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Steam Summer Sale 2012 is LIVE!!! (PC games, digital download)

dweezy 3,632 July 12, 2012 at 10:47 AM in Video Games (14) More Steam Deals
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Last Edited by dweezy July 23, 2012 at 01:57 AM
It's here! Are your wallets ready for the abuse? Here's hoping there are great deals to be had here. I'll update this thread with sales and deals.

Click here for sale's frontpage:

Quick primer for the newcomers:

  • Daily Deals: Each day, new daily deals appear at 10AM PST and expires the next day at 10PM
  • Flash Deals: At any given time, there will be 4 deals that won't last long (several hours). When one expires, another replaces it.
  • Community Vote Deals: You get to vote on what the next deal is. Every 8 hours.
  • Deals spanning the entire event: Various games and bundles are on sale for the entire sale, however play it smart and only buy a game if it's a daily deal (when the price is lower). Resort to buying what doesn't go on sale as a daily deal at the end of the sale.
Steam Sale Commandments:
  • Thou shalt not purchase any individual title unless it is a daily/flash/community deal. Wait until the end to buy otherwise.
  • Thou shalt not hesitate to jump on too-good-to-be-true deals as there have been price mistakes in the past sales. Price mistakes are honored.
  • Thou shalt not hesitate to dip into the kids' college funds to buy these games
  • Thou shalt live off of ramen until the end of the sale
====Current Deals====
Remember, never buy a game unless it's a daily/flash/community deal. If it never shows up as a daily/flash/community deal, go ahead and buy it on sale at the last minute.

7/22 Daily Deals (ends 10PM 7/23):
Flash Deals:
When a flash deal ends, another begins...
Community Vote Deal:
A new poll and deal every 8 hours...

====Event-wide Deals (July 12th - 23rd)====
I cannot express this enough: only buy games if it is a daily/flash/community deal. Resort to purchasing on-sale games at the last minute if it never appears as a daily deal.

Individual Titles:
A subjective listing of some cheap/good games that I believe are already at their lowest. Might as well buy these whenever. Please do your own research first before buying!

Publisher Bundles:
====Expired Deals====

7/12 Daily Deals (ends 10PM 7/13):
7/13 Daily Deals (ends 10PM 7/14):7/14 Daily Deals (ends 10PM 7/15):
7/15 Daily Deals (ends 10PM 7/16):[/B][/SIZE]7/16 Daily Deals (ends 10PM 7/17):7/17 Daily Deals (ends 10PM 7/18):
7/18 Daily Deals (ends 10PM 7/19):
7/19 Daily Deals (ends 10PM 7/20):
7/20 Daily Deals (ends 10PM 7/21):
7/21 Daily Deals (ends 10PM 7/22):
Expired Flash Deals:
When a flash deal ends, another begins...
Expired Community Vote Deal:
A new poll and deal every 8 hours...
Get an extra 30% in-store credit when you trade your old games toward the purchase of Steam Wallet currency during the Steam Summer Sale!*
Quote :
Trades must be in full working condition to receive full value. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Trade-ins subject to manager approval. Offer valid only toward games normally accepted in trade. See store associate for details. No dealers. Offer valid in the United States, Puerto Rico and Guam only. Void where prohibited. GameStop, Inc. reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the offer for any reason, without notice.

*Offer valid between 7/12 - 7/23


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And down goes Dwyane Wade
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Quote from Greenlemonade View Post :
Everyone should buy Killing Floor. It is the best way to kill zombies. Don't be fooled by the Metascore. That was given when the game had 5 weapons instead of 36. Before it had 7 classes level up. Before it had 22 official maps and endless user created content.

This game works great on older computers. I run it on my 5 year old laptop sometimes. lol
Buy it, turn the gamma up slightly and go to town!
completely agreed....the meta critic score was when it first came out, and had alot of bugs and very few maps/ its completely stable and TONS of weapons and maps....just look at the metacritic user ratings, VERY HIGH!
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Quote from huevos View Post :
At no point did I really argue against Steam. My response was simply directed toward those who think Steam will continue, with full game access, even if they go under or get bought out. A mountain of prior evidence shows that this will not be a case.

The point being made is that while every system of delivery has weaknesses, physical media with non-phone home DRM places the onus entirely on the customer. With Steam and Steam-like services, you place your faith in the distributor to stay afloat. Whether you opt to buy one way or other depends on your personal values and, of course, if alternatives are even available for what you want to purchase. But either way, believing Steam is "too big to fail" and that you'll always have access to your purchases is complete and utter lunacy.
It was noted a long time ago by Steam that they have the ability to make games steam-free from their online store if the need rises. Coupled with the ability to backup games, you could avoid the entire problem altogether by backing up the updated game and installing it that way. It is also possible for Steam to create a cd key list for you in case you ever need your keys.
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I have no preference on the Community Choice this round.

First reply to this can tell me what to vote for.... nod
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Just thought I'd throw my two cents in on some current deals. I cannot recommend borderlands or killing floor enough. I loved the hell out of both of them. I beat borderlands on ps3 but I'm about to buy it again on steam just to replay it.

Also as if it needs it everyone should play bastion and if you already beat that vote for dungeon defenders which is also awesome!
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Quote from FreeBaGeL View Post :
Done. Good luck!
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Quote from FreeBaGeL View Post :

Yeah, Bastion for all those that didn't want to pay $6.xx extra to get it in their Humble Bundle.
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Quote from kungfujoe View Post :
Uh, they DID honor that. The community voted on 75% off (no dollar amounts are listed on the voting options), and it's 75% off. 29.99 - 75% = $7.49.

The only thing that's wrong is the picture. Similarly, the flash deal for the Batman games lists Arkham City for $24.99, claiming that's 82% off. Are you going to complain to them because Arkham City actually only costs $10.19?
listen up fanboy! A mistake in the picture is all the proof I need and i kept the screenshot.
I will use any advantage to pay as little as i can on these games. Gabe can afford to lose a few pounds anyway!LMAO
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i though bastion was overrated... great art direction, music, and voice overs... but the game itself was boring IMHO.

EDIT: just bought Killing Floor and Skyrim though
Last edited by norazi July 15, 2012 at 02:56 PM
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Skyrim is a daily deal today on Steam, 50% off! $29.99 after discount for digital download.
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Fp? Smilie
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Everyone is getting testy from staying up all night to get those Flash Deals......

Setlle down now.... still a week to go.....

See what you have created Steam!

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I didn't see it on the front page...that's why I posted it. Best deal available online at the moment. Nearest next was Amazon's special for $35 3 days ago.
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is a flash deal now. $3.74
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Quote from Muad Dib View Post :
Anyone who does not pick up Trine 2 for $3.74 right now is silly.
Agreed, lots of fun, but I suggest getting the "Trine Franchise" $4.99. Best bang for your buck. First game has some interesting stuff that they left out of Trine 2.
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