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Burger King Discounts, Deals and Coupon Codes

Burger King Family Food Sweepstake & IWG (Code Required) ~ 09/12/12

mipi29 127 August 1, 2012 at 07:32 PM in Contests (4) More Burger King Deals
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Last Edited by mipi29 August 5, 2012 at 08:38 AM
Didn't see this posted anywhere, so hopefully it's not a repost. Just went to Burger King and got a bag with the information, so here goes:

Game starts on August 6th, 2012.

Game Site: here [].

Official Rules: here [].

There are three parts to this game: In-store instant win, in-store collect and win, and online daily drawings. On the instant win game pieces, there will be a question, and you have to pick from three possible answers and scratch ONLY one answer to see if you are an instant winner. If you scratch more than one answer, you will void the game piece. The game is played like Family Fued. For the collect and win, you need to either collect two or three game pieces to complete a set and win the corresponding prize. For the online sweepstakes, you can enter the 10 digit code located on the game piece. You can also use the AMOE listed below in the wiki. Overall odds for instant win are 1 in 1 assuming you get the correct answer from the three possible choices (as in: every game piece can be a winner). For those that win, please post your answers in the wiki!


In-store Instant Win

A1$100,000 Cash$100,0001:49,019,200
B12013 Ford Explorer $31,6951:49,019,200
C5$10,000 BBQ Makeover$10,0001:9,803,840
D10Southwest Airlines® Airfare for a Year$4,8001:4,901,920
E2Universal Orlando® Resort Vacation$3,3521:24,509,600
F400Nintendo 3DS™ Family Pack$4601:122,548
G500Kindle Fire$2001:98,038
H2,500$100 Cash$1001:19,608
I8,500Fandango® Movie Tickets$641:11,534
J25,000$25 BK® Crown Card $251:3,922
K1USA Basketball Fantasy Trip$5,0001:98,038,400
L4A Trip to a Family Feud Taping$5,0001:24,509,600
M12,254,840Original WHOPPER® Sandwich$3.491:8
N9,803,840Chicken Strips (3 Pc.)$2.991:10
P5,882,304Southwestern Breakfast Burrito$2.491:17
Q3,431,344OREO® Sundae$2.491:29
R9,803,840Small Smoothie $2.291:10
S6,862,688Small Frappé$2.291:14
T3,921,536Quaker® Maple Oatmeal$1.991:25
U2,941,152Small Shake $1.991:33
V4,901,920Small French Fries$1.591:20
W19,607,680Crispy Chicken Wrap$1.591:5
X8,823,456Soft Serve Cone $0.891:11

In-store Collect & Win

A1$100,000 Cash#100 & #101$100,0001:49,019,200
B12013 Ford Explorer #200, #201 & #202$31,6951:49,019,200
C5$10,000 BBQ Makeover#300, #301 & #302$10,0001:9,803,840
D10Southwest Airlines® Airfare for a Year#400, #401 & #402$4,8001:4,901,920
E2Universal Orlando® Resort Vacation#500, #501 & #502$3,3521:24,509,600
F400Nintendo 3DS™ Family Pack#600, #601 & #602$4601:122,548
G500Kindle Fire#700, #701 & #702$2001:98,038
H2,500$100 Cash#800 & #801$1001:19,608

Online Sweepstakes

Each day $10,000.00 USD will be awarded in a random drawing from among all entries received for THAT day. Entries do not roll over. Limit of 3 sweepstakes entries per person/per day.

Good luck to all!


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Quote from mipi29 View Post :
Got 4 game pieces today, won on two and lost on two :p. Won a whopper and a chicken wrap. Got common collect and win pieces though. Good luck to others!
Can you share your questions and answers?
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name something a man might do to look good that he wouldn't want people to know about.

a. dye his hair (correct)
b. toupee / plugs
c. facials / lotions

this one was hard to pick from I got it wrong would thought guys would hide hair loss first o well win n loss this was for a 3 PC chicken strip Frown
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My Three Questions of the Day

"Name something that might be considered as HOT, HOT, HOT!"

a) People (Correct)
b) Chili Peppers
c) Hot Sauce/Salsa

"Name a dish that reminds adults of their childhood"

a) Mac and Cheese (Correct)
b) Oatmeal / Cereal
c) Peanut Butter & Jelly

Ironically I won Oatmeal on that game-piece lol

"Name a dinner that kids would turn up their noses at"

a) Fish/Seafood (Correct)
b) Vegetables
c) Beef/Steak/Liver

Good Luck to all !!
Last edited by dubc August 7, 2012 at 12:02 AM
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Joined Dec 2008
The pursuit of cappiness.
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I just found the single rarest --

-- food prize.
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Joined Jul 2012
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Original Poster
Quote from janeey View Post :
Can you share your questions and answers?
I had posted my questions and answers and they were removed by a mod.
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Name a country where women are very fashion conscious:
B- Italy
C- France (correct)

Name an item a vegetarian might order at Burger King
A- French Fries
B- Salad (correct)
C- Veggie Burger

We asked 100 men what's the first gift you ever got that made you feel grown up:
A- Car
B - Fishing Rod
C- Razor (correct)
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Name something you buy that these days you can get a real deal on?

House/real estate
Car (correct answer)
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Name a Popular Whopper Topping:

a. Tomato (Correct)
b. Lettuce
c. Ketchup
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Name something you might accidentally step on in a dark theater.
a. gum
b. feet (correct)
c. popcorn

What is the average time americans eat breakfast.
a. 7:00
b. 7:30
c. 8:00 (correct)
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Name something that gets jumped on.

A. Bandwagon
B. Bed
C. Trampoline (Correct)
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Name the worst place to be stuck sitting next to someone who has a bad cold:

A. AIrplaine (Correct)
B. Train/Subway
C. Bus
Last edited by tompai August 7, 2012 at 11:06 AM
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name something you steal a taste of while making
cookies (correct)
tomato sauce

name something that hits your car and leaves a ding
car/car door (correct)
shopping cart

name a little white lie you tell about yourself
good looking
age (correct)

name a food thats easy to catch in your mouth
popcorn (correct)

name a topic of conversation that always leads to an argument
politics (correct)
Last edited by t34d August 7, 2012 at 11:09 AM
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Name and occupation in which you'd have to keep secrets:

A - Attorney
B - Cop
C - FBI Agent (correct)
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name a machine you depend on

a - computer (correct)
b - phone
c - car

name the most popular degree of done-ness people like their burger cooked.

a - well done (correct)
b - medium
c - medium well
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Besides a person, what else has a body?

A. An Animal (correct)
B. Car
C. Water

Name something commonly ordered at Burger King.

A. Fries
B. Whopper (correct)
C. Chicken Sandwich

Oddly enough, the prize for that one is a chicken wrap! laugh out loud
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