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RETIRED Printable Manufacturer's Coupon Listing - *PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THE WIKIS*

bailey327 30,473 January 15, 2010 at 06:59 AM in Coupon (3)

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wave Welcome!! wave

Please DO NOT edit the wikis!!

Angel Not The wikis are updated by the printable wikibees, bailey327 & laulea2782 Angel Not

- Please post any new printable coupons or any changes to those already listed to this thread, and we'll add them to the wikis.
- Making changes to the wikis can cause the wiki to crash or a loss of data!! It's happened, that's why we ask only the wikibees do the updates.


Printable Thread Special Posting Format!!

FORMAT ~~ To help decrease the time it takes to keep up this thread -- when posting a new printable coupon, please use our standard format:

Theraflu, $1, Print 90210
Martha White, 55¢/2, Print (dir)
Nexcare, $1/2, Print (FB)
Scotch Tape, 50¢ Print PDF exp 10/31/13

*Include zip used if it's couponsDOTcom, smartsource, redplum, etc, even if it's a direct link to the coupon.*

-To make a link only appear as one word like "Print", in the Edit box, type your description. Then type the word, "Print", doubleclick on the word "Print" to highlight it only, and then click on the Attachment 1432200 icon (Insert Link). Then in that pop-up box, paste in the actual URL address and click OK.

Coupons.com (C)
Direct (dir)
E-Centives (E)
Smartsource (S)
Facebook (FB)

-Leave out unnecessary words such as "Product" as it takes up extra character space in our packed wikis.
-Some IPs will be posted in the thread, but won't be added to the wiki. These include very limited Qs only accepted at certain stores or Qs with super-short expiration dates.
-Coupons.com links with a &p= field longer than 9 characters should not be posted as they are limited to 2 prints/1 user, and can't be shared.
-NO affiliate codes are allowed in the printable coupon thread!
-No PDFs/JPGs/Scans of mfr Qs allowed per SD rules
-No requests for mfr Qs that are no longer hosted on their website

Quote from serra View Post :
if the mfr cpn is no longer hosted on their website but once was, then it stays that way. sending a pdf format of this coupon falls in with our "no pdf/scans/jpg/copies of mfr cpns allowed" rule.

so no, one may not ask in an sd thread for a pdf of this coupon privately/individually via private message.

-Problems printing Bricks coupons, see this thread by alanisrox69
-New to coupon shopping, see this thread by hawaiiandawn
-Coupon Barcode Basics thread here by mahgobbi
-Chat thread for discussing common printing problems like printing from iPads, iPods or problems with couponsDOT and redplum here by MsGal

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Retired Thread 2/16/09 link
Retired Thread 6/5/09 link
Retired Thread 1/15/10 link
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Retired Thread 10/14/10 link
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Retired Thread 7/2/2012 link
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Quote from MsGal View Post :

Keebler Coconut Dreams!!!!! (knock-off Girl Scout Samoas)

Woot Woot Woot
any good deals on these cookies ?
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WIKI UPDATING Tvhappy <---while I update

Quote from armywifeandtwo View Post :
Not sure if this is for Wiki:

Baby Magic Product (excludes 2 oz trial and wipes), $.50/1, Print [facebook.com](FB)
Thanks but... "The page you requested was not found." Frown
Quote from MsGal View Post :
Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes Product (Canister or Singles), $1/1, Print [redplum.com] *30187
I LOVED that one! Thanks! Cleaned this one up for wiki...
Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes, Canister or Singles, $1/1 Print [redplum.com] 30187

Cleaning up this zip (77477)... These are NLA at this zip.

Last link only ACE Brand Braces & Supports, $2/1 Print [scotchbrand.com] and $2/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
last link only ACE Brand Elastic Bandages, $1/1 Print [scotchbrand.com] and $1/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Ajax Dish Packs, 20 ct $.50/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Ajax Dish Liquid, 30 oz+ $.25/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Ajax All-Purpose Cleaner, 44 oz, $.50/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
All Stainlifter AND All Free Clear, 24+ loads, $1.50/both Print [coupons.com] 77477
Angel Soft Facial Tissue $.75/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Axe Shower Gel, excludes trial or travel size, $1/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Bacardi Mixers, frozen cans, $1/3 Print [facebook.com] FB and $2/2 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Back To Nature Dinner $.75/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Betty Crocker Ready to Spread Frosting, Supreme Brownie, Dessert Bar, Box Muffin or Cookie Mix $.75/2 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Brach's Bagged Candy $1.50/2 Print [coupons.com] (dir)
Last link only Banana Boat Sun Care (excl lip & trial) $1/1 Print [facebook.com] FB take quiz and 4 oz+ (exc lip) $1/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Last link only Betty Crocker Box Muffin Mix $.80/1 Print [myblogspark.com] (Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs or Reese’s Puffs) and $.50/1 Print[coupons.com] 77477
Bronkaid, $1/1, Print [coupons.com] 77477
Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions $2/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free, $1/1 Print [coupons.com] *77477
Carnation Breakfast Essentials, any, $1/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
C&H Light, any, $1/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Cesar Canine Cuisine Entrées B3G1 FREE (up to $1.19),Print [coupons.com] 77477
Challenge butter, any, $1/1 Print [realsummerrealfun.com] (submit email- play game)
Chex Mix OR Chex 100 Calorie Snack 4.5oz+, $.50/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Claritin Children's Non-Drowsy Allergy 4oz Syrup $2/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Claritin Children's Non-Drowsy Allergy 20ct Chewables $3/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Claritin-D Non-Drowsy Allergy 15ct+, $4/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Claritin Non-Drowsy Allergy 24ct+, $5/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Colgate Optic White Manual Toothbrush $.50/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477 (Redeemable at Walmart)
Colgate Optic White Mouthwash 8oz+, $.75/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477 (Redeemable at Walmart)
Colgate Optic White Toothpaste 4oz+, $.75/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477 (Redeemable at Walmart)
Crock-Pot Lunch Crock Food Warmer $5/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Crunch Pak $.55/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
First Link Only… Dannon Danimals Crunchers, any, $.75/1 Print [facebook.com] (FB) and 4pk, $.75/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Depend Real Fit or Silhouette 12 ct, $1/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Dr. Pepper or Dr. Pepper Ten, reg. or diet, 24pk or (2) 12pks, $1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Dr. Pepper Ten, 16 or 20oz BOGO, Print [coupons.com] 77477 (up to $1.49)
Emerald Breakfast on the go! $.50/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Enfamil PREMIUM Infant, Gentlease, A.R. or Prosobee $2/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Fiber One Original, Honey Clusters Cereal, $.75/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Fleischmann's Jar of Yeast $1/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Fleischmann's Strips of Yeast $1/2 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Gerber Graduates Puffs or Lil Crunchies Snacks $1/2 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts Snacks $1/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Last Link Only…Green Giant Frozen Vegetables, any, $.50/1 Print [pointroll.com] (dir) and 19-24oz, $75/2 Print [coupons.com] 77477
GUM Go Betweens Proxabrush Cleaners or Soft Picks $.55/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Hormel Always Tender Flavored Meats $1/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Hormel Compleats Kids Microwave Meal $1/2 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Jif Hazelnut Spread $1/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Johnsonville Burgers 32oz pk, $2/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Joy Cones, any $.55/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Last link only… Keebler Cinnamon Roll Cookies $.70/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477 (Redeemable at Walmart) and Print [coupons.com] 77477 (Redeemable at H-E-B)
Second Link only… Kraft Fresh Take, $0.50/1, Print [walmart.com] and Print [coupons.com] 77477 and 75/1 Print [kraftbrands.com] (dir)
Last link only… Larabar, Uber or Jocalat Bars $1/2 Print [facebook.com] (FB) and $.75/3 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Lever 2000 6pk+ Bar Soap or 18oz+ Body Wash $1/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477 (ets)
Lime-A-Way, $.50/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
LLOYD'S Tubs or Woodfire Barbeque Premium Meats$1/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
L’Oreal Paris Face, any, $2/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477 (Available at Walmart)
L’Oreal Paris Sublime Sun Sunscreen $1/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Last link only… Luden's Throat drops, (24&30ct bags) $1/2, Print [smartsource.com] and Print [coupons.com] 77477
Luster 1 Hour White At-Home Whitening System, $5/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Magnum Ice Cream Bar 3pk $1/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Milk-Bone Trail Mix Dog Snacks, $1/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Moist & Meaty Dog Food 36oz+ Carton $1/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Murray Sugar Free Cookies $1/2 Print [coupons.com] 77477 (Redeemable at H-E-B)
My First Crayola, $1/1, print [coupons.com] (dir) and Print [coupons.com]77477
Nabisco Crackers 9 -16oz. B2G1 FREE, Print [coupons.com] 77477 (Max Value $2.50)
First link only… Nectresse Sweetener, any, $2/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477 and $1/1 Print [nectresse.com]
Nescafe Dolce Gusto Single-Serve Coffee Machine, $20/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Nestle Butterfinger Bites Stand Bag $1/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
First link only… Newman's Own Salad Dressing $.50/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477 and $.50/1 Print [redplum.com] 99218
Nutri Dent Edible Dental Chew, min purchase value of $4.99+, $2 Print [coupons.com] 77477
First link only… O-Cel-O Scrub Sponges $1/2 Print [coupons.com] 77477 and $.75/2 Print [3m.com] PDF Exp 12/31/12
Old El Paso, Excl. Refrigerated, Frozen or Soup, $.50/1 Print [coupons.com] and $.60/3 Print [coupons.com] 77477
POM Wonderful Juice 48oz Bottle, $2/1 Print [pomwonderful.com] (scroll down) and 48oz $2/1 Print [coupons.com] 77477
Pop Secret $.50/2 Print [coupons.com] 77477

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Cepacol Lozenge or Spray $1/1 Print [cepacol.com]

We have no special offers at this time. Please check back soon
for more money saving coupons and great deals!
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Special K Bars, Pastry Crisps, and/or Nutri-Grain Bars, $1/2, Print [coupons.com] 21209
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World's Best Cat Litter 14 or 28 lb, $5/1, Print [coupons.com] (dir) Expires 10/18/12
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Zicam, any, $2/1 Print [zicam.com]
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Similac SimplySmart bottle, $2/1 Print [coupons.com] 99218 redeemable at Walmart

Appears to be NLA.
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whole latte love
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Original Poster
Dove Body Wash 18oz+ or Beauty Bar 2ct+, $1/1, Print [coupons.com] (Redeem at Walgreens) (dir)
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no longer available: "Dial for Men Body Wash 6 oz+, $2/1 Print [facebook.com] (FB)"
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Pretending I'm Elon Musk
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Kaytee Foraging Diet, $2/1, print [kaytee.com]

Manufacturer hosted pdf, save it now! Expires 12.1.12
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Minute Rice, $.60/1 Print [minuterice.com] Large recipe AFTER Q. lower left corner Thanks Kerry at TT
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Quote from hifromgray View Post :
Kaytee Foraging Diet, $2/1, print [kaytee.com]

Manufacturer hosted pdf, save it now! Expires 12.1.12
Thanks for this one. At least it has the old coding. Those Kaytee insert coupons from Sunday have the new coding and my Walmart's un-updated registers can't scan, so under their new policy they will not take. Put this one in "save" until I try one.
Oh, BTW, prints in middle of page so use a full sheet.
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Quote from tn_native View Post :
Minute Rice, $.60/1 Print [minuterice.com] Large recipe AFTER Q. lower left corner Thanks TT

This does not expire until 1/31/2013!!!!
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Nestle Coffee-Mate Creamer, any, $.75/1 Print [coffee-mate.com] (sign in)(excl. bliss)
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Professional Shopper
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prints 75/2
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