had purchased 45 of them 1/2 an hour before I got there.

To add insult to injury, they told me that I could have purchased them over the phone.
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