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GLOCK GEN 4 HANDGUN SALE $498.75 Models 17,19,22 + MORE!

plantmatter 238 253 July 28, 2012 at 10:43 AM in Sporting Goods (4)
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Last Edited by widgit July 28, 2012 at 06:26 PM
GLOCK GEN 4 SALE $498.75 Models 17,19,22 (23% OFF)


Found the cheapest Glock GEN 4's on the internet!
Lanbo's Armory in TX.
This guy is great and ships quick.
There are alot of good prices on here as well as the glocks. Even the boresnake prices [lanbosarmory.com]are good ($5 less than amazon)

Here is the link to LANBO'S Glocks [lanbosarmory.com]
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Last Edited by plantmatter July 31, 2012 at 12:38 PM
The prices have reverted back to normal, however I did call in and ask if the prices could be honored and they told me yes. woot So if you are still looking to take advantage of this deal, you can call in to get it, or use these coupon codes:
for Gen3 pistols the code is glockgen3 and for Gen4 pistols the code is glockgen4.
I dont know how long they are good for so call first.


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Quote from slickdealMD View Post :
Spoken like a true sheepdog
No doubt, repped on a very valid point, any return fire would have certainly disrupted this guys walk in the park shooting spree. All of my EDC also do have lasers, I carry a 315 lumen flashlight EVERYWHERE on my belft along with a few different blades with different POUs (utility, emergecny tactical, one that is awesome at opening packages. My lasers are sighted in at 7 yards, and unfortunately the farther your laser is from your barrel, the more "off" the laser is compared to POI, all about the angles. That said center of mass a few times would have certainly changed his ability to operate, no matter what the armour. Being exmilitary myself, not LEO but I am assuming they get similar training, popping smoke is a common tactic and there is training on how to deal with the scenario, and in this case the shooter was back to the wall, so using muzzle flash alone would have made location simple with no innocents behind the perp (save in the next theater over, but I carry a 1911 .45 mostly for primary EDC with P238 as bug which would have been distracting too, and my loads wouldn't go through a theater wall by design).

People seem to thing that all CCW are ignorant apparently and wouldn't have the sound judgement on what to do. As mentioned above it is drilled into everyone's heads who is exmilitary/LEO (or even civilians that have been to crisis/combat training and took it seriously)... secure safety of civilians in most expedient manner first, dunno what that would have been because I wasn't there, but a guess is the guy above is right, return/cover fire would have certainly allowed more to time for other civilians to take cover and get out (assuming you were telling those people to take cover and get the hell out(belly crawl, duck walk, run from cover to cover, whatever) while returning fire, where people in a crisis typically will listen to a voice of authority without question), followed by eliminating the threat if you have to because people cannot evacuate quickly enough. A lot of the sheepdogs out there are exLEO, exmilitary, etc., and some here can belittle their experience all they want, but IMO their service and experience should be respected, and leveraged. If you think so little of their experience, how is it that you trust that current LEOs would be any different?? You may have a 20 yr veteran (LEO or land forces military) sheep dog in the crowd, vs. the first on the scene being newbies, who knows. When it comes to being under fire, NOTHING prepares a someone to act rationally better than experience in those scenarios. Certainly they may still feel fear, but control it and keep their head in the game based on training(that is most of the point of the training) and experience, I knew of very few who didn't get the adrenaline pumping and get "edgy" when under fire and still feel the fear edging in before a conflict, those who didn't were probably crazy. NO ONE sane thinks they are super man and are saying it wouldn't have been a crazy as hell situation to be in, but that doesn't mean that those who are trained to handle it and how to manage those situations, had they been allowed the tools of their trade, wouldn't have been able to massively reduce the casualties.

Too bad that places are not allowing sheepdogs to carry their tools Frown.

Going back to the thread, the Gen4 did have early issues (especially the 9 with the stronger captive recoil spring), where the .40 was fine, and from what I understand if you get one that has issues Glock will take care of you. Other than the changes they made regarding the captive spring (which was done as an improvement for higher caliber, hotter loads, both recoil reduction and longevity), the Gen4 is still the same good old Glock with some nice new features, like factory extended mag release (thanks Glock, one less mod after buying one), changable backstraps I guess (never had an issue with the grip on previous gens, but I guess I have average man hands), and a few other ergo changes. I wish they would have put on an extended slide release though, still have at least one more mod for the Gen4 I just picked up Smilie. Mine was used but safe queen new for $425, but that was a steal IMO, this is a good price for a great side arm.
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Last edited by Mike C July 31, 2012 at 02:01 PM.
Is this one legal in California?
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Quote from izzyjr01 View Post :
Is this one legal in California?
I am no expert on Cali laws but I believe you need 10 round mag or less. If I were you I would call a local dealer and ask (find out what they charge for transfer fee while your at it)

If you want to buy from Lambo's I believe he has some with 10 round clips. shoot him an email.
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Just an FYI if anyone is interested? Glock 17 Gen 4's SHIPPED $ 519.11


Feel free to order online or call me.

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Quote from robbyguns View Post :
Just an FYI if anyone is interested? Glock 17 Gen 4's SHIPPED $ 519.11


Feel free to order online or call me.

Man, you live in Illinois, so sorry about that. I would imagine with no CCW allowed, unless you have business with LEOs or a good online business, you don't have much business.

Anyway, how about Gen 4 23s? I checked your site but didn't see much.
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