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Edwin Jagger De89bl Double Edge Safety Razor Plated (chrome)

marsfrogie 61 August 8, 2012 at 09:00 PM in Health & Beauty (2) More Deals
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Promoted 08-09-2012 at 06:37 AM View Original Post has Edwin Jagger De89bl Double Edge Safety Razor Plated (chrome) for $32.75 - 20% w/ promotion code EVERYDAY1 = $26.20. Shipping is free for new accounts. Thanks marsfrogie

Price Research: Our research indicates that this Edwin Jagger De89bl Double Edge Safety Razor Plated (chrome) is $12 lower (32% savings) than the next best available price from a reputable merchant with prices starting from $38. - brisar

Original Post

Edited August 9, 2012 at 05:48 PM by marsfrogie
Out of Stock: People are reporting that once you make it through the checkout process the item shows up as out of stock. has the Edwin Jagger DE89bl Double Edge Safety razor in stock for $32.75. Using code EVERYDAY1 saves 20% + Free shipping on your 1st order of $25 or more. (Exp: 12/31/2012) The final price is $26.20 shipped. Valid for new customers only.

Tax is applied in these states: (KS,NJ,NY,PA,TX,WA)

Product Review:
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Community Wiki

Last Edited by Roostar October 4, 2012 at 07:29 PM
Back in stock

Please don't gunk up the wiki with uninformed links to bad products. I built this formatting long ago for ease of reading so we can copy it to all the new DE threads, so adding extended URLs everywhere is just poor editing. Don't be lazy.

FYI: Edwin Jagger safety razors use Muhle heads, the only difference are the handles.

Things you MUST have
  • Razor
  • Dual-edge Blades
  • Shave Cream or Soap
  • Technique
Things you SHOULD have
  • Brush (for "whipping" up cream, exfoliating the skin)
  • Shave Bowl (to assist in creating lather from cream/soap)
  • Balm (to soothe your skin, totally worth it)
  • Styptic Pencil (you WILL nick yourself at some point)
Things you DO NOT need, but are fun
  • Pre-shave oil (helps to soften hair)
  • Razor / Brush Stand (allows for easier drying, and looks awesome)
  • Fancy shaving bowls
  • Scuttles to keep your rich foam luxuriously warm
  • 20 different soaps and creams
DE blades range from about $0.08 to $0.30 each, and each blade will last you 3-5 complete shaves or so (depending on quality).
It is a well-accepted fact in the DE community that blades behave differently on different skin. It is generally recommended to buy a customized sampler pack of several different brands to see what works with your skin (usually sellers will let you pick the brands you want to try). West coast shaving is a great source.

$10 - 35 Blade Sampler Pack (Feather, Astra, Personna Red, Crystal, Derby) []
$21 - 65 Blade Sampler Pack (Feather, Astra, Personna Red, Crystal, Derby, Merkur, Gillette, BIC, Dorco) []

$8 - 100 Derby Blades (cheap and usable) []
$12 - 100 Astra Platinum Blades []
$13 - 50 Israeli Personna Reds (high-quality, not quite as unforgiving as Feathers) []
$17 - 50 Feather Blades (well known, highly-regarded as the "best" (i.e. sharpest), but also the most unforgiving) [].
This is extremely important, and I speak from experience. When changing blades, you MUST be careful. You should always put the head of the razor upside down on the counter (with the handle pointed straight up), push downward (with the fingers on your weak hand) on the back of the head towards the counter while unscrewing the handle with your strong hand.
DO NOT squeeze the sides of the head while unscrewing the handle. If you lose your grip, you WILL SERIOUSLY INJURE YOURSELF. Again, I'm speaking from experience. With cartridge razors you're typically never at risk of cutting yourself, with DE blades the risk is much greater. Do not form bad habits changing blades. You will regret it.

Alternately, rest the long edge of the razor head on the counter with the handle sticking out over the edge and let the countertop hold the head while you twist the handle to tighten/loosen.
$16 Omega Pro 48 [] boar brush, used by pro italian barbers everywhere.
$14 Omega Pro 49 [] if you prefer a bit of color.
And some great information on boars [], and why should you try them.
A decent badger brush will run you at least $20 (the Tweezerman on Amazon is bottom of the barrel as far as badger goes... "pure badger" means "badger hair that we've cut to make it curved". A decent quality badger brush will be "best badger" or "silvertip badger"), so most people prefer to save the money up front to make sure they'll stick with it.
$12 Tweezerman Pure Badger []
$39 Parker Best Badger w/stand []
$12 Body Shop Synthetic (Nylon) Brush []
$11 Proraso [] is the long time favorite. Smells great, produces amazing cream, and it's been around forever.

$4.50 or so when you buy three - Colonel Conk Bay Rum Soap which is one of the top sellers
$2 Van der Hagen Glycerin Shave soap []. This is slickdeals after all. You don't need to spend tons of money on expensive creams. (but you get what you pay for. this is like shaving with handsoap)
$33 Tabac [] is one of the more well-respected soaps. Definitely worth the money. Keep checking for really good deal on Tabac shaving soap.
$20 Edwin Jagger has a great line of soaps [], most gents and ladies prefer sandalwood.
$10-13 Mama Bears home made shaving soaps []
$9 Speick shaving stick [] has a great smell, is good for travel, and it's tallow-based so truly SLICK.
$6 - Nivea has a great alcohol-free balm [] that a lot of people love. You can get it almost anywhere.
$10 - Some people like Witch Hazel as an aftershave. Here's the alcohol-free version from Thayers []
You can use anything for a bowl... maybe a coffee mug, cereal bowl, etc. Most gents prefer largish bowls... maybe 5in diameter, with curved sides. Ceramic bowls will retain heat better, which warms your cream. I use a wonderful ceramic bowl I snagged at a Goodwill for $1.
Check your nearest walmart for a Berry Bowl from Corelle [], not the regular dessert bowl which is quite shallow.

Or you can just get soap on the brush and work up the lather on your face. That can help to soften your beard up more, as well.
Styptic pencils are $1 at Walmart [] (no plastic carry tube), or $3 at Walgreen's [] (with a plastic carry tube).
By the way, the "sting free" part is complete BS. It stings like hell.<<Truth, as verified by another user. It stings like a you know what
The forums at Badger & Blade [] are your friend, as is the group at Wicked Edge [].
If you have a question about a product, it has been reviewed on B&B.
If you have a question about technique, it has been discussed on B&B.
If you have a question about where to buy what for the best price, the answer is on B&B.

Mantic59's YouTube channel [] has amazing videos for all levels of wetshavers, particularly newbies that know nothing.
Go here to find out how to make proper brush lather, proper shave technique, proper blade angle, etc. He's a master.
Sharpologist [] is a website started by the same guy with info on shaving, along with other grooming topics.
Please note that DE razors should be disposed of safely in a closed, sealed container (so that it can't be opened back up again easily after it's disposed of). They sell blade banks on amazon and other places for fairly cheap. <-- The dispensers for feather (and other) blades have a compartment on the back for used blades.
Most pharmacies will accept DE razors for disposal with their other sharps.
Please do not simply throw them away! They are a hazard to humans and the environment.


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Fantastic razor!
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I've only ever used a Merkur HD 34C. How does this razor compare? Is it worth trying out or should I just stick with my current razor?
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Quote from briank642 View Post :
Fantastic razor!
Do you own this? I set up a deal alert just yesterday to get a SR and the Merkur 180 is very popular on amazon for $31. If you or anyone else can comment on how this razor compares, much appreciated and +rep!

I'm on my last gillette fusion razor so will need to make a decision soon! I already use a badger brush and soap.
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Quote from Mr305 View Post :
I've only ever used a Merkur HD 34C. How does this razor compare? Is it worth trying out or should I just stick with my current razor?

I can only compare it to a Merkur 33C....for me the DE89 is head and shoulders above.

Quote from LxMxFxD View Post :
Do you own this? I set up a deal alert just yesterday to get a SR and the Merkur 180 is very popular on amazon for $31. If you or anyone else can comment on how this razor compares, much appreciated and +rep!

I'm on my last gillette fusion razor so will need to make a decision soon! I already use a badger brush and soap.

Yes, I own this razor. I will never go back to cartridges.
Last edited by briank642 August 8, 2012 at 09:30 PM
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This razor has changed my view of shaving from a chore to something that I look forward to. This price is excellent.
Reply Helpful Comment? 0 0
I'll bite. Never used anything but a Gillette Fusion or Mach3.
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I bought this razor through Amazon at about the same price, but I had to wait for many weeks. I really like it. I have used Astra, Derby, Dorco, and Shark blades with this razor. I think the Astra and Shark are very good, but sometimes "grabby" on my face. Derby blades are maybe not quite as sharp, but very smooth and still give a great shave, so that is my favorite. Dorco blades? Well, I won't use them for shaving, maybe I'll use them for crafts or cutting gaskets.

Anyway, I think this is an excellent razor, and this is a very good price.
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this razor is awesome
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For anyone interested in getting into safety razor/old style shaving check out []
I have a number of safety razors, including the merkur 34c and numerous old Gillette's I'll be picking this one up as it's gotten a lot of good reviews on the site. Good starting razor. IMO get a sample pack of blades from a shaving company and try a number of different blades, you'll be amazed how different various blades are.
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I agree. This is a very good razor. I originally bought a cheapy one and after deciding I liked shaving with a DE blade . I bought this about 5 months into the switch and it has made a world of difference in my shave.

I pair this with Astra blades, Porazo cream, and a fairly inexpensive Escali Badger brush.
Follow up with witch hazel for an unscented aftershave to help with any possible razor burn or bump. followed up with a scent of your choice.

but the razor is key. very nice chrome finish, blade angle, and gap
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well, I think I'll bite on this deal even though there is tax for me in tx.

For anyone who has been considering this vs the merkur 180 (#1 selling SR on amazon), here is a review comparing the two (from the amazon review for the merkur):

"This razor has a medium aggressiveness, so for first time safety razor users, it's actually really good. It does give a really close shave. The chrome head is pretty good looking, but no where close to as good looking overall as the Edwin Jagger de86blEdwin Jagger De89bl Double Edge Safety Razor Chrome Plated. Man, that razor is just gorgeous and so well made.

Overall I would suggest this razor, but I would definitely consider the Edwin Jagger first."
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Merkur user, but TU on any DE deal!
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