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Freebie Section Rules - Read Before Posting - Updated 10-26-2011

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The Official SlickDeals Rules

Quote from Registration Process :
"By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws."

The Moderators

The official list of Moderators & the sections they moderate can be found here. If you receive a PM or other form of communication from someone acting as a Moderator, or impersonating a moderator, forward the communication to any moderator on the Moderator List. Do NOT communicate with the impersonators. If you are unsure if this person is a Moderator or not, please PM a Moderator in the list mentioned above.

Freebie Title and Posting Suggestions
Thanks to Isis for the following:
Freebie Title and Posting Suggestions
1.)If an offer is e-mail, phone, fax, SASE, in-store (B&M), etc. put this in the title of your post.
2.) If it is a print out offer put (printer) or download put (download) etc. in the title.
3.) If an offer is only for a non-USA place, or specific USA Place (state, counties, cities, etc.) please put this in your title.
4.) Please include the name of the company offering the freebie and a description of what the freebie is. Alot of us have no clue as to what is being offered. If you are also not sure check the home page. Remember it is better to put to much information, than none at all.
5.) Please make sure the offer works (best!) or put unverified in the title.
6.) If there is an expiration date please put this in your title.
7.) If you have a freebie which asks you to pick samples and list them, please post a link to the products
8.) Leave out trademark icons such as TM & � in posts. They affect search results.

What belongs in Freebies

Freebies should be 100% free items (SASE is an exception). If your post requires S&H, Buy One Get One Free (BOGO), or Free After Rebate (FAR) your post will be moved to Hot Deals. Offers for free items located in Magazines can be posted in Freebies (sometimes you don't need the magazine). The relocation of your post will be up to the Moderator.


A repost is a duplicate post of an offer that has already be posted on the board.
There will be a 1 year repost rule but it will only apply to new users. Users who are members of the site for more then a month, will have an unlimited time on reposts so all reposts are merged no matter the date. If a moderator determines that an outstanding freebie deserves a new thread, then the repost will not be merged.

For example, if Joe Noobie posts a freebie that was posted by someone over a year ago, his freebie is left un-merged. On the other hand, if Joe Veteran posts the same freebie, it will be merged.

The repost rule is not retroactive so please don't mod alert them.
Each Moderator can use their own discretion when needed.

There are 3 different ways to make sure that your post/offer hasn't been mentioned before:
1) The Global Search.
This search function searches the entire site.

2) The Freebies/Magazine Search button.

3) The URL Checker.
Mr. SlickDeals was nice enough to make a program that checks the URL of each link in a new post, before it's posted.
-The URL checker works in Freebies, Magazines, and Contests & Sweepstakes.
- It will not work if the original post (OP) has more than 1 link in the post!
A message will appear when the URL checker has detected the same link in another post:
It is possible that this freebie/deal is a repost. The URL in your post has already been posted in the following Insert Thread Title Here abroad thread. Please verify that your deal is not a repost. If it is not, please submit again.

If you see that warning, please DO NOT ignore it! It's there for a reason.

How to Mod Alert a Repost
  1. Find the original post
  2. Go back to the repost and click on the "Mod Alert" icon
  3. In the text box, please write something to the effect of "Repost" followed by a copy of the original thread URL
  4. Submit the report and move to the next post
Do NOT Reply to the thread:
"REPOST" or posting the link to the original post.
That doesn't help the Mods, and it makes you look very lazy.

Referrals/Self Promotion

Referrals are not allowed. This includes posting of referral links, asking for a referral, PMing referrals, having a referral link in your signature, or linking to any & all sites that contain referrals. If you want to check with a Moderator before posting, please do so via PM.

URL Blocking

There is a reason why SlickDeals blocks certain links & websites from being posted. If you make a post, and find out the link has been blocked, do NOT try to get around the block. It's there for a reason!

Religious, Political, & PETA Posts

Religious/Political/PETA posts are allowed. If you don't agree with the idea, company, religion, etc., leave the thread with out replying. Any ignorant, hateful, hurtful, and rude posts will be removed, and the poster will be warned. If you wish to debate the offer, go to The Podium!

Linking to other Freebie/Deal sites

Please do not directly link to other deal/freebie sites!
You are allowed to refer to a site in which you are borrowing a post.

Personal Attacks/Fighting

The Mods have a zero tolerance for someone flaming or fighting with another person. There is no reason for it, and I will warn the offenders. If you come across any attacks, fighting, threadcrapping, etc, please report it ASAP!
This also includes attacking a post that you do not agree with, ie Religion, Politics, PETA, SASE offers, etc.

Cross Posting

Cross posting a offer between 2 forums is allowed here. If there is a Freebie that has a separate Contest/Sweepstakes, it can be posted in both forums. If the free sample requires an entry into a Contest/Sweepstakes, it should be posted in the Contest & Sweepstakes forum

Do not promote lying in order to receive an offer that you otherwise would not qualify for. It's morally not right, and most of the times, it's against the companies TOS agreement and is not allowed here.
This includes posting answers/qualifying info for survives, and lying about age/gender/etc. in order to get the offer.

Please, please, PLEASE do not reply to a dead thread just to say "I got this today!" That is why we have the What I got FREE in the mail today... thread. It's stuck to the top of the forum so that people can see it & use it.
If you wish to talk further about the deal, even after it's dead, it can be moved/copied into Deal Talk Forum.

Final Reminders

- These rules are a general guideline on what is acceptable. Just because its not specifically spelled out above, does not mean it's allowed. The moderators work in the spirit of the rules stated in order to keep a general flow to the forums.
- Do not take private issues between mods and members public. This includes warnings, bans, thread/post deletion questions, and posting your warnings If you have an issue, PM a mod to get assistance. If you question the validity of a warning or post deletion, feel free to involve other mods.
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Scans of coupons are permitted*, however posts must not instruct users to illegally reproduce them. This rule is intended to allow users to share with others what coupons look like so that they may find them via the appropriate means.

* Please note, that manufacturer coupons and coupons are not allowed.
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Joined Nov 2004
The Original Moderette
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New amendment starting 10/04/08:

What belongs in Freebies

Freebies should be 100% free items (SASE is an exception). If your post requires S&H, Buy One Get One Free (BOGO), or Free After Rebate (FAR) your post will be moved to Hot Deals. Offers for free items located in Magazines can be posted in Freebies (sometimes you don't need the magazine). The relocation of your post will be up to the Moderator.
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